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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at a DLM conference in Orlando, 1976

Maharaj Ji on tour

Eleven cities in six weeks lie along the route of Guru Maharaj Ji's European tour, scheduled to begin in May. Final preparations for the tour were begun at the recent European conference in Amsterdam. Amsterdam members will host Maharaj Ji's visit along with those in Athens, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, Milano, Hamburg, Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm and London.

Before Maharaj Ji's arrival, community directors will focus interest throughout their countries on the tour's potential to inspire personal and collective growth, and for developing an increasing sense of Europe working together as part of the international community.

Each city's program will feature one night-time event with Guru Maharaj Ji, followed by darshan. Throughout the day, groups will come together to discuss the "twentieth century premie," the DLM community and its relationship to the community at large.

In July Guru Maharaj Ji will tour the United States, giving programs in Gainesville, Providence, Indianapolis, Denver and San Francisco. This tour replaces the convention planned for July, which was cancelled due to difficulties in obtaining a suitable site at short notice. Each program will be a one-day event with an afternoon program and an evening program featuring Guru Maharaj Ji.

National Conference

As this issue of the Golden Age goes to print, staff members from every DLM centre in Australia are meeting in Sydney with their colleagues from National Headquarters. The conference site is the boy scouts' Baden Powell Memorial Conference Centre at Pennant Hills, 45 minutes drive from the city. Perched on a small plateau, the complex is surrounded by bush-land complete with waterfalls, campfire sites cut into rock, and totem poles. For meetings and meditation, there's a wood-panelled hall heated by an open fire.

The conference, which will last for five days, aims to develop the participants' individual and collective understanding of what it means to serve on Maharaj


No. 29, May 1976

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at a DLM conference in Orlando, 1976

Ji's staff. When people with different viewpoints on the development of the Mission come together, the opportunity for sharing inspiration and information is obviously to be utilised to the full. During the first couple of days the head of each department at NHQ will present his or her plans for the rest of 1976 putting them in the context of the Mission's over-all goals. Later on in the week, workshops and group meetings have been scheduled, so that everybody has a chance to contribute, to ask questions and generally to clarify and develop in the understanding and cooperation that are the cornerstones of Maharaji's Mission.

Community Directors change places

Over the last couple of months, several Australian communities have said goodbye to the well-known face of their Community Director, and welcomed someone new. Gregg Sherwood, former Sydney Community Director, has taken up the same post in Hobart. Nils Koren has moved from the apple isle to replace Paul Mayberry in Melbourne; meanwhile, Paul has come up to Sydney. Over Easter Gregg, Nils and Paul met in Melbourne with Derek and Terry from the National staff, Adelaide's Director Vic Marsh, and Julie Collet, our initiator-on-training who flew down to conduct a Knowledge Review with Ira.

In Melbourne, National Director Derek Harper explained the recent changes to the Golden Age correspondent:

"The main benefit of these changes is that they'll keep everybody involved - the Directors and the communities - on their toes. It is very important that a Community Director be as objective as possible. When a person spends a long time in any one place, he naturally gets very familiar with the circumstances and may tend to lose his objectivity. So it is really beneficial that Paul and Nils and Gregg can change around so that they can each bring new views and new understanding to the services that they are now doing. Plus it gives the community the opportunity of seeing various Directors, different people practising Knowledge, different satsang so that they don't get too familiar with the people that they are dealing with, because as they say, familiarity can breed contempt. So this is just a means of making sure that everybody is kept awake."