Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying Lima Peru 7th February 1981

In 1981 Rawat's voice was shrill and often rose to a shriek in incongruous parts of his speeches but on the 7th February in Lima Peru he sounds unwell. He regularly had colds or flu and a stuffed up nose but in this speech he also sounds sick and low in energy. His thoughts have even less continuity or logical progression than usual and his English still contains grammatical and pronunciation errors after 10 years living in the USA and making speeches regularly. The speech uses the same concepts and vocabulary that Rawat has been using for the past 10 years.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying

In 1981 he had cut his hair and had lost some weight but he was still obese and understandably so. This is a man who spoke of drinking half a gallon water at one time and that eating really, really hot chilies sends him into 7th heaven. One wonders how often he has to go to the toilet and how long it takes to empty his bladder.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai) So here we are in Peru. (applause) All of us are here because we want to know, we want to know more, we wanna understand something, wanna have a deeper experience and yet I mean in this world you can see apparently that so many people in this world wanna have a really beautiful experience. Satisfaction is a calculated elimination of dissatisfaction, of mind that here we are we see things, we want to have things and most importantly it's like okay maybe something in this world will ultimately bring me some kind of a peace, will bring me some kind of tranquality (sic) but it never does because it never can. More we want, more we desire and the desire becomes such a part of us a thing that will never seize (mispronunciation of cease?), a thing that will never stop, it just goes on and on and on and yet even our searches for that ultimate satisfaction are so naive, even our sincere search for what's really true is so in a wrong of a path that it doesn't matter what we do that even if we want to we can never achieve what we really set out in the beginning for because in this world what can you get?

The world itself and what is the world? Is the world is what's going to bring us the right thing, society, the mixture of whatever this world is, this parameter or that parameter is that gonna bring us that true satisfaction that we are looking for. Because what is satisfaction? When are we satisfied? We sit down to, say, eat, we are hungry, we feel a sensation, we feel a sensation that we want to have something, we want to eat something, hunger, an emptiness, so we sit down and we eat and then we eat and eat and eat and then comes a time, there comes a point where that desire to eat completely diminishes, completely goes away. That we don't want to eat anymore, the same desire that we could have eaten anything, somebody would have given us a piece of bread, we would've eaten that or a salad we would've eaten that or a big meal we could have eaten that were just a fruit or a banana or anything, completely goes away and here we are moments later really and we don't want anything to eat and it's like same thing with drinking water that there is that desire to drink water.

There is that thirst, it's a genuine thirst so we go and we drink a glass of water or two glasses of water. I know that sometimes at night time I've gotten so thirsty that I can drink half a gallon of water bottle all in one time. Just sit there and go like glug glug glug glug and that cold water just hitting your throat you know really feels good and how it's given to you, doesn't make any difference. How it's done how it's because, because from our concepts, because that thing we have done things, how do you drink water? From a glass, that's the usually the way you have water, from a glass but not when you're really thirsty that doesn't make any difference if if it is from a plastic bottle that's fine or just right after darshan you know somebody offered me a cup of water and it was like you usually have tea that way or coffee but you don't have water that way so because it's the thirst that has to be quenched and it doesn't make any difference so far the water goes in, it quenches the thirst and that's the most important thing.

So that is the basic I mean the key of satisfaction, of contentment that here we have a desire for something and if we can satisfy that desire, if we can somehow fulfill that desire, it'll be all right and the problem is there are some desires that are all right. If you desire satsang that's fine, if you desire service that's fine, if you desire meditation that's fine, if you desire a glass of water that's all right, that's fine. Food you desire, that's fine, if you feel like going to sleep, that's okay but even when you look at a very harmless little thing, drinking water. What can happen if there is something in us that exzite (sic), that or's exciting a false desire and now here comes the big thing, the false desire and I'll tell you what a false desire is.

When I first did you know the last tour that I did when we came to Cancun in Mexico there were these chilies, these yellow chilies and they're the best chilies I've ever had, they're good, second-best actually. (clapping) They are really, really hot and to me when I sit down for the afternoon lunch and I really feel like something hot I need to have the chilies you know just eat the chilies till the under your eye you start sweating and that's when it feels really good. (cheering) When your whole mouth is on fire and everything so just yesterday afternoon I sat down and there was one of the pickled ones and I took the whole chili and I've done this before but this one was a really hot one (laughter) hotter than the other I mean usually I've taken those chilies and just bit them right off you know, 5, 6, 7, 8 at a time, it's alright but this one was specially hot so I bit it and I chewed it, swallowed it and about a second or 2 seconds later my mouth just went kaboom blasted with the heat of that chili. So I started drinking water even though I know that drinking water after a chili is not such a good idea and the reason is because what you feel really hot in the chili is the oil, it comes from the seed that's why if you touch a chili and the oil gets on your hands, on your fingers and you rub your eye you'll feel it very distinctly so if you take a glass of water and drink it, it just takes that oil and really puts a nice film everywhere so obviously your mouth will just start burning everywhere but anyway this it was really hot so I just started drinking water and drinking water and drinking water and drinking water and drinking water and drinking water and drinking water and drinking water and drinking water and drinking water. The problem is that there was a point where I could have been thirsty and I could've drank water, a glass, half a glass sometimes is only maybe 1 teaspoon and that'll satisfy your thirst, that'll do the job but this is what I call a false desire that your mouth is on fire, that your mouth is burning and you think that water is going to take that away and you keep drinking it and keep drinking it and keep drinking it and then 10 minutes later all you want to do is somehow get the water out of your stomach and drill a hole in it or something, just bleed it all out and when you get to that situation because this is a situation we get to that in this world it's so true that we give up a concept to take up another, that we give up one idea or one thought or one problem that we have or ununderstanding (sic) or misunderstanding that we have and all we do is cling onto another idea, another concept.

Concepts in general are not bad. There is a big difference that when you come to the teacher, but when you come to Guru Maharaj Ji your heart has to be empty. That is a basic, basic requirement. It's not a theory and is not a philosophy, it has to be empty otherwise how is it going to be fulfilled? How is it going to be filled up with that love or with that affection or with that grace or with that experience if it's already filled with the ideas that I perceive, that I think are right, that I think are a certain way because what I see and what I perceive in this world, I believe in it whether it may be happening totally by circumstance you know and and I mean it's really true if you take a chili, a long green chili and bite the end of it, it won't be very hot because usually the seeds are all bunched up on the top with all the oil. You can bite it and say "This is all right, this doesn't bite at all" and then you stick the rest of it in your mouth and bite it off and then it sends you to the seventh heaven because whatever we perceive, is it really true? Whatever we feel, is it really true?

And that's the problem this is why when Perfect Masters come in this world they say that what you see, what you perceive is basically an illusion. How can you conceive things that you can touch, the microphone that you can touch or everything that you can touch, how can this be an illusion? How could this be an illusion? And yet to me it's very, very much so an illusion because this mike, this particular microphone stand was a time when it did not exist. It just didn't exist, it didn't ex, exist in a theory, it didn't exist in a concept, it didn't exist in the dream, it didn't exist in an idea, it didn't exist in its form, shape, color, weight. It did not exist and then I went to the premies I said "Listen you know, it's about time we get a really good microphone stand together" because many a times when I get my when I come up on stage somebody has to always come, tighten the nut at the bottom, put the microphone on in the right place and they're merely guessing if it's going to be in the right place so sometimes that the microphone is too high, sometimes the microphone is too low, sometimes you hit it and it makes a big boom you know all throughout the hall. I said "It's time, we need to get a microphone together, that's really together and all you have to do is come there, hit it and it just goes right in place" and that's what this microphone does, it's got a weight in the back and get balances with the weight in the front and by simply hitting it just a little bit because of this weight will supersede this weight it'll just go erect and by giving this a little nudge to come and fall all the time in the right place and then the premies worked at it, they made this stand, they painted it and here it is. What is its reality? Its reality is its reality is that if I wouldn't have dreamt up this, this wouldn't have been here. Its re-al, its reality only goes as far back as I could have conceived of it, as I could have dreamt of it. If I couldn't have dreamt of it there would be no need for the creation of this microphone. How can I call that real? And even if I go further back than that that here I am, if I wouldn't be in this world, would this microphone have been created? No. I really don't think so because this is a nonconventional microphone stand. No company manufactures one like this, this is one of its kind, truly and then here I am in this world but how did I get here?

What made me come in this world? How was I born? Or how did I? What is happening? That you have to seek the cause, the purpose, the reason, the reason why I come to give satsang to the premies and that reason is the real, the absolute and that's the reality and everything bound around it, everything bound besides it, is an illusion. It's a, it's a necessity that may be on may not be because as much as this microphone stand is black, it could have been made out of chrome, it could've been buffed aluminium or buffed stainless steel and yet you look at this whole world, it's the same exact way. That how did this come about, you know, how did that noisy thing outside, the airplane, how did it come about? If there tell me I mean it's the way it is that if there would have been absolutely no birds in the creation of the Creator, could man possibly have conceived to fly? And it's an interesting thought. I don't think so. It would never have dawned on it to really fly. He sees the birds and he says "I wanna do this." He sees the fishes and he says "I wanna do this."

You know, I wanna go fast or I wanna do this or I wanna be strong or I wanna have advantage or, or so many different parameters that we bring closer and closer to us because of our idea and one saint says and this is really beautiful that "Oh Creator, oh Fascinater, you've really done a fascinating thing because you have fascinated me, because only from an imagination, only from Your imagination have you created this entire place. You have created this entire scheme. You have created this whole thing." To me, it's really incredible to think that I have a destiny, it's really incredible to think that every human being has a destiny that the Creator didn't just stop at creating a human body which in itself is absoluty, absolutely fascinating but He had to go out and also create a destiny for that human body.

A destiny that happens every second and every millionth of a second that's taking place and yet that destiny in this play that he makes that destiny that's, that's his script and He is the director, this is His play, we are the actors and he has made a script for us and he directs it and He comes in this world he says "Look, I am the one who can change your destiny. I am the one who can change the script that you have to read, that you have to memorize." To us we sometimes get so involved in this play that we lose the slimmest, tiniest, the most beautiful sight of the most beautiful play and the most beautiful director who comes to direct this play. We don't have to bother anything. This is the, this is the script, the destiny that we don't have to memorize. It automatically is happening. It's beyond even, beyond even our, our reach that whatever we try to do we can't even alter it and yet we know that there is only one person who originally wrote the script who originally wrote that play for us, the one who can alter it. He is the one who can make it better for us.

There is that song you know "I Surrender to my Satgurudev who has taken my doubts avay (sic)." It's really true that when we can , when we can just let go those doubts will go away and the picture becomes so, so, so clear. Trying to hang onto our ideas, it never works. It never can work. I mean so many places you know I just see that premies wanna do something. Now premies just wanna do something and they're not concerned about how it is done and they're not concerned whether it's gonna get done or not and how it's gonna turn out, right or wrong. That's not their concern, their concern is, let's do it and when we can't see that grace, when we can't see that experience you know because or what is the difference between a job and a service. Any service, any service can instantly become a job that no job can ever become service, that's the big difference. That when I'm having that experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, that when I'm experiencing that Knowledge, is that when I'm experiencing that love, that right place (clears throat) then automatically I'll have the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji. I'll have that experience of service but when I am in a place (clears throat) completely glued to my ideas, completely glued to my concepts all I am going to have an experience of is myself. All am I, all I am going to experience is me, the same me that I was never satisfied with to begin with. The same me that can never fulfill that, that can never give me that experience that I truly want.

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The cycle is so perfect, the game is so perfect that it doesn't have to be altered, it doesn't need to be altered that every one of us human beings come in this world, arrive in this world and by our own experiences even are driven to the conclusion of wanting that Knowledge, of just wanting that peace, of wanting to have that perfect experience. Side-by-side comes Guru Maharaj Ji again and again and again and again and he pours that experience onto us. He gives that experience onto us, he lets us have the experience, the experience that spot him, the experience of something that's real and that is the game plan, that's always been the game plan, it's never differed, it never will differ but my place, my understanding can change my experience of that perfect experience, of that perfect game plan whether I can see it, whether I can just open up to it and say "Yes, I accept" because what is ?

What is surrender? Surrender to me isn't that you're gonna jump off the cliff. That's not surrender. I don't see that as being a surrender, that one day that you'll just go flop. That's not surrender and I know that so many people have their own version of surrender and what surrender means and so many times the word surrender has been used and so many times the word surrender is mentioned in so many different contexts and yet surrender to me means the acceptance of Guru Maharaj Ji. "I accept." Really if you took that song, you know, "I accept my Guru Maharaj Ji who has taken my doubts away" it really will come out the same that I accept in my heart that I am replacing that ego, that doubt, replacing my mind with your presence of Guru Maharaj Ji. That I am leaving that place in which I cannot understand you and coming to the place where I can just accept, where I can just, that is surrender and that's all I have to do. That's all, that's all I have to be a part of, no more, no less. There is a place in which, remember the game is, I am not the leader. So many times, so many of us involved in all situations come to the point where we think we are the leader. We're not, we're the followers, truly by the sense of followers and we have to follow that leader that comes to take us, to lead us. That we are the devotees, we're not the devotion and we're not the Lord but we are the devotees who have to devote themselves to Guru Maharaj Ji because look, again, it's very very simple.

Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world again and again (sucks snot) and he just doesn't come and say "Here is the theory, except it." He doesn't give a single theory as far as I'm concerned that if I have that experience of Knowledge then whatever he is saying to me is not a theory it is that ultimate practical fact. All I have to go away is from that place in which all I see is myself and myself and myself and myself. That plane that I have to gain, that presence in me of Guru Maharaj Ji make it so consistent and make it so constant and then my experience will be true, then my experience will be real. To be a premie is a joy and ". To be a devotee, to have devotion, to be a follower, to follow brings joy, brings love, brings a real experience not what we think, not what we imagine, not what we create as an experience and we are truly lucky to be just in that place where Guru Maharaj Ji comes and gives us that blessings. You know, what is, what are Guru Maharaj Ji's blessings? What do they mean? You know, high, sometimes I listen to satsangs of my Guru Maharaj Ji and he says, you know "and blessings" and what does it mean? To some of us, it's just a mundane word, the way you wrap up a satsang. Not to me. Blessings of Guru Maharaj Ji, when Guru Maharaj Ji bless us, blesses us he's giving us that strength to continue. He's giving us that strength to carry on, he's giving us that strength to understand him because Guru Maharaj Ji's not gonna try to understand us, we have to try to understand him. We have to understand, we have to try to understand that game plan, we have to try to understand that truth. The truth isn't gonna understand us.

The saga of what's finite and what's infinite. What's infinite is infinite and what's finite is finite and yet here I am completely something that's a very, very finite, that has a very distinct beginning and has a very distinct end. A period, a time and every little factor that I'm completely bound by and simply what Guru Maharaj Ji brings is that bridge to take away the gap between what's really, really finite and what's really, really infinite. For me to have that beautiful, beautiful experience. For me to have that beautiful, beautiful understanding in this life and so you know in one sense it's like sure there's a lot to be said and there's a lot to be understood and yet if that first step has to come from me, that first and very foremost step has to come from me from my doors to open and simply says "Yes" to just step out from that realm, from the, from the all the trips and the ideas and the things that I live in and reach out towards Guru Maharaj Ji and say "I accept." Because everything we accept already hasn't brought us any of that love or any of that things that we really want.

What we accept right now, what does it bring? There is that, there is another song in which they just duh it perfectly describes really the whole cycle of life that here we are and we have this trust and this faith in our family and this and that but you know so many, so many parents I know have their trust in their child that maybe this child will someday grow old and, and bring me you know everything that I want and when I retired this child's gonna take care of me and to put it very simply they say that yeah there'll come a time just imagine that this whole affair, this whole fair that's going on is only a festival of two days. That this whole fair that we are part of in this world is only gonna last that two days for us that we come, we grow and grow and grow and grow and then there comes the distinct point and we disappear that all our trust the song goes on "even that dear friend of yours, that child of yours, the dear anyone of yours can only accompany you to the cemetery" that's the last extent. After that they either cremate you, they burn you and they you know or they just simply throw you in some river where your body is just swept out to the ocean. It's so clear that there are these companies you know that they advertise "Buy a plot in our cemetery, it's gonna be overlooking this beautiful scenery, it's gonna be overlooking this beautiful site" and the thing, the whole, the whole advertisement basically is insisting on this that when you die, you won't be able to take care of any of your arrangements. Don't burden your family, take care of the arrangements now. You know so that when you die everything will be already arranged because it's very clear to everybody when you die you can't do anything. It's all gone and yet we go on.

It's like nothing were to ever make a difference and yet all that definitely, definitely makes a very big difference. To just be taken out of that realm of going through that agony again and again and again. To just simply be taken out of that realm and placed into a place which is going to be beautiful, which is going to be really incredible for me, that garden within inside. That garden which is beautiful, a garden that is, that is the heaven, my heaven. That without being in there what I experience, what I am experiencing, that hatred, that ego, the up and down of my life. Is that my life? Or isn't the life a much, much more beautiful experience than that? Being caught on all these little paradoxes is this it? Or isn't it a more profound, a more beautiful experience? And yes, of course, it is a more beautiful experience, it is a more profound experience.

I'm the one who has to open up and just admire, just admire whatever is happening around me and admire why Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world. Just admire that glory and follow it. Cause if I can just see that, if I can just even look at that it will bring me so so so so so much inspiration. Let us see every day and in every, every place that glory of Guru Maharaj Ji just unfold and unfold and unfold and unfold to every human's heart that touches this flower. Because the heart just blooms out, the heart just reaches out because it is, it is such a fantastic thing. Here we are we're involves in something that I know some day all we'll be able to do is read books about it. Maybe it won't be even us you know that yes there were these you know that Guru Maharaj Ji came in this world, he brought Knowledge and there were these people you know who could, who could receive this Knowledge and I'm sure that there will be another Perfect Master in this world saying the same exact thing. Has it ever stop? No. Again and again and again and again, it's a, its a perfect repetition, never changes and stays exactly consistent. How Guru Maharaj Ji is born in this world? What he does in this world? We can't have any idea about that.

That there was, there was Ram who was born a prince and then to change the whole story all of a sudden he's not the one that's gonna be crowned, is one of his brothers who's gonna be crowned and he's gonna be exiled and then there is Krishna who is also born a prince and yet born in a jail. Taken away to another household where he's brought up and not till he gets older he realizes these his parents he thinks are his parents aren't even his parents and yet that King I mean is it, is it in our concepts where do we look at, what do we see that yes this is the way it's gonna happen. Mira, Mira's guru was this really really really poor shoemaker, that's all he did, a cobbler, that's all.

So it isn't in our concept and yet one thing has always happened that there has been that Guru Maharaj Ji and there has been that Knowledge and there has been that devotee and the three have clicked, devotion has flowed, that love has happened and the magnificent takes place, magnificent something takes place every single time it has manifested like that but here are we are you know I really can't say that maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't happen but I can say one thing that here we are, the opportunity is here, the place is here and the time is right. Trust it, just let go that that much more we let go that much more the experience will come through.

The people in this world don't even know, don't even know what Knowledge is, what love is, what truth is and just a moment, the moments talking to them about the real truth just it's like that soul goes "This is it" just clings on, just clings onto that satsang, just clings onto that truth for it, it's an ultimate satisfaction before being searching for years and years and years and years and being buried, just pushed away, in a moment is given that beautiful experience of that real truth and just opens up. It just wants it, it just wants to be one with it, it wants to be a part of it and then there are people who are just really, you know, you never, you never ever think giving them, talking about Knowledge to them.

It's like you don't do a thing like that and yet sometimes even that one word starts flowing maybe it's of their curiosity. "What is going on? What is happening? What do you do?" And it's like "Do you really wanna know what do I do?" "Say yeah, what do you do?" "It's like, this is what I do, you know I give people truth, give people an experience of life, give people Knowledge, give people the ultimate, ultimate truth." That even just knowing, listening and trying to comprehend that is such an incredible experience and it's not in anything that we can comprehend. It's not in anything that we try to perceive in and yet simply just the right ingredients being there, the right ingredients being placed in that perfect place. Me, Guru Maharaj Ji, my effort, my wish, my want, yes that I want to have a deeper experience. It all brings it together, it brings it all symmetrical, it brings it into an experience, it brings it into something that's really real.

So, just to let go, just to open up and just to realize in there you'll find everything. In Guru Maharaj Ji you will find everything so thank you very much, blessings to all the premies.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai, Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai)