Prem Rawat Prophesied: Apocalypse Soon


In his early career Prem Rawat often fell into apocalypsing. Prophesising the end of the word with full Biblical effects: famine, thunder, death and worse … unless people stopped resisting Him and began to "receive this Knowledge" and "practice this Knowledge" and began co-operating in which case everyone would realise that Prem Rawat was God and all would be well.

The full-on apocalyptic shtick and the millennial carrot.

It didn't happen but enough people stopped resisting Him and began to "receive this Knowledge" and practice the "selfless service" part of this Knowledge and donate money towards his upkeep. He began to live in luxury and he just gradually stopped talking about the possibility of the death and destruction of humanity and the imminent return of God and later began speaking about the possibility of peace.

Prem didn't like to let go of any topic with which he might criticise people who didn't worship him ie "the world" so he returned to apocalyptic topics occasionally.


"There are so many movies being made today and what do they show? The destruction of the world. And one movie that shows it a better way the destruction of the world they give it a prize. a, academy award because it shows the destruction of the world. Man, we can finally understand that what man has got in his brain is to destroy the whole world. He does not understand that if he tries to cut the same branch he is sitting on he will also fall down. He doesn't understand that so he is trying to cut the same branch on which he is sitting. He is trying to cut away the same world he is sitting on he is on. Now if this will be destroyed where the man will live?"

Remember, Jesus prophesied that there will be famine and thunders before the Kingdom of Heaven comes but remember at the same time that God is very merciful. He is complete mercy. And probably, if He has mercy on you, the world won't explode, and I am working for that. I am increasing this Knowledge like anything to stop the bombs destroying the whole world and I need your co-operation. If you don't co-operate with me, O.K, then let the bombs explode. They won't wait for me, but if you want real peace, co-operate with me and really, I will bring it along, very fast, because God is merciful, all merciful. He is complete bliss and if you pray to Him, maybe He will protect us from the thunder, the famine and the bombs and change those bombs into bombs of flowers.

Pren Rawat and the Apocalypse

Guru Maharaj Ji is such an ocean of Grace, what shall I say of Him? How is it possible to understand Him? No ordinary person can sing about the love within Him, about the love of Guru Maharaj Ji. Only a true devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji can sing about it. If you do not obey what Maharaj Ji says, what is the use of your living in this world? Rather you should die of shame! Now Guru Maharaj Ji has come. Whenever He came before, you did not accept Him. Now I have come again to reveal the Knowledge, and still you do not understand me. Why don't you realise? Why is this curtain of darkness shadowing you? The age of darkness will come to an end and the age of Truth will start and people will listen to me and act accordingly. Do you think it is a joke? The great leaders think that I have come to rule and, yes, they are right! I will rule the world, and just watch how I will do it! Even the lion and sheep will embrace each other. Has there been such a king before? Krishna was not such a king. Rama also was not such a king. There were lesser powers in Rama, there were lesser powers in Krishna, but I have come to the world with full powers. Accept my words, accept me. I will give you Knowledge.

Therefore, dear premies, the time has come. See how peace will be established in the world. There will be peace on earth. That peace which disappeared shall prevail again. It will come, and once again the world will understand. So listen to me and act accordingly. Bow before Guru Maharaj Ji!

People are resisting my Knowledge, I am trying very hard. I am having to use both my legs today because nobody is co-operating with me. But when the world starts co-operating with me I will be able to give this Knowledge to the whole world in five seconds. I give you a challenge on this. Once this world starts co-operating with me, in five seconds the whole world will be divine. The one flag of true knowledge. Not American, Canadian, and Great Britain, South African and that: there will be only the one flag of True Name. Under it the whole world will be united, but who are cooperating?

Prem Rawat: The time for famine, thunder, death, bombs is coming

Prem Rawat Prophesied: Apocalypse Now

"The time for famine, thunder, death, bombs is coming to be exploded now."

The time for famine, thunder, death, bombs is coming to be exploded now. The time is getting very near, everytime you see a watch, see the second hand, how smoothly it is going on, and so fast. The time is coming nearer and nearer. For the bombs will explode, there will be great famine, thunders, many these terrible events will happen. Many people will die, those people who'll be unto the ark, which is light, who will be in the shelter of that ark, which is light, will be left, otherwise everybody will be finished. Everybody will just finish.

That is what Jesus has prophesized, that at the time when the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer and nearer, incredible things will happen. And then there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven. And I'm really proud to say this, that after that there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven. So smooth, there'll be no bumps, policeman won't have any pistols, knives, they won't have to move like they are now moving. There'll be peace all around, nobody will be unsatisfied, there will be no thunders anymore, no famines, and no terrific experiences.

God will come himself to be the President, or to be the ruler of the whole, entire universe, and it will be far out, so get ready, prepare yourselves. Make this Knowledge a shield to protect yourself from all those bumps. Otherwise, you'll be the first victims of the bombs. Surdas has also said that there will he terrible things, and only those people who have got that Knowledge will br saved, otherwise, wiped off.

So this thing is coming nearer. America is ready, and just bringing bombs to those guns. There is Vietnam, America, East Pakistan, West Pakistan, China is preparing for India, and Russia is also preparing for something else. England is also preparing for something else, world war is about to come. But, in that world war, people who have received this Knowledge will be saved, people who have known God will be saved. Otherwise, of all the people, nobody will be saved.

Prem Rawat: The time for famine, thunder, death, bombs is coming

"But no, God has manifested Himself because if He manifestses Himself after one year, it will be too late, too late."

"If there is a father, supposevly (sic) I'm a father and there is fire burning here and my child is crawling towards the same fire, right? And he is very near to the fire and almost he is in the fire and I'm still watching him, am I a father? I have got no right to say myself I am a father because if I am father I have got many responsibilities on him myself, and one of the responsibilities is to protect my child. Don't you tink (sic) that we have already entered this fire? Vere (sic) it is getting out of control? Everyone is coming, a bullet comes and shoots you, no-one cares for human life. Haven't we entered this fire? And it's a very very very bad fire we have entered and God can still watch you think? That the human race will be destroyed and God will still watch? He is a father? If he is going to watch and world being destroyed he is not a father, something else but he is not a father. But no, God has manifested Himself because if He manifestses Himself after one year, it will be too late, too late."


Even after Prem Rawat began to live in luxury, he still occasionally got the "end of the world blues" especially when he felt the world was running out of jet fuel. He mightn't have a personal jet yet but he wanted that even more than the Aston Martin that brought him to tears of joy when he got his "surprise" birthday present in 1976.

Maharaji's Teachings About The Apocalypse

Denver Colorado, February 19, 1977
But to me, look: Truly, we're just about approaching the end of this century, okay? Doesn't matter what you think, doesn't matter what you believe, I know one thing. There's only so many dinosaurs that lived. And there's only so many dinosaurs that produced oil. And there's a lot more cars than there were dinosaurs. And I think we are just about at the verge of it all. There have been predictions that by 1985 - which I think might be an over-calculation or might be an under-calculation. But around that time, let's figure it (five or six years is a drop in the bucket) - this world is supposed to be out of gasoline
Élan Vital Volume II Issue 4 Winter 1978