Rawat's speech on 28th May 1979 was considered so exceptional that it was printed and distributed in this Light Reading booklet, the book Guru Maharaji's World and a condensation (and correction of Rawat's English) as single sheet flyers with details of local satsang.

Welcome to Holi


Guru Maharaj Ji in London's Royal Albert Hall, on May 28, 1979.

Within Our Farts

The first section of Maharaji's speech was not included on this video - see Transcript in the Lite Reading pamphlet

Welcome to Holi

… It's so obvious that Whoever made this Earth put a lot of perfection into it, put a lot of beauty - I mean, "smart" is not the word. "Intelligent" is almost disgraceful. "Genius" isn't the kind of word you would really like to use. Immaculately created Earth: this world, this universe. Immaculate.

Here someone is sitting down. All of a sudden an apple falls on his head and from there on he discovers one principle. Simply one principle: "What goes up, must come down." One principle: that, in fact, there is gravity. And today people just can't talk enough about that person.

One person develops a steam engine and people are flabbergasted. "My God, look at this!" The guy who invents the automobile, "Look at him, just look at him. Man, it's incredible!" The Wright brothers who finally, started to fly - people sat there or stood there or whatever they were doing and watched a "miracle" happen - flying. Man flying in the sky.

And today what isn't dedicated to these people? People go to halls, people go to huge convention centers many times bigger than this and they have aviation conventions and they talk about airplanes and they pay tribute to the Wright brothers. Or they come and they pay tribute to other scientists.

What about that Genius? And again, "genius" isn't exactly the word that I would like to use for that Creator. And yet, he created all those people that We think are geniuses in this world. He actually manufactured them. He actually made them alive. He actually created them. He actually sustained them.

Welcome to Holi

Look at the steam engine. If there were no coal, the entire discovery of steam would be useless. Steam wasn't a thing discovered to flatten out wrinkles with iron presses. That definitely wasn't it. (Today, of course, you see this little button on flat irons, You push it and it squirts steam and that helps take your wrinkles away.) That's not the reason why the guy carne around to developing the steam engine. No coal, no steam. Nothing to burn, no steam. If this Earth stops going around and around, then the theory will change: "What goes up keeps going up."

All these theories that we live by - there is something that makes it all worthwhile. Of course, it is very human to take the credit. "Oh yeah, I really wouldn't want to say this, but yes, it was I that discovered gravity." I mean very much so. We get into all those aspects and yet forget the one very most important aspect, forget the most important aspect of everything: life. Everybody wants to live in this world. But why do we even need to live in this world? What is the purpose of living in this world? Do you think what's going on in this world is really worth it?

A few days ago I came in to London. And every park in the city was filled with people sitting in the sun. They had taken their shirts off. They were just lying there in the sun. And believe me, it wasn't a weekend. It was a weekday. But it was so incredible. The sun came out and you had to take advantage of it. That was everything.

In England the sun doesn't come out too much. In the desert, the sun doesn't set too much. It's all proportionately balanced, of course. And yet, is that it? You're in your house and you're looking for that one minute of sunlight to come. You throw your shirt off, run out in the garden and lie down. Obviously, that's not it.

But why are we here anyway? Why are we living? Why are we eating?

Why is Prem Rawat aka Maharaji eating so much? Like a fat pig!

Welcome to Holi

Within Our Farts

Why are we working? Whatever we are doing, all the different aspects of life that we are involved with: Why? What is the necessity of being involved with all those aspects of life, What is the necessity?

If we live only to live, or our attitude is "Eat, drink and be merry," then there is absolutely no difference between us and a pig. If that were my attitude - just live to live, eat, drink and be merry - then there would be absolutely no difference between myself and a pig. Because when the pig gets hungry he eats. And then he wants to enjoy himself. He runs over to the dirtiest part of his fenced-in area and rolls in it. You see, when a pig rolls in the dirt, he doesn't need to roll in the dirt because it's essential to his life. He rolls in it because he enjoys it very much.

Enjoyment to us; enjoyment to a pig - if that's what life is all about, then where are we? What is the point of even calling this human body so incredible? Then what is the point of even looking at it as the crown of creation?

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji is the crown of creation!

Within Our Farts

Because there is a way. There is something that we can fulfill in this life that perhaps that pig could never fulfill. We can fulfill in this life something that a gorilla cannot fulfill. Nobody can fulfill it except us human beings. Because as far as intelligence is concerned, I personally think there are plenty of animals that are a lot smarter than human beings, a lot more intelligent than human beings.

And yet there is something that we can do in this lifetime that makes us smarter than them. And what is it?

It's that understanding of something that sustains you, of something that is within inside of you. It is answering those questions that have been asked again and again and again. It's finding the solution to these problems. And that's the purpose of this human life.

"Okay, find the solution. Find the answer to the question. Find that peace. Find that salvation. Find that happiness." Whatever. Whatever your translation of it is. If you think it's peace, then that's your peace. If you think it's salvation, then it's your salvation. If you think it's your liberation, then it's your liberation. Whatever you think, that's it.

But then it all come, to one simple point. It all comes to one point. Then there is a difference, an obvious difference. Guru Maharaj Ji can reveal that solution. Guru Maharaj Ji can give you that solution.

People standing on the street, people writing books - it's very simple for them to say, "Yes, kid, you should definitely find an answer- to your question." That's simple to say, "Yes, yes. Definitely you should have peace in your heart." There're plenty of people who say that.

But Guru Maharaj Ji can in fact reveal to you that inner experience. Guru Maharaj Ji can in fact reveal to you that peace. Guru Maharaj Ji can in fact reveal to you that answer to your question that has puzzled you and perhaps your father, your grandfather, grandfather's father and so on. (And also on your mother's side the same way.) Because it is within your heart. It is there. It can be revealed. Because it's there. That answer is always with you. That Peace is within you.

But Guru Maharaj Ji can open up that door. Guru Maharaj Ji can show you the way. And that is why we need Guru Maharaj Ji. That's why we need to go to somebody.

Within Our Farts

A lot of people have this attitude, "Why do we need a guru?" You don't need a guru. You don't. Because if you -ire saying; "guru" in the connotation that you have home-brewed, then you don't need that person. Obviously a lot of people think that guru is a person who has a beard, long hair, is old, has wrinkles on his face, and lives in the Himalayas. On every sixth full moon in the year he drops down, sits under the banyan tree, stays there for twenty minutes and then goes back to the Himalayas.

If that's your translation of a "guru" then you definitely don't need a guru. Then you need a Perfect Master.

And whatever your head says, "This is what it is. This is what it is. This is what it is - Perfect Master …"

A lot of people have asked that question over a period of time, "Are you perfect? Are you the Perfect Master? Are you perfect?" There is a vast, vast difference in those questions.

Perfect is one thing. The body cannot be perfect. Anything that was created once, anything that had a beginning, anything that once was not, is stamped imperfect and shall never be perfect. Ever. But only that Knowledge is perfect. And the one who can teach us, one who can guide us, is the Perfect Master, the perfect guide, the perfect teacher. And that's what we need in our lives.

Within Our Farts

We need somebody to show us the Light. Because for so many year's man has said, "I can do it by myself. I can do it by itself.'" Obviously an egoistic idea. "I can do it. Don't bother."

And it's so simple. Imagine a valley surrounded by a six-hundred foot mountain. Over this valley, from one of the mountains, imagine a little ledge that juts out right at the very top. And you are trying to climb it, "Oh, I can do it. I can do it." You slip. And there you are at the end of the rope, hanging on by one hand.

You're hanging and somebody comes up to you and says, "Can I give you a hand, can I help you?"

You say, "No, I can do it."

And he says, "But have you looked down?"

"No, no, it's okay. Mind your own business. I can do it."

And maybe it even comes down to a very frustrating thing for that person who is hanging by one hand from that one rope. His hand's getting awfully tired and he hasn't yet looked down. And therefore he doesn't really realize the gravity of the situation. He doesn't know. If he lets go of that rope, that's it. It's finished. But as long as he can see that land six feet away from him, he thinks all he has to do is climb six feet and he will be fine, he will be okay.

Again and again that question is asked, "Can I help you? Can I help you? Can I help you?" Not only in this century. In so many centuries, Perfect Master- the perfect teacher, the perfect guide - has come in this world and said, "Can l help you? Can I help you? Can I assist you?"

And always the answer has been, "You can't."

Why not give him a try, give him a chance? Always the answer has been, "No, mind your own business and I'll mind mine." Always the answer has been, "Look, it's okay."

Within Our Farts

And yet the perfect guide can obviously very clearly see that that guy is hanging and needs a lot of help.

Maybe for some of us in our lives, that time really becomes a reality that we do look down and then we realIy realize the situation. Then we really see the situation. Then that egoistical thing disappears. It's not the matter of being prestigious about it. But it is, as a matter of fact, very simple that the help is inevitable. the help has to be there.

And in our lifetime, the only person who ever came to help us may never come back once he's gone. He might not show up again. Because what is it to him? We have already told him, "Mind your own business. We don't need you. Look, it's okay."

Within Our Farts

The last section of Maharaji's speech was not included on this video - see Transcript in the Lite Reading pamphlet