By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat)
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Just You and Me   Holi Festival Miami Beach, Florida / April 7, 1979

What does Guru Maharaj Ji mean? Guru -- the revealer of Light. Gu -- darkness; ru -- Light. One who takes us away from the darkness and brings us to Light is "Gu-ru." Guru Maharaj -- maha: the ultimate, raj: the ruler. The ultimate ruler. Guru Maharaj. And Ji is like the expression "sir." … And you look at it, and by that I mean Jesus was Guru Maharaj Ji. He was! Didn't he take people away from darkness and bring them to Light? So he was Guru Maharaj Ji. Obviously he was Guru Maharaj Ji.
And premies, Guru Maharaj Ji comes into this world, every time. Jesus came. Mohammed came. Guru Nanak came. Shri Maharaj Ji came. Guru Maharaj Ji. For his devotees, everything. God is a myth. Guru isn't. Because in the whole realm of God, there can be people who believe in God and people who don't believe in God. But in the case of Guru Maharaj Ji, it isn't like that. Like I said, it isn't a word.

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Beyond Heaven and Hell   Hans Jayanti Festival / Kissimmee, Florida / November 11, 1978, afternoon

And it's so incredible. Because Guru Maharaj Ji -- I know. Guru Maharaj Ji, physically, only has two ears. He can listen to one thing at one time. Two ears: but can only listen to one thing. Two eyes: can only see one thing. But it's incredible. Because everybody's prayer is heard. And as soon as it becomes sincere …

I mean, there is Guru Maharaj Ji, just waiting and waiting and waiting. Those hands that can create the world -- that can ruin the world -- are waiting on a steering wheel to drive you away from that misery and take you away from the conditions of heaven and hell and whatever, and take away all the misery.

Listen! That's incredible!

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Forget Those Somedays   Hans Jayanti Festival / Kissimmee, Florida / November 11, 1978, evening

Let go at Guru Maharaj Ji's feet. Just let go at Guru Maharaj Ji's World and what do you have to bother about? Get on Guru Maharaj Ji's boat and keep your focus on Guru Maharaj Ji and what can make you sick? There's nothing! Because you are with Guru Maharaj Ji. Mind can come and really slap you right on your face, and you won't feel it.

And it is true. It is true the way it is. It's really real the way it is. And there is only one way. There are no two ways around it! You have to surrender. You have to let go for the manifestation of that Knowledge to be real for you. And you don't have to surrender to mind, you don't have to surrender to maya, you don't have to surrender to illusion. You have to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, period!

You know, even to have that little procession … it was the first time that a procession like that ever really has happened in the West. And it was so beautiful. It felt so good seeing all the premies. And maybe we will hold a program someday and more brothers and sisters will be there, more premies will be there. We can have a longer one. (Then we take it through a major town.) Maybe it will be possible -- someday.

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Questions and Answers   Television interviews with Guru Maharaj Ji, New York - 9/10/71, Toronto - 10/4/71,

Tell me what happened at the funeral of your father when he passed away, and what you did as an eight-year-old boy at the funeral.
Well, I was at my home, and my elder brothers went, and I was with my mother. And the thing was that we were all sorry, but we were requesting something, we were praying something. We really felt that the thing which had passed away from us had not been removed: "It is amongst us, but we don't realize it."
In the Indian ceremony they go on the thirteenth day, and collect all the ashes. So we went there, and on the thirteenth day, everybody was so upset, sort-of confused. "Who will be our guardian throughout our lives now?" But, I was sitting at that place, on that stage, and I really gave my satsang -- which was not me who was speaking, but I was being inspired. And then I was crowned. And now I am carrying on the same work which I had to carry out.