Venetia Stanley-SmithVenetia Stanley-Smith

VSS was one of the low-grade hippies that found the 13 year old Prem Rawat in India and accepted him as the Lord of the Universe/Perfect Master. These were hardly serious sincere-seekers-of-truth, they were more like doped-up, dazed and confused, aimless children of broken homes who had read "The Third Eye" and the "Autobiography of A Yogi" as their memoires attest.

Dear Holy & Eternal Mother,

I tried once to explain to you when you asked me what was in my mind & my aims, but to express my complete love and devotion in words, I find so difficult, so now I hope to do this by letter to pour out my soul at your feet.

She wrote to Mata Ji (then the Holy Mother of Prem Rawat) arrogantly expounding on the Chinese and Japanese national psyches while personally abasing herself as being weak and undeserving of kissing Mata Ji's feet: "Please help me to be a good devotee for I have so many weaknesses and just don't deserve this knowledge and to receive your Darshan." Venetia's complete love and devotion for her Holy & Eternal Mother disappeared into the void on the 1st April 1985 once her Holy and Eternal Mother disnherited the Holy and Eternal Son.

VSS with GMJDespite this unprepossessing start, she has become an international media personality through her appearances on NHK or Japan Broadcasting Corporation which is Japan's national public broadcasting organization. She has inherited her mother's flair for decor and flower arranging and an aristocratic demeanour. She is a member of the Curzon family of Keddleston Hall whose progenitors arrived with William the Bastard and whose grandfather was Viceroy of India. There's double irony here. Lord Curzon despised "Bengali babus" * who aped Western manners and dress and she is known to and admired by far more people than is Prem Rawat. She arrived in Japan basically penniless and began teaching English and propagating for the Holy Family first and Prem Rawat alone after the family break-up. Prem Rawat has been supported by a few thousand of Venetia's peers (premies not aristocrats) who have tried to make him famous. The propagation has not been greatly successful but she has. This could be because she is not trying to portray herself as anything but what she is. Now Prem Rawat attempts to gain more attention by attaching himself to her coat-tails.

Ms Stanley-Smith sells a lot more calendars than Prem Rawat!

Venetia Stanley-Smith Calendar

* Empire by Niall Ferguson