Dear Editor,
Enjoy your new publication, "And It Is Divine", very much. It is beautifully done and most thought provoking. Am glad to see you've broadened the base of articles with more variety of subjects. We like to also know what you're doing as well as what you stand for. The poetry is beautiful, too.

It never ceases to amaze me what you people do - and are doing. Keep the good work going.

Lawrence A. Long

Dear Editor,
It is with great amazement that I view the growth of your magazine. From essentially a magazine dealing with a viewpoint of the world aimed directly at devotees, I now am able to perceive the beginnings of a trend toward an expansion of the editorial consciousness.If And It Is Divine is to be a growing and thriving magazine, it will be very necessary for a consciousness of the world to be exhibited.

The time for the yogic retreat from the land of automobiles and pornographic movie houses to secluded caves in the Green Mountains of Vermont has passed, as it has become quite clear that the Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed puts one back into contact with the world, rather than removing one and then sequestering him in some isolated place.

It would truly be interesting and valuable for information about the physical world to be related to this Knowledge in some other way than a religious orientation. The magazine could reach the world, and it would be wonderful to see its potential completely fulfilled.

Your brother,
Scott Allan

Dear Mr. Editor,
Jai Satchitanand.
We have had the blissful opportunity of reading the first two issues of "And It Is Divine". The beautiful pictures of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Shri Mata Ji, and Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji were a divine treat . The nectarful discourses of the Holy Family and the probing articles to show that all professions are heading towards the Lotus Feet of our Lord have impressed many people of various walks of life. We have only two copies of the November and December issues. And they have been in circulation ever since we got them! We have not received the later issues which are supposed to be exclusively mind-blowing!

In Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, there are many Westerners who have come to live here. There have been many premies around town. Unfortunately, they are quite ignorant of the beautiful ashram that we have in the suburbs. It would be very helpful if you could print the address of the ashram in your magazine so that premies and interested people know that there is a place in this far-out Himalayan Kingdom where they can meditate, do service and have satsang. How merciful our Lord is! He has tied us with the unbreakable thread of Truth. Let us work together with our minds, bodies and wealth to serve His Divine Purpose. The address of the ashram is given below.

Jai Satchitanand.
Yours lovingly,
Deepak Raj Bhandari
Divine Light Mission
Ward No: 6-44
Mahadevsthan Gaon Panchay Baneswar Kathmandu

Dear Brother, Your editorial paragraph ridiculing Arnold Ehret, presumably written for the purpose of illustrating that a man cannot of himself control the length of his life on earth, is not well taken. The coconut story may be true, but I have always heard that Ehret died in an automobile wreck. By coconut or by car, the fact remains that Ehret never claimed that his program of healthful living would enable one's body to withstand strategically placed, violent physical blows. Also, while Ehret's rather fanatical approach to life may have its shortcomings, it is still true that some of his recommendations which you mention, namely fruit and vegetable diet, fasting, sun-bathing, and exercise form a sound basis for securing the health of the physical body. The time of death remains in the hands of the Lord, but what is wrong with taking good care of this body, the temple of the Soul, as long as we are graced with it? And what are the methods, what is the way to care properly for this physical body? The way is very simple, very natural, but is unknown to most people in this crazy, unnatural age. Physical suffering is unnecessary. Even without Knowledge of God, it is possible for a man to live free from disease, if he will follow God's natural laws. But as long as we have our individual mind, we will suffer mentally and continue to be reborn in this world of illusion. We are fortunate indeed that Guru Maharaj Ji has come with compassion to end all our suffering forever.

Jai Satchitanand!
Brother Bill
Encinitas, Ca 92024