Prem Rawat Is Only Human, After All

Prem Rawat, in his early 1970s persona as Guru Maharaj Ji, really preached that His Knowledge, when practised, produces constant bliss and many of his followers publily proclaimed this was true for them.

What I have is a constant LSD. It's not LSD, it's a built-in LSD which God provided you with when you were born.You get into it and you're always blissed out. - Prem Rawat 1972
I'm pretty blissed out with this Knowledge. I mean I really feel it 24 hours and I can really feel it working on me and making me alive and I can really, really feel the Grace. - Prem Rawat 1974

In a short period in September/October 1982, Prem Rawat made sudden and drastic changes to his organisations and in the lives of his loyal premies who believed his teaching and had publicly promoted Him as God Incarnate, the Lord of the Universe. For a few years he went even further underground but in 1985 he started a push to become known with a new identity and a completely differnt direction and persona. He also taught those former "premies" who went along with this charade that he still had the power to impart "Knowledge" though he was now a normal person with frustrations, moods and miseries. He was not enlightened and if he had "realized Knowledge" it did not mean he was in constant bliss. It seemed that the Knowledge was no longer full of bliss but of gentility, a mark of snobbishness rather than happiness.

This would hardly have been surprising news to the millions of people who thought of him with ribald ridicule when they first heard of this 14 year old guru if they thought anything of him at all. It should also have come as no surprise to his devoted premies as he'd hardly bothered to hide the fact in the hundreds or thousands of speeches he'd made to them during the 1970s.

Prem Rawat 1979Prem Rawat 1982

Prem Rawat No Longer Presented Himself As A Divine/Enlightened Guru In Permanent Bliss

Q: You say that like all of us you have your downs as well as your ups. Do you feel that eventually, through your Knowledge, you will achieve the feat of removing the downs entirely from your life, and if you can do it, can we achieve that too?
Maharaji: Well, first of all, you make it sound as if there's a great separation between you and me, by virtue of suggesting that I sit up there somewhere, as if I've taken the malaria pills, so I can go into the jungle and not worry about mosquito bites. But it's not like that at all. - An Evening with Maharaji, 1987
"I would be a hypocrite to sit here and say to you 'Oh yes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, I am in complete bliss.' I'm not going to tell you that, because that's not true. Things happen. I am not going to be a hypocrite and tell you that it is all the time" - The Ability to Be Happy, Nov 3 2009 Words Of Peace video

For his whole career until 1982/3 Prem Rawat had claimed to be The Lord of the Universe, a Perfect Master and that he had realised the Knowledge and was in constant bliss. I'm no expert in "God consciousness" but surely if you're permanently in God consciousness there are no ups and downs of average human life. Rawat hadn't forgotten that he used to always be in constant bliss. He lied then and for whatever reason he decided to present a more realistic public facade that he could live up to if his new push brought him fame. No doubt, he thought it would be better for himself to do so.

Guru Maharaj Ji, are you permanently in God consciousness?
Yes, I am permanently in God consciousness. … I am in God consciousness and I do not bother whether anybody else is or not. But I am bothered about you, about all ordinary human beings. I want them to be in it. But when we say guru, that means he has to be in God consciousness, because that's what it means. Gu means darkness and ru means light. The man who is going to take you away from darkness and put you into light has to be in God consciousness. - Go And Ask God 1972

What I have is a constant LSD. It's not LSD, it's a built-in LSD which God provided you with when you were born. You get into it and you're always blissed out. No need to come out from it. (published 1978) - and It Is Divine, Volume I Issue 8

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About Bliss

Question and Answer Session, Portland, Oregon, June 29, 1972
When you become Lord of the universe, you become a puppet, really! Nothing else; not "you." Not "I," not "you," no egos, no pride, nothing else. One with humbleness; servant. Very, very beautiful Always in divine bliss. Creating your own environment -- wherever you go, doesn't matter. Like my friends used to play and I used to sit right in the corner of my ground and meditate (laughter)
Even 10,000 times more far out experience you get when you are divinely blissed with the Knowledge. Then Knowledge just takes you, and takes you into an environment never thought of; never thought of, beautiful. When one can really get into the Music, get into the Word, get into the Light, it's so beautiful; so blissful. Just grand, you know! When someone has mastered it, really very far out! So that's what I tell premies: "Meditate, and get somewhere." Yes? √Član Vital, Volume II, Issue 2, Summer 1978

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About Bliss

January 22 1980
This is what Guru Maharaj Ji comes to show us -- that there is a bliss beyond your wildest imagination. A bliss that's consistent, a bliss that's constant, a bliss that you never have to do anything to achieve. Just fall back and you will be blissed out. Let go and you'll be blissed out. And to achieve that is the ultimate state this body can receive -- to be constantly happy. Who doesn't pursue that happiness, to be constantly content?
Light Notes, Volume 1 Number 2 April 1980

What is the Perfect Master? He's a human being just like you and me. And yet that soul is enlightened. That soul is full of that Knowledge. When that recipient soul becomes eager, when that recipient soul becomes hungry and realises that hunger then that soul that is enlightened, that is full of that joy, is full of that bliss imparts that Knowledge to that other soul. Presto. (Message of the Heart video, 1981)

The Ability to Be Happy

"Every day you have to ability to feel happy, to feel content" says Prem Rawat. "Think about this: Does your ability to feel contentment ever vary? And the answer to it is no. The ability does not vary, but the joy that I feel does vary."