PMT #008: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) The Practical Solution Studio Rehearsal for Taped Questions and Answers, 7th August 1973

After continually breaking into giggling and sounding very much like he was under the influence of marijuana the young guru was able to repeat his lines with a minimum of mistakes and far less fluffed English and extraneous repetition that were evident in his usual "unrehearsed" speeches. Click here to hear the out-takes and decide for yourself whether he was drunk or stoned. He answers three straightforward questions and though he may have had help with the answers they provide a direct and reasonably concise explanation of some of the key points of his dogma. In Prem Rawat's version of English 'confusion' is any disagreement with his doctrines ie the world is 'confused' because human beings do not believe that the young Prem Rawat the Guru Maharaj Ji (the Revealer of Light and Ultimate Ruler) is the incarnation of God and that the purpose of life is to obey and worship Him. The "Perfect Master" is his title for the series of unique incarnations of God that include Jesus and Krishna that are always alive on Earth revealing the Knowledge and keeping the planet from destruction. He is the current "Perfect Master". An audio copy (.mp3) of the beginning of this session is available here.

Q: Guru Maharaj Ji in this world there is so much suffering going on, what do you think the practical solution is?

Well according to me I believe that before we can know anything we must first understand the reason the cause for the things out there and I believe because everyone is confused in this world because they do not know what is the aim of the human life they are so much confused and the only solution to it (starts laughing again) is uh that we understand the aim of this human life what is it so that we can also, also understand that who we are and what we are really doing of course because if someone is drowning in a river and uh he goes to rescue and that is also drowning, two drowning people cannot rescue each other. In the same way because the whole world is confused the world tries to satisfy itself it cannot because everyone in the world is confused so there's got to be a Perfect Master in the world who can bring peace in this world so that he can establish because he will be perfect and he won't be confused as we are and then it's very easy, he will be able to establish the peace and the internal communication within inside of us.

Q: What is the Perfect Master and how can we recognize him?

It's not what, who is the perfect Master.

Q: Who is the Perfect Master and how can we recognize him?

A Perfect Master is the one who comes in this world to save it from all the sufferings. He is the perfect, enlightened soul of his time who has always come to save the humanity as he has always promised because we can see these all these examples out there as Krishna, Rama, Mohammed, Jesus and they all came to save us and they were the Perfect Masters of their time and really a Perfect Master is the one who has subjected the perfect subject to reveal people this internal Knowledge.

Q: What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the energy that is making everything survive in this world because we see in this world that everything is being sustained and we think well God is sustaining us. God is sustaining us but through which power God is sustaining it and that energy which is sustaining the whole world, that is sustaining the whole universe, that is sustaining us, that is sustaining ants, that is sustaining elephants, that is sustaining the whole world and we see the beautiful flowers grow, we see the clouds move, we see a sunrise. Now we can give a fantastic experience as we see them but that is not sufficient because it has to be some energy that is making everything moves and making us alive and what this energy is really that's what we have to find out within inside of us and that's why always a Perfect Master comes to reveal it like how maybe, how maybe, maybe how much beautiful we are but to see ourselves we are not perfect, we got to have a mirror before us before we can see us, see ourselves. In the same way to reveal this Knowledge to us there has to be Perfect Master. We, by ourselves, cannot see this because we ourselves are in such a level that we are completely (indecipherable). So we need someone perfect who can come and pull out our hand. If supposevly (sic) I am drowning in a river and I need someone who can pull my hand and get me out of it.

Q: How can we receive Knowledge?

Well it's really simple to receive Knowledge because like in this world there was a time that when people had to git, get water they had to go to well and then the time came and there were taps and the only thing you had to to do was switch on the tap and the water came by and now there's a time when people are so rich and they don't, they have to just call for water and water comes walking them, the water comes walking to them but what we have to actually realize that still there is someone who is going to the tap and still tap is going to some source and finally you'll come to a point that there has to be a source to it and this Knowledge has to be revealed by the Perfect Master which is a source who can reveal us this Knowledge. We have to go to a source and that's why it is very necessary that we go to a Master. When we want to drive a car, now car is something that finally somebody made it and the first guy who ever made a car he drove it. Now he didn't have a Master to drive the car but finally when other people had to learn they had to go to Master. In the same way when the Perfect Master comes in this body he is enlightened but if other people want to be enlightened they can't be like Perfect Master because they are not the one, they are created. There is a great difference between a creator and created like there is a great difference between the chair and a maker of a chair. In the same way there is a great difference between God who created the world and the creation itself which we are. God creation and if we try to compete with the creator we can never do that because creator is perfect and we are not perfect. Creator is infinite and we are not infinite, we are finite. We have a beginning and we have a end but the infinite one who is God doesn't have a beginning and doesn't have a end to it. That's the constant primordial vibration sustaining the whole world and to realize it is realizing Knowledge, is the Knowledge. ???

That's all.


One more time, practise.