Prem Rawat's Teachings about Surrender - In His Own Words

One of Prem Rawat's most stressed and repeated commands to his devotees was to surrender. Exactly what that meant was difficult to know. While it included obeying his instructions, especially to practice satsang, service, meditation and darshan, it seemed to be all encompassing though nebulous.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Surrender

"Peace Bomb" speech, November 8, 1970
Shiva Ji left that place, doing his pranam to Guru Maharaj Ji and saying in his heart, "O Guru Maharaj Ji, you are all powerful. What can you not do? You can do anything. I surrender myself at your Lotus Feet. Protect me, please," as you should pray in your heart when you do pranam before Guru Maharaj Ji or His picture.
Golden Age, November 1978, Number 49

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Surrender

"Peace Bomb" speech, India Gate, Delhi, India, November 8 1970
Give me your love and I will give you peace. Surrender the reins of your life to me and I will give you salvation. I am the source of peace in this world. Many times I have come but this time I have come with more power than ever before. But what can I do unless men come to me with love in their hearts and a sincere desire to know Truth. I declare that I will establish peace in this world." … The great leaders think that I have come to rule and yes, they are right! I will rule the world, and just watch how I will do it. Even the lion and sheep will embrace each other. Has there been such a king before? Krishna was not such a king. Rama was not such a king. There were lesser powers in Ram, there were lesser powers in Krishna, but I have come to the world with full powers.
Golden Age, Number 49, November 1978 and Satguru Has Come, Shri Hans Productions film, 1972

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Surrender

Mendoza Argentina, 11 January 1976
The Creator has given us the power to function, the power to work, and we realise that. Well, I can't think of a more suitable person to work for. When we have surrendered to our Lord, really surrendered to him, then there is not another person in this whole world that it would be more beautiful to work for. When we realise this Knowledge, realise our Lord, and we surrender ourselves to him, realising and surrendering at the same time, who could be more suitable in this world to work for than him? Then whatever action we do, by his grace, by his agya, by his order, is service. That's what we have to really become clear on. Without surrender, you cannot really realise this Knowledge. Without surrender, you cannot really listen to satsang. Otherwise, you are listening to satsang and your mind is going, "That was a wrong spelling. That's not the way you pronounce that word," or, "Is she translating right?" or, or, or, or … Mind just runs and runs and runs and runs and runs. But when we are surrendered, it's very difficult for the mind to run while satsang is going on, because we have surrendered ourselves, we have given ourselves to him, we are one with him. Then it becomes very hard for the mind to run. Only then does the mind stop running about all over the place. What is man right now? Man is a servant of mind. He has surrendered himself to the mind, and whatsoever mind tells him to do, he does. We just have to change the story a little bit; instead of surrendering to mind, surrender to Lord, our Creator, whom we are supposed to surrender to. We are surrendered to him all the time, but when we don't realise it, we act really crazy, really funny. You know? So surrender. How do you surrender? What is the proper way to surrender? It's not to write "surrender" on your head, or to get yourself stamped "surrender". No, no, no. That's not surrender. It's not to just sit down on a chair and say, "I surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, I surrender to my Lord, I surrender to my Lord." That's not the way to surrender. That's the perfect way to surrender to mind, and maybe even more so than you have ever surrendered before in your life. The most perfect way to surrender is to just surrender. We can't just take our necks and go, "k-k-k-r-r," and we have surrendered. It is something that happens, something that flows when we let it; we surrender when we let ourselves surrender.
The Golden Age Number 29, May 1976

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Surrender

Gainesville, Florida, July 2 1976
And he's telling him, "… and we worship this Guru Maharaj Ji, and he knows 34 languages, and he can speak in any language to anybody, and man, once you receive Knowledge, you completely surrender, you completely dedicate your whole life to him. You give away everything you have, and then you are bound to have liberation by this Knowledge."
And It Is Divine Magazine, Summer 1977, Volume 4, Issue 2

initiators (14K)

Meeting with Initiator Candidates, Malibu California, January 10 1977
You really cannot surrender to Knowledge. Knowledge is within inside of you and therefore … It'll affect you if you just start to surrender to Knowledge; it'll affect you in many different ways, whereas maybe that day your experience isn't what it's supposed to be. And for a lot of people, for two, three years, four years, five years, they've been doing meditation, and their Knowledge experience isn't exact, isn't correct. But you directly need to really surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, because that is a practical essence where you can physically, spiritually, consciously surrender to.
The Initiator Service, Quotes From Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Surrender

Hans Jayanti Festival, Rome, Italy, Friday, November 11, 1977
For each of you as individuals, you have to make that decision that you really, really want to surrender, to be able to become one with Guru Maharaj Ji, to be able to experience the purpose of this life, to be able to accomplish the aim of this life, to have God-realisation - you name it - to accomplish that - except materialistic and worldy things. They just don't get accomplished.
Divine Times, November 1979, Volume 8, Number 6 and The Golden Age, March 1978, Number 43

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - Suffering

Holi, Miami Beach, Florida, Thursday, 6 April 1978
"Okay. If Guru Maharaj Ji is all merciful, if Guru Maharaj Ji is everything, then let it be! Let it go on. And let him do it." But that's the snag. And that's where the snag is. You have to let him do it. You have to let him put you on that boat and sail you across that ocean. You have to surrender. And that's the greatest thing. In this whole saga, in this whole mechanics, in this whole thing of whatever you call it: peace, liberation, Truth - the greatest thing: to surrender.
The Golden Age, June/July 1978, Number 46 and DLM publication 1978 and Holi '78, DLM book

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Surrender

Guru Puja, Tucson Arizona, Sunday, July 16, 1978
And only that pure and humble soul can then in fact turn around and surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because Guru Maharaj Ji is that perfectness. Guru Maharaj Ji is that purity. Guru Maharaj Ji is that Knowledge. Guru Maharaj Ji is infinite. And nothing finite can come into infinite and still stay finite. That finite thing has to become infinite before it can actually merge in infinite.
The Golden Age No. 48, September/October, 1978

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Surrender

Holi Festival Miami Beach, Florida, April 7, 1979
I know that there are a lot of premies who have tried to get rid of their minds. Not only haven't they got rid of their minds, but they also have confused other premies. What do you say to that? That's how tricky that mind can be. But only when there is a total faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, only when there is a true faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, only when there is a "let go" to Guru Maharaj Ji, that there is, in fact … See, there has to be a displacement. And when your heart gets filled with Guru Maharaj Ji's faith and love and devotion, then that asks for more space than the mind, in fact, holds. And just because it is stronger than the mind is, it asks mind to just split. And that concept, the craziness, the imagination, and the wildness come out. So just to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, to have that devotion, to have that love -- that's something even Guru Maharaj Ji applauds. That's something to which even Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Alright. Okay. Beautiful. Perfect."
Élan Vital, Volume III, Issue 2, Summer 1979

Prem Rawat Teaching About Faith in Himself

Holi, Miami Florida, April 8, 1979
And in the same way, when we surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we accept Guru Maharaj Ji, when we try Guru Maharaj Ji, automatically Knowledge starts pulling through for us. But when it's only Knowledge and no Guru Maharaj Ji, it just doesn't click. And to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, to believe Guru Maharaj Ji, and to have that devotion towards Guru Maharaj Ji, is to me the most ultimate experience of this Knowledge. … You have to have that endless faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, in your self, in your heart, in you. Unchanging love, constant love, constant faith. Not the one that goes up and down depending on the weather, depending on the day, depending on what happens in this world. No. No, no, that can't happen. But a constant faith.
Divine Times - May/June 1979 Volume 8, Number 3

Guru Puja festival, Lingfield, England, 21st June 1979
"If you have a Perfect Master you can't do anything but worship him every day of your life. You tell me, if you really have that Perfect Master in your life, what can you do except to worship him every day? Get up and worship him, pray, know, surrender. Every day of your life!"
Guru Maharaj Ji, you can only worship Guru Maharaj Ji from heart and that's it, from you love and that's it and to me to come to an occasion, to me to come to a place, to come to a point in our hearts where we can even pray to Guru Maharaj Ji, where we can even see Guru Maharaj Ji that's the greatest opportunity in our lives, that is the greatest thing in our lives.
Lingfield Guru Puja video, 21st June 1979

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About Miracles

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 10, 1979, Evening
Yet remember one thing: that that Guru Maharaj Ji, who is creator, who is the Sustainer, and who is the Destroyer, has love enough for his devotees to come onto this Earth for his devotees; then absolutely, unquestionably, there are no bounds to what can happen. All we have to do is to become that devotee, to have that devotion. That's all: that faith, that surrender, to Guru Maharaj Ji, that love that is sincere, that comes from our hearts for Guru Maharaj Ji. Not in our imagination, but in reality. If we can become a devotee … If there is Guru Maharaj Ji and then a devotee, when they join, then there is devotion. And it is said that when that happens, when Guru Maharaj Ji and a devotee are bound together by devotion, then the purpose of that soul that devotee has been completed. That's it. There is no more to be done. There is nothing left to be done. It has received the stage beyond liberation. It has received, it has joined, it has merged in the state which is beyond, above and beyond -- joined its Creator. It has joined its Owner. It has joined where it came from; it has joined back to its own.
Affinity, February 1980

Maharaji's Teachings About the Creator

Holi festival, Miami Florida, April 10-12 1980
Nobody is saved. We have to be saved, yes. We can be saved, yes. And we should be saved, yes. We should find that Master, yes. Because Guru Maharaj Ji makes it so simple and we make it so sophisticated. Every single time the Master comes, open His arms and says, "Let me in. Let me in. You know, it reminds me of that song, you know, that the Lord becomes a beggar and it goes in this, in front of this devotee's house and knocks on the, on the door and the song is just going, you know, saying, "Oh devotee, you know, your fortune is really come, your, your, your luck, your, your destiny is unfolding now. The Creator, the Giver of everything is at your door begging from you. From you." That has created, that sustains, that destroys, that holds this ultimate, this holds this universe in the palm of his hands has come to your door, do not refuse. Which Master didn't come to everyone of these human beings and come to me open up. Regardless of our confusion, regardless of our concepts. But anyway, you know, again, surrender, have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. What else you gonna do? Nothing. You have to have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, You have to have to have that surrender.
Holi 1980 video, Élan Vital Inc., 1980

Divine Light Mission even released a song, titled "I Surrender to My Satgurudev" by "One Foundation"
on a music cassette called "You Are My Everything" that was used on the soundtrack of the movie "You Are My Savior."


I surrender to my Satgurudev
Who has driven my doubts away
I surrender to my Satgurudev

He made me drink His cup of love
With immortal herb
Intoxication of Holy Name
Has blown my mind away

Pure light within I saw
Without moon and sun
In His kingdom I blissed out
Hearing music play

Satisfaction grew
In place of discontentment
Attachment and jealousy have gone
By His boundless Grace

Remembrance of the Holy Name
Has taken death away
Now I have found the Perfect Master
Of this day.