Proclamations and Letters Published by Prem Rawat (Maharaji) when he was "Guru Maharaj Ji"

Maharaji (Prem Rawat) Swearing on the Bible He Will Bring World Peace As a teenage Godboy, Prem Rawat was able to enjoy his propensity for grandiose titles, the creation of an alphabet soup of numerous "organisations" (DLM, DUO, WPC, NHQ, IHQ) and occasional "Proclamations to the World" or at least to the world of premies. A certain degree of guilt for these crimes against good taste and common sense must be laid at the feet of Rennie Davis and probably some premies at IHQ/NHQ/Malibu for not advising him better.

Fortunately Premboy made these proclamations with the same panache with which he wore his Krishna costumes and danced on stage and they have not worn well. With hindsight, they have become more pathetic than ridiculous and they certainly justify Prem Rawat lowering his public objectives from being known as the Lord of the Universe to wishing merely to be accepted as an extremely short, obese, minor philanthropist trying to become internationally respected on a shoe-string, charitable donations budget.

One of the major functions of a guru is to provide guidance to his followers, especially in times of difficulty. Prem Rawat provided no individual guidance except possibly to a small group of people who served him personally. Some of his followers wrote him letters asking for advice. You could expect that he would take some time off his more normal pursuits of playing pinball, playing with stereos really, really loud, watching cartoons on television to read these letters and provide wise and appropriate advice. In fact, at different times some of his devoted followers were given the "service" of looking through the letters, banking any funds provided and sending "satsang" back to the premie. This is an example of such a letter

A series of letters to premies in Australia and New Zealand from the early 1990's. Rawat had already started to use vacuous combinations of his new jargon hot-button words:

"No matter what the circumstances that surround as, within us there is always that special place where the heart sings, for it has no other request but to he fulfilled. When we can open up to our own inner self, then the process begins, and that is when we begin to truly recognize this valuable gift called life, that is when the heart fills with gratitude, and we can begin to dance with the rhythm of the heart."

Many thanks to the people who made these texts available on the internet for their dedication to truth.