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Saturday, March 19, 1977

First section ending 'gory' missing from video tape - see Welcome To Holi: Dear premies, When John Hampton came to Los Angeles a few days ago, he brought some stickers with him - I believe they were printed by Santa Cruz premies - and it said, "Holi '77", and I just looked at it and I said, "Well, officially, according to Indian tradition, this is not Holi." But it's a matter of opinion. And besides that being a matter of opinion how holy it is, and that is h-o-1-y, not "i", how holy this festival is, is really something that is new, really something that is fantastic, and really something that is precious to all of our hearts. This is holy. It's holy for us because we have experienced Knowledge. It's not h-o-l-i any more, it goes beyond that, it goes h-o-1-y. And of course those are just two words to me. I know what Holi is like in India. It's very gory.

… Ah, you get splashed around with Mobil Oil, mud, stones, and uh so on and so forth. As a matter of fact, I got stopped once and they wanted to just completely uh take all this paint and pour it all over the car and pour it all over me, but uh somebody recognised me and said, "That's Balyogeshwar. Let him go. Ha ha"

But in any case, what brings me down here - as a matter of fact, you might have heard me saying that, "See you tonight at the - uh - see you at the program;" I didn't say tonight and I didn't say tomorrow night. And of course tomorrow night I'm supposed to be here, but the reason why I came here tonight is really beautiful. It's really different. And - maybe it's different, and maybe it's not different, but it's really beautiful.

Um I was listening to the satsang that was going on here that Joan Apter gave and John Hampton gave, and then I just, I just started imagining - because I had seen this auditorium, this hall, when it wasn't full. I drove right up behind this uh auditorium, and I looked at it, and there was all these seats, and I took a walk down, and saw the darshan stage - and I just started imagining how beautiful it would be when this auditorium is full of the premies that came and had darshan today and had enjoyed that Holi Festival.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

I just started to let that imagination go forward and just really start to experience that the only reason why we are here -there's a lot of legitimate explanations we can give, and I'm pretty sure you for yourself have figured out some kind of an explanation to give to your boss if you're out of work and if you're not going to show up on Monday, or if somebody asks you on the street, "Well, what what are you doing here? Are you from Neil Young or some kind of a convention that's going on?" Well, obviously not. We're all here because of love. And this love that all unites us together is different. It's different because it's not physical. It's different because it's true. It's different because it's sincere, It's unique in its own way, and this is the reason why we all come here. And because we are premies, and what does "premies" mean?

Maybe it has become a word of mouth by now, "premies", but do you know premies - "premie" means lover. Lover of what? To what do we love in our lives? We love satsang, service and meditation, and the originator of it all, Guru Maharaj Ji. And also love that darshan that brings us satsang, service and meditation, and brings Guru Maharaj Ji to us, and brings all those things to us that makes it possible in this world.

You know, imagine it this way: if all what I'm saying today, and what I'm saying right now, was to be recorded in a book, and you read this from a book. Everything was there: I mean, it talked about love, it talked about that sincere love, it talked about us all coming together. And a person got in front of you and read the book to you. What a difference it would be, than actually having Guru Maharaj Ji talk about that tonight. Because in a book, it's a sensation, it's a theory, it's what something we are already used to.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

What we experience tonight in this auditorium is true, it's genuine, and nobody can ask us questions about it - ever, in our lifetimes. Because what we're experiencing today, what we're experiencing at this moment is the Grace, is that true realisation of satsang, service and meditation. What we are experiencing, and are trying to experience is Truth in its real form, not as described or prescribed. And that is a lot of difference.

There's a lot of people who have described Truth. There's a lot of people who have prescribed Truth, but there is only one person in this whole world that has revealed Truth to us. And there is where the difference lies. That is what makes a day and night, and that is what we all have to plug into, premies.

You know, these surprise programs that are going on - this is nineteen days exactly from Denver program that happened, and I just said, "Well, nineteen days from now we're going to have a program." Here it is. This is that program. I was just ready to think about a nineteen day - a program nineteen days away from today but, that would be impossible - No, let me tell you why! Because we will be having a program in Europe, and the European premies have really needed this, have really asked for it and sincerely, and for a long time.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

They're all our brothers and sisters, and I'm going there for about four weeks, and I'll be returning. And when I do, be ready for a program. (Wild screaming and ecstatic yelling)

And this time, when everybody does come to this program that we're going to have, let us not just come as visitors. Let us come as devotees, let's really come as premies. Let us really have that love in our hearts. Let us really understand what we are all about.

You know I was listening to Joe Anctil - he's sitting right there - and he said, "Well, if I were Him, I'd just stay home!" Well, first of all, I'm not him, and second of all what I heard -just heard - on that stereo system that has been plugged into this auditorium by a phone line - nothing could keep me at home. So premies, this is really an opportunity for us. We have no barrier. I and you have no barrier, simply because you're my premies and I'm your Guru Maharaj Ji, and there's only one reason why we are here. You might have a lot of different reasons, I might have a lot of different reasons. You might be able to explain them, I might be able to explain them. But when it comes to Knowledge there's something we have really understood to be as true as it is; in this world there is only one reason. And that one reason why we are all here is because we love each other. Is because I love you and you love me is the greatest reason in this whole universe to be here, and to always show up again and again and again, in time immemorial, as Guru Maharaj Ji and devotees, 'til there is the blue sky, until there is a brown earth, until there the ocean roars.

So premies, let it go on, let it flow. It always - all the premies in the whole lifetime have wanted to have satsang, have wanted to have darshan. Well, we went through a lot, well, we're back again, and we're back again home. I'm here and you are there. I don't want anybody in between, and I'm pretty sure you don't want anybody in between. If you want to unite with me, you have now an opportunity to do so by satsang, service, and meditation, and by the opportunities provided by these satsang programs to you now, premies.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

What can I say? I tell you, just whenever I think of how many programs there were happening, and how many programs there are in future to happen, and how big they grow - I mean, this was supposed to be a dinky little program, and so far this is the only program that has held the biggest record in terms of how many people actually did register - and that is pre-register. This is - to me, let's come home. This world out there, it's … what do you say, what do you become after forties, you know? (premie shouts "over the hill") When - right - "over the hill." When you become hesitant to celebrate your birthdays and so on and so forth. And that's the condition of this world right now. The relationship that we are experiencing right now is actually more potent and growing every day, than the relationship just as a human body in this world can grow, ever.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

I just want you to just even imagine for a second. If I were to be a premie, just a simple premie, and not be a Guru Maharaj Ji, and to know, and to experience that my Lord, that my Guru Maharaj Ji, my everything, which I have experienced in my lifetime, was actually traveling this earth, trying to bring His devotees together, I wouldn't consider as far as to be in a program, but I'd consider more like to be just a dust in the path so He can trample over. And to go so far as to say "Oh yeah, man, it'll be nice to be in the program," maybe I wouldn't go that far. Maybe that's just the way I would be. I'd just like to be a little speck of sand, when He travels this earth, giving that bliss and giving that love and giving that harmony to all His premies, to all His devotees, I'd like to be trampled on at that time.

So premies, this is really an opportunity for us. We can be a speck of sand, and we can be all those devotees that do come and enjoy the darshan of their Lord, their Guru Maharaj Ji. What I tell you today is not politics, nothing diplomatic, and maybe to a lot of people, maybe nothing sensible. What I tell you today is my true experience, my true effort that has brought me here, has brought me to an opportunity where I can reveal you that Knowledge and where I can be Guru Maharaj Ji and you can be my devotees.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

Of course, a time will go on and on and on. Maybe there will never be an end to it, and maybe there will be. But to us most definitely, most certainly there'll be an end, because most certainly there has been a beginning. And here we are. We have all come here just for one simple reason. Let's not, let's not think about it as being sophisticated. Let us not think about it as just even to go even so far beyond - I mean, this maybe even sounds strange to some people - but to just go far beyond, one more experience and to experience just devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji, not even brothers and sisters. Of course there is that experience always, but to go beyond that and become unified as one thing; instead of a split atom, be one atom. Instead of being all the petals, be the bud, and experience as devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji coming together for Guru Maharaj Ji, by Guru Maharaj Ji and by His Grace, enjoying this experience that we are enjoying tonight.

It's rare, it's unique, and it'll always happen, premies. All I can say is we are here. Open up. Open up to what? I tell you, there are not very many things to open up to, except one, and that's Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji is the root and always has been the root. You can always take water and try to water the leaves. That doesn't do you much good. If you try to water the root, it'll flourish all the leaves. It'll do everything for you.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

You remember a long time ago I used to give that example: When a child tries to walk all by himself and falls down, that's his responsibility. But when he surrenders himself to the lap of his parent, then it becomes a responsibility for that parent to care and to make sure that child doesn't fall.

This world has gone on and on for more longer period than we can possibly imagine, but for us as individuals this opportunity of really sharing this love that I talk about, and not a love - a physical experience or anything like that - but true love, that has one basic meaning behind it, and that is love. And premies, this has gone on for a long time, and there are very, very, very rare and few premies who have been able to share this opportunity to really experience that kind of a Grace, to be able to experience that kind of Knowledge. And now by His Grace, as a devotee, and by my Grace as being a Guru Maharaj Ji, I present you that opportunity again to really enjoy that devotion that everybody has talked about so far. (Applause)

So come together. You can reason anything in this world, nothing might make sense. You know, of course a pillar holds a roof. What holds the roof? Have you ever thought about that? When you want the roof to be supported you erect a pillar! But, what kind of a pillar is there, what kind of a thing is there that in fact keeps the roof up there? Is it the pillar? Is it the earth? Or is it the same thing that keeps us there, keeps us surviving?

So premies, it's uh fifteen minutes after twelve exactly right now. And - well, that's according to my watch. Anyway, I want you to just, maybe have some meditation, and tomorrow there's going to be a program early in the afternoon. We can all come together and try to enjoy that. And don't space out. See, to space out is easy, but to come together is a challenge. And isn't that every step we take in our lives a challenge anyway? Why don't we really try to face that real challenge in our lives now? The real challenge that we are here for, to experience that Grace, to experience that beauty, to experience that Knowledge.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

So thank you very much, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

Sunday, March 20, 1977

Dear premies, (much nose and throat clearing)

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

This is the last day of this Holi program, and we've all come here, and it was a very short period of course, but just between yesterday and today, I think we have experienced a lot. And what we have experienced isn't something we were told to experience by somebody, "Well, this is specifically what you have to experience," but what we have experienced is something that is just flowing, just happening here, and nobody can deny it within their hearts that it is happening. And I'm pretty sure a lot of people came here who hadn't been coming to satsang for a long, long time, and resisted; "What's going on? What is this all about? Why isn't it as it used to be?" And then, maybe they went through a few ideas of their own. Maybe they thought a little this and thought a little of that, but then it all - I'm pretty sure - just collapsed for them and they had to accept it, that love and that Grace and that understanding that was going on here, simply because in our day-to-day basis what happens to us, what we really experience in our lives really motivates us more and more to just really see what is the purpose of this life, what is the purpose, what is the goal.

We have thoughts, we have ideas, we have concepts about different things in this world. But all these different concepts at one or the other point just fail, just collapse, just die, just finish. Because Truth does not originate from concepts. Truth is Truth. Concepts are our own little way of trying to justify what that Truth might be, or what that Truth is. We fall into it and we say, "No, maybe it is this particular way," or "No, maybe it's this particular way." But when - so far we stay behind the curtains that's all fine, that's all okay, that - then our concepts are the facts, are the truth, it doesn't matter. But when we are brought out into the open field, where that concept has been, or it's going to be, weighed against the real Truth, then it really makes a lot of difference, because it isn't the same thing.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

So premies, this whole path of realisation is very simple. And I'm telling you right now it's very simple. And maybe before I have told you it's very simple and I'll keep telling you it's simple. because it has its simplicity in a very unique way. It's not, it's not simple because it's not complicated, that's not the reason. It's simple because it's meant to be simple. It's simple because it's supposed to be simple. It's simple because it is not supposed to be complicated. It is simple because it is a basic fact, a basic reality, a basic reason for our lives to be here, and that is why it is simple. That is why it's very beautiful. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace we now have Knowledge, and now we have that opportunity that we have been looking for, for a long, long time to be able to hear satsang.

And so it's like everything that I'm saying is very simple, and maybe very unique in its own way. But premies, let us not fool around. Let us not, let's not give this mind too many chances. It's already had, I think, its chances. Now this is time to really pull together.

Premies, listen. You know, it's so beautiful. In the scriptures they have described a lot of things. In a lot of ways they have described this Knowledge, the experience of this Knowledge, the importance of practising this Knowledge, the important of really surrendering, of really dedicating, of how this whole world needs to have Knowledge. And now it's becoming very apparent.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

When is this humanity going to come together? When is this humanity going to pull together, and really recognise the Grace of the Perfect Master? Why does a Perfect Master come into this world? There is a Being that comes into this world to grace us with this Knowledge, with this experience that so many scriptures have described, that so many saints have come and tried to describe it for us. This Knowledge is now available, and now - that same Knowledge, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, has been revealed to you.

Look at it not as necessary because you want peace of mind, look at it as essential as your breath, because that's what is it, and that is the way you have got to understand it! You know, you've got to really open up to that Truth, got to really open up to why are we here. Is it to just let this mind run and to persuade this mind? Or is it, in fact, to persuade something more beautiful, something more subtle, something more fantastic, which is within inside of us?

I I I sincerely believe that there is so much Grace and there is so much love that is, that is, that is being exchanged, that is happening, and that we are so fortunate to be able to share it. And you know, these programs as I said last night, are going to go on and on - this can go on, this is easy, this is very easy and very simple. (Cheering) But how many of you are going to attend it (Cheering) and how many of you are really going to try to take advantage of it? (Cheering) And that is the most important thing. I see none of these initiators want to do it, they just sat there. But anyway, it's all here.

So premies, let us all really come together, let's really become one in that bond, one in that tie, one in that love, and go ahead. There's no power in this whole world that can stop us from experiencing what we want to experience. Not even mind, if you're strong enough. There's nothing. No power in this world, that can stop us. Just - all we have to do is have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, have faith in me. I'm here to help you, and I will help you. But sincerely have faith in me. Not in some, not in some way, not in some manner, or particular manner, but just have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, period. And let it all happen, let it all begin.

Because, look, it's really beautiful. Why throw a monkey wrench in it now? It's all happening, it's all starting to grow. And let it flow and let it happen. And I'm pretty sure by the third program we have, you're going to see a significant difference in just what has happened. More it goes on, and on, and on, and on, you know, it's just like, after the program we sit and we say, "Oh, that was a really beautiful program." When we were in Atlantic City we said, "Oh, wow, that was a really beautiful program." And the Portland program; "Oh wow, that was really a beautiful program." Then we came to Denver, it was like, "Couldn't be more fantastic." And then we come here, and this is a very, very beautiful program. (Wild applause) And then - then maybe there is going to be another one where we are going to say, "Wow! This is it!" And then on and on from there on.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

So, let us really open our hearts to Guru Maharaj Ji. Through Guru Maharaj Ji, service, satsang, and meditation can become a reality to us. On our own, we can try. But without Guru Maharaj Ji, in the first place, it never happened, and without Guru Maharaj Ji, in the first place, it's never going to happen. So - and that is the reason Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world.

Guru Maharaj Ji is not here just as a symbol or as a figurehead, but Guru Maharaj Ji is here to help his devotees, and like I said in Denver, the only reason I'm here, and I'm screeching my head out, and the only reason why I want to help you, is because I love you. And that is it! And that is more than a plentiful reason; because I love you. And this is what we have to understand; Love. I love you. Why do I love you? Because you have opened up yourself to me, and that's as simple as that. You're my devotees, you have received that Knowledge, and it's just like, when we start to explain things, when we start to say, "Why?" it becomes very difficult. Why? Well, why? But when we just don't reason it and say, "Yeah, I know," then it is just so beautiful and so plain for us to understand.

So premies, let's really take advantage, let's really take advantage of this opportunity that is being provided to us. All you have to do is just open up. That's all. Just open up, and try to open up. Open up in the sense of let it happen, let it -let it flow through you. That experience that is happening. Not sit there and resist what is happening to you right now. But let it flow. Not try to stop it, not try to reason it, not try to wonder at it, just let it happen. You can wonder it, you can reason it later on in your - wherever you're going, but right now let it flow, let it happen to you, and really try to experience it.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

And premies, I know, just as a devotee, the only thing that brought me where I am today right now is faith, is surrender, and I know that if there is anything, then that is faith and surrender that is also going to bring you to that same realisation, via satsang, service and meditation. And I want you to have that same experience that I have had, and this is why I want you to open up. This is why I want you to come, I want you to listen, I want you to understand.

And so now premies, there'll be some music, and we have to leave here in a little while, and everybody will be going back. Yes, I know always before when we used to have festivals, premies would go back and think about the last festival - how nice it was and so on and so forth, and have memories. This time when you go back you can do something else: That's start preparing for the next one. And keep in touch, keep close. Have satsang, service and meditation regularly in your community. Grow within your community.

The time is coming where that peace bomb is really going to start exploding very soon, (cheering, screaming and applause) and we have to be all ready before it does. And so premies, I'll let you know when the next program is going to be, but I'd, I'd very strongly suggest that you start preparing for it as soon as you get back. Otherwise you might be surprised.

Thank you very much.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Holi 1977

The rest of the video contains excerpts from a series of Arti rituals filmed in 1977

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