The Many Self-Proclaimed Titles of Prem Rawat - In His Own Words

Prem Rawat has used various Indian titles in his life, ranging from the simple Balyogeshwar ("Born King of Yogis") to the flatulently overblown Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj (Highest Saint and Divine Revealer of Truth Lord Sir Ultimate Ruler). A complete list of them all may never be compiled but here are some for which there is documentary evidence. NB: as it is difficult to determine which are the most important titles Mr Rawat has bestowed upon himself this list is alphabetised

Prem Rawat has used all these descriptions to refer to himself. His public claims about himself have become more circumspect and vaguer in language but have remained the same throughout his career. In public, especially on the few occasions he appeared on television, he claimed to be just a humble servant of God though his lifestyle and claims when with his followers directly contradicted that. On April 7, 1979 while pontificating on the glories of Guru Maharaj Ji, he stopped, explained for any aspirants that he wasn't talking about himself and then went on to contradict that with the rest of his explanation.