War In Your Mind

Discourse given by Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Friends, there is a big problem in the world, the problem of war. War in the family, war in the world, and war in yourself. War, war, everywhere. Everybody is fighting something. Where does all this strife come from? War begins in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that defenses of peace must be constructed. It all starts inside before it comes out into the physical world around. Every sin is first created in the mind and then comes outside into action. So we must control the mind.

Some people have got the habit of criticizing everything - good or bad. Whatever is said, they criticize it. They can't see anything good in the universe. But those people who can really see will see the best in even the worst possible things. They are the true seers, and they are the ones who get true benefit.

This life is so short. Everything a man does is directed towards obtaining peace. If a man rises up to the throne of a king and yet has not been able to sleep for many nights, he would say, "Take away all this. I will not be a king. Only let me sleep peacefully." This is the desire for rest and peace. Even a man who commits suicide is doing it because he thinks he will have some peace and comfort, some release from his unhappiness, by doing this. But peace can never come through materialistic things, because the power of consciousness, communion with which brings deep and real peace, lies within these materialistic objects; they are just a reflection of it and hold no peace in themselves.

You have not come here to live permanently. This world is only a temporary inn. Why then make your life miserable and unhappy? Live your life with the Knowledge of Life in true spirit and happiness. Knowing thyself, thou would know all. Ignorance brings hatred and war. If there is a word 'soul' then there must be something which is soul. If there is something, a flower, say, then the word 'flower' is there because the object is there. The instability of mind is due to dissatisfaction, and the ignorance of soul. This is because we do not know where to concentrate our mind. There are five sensory organs, then mind and intellect. Now for eyes we have beautiful scenery. For nose we have beautiful smells, for mouth we have beautiful food to eat. For ears we have beautiful music. For hands we have work, for legs we have walking, but what for the mind? Nothing. So this means that our mind is without any aim. It is lost. So, how to achieve peace of mind? Now for instance, do you know what is a tuning fork? U-shaped like this. You strike it, it vibrates. Now if you strike the tuning fork and put it on a table or on a guitar, the whole thing vibrates. For instance, if I take a telephone and speak 'Hello,' the other receiver also speaks 'Hello' because the two are connected. Now, if we connect ourself to God, whatever the harmony man is vibrating at, God also receives the same harmony, because there is the connection. The vibration of God is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. So once you connect yourselves to God, your mind also vibrates with the same frequency.

From a psychological point of view, the society we live in has some rules and some precedents. Because a father bows before his parents,then his own son will do the same. In the same way we should bow before the supreme Guru. It is a sign of humility and respect, and creates a calm mind and civilized behavior.

Problems are only there for us to solve, doubts and difficulties are only there for us to overcome. When there are difficulties, we need more strength, we need more concen tration. So difficulties are good for you. Welcome them and overcome them. They are given to you for a purpose. They are given to you to help you. The idea of heaven and hell it the makings of our mind. If my mind moves with the vibrations of evil I may be said to be the devil. If I am moving with pure vibrations and doing good, I may be said to be enjoying the fruits of good, or heaven. In between good anc evil (heaven and hell) is the world of man. That is why we should learn to live in the middle world of man by overcoming its limitations through meditation. You enter a realm of higher consciousness when you meditate, in this way you 'die to the world' and allow your pure higher consciousness to live and experience it.

To achieve spiritual insight, one has to take the self beyond the mind-intellect equipment. One can do so with the practice of meditation whereby an extroverted mind is switched over into an introverted mind. The process of this changeover from an extrovert mind to an introvert mind is carried out in two successive stages.

In the first stage, the duality of the knower and the known remains intact, while in the other stage the self is conscious of self alone and all duality vanishes. This is the starting point for the unfoldment of spiritual insight where the aspirant takes a stand beyond the mind-intellect equipment.

The past is to be forgotten, the present is to be lived, the future is to be thought about. The past is dead. It does not exist. By the practice of meditation, all the impressions you have collected from the past will be erased. Guru Maharaj Ji will help you forget all pain. Knowledge is the beginning of a new life. Like a snake shedding its skin, you will shed the old miseries and get a fresh life.

We must pass the trials of waiting and suffering, until we reach an equilibrium of mind in all circumstances. There are no fears. With love of Guru Maharaj Ji all fears and sufferings do not exist. If you aren't aware of who you are, you are in a state of unconsciousness. With pain, you become aware. After receiving Knowledge from Guru Maharaj Ji, ignorance of who you are is destroyed and you enter a new level of consciousness. The mind has a lower frequency than the soul, since it is soul that sustains the mind. Without the soul nothing can live - the mind, the intellect, everything goes. We are dead without soul. When mind is connected with Ultimate Reality, it vibrates at the same frequency as Ultimate Reality.

By transcending good and evil and pain and pleasure, you reach the state of bliss. The baby in the womb experiences great suffering, but in the egoless state, it does not become affected. The newborn baby has no ego, ego is something it acquires later on. Later man becomes chained to happiness; he is always seeking happiness and because of this he suffers. Through Knowledge we may regain the egoless state of unattachment to pain and pleasure and reach the Supreme Abode of Bliss.

God is love. Knowledge is God. Knowledge is love.


Bal Bhagwan Ji