Third World Prachar Project Logo

The Third World Prachar Project is formed to help spread Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge and to put spiritual discourse about that Knowledge into the field of reference of Third World Peoples, through creative art forms as well as direct social service.

We are concerned with, and committed to, the Ultimate Consciousness which does not allow for distinctions based upon race or social class. We aim to direct our commitment to this Supreme Consciousness in selfless action to humanity so that we may work together in an effort to meet the challenge brought on by racial conditioning, which leads to oppression and repression.

As Brothers and Sisters of Love, Unity, and Self-Determination, our function is to act as a medium of cultural exchange on an international level, between People of diverse backgrounds, through representing Third World Cultures

In the spiritual world there is already harmony and peace, and by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji we know the method which unites mind, body and soul and allows the individual to serve humanity in an effort to bring about harmony and brotherhood to the world.

In conclusion, we aim to dedicate to this cause the results of our experience of the eternal peace and perfection which makes us human beings.