Prem Rawat Is An AssholePrem Rawat Is An Asshole In So Many Ways

"Assholes: A Theory" by Aaron James, An associate professor of philosophy at the University of California, Irvine. James provides a precise definition of the term Asshole. An asshole "allows himself to enjoy special advantages in social relations out of an entrenched sense of entitlement that immunizes him against the complaints of other people." A series of subtypes derive from this definition and some of those most closely pertaining to Prem Rawat are described below.

Those of us who have some knowledge of Prem Rawat, the less than famous one time world saviour and divine incarnation can immediately recognise that he fits into a category like so many other wannabe Spiritual Masters: the Divine Asshole. A Divine Asshole is no different to normal Assholes, he

"allows himself to enjoy special advantages in social relations"

Prem Rawat certainly goes further than most in this regard. He expects, even demands, that his deluded devotees make regular secret payments for more than 50 years to keep him in opulent luxury and in return allows tham to openly pay extra to listen to his speeches and on occasion get close enough to kiss his feet in gratitude while financing PR campaigns that claim he never claimed to be the Lord of the Universe but has been a hard working respectable Ambassador for Peace from La La Land but you just never heard about him before.

"out of an entrenched sense of entitlement"

Prem Rawat may have been a nice humble kid but once his father died and it was Prem who was announced as his replacement Perfect Master entitled to start a Millenimum of Peace because he was Guru Maharaj Ji, the Prince of Peace and Lord of the Universe then anyone could understand how that could go to his head. His Ego was further blasted into the stratosphere when for a few exciting months it looked like he was going to become the biggest thing out of Indis since Krishna. That success soon dribbled away but his entitlement hung on, after all, He still is the Lord of the Universe (Incognito)

"that immunizes him against the complaints of other people"

Since his last humiliating, public press conference back in November 1973 Prem has kept himself in a bubble, surrounded by an entourage and the protection of wealth. How much wealth it is difficult to know but certainly enough to live in luxury. And then there are the perks, the servants, the devotees how go to ridiculous extremes to keep you in a germ-free bubble, the blonde shiksas you were able to fuck without consequences, the PR spin doctors wo have spent over 20 years creating a phony persona for you as a distinguished inspirational speaker, worder for Peace and philanthropist.

Self-Aggrandizing Asshole*

The Self-Aggrandizing Asshole invokes themselves as pursuing a moral cause. Usually they are placing this cause on themselves in the manner of it being an 'Absolute', or 'Manifested Destiny' gifted to them by a higher power such as God. They take up actions, and quite often arms, despite many moral and ethical objections. They enhance their power while mixing their mission with moral concerns.

You can't get much more delusional than Prem Rawat when he claimed to be the sole Divine Incarnation and Manifestation of God who will create a Millenium of Peace on Earth and continued this act for decades until the humiliation of failure caused him to change his costume and continue the same shtick and spiel but in more ordinary camouflage.

Delusional Asshole*

They really don't realize they are one. The Delusional Asshole sees themselves in terms of grandeur, regardless that everyone else around thinks they look dumb. They are self-absorbed and arrogant. Their reality is what they believe regardless of what's actually occurring. Sometimes the famous artist falls into this category when they think their creative genius entitles them to things beyond normal limits of acceptance.

Smug Asshole*

Smug Assholes think the sun shines for them and that others are unworthy of its glow. They also consider their greatness common knowledge, and expect others' treatment of them to reflect this fact, regardless that they're wearing a self-imposed crown. They are different from other Assholes in they are completely comfortable acting in this manner, whereas others may be performing some version of self-defense.

Asshole Boss*

They say power corrupts, and in the case of becoming the boss, this is no different. Some people are born with personalities that bite, but in other cases, gaining power can induce or expose one's inner asshole nature. These are the bosses that take advantage of their position and abuse others to any extent they can. There's no rhyme or reason to their actions. They just do what they want because they think their title allows it.

Social Media Asshole

The Social Media Asshole feels empowered to insult others and make outlandish claims online as they do not fear repercussions for what they do or say given the lack of physical confrontation attached to these actions. Since they can avoid eye contact normally had in face-to-face interactions, they lack the empathy this normally produces. They are not beholden to consistent viewpoints, or a coherent worldview. For them, the goal is to sow discord and provoke asshole behaviour from otherwise reasonable individuals, hence being given the nicknames of 'Trolls' or 'Haters'. They are a retaliatory sect and should be avoided. Citing 'Freedom of Speech' as protection for their antics is simply inappropriate.