The Master never hides.

Excerpts from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang, Hollywood, Florida, USA 10th April 1980

And for you and me, in this world, a Master comes. Somebody comes who can give us that experience. It's simple. It's a simple layout. It's a simple plan. And the way it's executed is obviously very, very simple. Time and time again what will happen? There will be these people who will be open. There will be these people who will be devotees. There will be these people who will have that chance to understand and their Perfect Master will come again and again for them and when he comes, he will give them an experience. They will receive the experience and experience bliss. That's the plan. And every single time it's been executed in the same way.

There have been those and among them has come a Perfect Master. And that Perfect Master has given them the love, given them that bliss, given them that satisfaction, given them that Knowledge, given them that understanding. And every single time they have enjoyed it. He's absolutely not going to be any different this time. He's not going to be different next time or next to the next time- It's never been any different, ever. Nor will it ever be.

To me, it's like, wow! It's incredible. This is a game that's the ultimate game. The entire universe was created so that this game could take place. You know a golf Course? A golf course is a field that's taken and prepared so that you can play golf. Well, this involves the most incredible … When this Creator that doesn't need to create anything, that has absolutely no purpose for creating anything - because who deserves to be created? And for that purpose - not a day, a second, a century - everything is made. A day, a night, sun, moon, stars, solar systems are made, galaxies are made, planets are made, every single blade of grass is made. And somewhere along the line in the whole realm of this game, it all there for a reason.

And we come in this game. And then he comes. And, in one sense, it's so simple. It's so simple. Because then we come. He comes and clickety-clack. That's it. And yet, so much has been created, so much has been created, to make it a game.

If there was nothing and it could be like that. If there was nothing no rivers, no mountains, no North Pole, no South Pole, no clouds, no sun, no


Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Holi Festival, Hollywood, Florida, 1980 This is a game that's the ultimate game
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And we count to ten in this age and get into darkness. And it comes time to look and before you know, we're going, "Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen; one million, one hundred and ninety-thousand; one billion, nine hundred and eighty-nine thousand; two billion, zillion … " There we are. It was only supposed to be, "Count to ten and then come look for me." Somehow you get so carried away with this whole scene of counting.

Because look at it. A Creator makes a river. The Creator has obviously made nature, a plant, rivers, North Pole, South Pole, this, the galaxy, everything. And it's going to be something in this whole thing that's going to get you. It's incredible. Anything. It could be a river that you may get so involved in that


the Perfect Master walks right by, and you know he's coming, and you know he's the only one who's going to be coming by the entire day. And so you wait and you wait. But you're so engrossed in your river that he comes by and you … it happens.

And yet I see that to make that game very, very simple - make that game very, very, very simple -- so many times such big hints are given. I mean, these hints are incredible. So many hints. And these hints are, to me these hints are satsang. "Look. This is the way it is. It's always been. Don't be confused. Just look straight ahead. Just surrender. It's okay. You have a chance. Here I am." It's very, very simple.

Somehow, there we are, "One million, one hundred and thirty-three thousand. One million, nine hundred and thirty-four thousand." Going on in our little thing, whatever it is. And so insane. So insane.

Why don't we play the game? Because that's what his wish is. And we are a part of this game. We have to complete this game. We have to finish this game, every one of us. Every single being. And there's nothing in this world

In one sense, it's so simple. We have to give up the world that's given to us to be able to find him. That's why it's called hide-and-go-seek. Who hides? The


Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Holi Festival, Hollywood, Florida, 1980 "A simple game and nobody's
involved in it. Just you and Guru
Maharaj Ji. And the game is:
you let go. It's an incredible game
of hide-and-go- seek. I'll hide
and you seek me."

Master never hides. He never says, "No, no. It's okay, I never said this and I never said that. I can't give you salvation. I can't give you Knowledge. I can't do this. I can't do that." No. Very simple. "Yeah, sure. You want Knowledge? You want that peace? You want that satisfaction?"

It's we who are - you know it becomes reversed - we start hiding, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, I can't do that. I can't find you."

"Why not? We're supposed to play this game that I am supposed to hide and you're supposed to find me." And somehow it ends up that Guru Maharaj Ji starts looking for everybody. And then it's all called to a stand-still and, "Wait a minute. Let's do it the other way. Now you look for me. You find me."

What is it? The Himalayas are supposed to be incredibly beautiful. And yet if somebody took me to a place where I could see Mt. Everest or if I were ten feet away from climbing Mt. Everest and I saw Guru Maharaj Ji right there, what would I do? To me, it doesn't matter. Yeah, sure, this world's beautiful. It's also ugly. You can go both ways. You can find the beauty in nature and you can find the defects in nature. There are a lot of defects. All those cockroaches that end up in your cupboard - they should have never been made. They


have absolutely no purpose. You can't get rid of them. Avocados have way too big of a pip and they taste awfully mushy and they hardly have any flavour. I don't like avocados for that matter. They're fine on a tree or when somebody else is eating them.

The entire purpose of a man- when man can be so I advanced, why does he have to go? Because with the purpose man does pursue, the whole world is getting polluted more and more and more every day. Those beautiful oceans you like and everything -that's where it all goes. It doesn't matter how it goes there. That's where it goes.

You look at it. There is this beautiful water but then there is a shark sitting right underneath. I mean, bring this human being to a point of such advanced evolution and then not give him the capability to stay underwater? What would it take? What would it take? Put little gills right there, right across the hand. It wouldn't impair writing or doing anything, for that matter. Then you could swim really nicely underwater.

And you can see so many things Yes, there are eyes but there is every single disease you can possibly think about that eyes can have. Look at it. There are obvious problems.

And yet, this is the thing. What are you caught in? Where are you? What are you getting caught in? Are YOU hiding behind something? And yes, you're hiding

Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Holi Festival, Hollywood, Florida, 1980


So many times such big hints are given - to me, these hints are satsang.

behind something. It doesn't matter. It Just doesn't matter. When that Perfect Master comes in this world and you give an excuse and you have a reason - I don't care what that reason is, it's wrong.

How can you justify, in that sense, that every time the Perfect Master has come, people have been believing in God? And because they have made all excuse of believing in God so much, they have failed to recognize, to see, the Master. That's wrong. Even though it is what it is, it's wrong, because that God is not up there anymore. And when that God comes down and you look up, well, obviously you're making a mistake.

And that's what happens from one sense to another sense because mankind or human beings - forget about mankind. Look at you. It isn't like mankind is sitting somewhere else. Mankind is made up of everyone who's out there, including everyone who is in here, too. Sometimes it does end up like that You always blame it on the guy outside the hall. It has nothing to do with him. It has to do with you. I mean, this is the reason why I'm here: for you That's why I've come to this particular hall. Otherwise I'd be out there somewhere. But I'm in here. For us.

I simply say we cannot afford to hide. We have to get out and look. We have to play this game and we have to play it right. And somehow, in this lifetime - yes, this lifetime - find and surrender. Surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji in this lifetime.