The beauty of truth
Excerpt from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang, Cartagena, Colombia, 27th March 1980

"As I was saying, this evolution is it. To be completely dedicated and surrendered to Guru Maharaj Ji is the biggest evolution. For this evolution, so many evolutions had to happen. For this evolution, this Earth had to be created. And for this evolution, a human being was created. And so many, so many evolutions took place to create this Earth. And so many evolutions have taken place to create this human being."

A constant quest
Excerpt from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang, Cartagena, Colombia, 25th March 1980

"And I see that for every single devotee, in his lifetime, that evolution gets completed when that devotee who is destined to meet his Perfect Master, who is destined to experience that Knowledge - when he does, when he truly surrenders himself, his evolution is completed. He becomes a part of the perfection."

The master never hides
Excerpts from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang, Hollywood, Florida, USA 10th April 1980

"This is a game that's the ultimate game. The entire universe was created so that this game could take place.."

"… to make me dance"
Excerpt from Guru Maharaj It's satsang, Hollywood, Florida USA 13th April 1980

"And these musicians start playing music and it goes faster and faster and they have all these little songs all worked out. And neither band even plays my beat. Somehow there is this whole thing of Guru Maharaj Ji's dancing based upon this and this and this. Right? No. Because that dancing comes from that inspiration within inside of me that wants to make me dance or wants to make me sing or wants to make me smile or wants to make me laugh.."

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Golden Age, May 1980, Number 57

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"Only the Perfect Master knows what it is to be happy. Only the Perfect Master knows how to make people happy, because he makes them eternally happy. He makes them happy in their hearts."