The Golden Age


As a follow-up to last month's theme, in this issue The Golden Age takes a deeper look at practising Knowledge in the community.


Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang in Mendoza, Argentina. What we need to understand, individually, is why do we do service, satsang and meditation. And then, through and beyond all these, there's just surrender


Four Sydney premies talk about their experiences of life with Knowledge and children.


Durga Ji talks to the mothers in Denver. The chance to realise Knowledge and help each other grow is for everybody, whether there's five kids in the house, or none.


A farewell to Ira in Melbourne, a birth in the new Mullumbimby Centre, the launching of the AMP Committee in Adelaide, plus news from Cairns.


This letter from Bill Patterson, the initiator in South America, was given to The Golden Age by Ira, so that we could all share it.


Chris Kelly, Sydney's newly appointed AMP Committee Chairman, documents his (and our) changing awareness of what it means to be an Active Member of DLM. From thinking that AMP was an opportunity to "do service" by giving ten percent of his dole cheque, Chris now looks upon the program as a catalyst for everything he's doing to uncover the beauty of being alive.


A run-down on the Mission's finances: where the money comes from, where it goes, the part AMP plays.


Where is Guru Maharaj Ji? What's happening in DUO Australia?


In this United Press interview, DLM President Bob Mishler makes skilful use of the art of communication discussed in the last issue of the Age. He's talking about DLM - "a movement to further human liberation on a consciousness frontier" - about some of the lessons we've learned over the past few years, and about the direction in which he sees us heading in the future.


Chapter 2 of the "Community in Focus" series which began with Sydney last month.

Are you new to this?

If so, you've probably gathered from glancing through this newspaper that you've come in half-way through the story. It's pretty clear that The Golden Age is written by and for people who are members of Divine Light Mission, but it may not be so clear how or why they got involved in DLM in the first place.

When you read the United Press interview with Bob Mishler on page 8, you'll probably begin to pick up some of the basics. As Bob says, we in Divine Light Mission are involved in a process of self-discovery. Essentially, it's a very personal thing, a journey in awareness that hinges on an experience contacted through meditation. Meditation is simply a way to look inside yourself, to become conscious of who you are beyond your thoughts and emotions. Practising meditation is a very simple and natural process, one which shows you that there's a lot more to being alive than you ever suspected.

It's so easy to get tied up with a job, or another person, or a particular problem, and forget the potential for growth and fulfilment that you have just by virtue of being alive. What Guru Maharaj Ji is doing through Divine Light Mission is encouraging people to go beyond the limitations that society and they themselves have imposed on their consciousness, encouraging them to explore what lies beyond those limitations. And through teaching meditation, he's presenting a practical method whereby this exploration can be undertaken.

Unfortunately, a full explanation of the process of self-awareness through meditation is beyond the scope of this newspaper. But if you're interested to find out more, get in contact with the DLM centre in your area, or write to 14 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney, N.S.W. 2010, for further information.