Prem Rawat's First World Peace TourReport of the World Peace Tour of Balyogeshwar Shri Sant Ji Maharaj

The remainder of the World Peace Tour booklet contains letters from western devotees (in English) written in 1971 to various Indian Divine Light Mission important figures from western devotees (in English) and Hindi translations.

These letter writers included some important long-term devotees, Joan Apter, Venetia Stanley-Smith, Sue Ratcliffe and Anne Johnson.

Salutations at the Lotus feet of satgurudeva

On boat Taipei to Japan
13 May, 1971

Dear Holy & Eternal Mother,

I tried once to explain to you when you asked me what was in my mind & my aims, but to express my complete love and devotion in words, I find so difficult, so now I hope to do this by letter to pour out my soul at your feet.

I just fear that I may mistake my own will for the will of Guru Maharaj Ji, for all I want to do is to serve completely Guru Maharaj Ji and perform his will as best as I can. At the moment my heart tells me to go to Japan, which I am now very close to and give Satsang; and write songs in praise of Guru Maharaj Ji that might echo the pleas and desperate cries of thousands of people that are seeking true knowledge and the love and devotion of millions of devotees that will fall at His sacred lotus feet. U to now, however, the Satsang I have given to Europeans & Americans has through the grace of Guru Maharaji been successful, but I found the Chinese in Hongkong and Taiwan have been difficult as they are moving into top gear of materialism, particularly in these two places as they are Chinese wealthy people, who left China in the fear of the revolution and of communism. They think that spirituality weakens the will, it will be few years before they start to become dissatisfied with materialism and begin to start the search of the spirit. I think that in Japan it will be different as the youth have rejected materialism already and are beginning to ask the question why are we here ? What is the reason for life ?

Then I will go to America and help Joan, Anne and Mahatma Guru Charananand and one day help to bring his devotees together with Ashrams and communities all over the world. I know that to do these things I will need much more strength, through constant remembrance of the holy name and that I need to bathe my wandering mind in divine light but with Guru Maharaj Ji's grace I pray and beg that I may be able to do so. Please help me to be a good devotee for I have so many weaknesses and just don't deserve this knowledge and to receive your Darshan. Please take my mind, myself and any thought of me, so that I can just remember the holy name. Please help myself to save myself so that I may show others how to save themselves through the only way the true knowledge of Satguru, the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Even though my words still can't express truly what have to say, each word f write I feel Guru Maharaj Ji within me, you make my heart move, my eyes see, my hand write this word, please stay with me always dear Mataji, help me to tell the truth, live the truth and help me to love you forever which is in me and that which is me, which is you.

I have just been speaking to some Japanese boys who say that the Japanese people are searching for something as they are very melancholic people. They were very interested in listening to Satsang, but they said that only people in Japan would be interested if at first Guru Maharaj Ji him self came to Japan as there are many monks and masters in Japan and they understand the need for the spirit, but they have to see that Guru Maharaj Ji is different, the Supreme, so please if Guru Maharaj Ji or Bal Bhagwan Ji came just for a little while, then Mahatmas could give the knowledge for they believe what I say but they want to see to experience Guru Maharaj Ji. My pranam to you and the Holi Family.

Your devoted servant,


Salutations at the Lotus Feet of the Living Lord.

There is a secret that one hardly dares
To tell because it's so hard to share
But in this heart though it's only one
And of devotees you've many a one
It feels as if you're my only friend
That will keep true until the end.
Though really nothing before your might,
There is a dream hoping it's right,
Though we were so very far apart
There is a place for you within my heart
Thought so unworthy that it sounds absurd
I'll walk with you beside me Lord
Always to keep thy word
To try and reach those who have'nt heard.

Almighty Guru Maharaj ji. I offer my humble prostrations at thy Holy Lotus Feet and the Holy Feet of Shri Mataji, Shri Raja ji, Shri Bhole ji and Shri BalBhagwan ji.

By thy mercy and kindness, we have reached Kabul safely and are in sound health. It is thy Blessing. Lead us now Guru Maharaj ji to serve thee by finding the keen seekers and telling them of thee. Prostrations.

Thy servant

Dear & Most Holy Guru Maharaj ji,

I trust that your all compassionate, saving grace may flow into us and through us to our fellow men. That may we all, each in his own may, surrender ourselves to you with an open heart and stable mind.

May we all feel overflowing in us that Divine Bliss that is talked so much of in Satsang, that this bliss, may be incorporated into our lives and strengthen us in moments of trouble.

Really it is so fortunate for us mortal beings to be able to merge with you, to remember your most sacred name at any time at any moment no matter where we are.

So far, our journey has run very smoothly with no mistakes, we are all in good health and humour.

Our thanks for constant guidance and truth flowing from your Lotus Feet, some people think Mt. Everest is the Highest point on this earth…we know it's your feet.

Your Servant

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudeva.

Almighty Almerciful, Everloving and compassionate Lord of all that is created and uncreated,

I offer my humble prostrations at thy Holy and Lotus feet and the Holy Feet of Shri Mata ji, Shri Bal Bhagwan ji, Shri Bhole ji and Shri Raja ji.

You are the ocean of Mercy. I pray that thou will keep me on the path of Truth, never to stray from thy Holy Feet for to do thy service is truly Bliss.

Your Servant

Salutations at the Lotus feet of Satgurudev.

July 27, 1971.

Dearest Mataji, Pranam.

Please excuse my tardiness in writing. I have been thinking of you and of India ever since I left. And I miss you very much. India seems like such a long way off. I talked with Guru Maharaj ji on the telephone three days ago and was so happy to hear his voice. He said that about fifty people have taken knowledge in Los Angeles and they will soon travel to San Francisco and perhaps Denver. Then to Canada and the Eastern part of the United States.

I have talked with and received a letter from Richard since being home and he has arranged programme in Morgan Town when Maharaj ji arrives. He wrote that he had been practising giving Christian Satsang which was wonderful to hear. I find that there is a great deal of misunderstanding about Eastern religions and India with many of the people I talked with here and I wish that I could approach knowledge better in Christian terms. Tomorrow I am to talk with our minister about knowledge. He said that he knew very little about mysticism. The approach to religion is completely irrational. One man told me that the second coming of Christ would be when Christ actually came down on a cloud and all of the chosen dead people would come out of their graves in reconstituted human bodies which would rot die for ever. There is not much one can say except that if something adds a new dimension to faith and makes one love Christ more, then how can this be unChristian ? Of course, the fundamental approach is not shared by the majority of Christians and there seem to be many people who are quite interested in the mystical way and in seeing Guru Maharaj ji when He comes to the East.

Meditation has meant so much to me since I've been in the West. I often wonder how it is possible to live without the constant strength and support that knowledge of the Word gives, And the depth and love that the knowledge brings. I used to feel that the quality of my life was so superficial and now, by grace of Guru Maharaj ji, He has added an infinite gift of love, and depth and meaning.

My love to you and Bal Bhagwan ji, Bhole ji and Raja ji.


Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev, the Light-Giver.

Ashram de la Joie
17 Avenue Parmentier
Paris XI
30th July, 1971

Beloved Mata Ji,

Pranam, pranam to all the Holy Family.

My Holy Mother, I think of you very often and pray for your grace and strength and guidance. By the boundless grace of Shri Guru Maharaj ji, I have been given the opportunity to do lot of service in the new ashram here in France. It is true that when Guru Maharaj Ji gives us work to do, He also gives us the power we need to accomplish the work and I feel His love and Grace very much. There is much work to do here for we have no resident mahatma and the French premies (about 25 so far, of whom about 15-20 are really strong devotees) need lot of encouragement and teaching about this path of righteousness. They are very eager to he 12.4 about and discover devotion, and are learning really quickly that through service we can most quickly become concentrated and humble. I do what I can, Mata Ji, try to make them feel the love of Guru Maharaj ji uniting us all, for the bond of love between your children is a source of great strength to us all. So I look for every one and do Satsang and smile a lot and try to be as good example as I can of our Holy Mother's love. Especially I think of Sandy and Sulakshna and their selfless devotion and try to be like them. I I pray very much for Your Grace, Mata Ji, to be a good and helpful influence here and wherever Guru Maharaj Ji may send me in any life.

By the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, I really feel very happy these days and my mind becomes gradually more controlled. 0 Mata Ji, how wonderful that Guru Maharaj Ji is in the West ! How AMAZING is this grace, that for a whole month we small children had the wonderful opportunity to serve Him and have His HolyDarshan ! Never did I imagine that in this lifetime I could have such an opportunity. But now I pray that you will soon come to the West and I may have the chance to serve you and all the Holy Family. Dear dear Mata Ji, my love grows by your Grace.

With love from Sue.

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Shri Satgurudev

10 August, 1971
Dear Baldev Ji,
Jai Satchitanand.

Here are some wonderful articles written about Guru Maharaj Ji in America. Really how can I beg your pardon enough for not writing to you in full details, but this is our mistake. Guru Maharaj Ji has been travelling to many programmes, and now we are realizing that it is our foremost duty to take care of the physical body of our Lord. We are very ignorant children, and it is only the extreme grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji that He is so kind to us who are ignorant and who make so many kinds of mistakes. But our hearts Love Him intensely, this He knows, and so He is gentle with His children and stern enough to teach us the right way to celebrate our Lord while He is in America.

Guru Maharaj Ji has appeared on three TV programmes, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and has been on many radio programmes. He is absolutely perfect before the mass media. The Satguru of the Space Age has come and to propogate His Holy Knowledge He is employing modern means and techniques.

People are flocking to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. His programmes are-very successful, some as large as 1200 people, the smallest are about 300 people. More than 300 people have received knowledge in the short weeks our Lord has been in this country. His name has appeared in the largest weekly magazine in the world, Newsweek, and Life Magazine has come to do an article on Him.

All are stunned at the youth and power of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, who speaks at his programmes with such authority that all are silenced and tears come to eyes of all. He has spoken of Love with such Love that really the hearts of all in the audience have been stolen. Guru Maharaj Ji said that customs duty Has going to be imposed on his luggage when He arrived in this country, but the officers never saw that precious item which He had really carried into this country from India. He said He has smuggled the priceless item, that no customs officer can impose duty upon, it can not be found by these material eyes, it is free for one and all. Guru Maharaj Ji has brought us True Knowledge and the peace Bomb has exploded in America. The universe resounds with bliss. The Lord will come in November with many westerners to the Hans Jayanti celebration on a chartered Jumbo Jet. I hope Ian' so lucky as to be able to come at that time.

I have promised to write a long detailed article for Hansadesh magazine about the Divine Activities of our dearest Lord in America, and this I will do immediately.

Now I must send this off to you immediately to soothe my troubled conscience, for I have badly neglected writing to you all. Even if we are busy, we should never be so busy to forget to tell the lovers of the Lord of His activities if we are so blessed to be in His physical presence at the moment.

It is impossible to catch the physical body of the Lord, for he is absolutely free and moves quickly from one corner of the world to the other. But we may love Him in our heart, we may attach ourself to his imperishable form, and in this way endear ourself to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. Service is the best. I am busy at work constructing a shelter under the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev, who has come to give His Divine Abode to all those who come to Him in Love.

Now I must send this off to the post office.

My Jai Satchitanand to all beloved premmies and Mahatama Premanand, Mahatma Guru Daylanand, Ved Ji, and everyone.

Jai Satchitanand.

Love from your sister,
Dhiraj Bai,

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev.

17 Avenue Parmentier
Paris XI

Dear brother Ram Babu,

Jai Satchtanand. By the grace of our beloved Lord I am here in Paris, and working in our "baby" ashram here. We have about 25 premies, many of them wonderfully devoted although there is no permanent mahatma here. But everyone was ecstatic to receive Guru Maharaj Ji in Paris. He stayed for two days here to the premie's great joy.

O Ram Babu, how great is the Grace of our Lord, to have come to us in the dark West, so soon and so unexpectedly ! Can you imagine our joy !

The boy who has brought you this note is called "Gerard Valluet"; he has been coming to the ashram here for several weeks and saw Guru Maharaj Ji when He came to Paris, but has not (yet) taken knowledge. I told him to contact the Mission in India, if he wished. Do tell him about Hans Jayanti programme. By the grace of our Lord may be I'll be in India again on that wonderful occasion.

Please give my pranam to Mata Ji, Bal Bhagwan Ji, Bhole Ji and Raja Ji Maharaj, and my Jai Satchitanand to all the premies there.


Sue (Ratcliffe)

"Salutations at the Holy Feet of the perfect Master."

20 August, 1971
Most Respected
Dear Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji,

This is the most glorious age in the history of the universe. Shri Guru Maharaj Ji has come in this world in such a form that is truly unbelievable. We are now in Boulder, Colorado, a beautiful, natural mountain land in the great plains, near the central part of America. It is truly a magnificent area, pine trees scent the air; the water is cold and pure, direct from the mountains, wild flowers dot the hills with yellow and purple, and the blue, blue sky is huge, uncluttered by the scars of human civilisation in the form of skyscrapers, pollution, concrete and confusion. Guru Maharaj Ji loves it here very much, He has said it is very calm and quite here; and very good for meditation. Every day we try to take the Beloved Lord out into the mountains for a few hours, so He may enjoy His creation. One of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees here in Boulder, who received knowledge two days ago, and is so blessed as to be the Lord's driver, has presented Guru Maharaj Ji with a Super 8 movie camera, a Minolta with automatic zoom, automatic exposure meter, can do single frames, with tripod and cable release, polarising filters, and spotlight. Yesterday we went to Rocky Mountain National Park where the Lord took many pictures with His new polaroid camera which He received in Los Angeles and many reels of film were taken on the Super 8. We went to the snow mountains, and the glaciers shone a beautiful blue, a perfect backdrop for the perfect features of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. Many wonderful photos and films were taken. At least 30 devotees followed Him by car and enjoyed His Lila, basking in the sunlight of his divine presence.

Boulder, Colorado is the Rishikesh of America. In this community there are thousands of people, young and old who flocked to hear our Lord on the night of His first programme. At least 2,000 people packed the hall on the evening of 17 August. Ever since that time hundreds of people have come to visit the secluded mountain home in the midst of nature's wonderland, and are camping all over the grounds, not wanting to leave the Holy atmosphere of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's darbar. More than 250 people are waiting for know. ledge. Really, I wish you could see this divine picture. For the past three days people have been lining up all night to be the first in line for knowledge to be given the next morning. People have left their jobs in the city, their comfort, and are concentrating their every atom of existence to attain this Supreme knowledge by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. When people listen to satsang, from our Lord, or from His disciples, they begin to weep. They drink nectar of satsang very thirstily. Every day hundreds are here to receive darshan and hear the holy Discourses of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. The people after receiving knowledge are like shining stars, going into the city to tell all of the Lord, speaking on the radio, arranging more programs, and making plans to build a beautiful ashram here in the mountains. I feel that our Lord is very pleased with the Love and Devotion which He has manifested here in Boulder, Colorado. Sometimes I feel as if I am awakening from a deep sleep, and I can only weep and feel totally submitted to the Divine Will, the al-encompassing plan of the Supreme Lord as made manifest by His present incarnation as Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. I do not understand this plan nor can I ever see it, but I can only submit myself totally to the perfection of our Lord. I can not grasp anything but my feeling of awe and love and a firm inner voice which whispers over and over again, "Never leave Him, He is the Lord, try to serve Him, try to please Him, Never, never leave Him, He is bliss in Human form." I know more and more about my own ignorance, how miserably incomplete and imperfect. I am, and yet, I rejoice, for if I were perfect, there would be no need for the Lord to come. He is giving the most wonderful satsangs, people listen to His words which come from the power of the highest authority. He is so patient with us, so patient with our imperfections, and always uses Himself as an example, placing Himself on a human level to give us examples that we can relate to. Can you imagine that the Lord speaks in satsang of Himself as a human being, overcoming ego and liable to all the human laws ! He does this to give us an example on our own level, yet it is certain that our Lord is not human. True, He has come in Human body, but I feel that He is the Holy Name, the total power of creation, and in compassion to the human being has put a permanent press shirt over that power so that we may not be too confused. He is so merciful. Yet, none should remain blinded to His human form. He cannot be seen with these eyes, one day in satsang He said, "I am human. But I cannot be seen." This human body is not the Lord, and all in America are coming to the Lotus Feet because of the power of His attraction from soul to soul. He is saving all those who come to Him. We are in perfect bliss, heaven has come to earth. Please offer my pranam to my Beloved Holy Mother, Shri Bhole Ji, Shri Raja Ji.

Love and a million pranams from your servant and eternal devotee.
Joan (Dhiraj Bai)

"Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev"

16 September, 1971
Dear Ram Babu, Basant Lal, Trickam Lal and all the Premies,
Jai Satchitanand,

Truth is the consciousness of bliss, and Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is making America alive to the inner bliss of His Divine Love. We are so fortunate, truly there is nothing to say that can possibly convey how lucky we are, for the Lord is here amongts us in physical form, giving joy and bliss to one and all. Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is engaging in many Celestial Lilas, he squirts us with water and bathes us in the nectar of His Holy discourses.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people in America have come to Him in every city that He has graced by His visit. In Boulder, Colorado, 4 thousand people listened to the Lord's discourse, and more than 400 have received knowledge. The people there are so full of love and devotion that we call them the Patna, Bihar of America, though Guru Maharaj Ji laughs at that, for truly there is no equal to Patna, Bihar in all the universe. The West is just being introduced to love and devotion to the Lord, we are small babies who need constant guidance anal attention, but by the extreme grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, He has showered us with so much love, He has implanted in our hearts the seed of divine Love, so that devotion easily flows from the heart of such a lucky person who has received His divine Grace and initiation into the sacred and sovereign science of true Yoga.

When people listen to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's discourses, it is like a veil of fog is being lifted from their hearts, it is as if their eyes are seeing clearly through the mist of ignorance for the first time. Guru Maharaj Ji pierces through the false beliefs in exterior practices, and very strongly tells all that happiness is not to be found in this world, but only from drawing the everlasting waters from the inner fountain of bliss, by knowing the inner name and voice of God, and seeing His true vision.

Now there are ashrams in many parts of America, like rays of light, stars, diffusing light to one and all. In Los Angels the wonderful premies there are starting a radio station and already have a printing press, so the Divine news of Guru Maharaj Ji will spread through the air and over the land, giving bliss and stirring the souls of all.

Guru Maharaj Ji is in Denver, Colorado there, answering the intense love call of His many hundreds of devotees there who wrote Him 60 letters, and sent five telegrams begging Him to return. Of course, the Lord could not refuse such real love, and so He is there until 20th when He will be in Canada. I am leaving today for Canada, to meet with Halen and help as much as I can until the blessed day Shri Guru Maharaj Ji arrives, The address is:

341 Bloor St. W.
Room 426
Toronto, Ontario
Tele : (416) 922-8082

I think Guru Maharaj Ji will be in Canada until 10 October when He will grace Germany and perhaps after that Switzerland before returning to London for the November function. That happy day is swiftly arriving when Shri Guru Maharaj Ji will return to His beloved India. to meet all the devotees there. I know that there will be a huge explosion of love, for the hearts of devotees are calling Him so strongly there, He knows how much the premies in India are suffering to have His holy darshan. It is only His Divine mercy which is keeping Him here with us, for we are poor children who know very little of this Divine devotion, but only feel intense love.

We are totally dependent upon He alone, for truly Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, is the source of all love and peace in this world, and since our soul immediately recognizes Shri Guru Maharaj Ji as the Supreme Lord and Master, the creator of all, what can we do but follow Him and try our best, in our own imperfect way to please Him. Guru Maharaj Ji says if we want grace then there must be effort. Without effort there is no grace. So if we try to do our best, Shri Guru Maharaj Ji will help us by His grace to be successful.

Everything is in Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's hands. It is by His will that we are so lucky as to be able to serve Him, He who has every thing, who needs nothing, but because He is merciful allows us to fumble along and try to earn his blessings.

Guru Maharaj Ji went to West Virginia to be with brother Richard Friedericks, who had been 2 years without Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan, but because of His love and practice of meditation, had already understood His divinity. Richard went to London and saw Guru Maharaj Ji for the first time there, and then returned to West Virginia to arrange a programme for the Lord there, Morgan town is a small city, but because of the intense devotion and grace of Guru Maharaj Ji a huge programme was arranged, and 700 people heard the Lord's divine discourse. Many people came the next day and received knowledge.

I left early to go to Washington and help arrange a programme there. Guru Maharaj Ji graced my house and lived here, making my home a holy ashram for six days. Really, I cannot tell you how blissful it was to play and laugh and listen to the words of our Lord as He revealed so many parts of His nature to us. I had put on a gorilla suit in West Virginia, and the Lord laughed and laughed. In Washington I put on a Count Dracula cape, and we-all-laughed. The thing is this; being with Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is constant joy, expressed in so many ways. but because our happiness has no bounds, we play and joke and laugh, because in truth the Lord is all laughter, He has no troubles, no worries, He is totally free and independent of all, and only wants to give us enough Love so that we can share in His bliss and partake of His freedom, and laugh in this world, bathing in His Grace. He is the Supreme, the highest manifestation of God.

The programme in Washington was very beautiful, though not so huge. About 800 people came to hear the Lord. He spoke directly to the point, stressing that it was not possible to attain true knowledge of God without the grace of a true, living master. About 45 people received knowledge here. Throughout His stay, wonderful lilas were played. The Lord went on a speedboat on the Chesapeake Bay, and I went water skiing behind Him !

When Guru Maharaj Ji left for New York, I stayed behind to clean and arrange the house in good order, so I could leave. My mother and father were in England, and the responsibility of the house fell on my shoulders. Finally I realised that I would not be able to leave Washington -until I had raised enough money to pay the bills, and had several meetings with the new premies, so that all could have the grace of holy company. Devotees gathered together in the Lord's Name, and he encouraged to practise their meditation.

It was the first time I had not been with Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, and my heart felt like an abandoned child. I drove up to New York the day of His programme there, and was driving so fast that I got arrested, but the police were kind, and I told them about Guru Maharaj Ji, and they let me go with a fine so that I was able to reach the hall in time to sing one song before Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's arrival. It was so Divine, I was totally lost in Love, seeing the Divine countenance of our beautiful Lord, who intoxicates the soul.

Then I returned to Washington, where I raised the money needed to pay back the outstanding bills just in time before my mother and father returned home. When they returned, I felt that the house was no longer a holy ashram. By the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji my eldest brother received knowledge, and His wife, but my mother and father are still not understanding this knowledge, for they were so unlucky as to be out of the country during Guru Maharaj Ji's visit here and did not have the darshan of the lovely Lord, nor did they hear His discourse. Of course, my mother heard Guru Maharaj Ji in Los Angeles, but she still needs more time to understand the importance of spiritual knowledge. I was thinking so hard, feeling so hard of Guru Maharaj Ji, wishing that I should be with Him, and wondering what to do about my family, when the telephone rang and there was the wonderful sound of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, I don't know what happened, the Lord laughed and laughed so completely that my whole soul filled to the brim, and I soared high above this universe in bliss, laughing and laughing, and forgetting my external existence completely. Guru Maharaj Ji laughed when He heard that I had been earning money by going to the University here, spreading a cloth under a tree, and selling many different things, just like an Indian bazar wala. When I told Him, I had finished my work raising money, He said to come to Boulder or Toronto, and my heart sprouted wings and flew to His feet to do pranam. Really, He knows every thing about our internal heart, there is nothing hidden from Him, and He is the great Comforter.

So today James and myself are flying to the ashram in Canada.

I never think of the future, for I know that Guru Maharaj Ji will always take care of me and place me in the proper place at the proper time. He is all knowing, we have nothing in this whole world to fear. He has made us free.

I look forward to our meeting in November, when I witness the meeting of the Lord with His devotees in India, and see them lose bodily consciousness for joy at seeing the Divine vision of our Lord once again. He has stolen our hearts, there is nothing but Him in this whole world. How lucky we are !

My Jai Satchitanand to one and all. Love from your sister.

Dhiraj Bai

P.S. Please convey my dandwat pranam to the Most Holy Divine Mother, the sustainer of all, who has sacrificed every thing to this world, to give the Divine Love of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji to the world, and to the most Perfect Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji whom I miss more than words can tell; who is the Divine Expression of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji's Love in this world from time immemorial. I wonder what Celestial plans He is making for the November function, and wish I could be there to do service like last year, the most blissful work of all, by His side.

My most dandwat pranam before the Feet of Shri Bhole Ji and Shri Raja Ji.

P.S.S. This article is not exactly the best. I personally do not like the journalist's style, he is not serious, tells very little about the Lord, and more about His impressions of the house the day He arrived, for an interview. This is the Kali Yuga. Still, the pictures and quotations and many other things in the article are very good, so I am sending the whole thing along to you.

"Salutations to the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji"

4 October, 1971
Most Holy and Respected Lord,
Shri Bal Bhagwan ji,

By the grace of Guru Maharaj ji, the Divine, Eternal Father of the Universe, all the sins, illusions and delusions of our ignorance are being burnt away by the fire of His love.

I keep near to my heart the verse from the Bible, "My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of His correction : For whom the Lord loveth, he correcteth: even as a father the son whom he delighteth."

And then Your words which you spoke to me, knowing of course how the Lord would have to shape me : Guru is like a potter, he holds and supports us from the inside, and beats us on the outside, till we rise, and are moulded to his desire.

The Supreme Lord of the Universe is manifesting such Divine Love and sweetness, that even the hardhearted westerners are falling like matchsticks at His Lotus Feet. Yesterday, Guru Maharaj ji was on T.V., the Canadian broadcasting company shot a news interview with the Lord, which was absolutely fantastic and supreme, showering the lucky viewers with bliss and the radiance of His celestial beauty. I am sorry that I cannot send You a video tape of this programme, so that You might see Him as He speaks before mill ions on the T.V., but here is a transcript of the audio portion of the interview :

Interviewer : Hundreds of young people from as far away as Connecticut, and Minnesota rallied together in Toronto this weekend at the feet of an Indian Guru they're calling 'The Prince of Peace.' And amazingly, he is but a mere child of thirteen. Yet, according to his follcwers, he has already demonstrated powers of wisdom like those of an ancient sage. His name is Guru Maharaj ji; to his followers, God in the flesh. They fell on their knees, kissed His feet, and listened glassy eyed as the Guru, a modern day Jesus, promised to show them the way to truth, perfection, and love. "Shed materialistic values, and look inward", he said. "Ask for knowledge, and I will teach."

"Cut to Guru Maharaj ji filmed at Central Tech. Auditorium, 2 Oct. :

"But Guru is not a strange word. You know the word 'Master', 'Teacher' ? When you go to school, you say, "Master, I have got this, this and this question." "Master, can you solve this problem ?" In India, instead of saying 'Master', we say 'Guru'. Same thing. Master teaches us something. Master takes off your :gnorance, and puts some knowledge into your mind. Same way, true Guru does that. He takes off all the ignorance, egos from our minds, and puts knowledge and peace into it."

Cut to Guru Maharaj ji at Home with Interviewer : Question : In your opinion, how great is the thread of the materialistic domination in the Western societywhich seems to deny the opportunity to seek other values like truth, perfection, and love ?

Maharaj ji : See this materialistic world is not really truth. This materialistie world was raised up by human beings, by their aesires, and so nigh. But many things. like automatic motors, automatic transmission, and computers, i)pewriters, printing machines, and because there are so many things, man cannot get out of them, man is so indulged in them that hasn't got any chance to get away from them and to think about his master, his perfect father. So, I think that materialistic world should have a certain limit. They should love this, but for a certain cause, a certain reason, and a certain time, so he can fulfill his worldly needs. But not like this that he will always indulge in all these things.

Question : What is the knowledge ? Can you explain the Knowledge ?

Maharaj Ji : Knowledge is a medium through which one man gains peace. It is like a door to peace, and to that room which is filled with entire peace.

Question : Well, what's the difference between this and say, the organised religions we have today ? What's the difference between you, and say, the pope ?

Maharaj ji : (Laughs) Well, the Pope is guiding a church, but I am not guiding a church I am guiding human hearts which have been given to me, and nothing else.

Question : Well, how are you the Prince of Peace ? The Perfect person in the flesh ? They call …

Maharaj Ji : They call. I don't call.

Question : You don't think of yourself as the …

Maharaj Ji : I only think a humble servant of God that I am. I donot think myself a perfect master. See, King is King for his citizens, not for himself.

Question: What about all the pomp and ceremony, and the rose petals. You don't ask for that ?

Maharaj Ji : No, I don't ask for that. It is they that do that, I don't compel them to do that.

Question : Do you think that's a good thing, though ? You think that's too much worship ?

Maharaj Si : Ahh, well, you see, it is of their opinion, what they want to do, I don't object with that, what they want to do.

Cut to Maharaj Ji Giving Satsang at Central Tech, 2 October :

"What you are seeing is all dream. This is not true. What ever you are seeing is not true. You think this mike is real ? After three or four years, some thing will go wrong with it, and it will just vanish from here, nothing will be lett, not even a single mark will be left in this world for this mike. Every thing is just dream. But what is the real holy Word of God, this True Name of God, that is real. Everything else is just …"

Cut to Newsmen at Desk : I don't know, Bruce, thirteen years old, has all the answers. I'm 39, I'm still looking for most of the questions ? But the Maharaj Ji he's reputed to have been the spiritual leader of the Indian people since he was only 6 years old, that was when his own fa her, who was also a Guru, gave him the knowledge:

Newsman : How do you know he's 13 ? He's probably 39, Ken, and …

Love from your eternal servant who longs to serve truly,

Dhiraj Bai (Joan)