Forget Those Somedays
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti 1978
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji the Very Flabby, Fat And Jowly 22 Year Old Guru Maharaj Ji and Perfect Master

Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji) / Hans Jayanti Festival / Kissimmee, Florida / November 11, 1978, evening program

Dear premies, this is supposed to be, and for some premies, is, the last night of this seven-day Hans Jayanti.

I don't know. Before we all came here, we had some kind of an imagination, maybe. People who had been to Montrose thought about it a little bit that way. And maybe people who were in Orlando thought of it that way. But we really haven't had too many programs that have been outdoors, and that so many premies have really come to.

And I know that I had an imagination of what, maybe, this program was going to be like. But so far, it really hasn't been that way. So far, it really hasn't been the way people would think it would be. It's been a lot more incredible. It's been a lot more beautiful.

I don't know what happened to seven days: probably the smoothest, fastest seven days I've ever spent at a satsang.

Today there were a lot of new premies. And we had a darshan line for them. And there were some premies who missed darshan before and we had a darshan line for them, too. And yet there are some aspirants here who haven't received Knowledge yet, and a lot of premies who are here haven't come for a long, long time: premies from India, Japan, and Australia. Everywhere! Fifty-nine countries. There are even supposed to be two premies here from Poland.

And I think that in our lives we all needed this program so much just to be able to come and be in Guru Maharaj Ji's shelter, to be able to come and


be in Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang for one week.

I know that by holding two-day festivals or three- day festivals -- it's like I was saying the other day. You come in and it's like, "Hi, how are you?" See who's here, who's not here. "Did you see that guy?" Second day it's darshan. Third day it's the end of the program.

And I think that maybe in some people who have been here, the mind has really tried to dominate them. Not all. Of course not. But to some people, as this Love, as this incredible program became stronger and stronger, and as it became more and more obvious to the mind, it just automatically became even stronger. And maybe there were even more ridiculous things that started to come in people's heads, and that's what we have to get rid of in our lives. I don't know how many premies are going to be able to come to the next festival but remember one thing: it isn't only at a program that we have to say, "Oh yeah, now I have to really remember satsang, service, and meditation," that, "Yes, I am in this concentrated place, a three-day festival. I'm going to see Guru Maharaj Ji, so I better do some satsang, service, and meditation." "I pray that Guru Maharaj Ji, you have another festival, so that I can go do satsang, service, and meditation." You can't have that kind of an attitude.

Satsang, service, and meditation have to become whole for us, complete for us. This life has to merge and become a part of satsang, service, and meditation, of that Knowledge. Our life has to be taken and surrendered to Guru Maharaj Ji, so that our realization, so that our experience, may never die, may never end, may never finish.

Because it's so easy to lose it. It's so easy. What does it take? Here you are, in some kind of a situation. And all of a sudden the mind can come in, penetrate, and that's it. It's all gone. It's all lost. And really, premies, every time we lose it, it's five steps backwards for us. Every time we lose it, it multiplies and multiplies.

First time maybe it's only one step. Second time, it's two. Third time, it's twenty! Forty. A hundred. Two hundred. A thousand. Fifty-thousand.

What have we become in our lives? As Guru Maharaj Ji takes us above all this illusion, we have to hang onto Guru Maharaj Ji more and more. Because who would like themselves shattered from that experience of satsang, service, and meditation?

What is that experience of satsang, service, and meditation, that experience that really manifests, that experience that's really true, the experience that's really real? Look at the power. Look at satsang. That experience is so incredible. That experience is so strong. Because it's satsang.

But even when satsang happens I know that the mind tries to go here and there and tries to be everywhere at the same time. Maybe the most ridiculous thoughts appear. The most ridiculous things start happening to you: "Oh yeah. My foot is itching. Oh, my foot is going to sleep. Oh, I've got a bad back!"

And a lot of times you see premies doing meditation, and here they are, in meditation form. They're sitting. They really are concentrating. They are doing meditation. Slowly that mind slowly starts to merge in and merge in, faster and faster. And then before they know it, they're sitting slumped and they lose it. And then their hands become more relaxed. And they start to fall. Here they are, sitting straight. Then all of a sudden, that all drops down. Their legs automatically want to go straight, back goes right towards the wall. And the head just slowly droops over. That's it!

When we are watching a movie, featuring this or that actor, and the whole thing is maybe about space ships or whatever all these new movies are about, how many times do we fall asleep? How many people who went to see Star Wars for the first time fell asleep in the movie? You gaze and gaze. "What was that? What was that? What was that?"

And how many of us will watch a movie again and again till we know it inside out, till we understand the whole picture, till we understand the whole plot, every nook and cranny, until we understand everything?

But do we really do that with the experience of satsang, service, and meditation? Do we really do that with the experience of Knowledge? No. We fall asleep. We "drooze" off; just doze off.

Premies go through this whole trip where all of a sudden here they are, sleeping. And maybe for some reason they wake up and they find themselves sleeping and they pop right back up. And then the premie goes, "Oh I better go have some coffee." Instead of staying with that experience of Knowledge, instead of just trying a little harder: "Oh I better go have some coffee." The mind says, "It'll be a great idea. You'll be awake for doing satsang, service and meditation. You can now do better meditation because you will be awake. You should have some coffee."

So you go there. Drink two cups or a big mug of coffee. And you drink it. "Oh yeah, that feels great." The mind goes, "I told you you would be awake. That was a really good idea." Not more


than twenty minutes later, you have to go to the bathroom. And from that time on you will probably go to the bathroom every twenty minutes until you have gotten rid of all your coffee.

Today they have different new drinks. And I know a lot of premies use them. In the house, we have a refrigerator that's full of these drinks. Premies send them from New York or wherever, constantly, pretty much. Okay, they're great drinks.

And then you take regular soda. "Oh, that cola is a bad drink for you. You can't drink that cola." Okay. So because it is bad, you stop drinking one kind of cola. But the desire to drink a drink didn't go away; you just found a substitute that supposedly doesn't harm you like regular soda does. It tastes like regular soda.

I know for a long time premies were using this product called eggless mayonnaise. "Oh yeah, you know, in the ashram we're not allowed to have eggs. But how can we live without mayonnaise? How is my sandwich going to taste without mayonnaise? My mayonnaise! Where are you?" What a Romeo and Juliet love story!

Probably the day somebody found eggless mayonnaise, he came barging into the ashram and said, "Look! Look what I found. You know what? This doesn't have eggs in it. We can finally have this in our lives." And probably they even knelt down in front of the altar and said, "Thank you, Guru Maharaj Ji." And it really is sometimes that kind of a story. "Wow, man, incredible."

And probably after those first people discovered eggless mayonnaise, they filled the shelves with it, and everybody was having mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise was all over the place: over the salad, in the sandwiches, in the coffee, and everything! The Bog Prashad of the ashram: eggless mayonnaise only. "Easy to serve. Here. Mix it with charnamrit."

And then recently I read an article that the FDA closed down this one kind, because they found these guys bathing these bottles of regular mayonnaise in hot water, peeling the labels off, and sticking the labels on: "Eggless Mayonnaise."

And the thing is, is it really the eggless mayonnaise that's going to give us salvation or do this and do that?

To me, it is the attitude that mind brings in. "Oh yeah, look. This mayonnaise is okay. Eat it. This cola doesn't harm you like the other cola does. Drink it all the time. It's good for you."

And it is like trying to be a sage, trying to be a renunciate (renounce the whole world), trying to be a person who is going to move into his private monastery, but with red carpets everywhere, air conditioning everywhere, people to serve him all the time, fans and incredible chandeliers, automobiles waiting everywhere, four chefs, and eating all the time: living a life of what you would call extreme luxury and saying, "I have renounced the world."

And what does Guru Maharaj Ji want us to do? Where does Guru Maharaj Ji want to take us? Guru Maharaj Ji wants to take us from the errors of eggless mayonnaise, from all of these frantic desires of mind. He wants to take us away from that.

It is like that timer premies had. You turn the timer on, and here it is going, "tic-tic-tic," and then you try to do meditation. Because with this, you can do meditation and you don't have to bother about anything because it'll automatically go "bing!" and you can wake up and go.

And to me, I just couldn't understand it from the first day. "Why?" Why like that? When we drink water or eat food, we want to eat food till we are satisfied. We want to drink water till we are satisfied. How good would it really be if here we are really, really thirsty and all somebody gives us is one sip of water, one spoonful of water?

But when we are satisfied, then there is no problem. And look at the extent that mind goes to. That's the thing that gets you. Just look at it. Outrageous. Incredible. "Have a timer."

Man, even when you're sleeping and you have an alarm clock, the alarm clock has a snooze function. And when the alarm kicks on, you just fumble over to the alarm clock, hit the snooze button, and it'll go off. And fifteen or twenty minutes later, it'll come back on again. But not with meditation timers. When they went "bing," that was bing.

And that is the situation. That's when you get stuck in a situation. You try to take the Knowledge and make it a part of your life. "Yes, okay, from 11 o'clock to 12 o'clock, I'm going to do satsang, service, and meditation. That's really the time for the purpose of my life. For the rest of the time, in my life, I'm going to do what has nothing to do with the life."

And I mean that's maybe only one obvious stage of the mind. Maybe that's a little bit of what the mind can really do. Maybe that's nothing compared to how it really gets us, how it really eats us away.

And Guru Maharaj Ji is like this doctor who says, "Look, I have medicine for you. By taking this medicine you will feel better." And Guru Maharaj


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti 1978
The Very Flabby, Fat And Jowly 21 Year Old Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Ji analyzes maybe in different ways what your disease is, what your symptoms are or what your problem really is!

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look. It's like you have a cough. And there is this mucus that your body wants to get rid of. And that's why it goes into these muscular convulsions, to kick out this mucus, to get rid of it. But the way you are, the way your health has deteriorated, the way you have given no attention to this body, the way you have been sick, your body is completely incapable of getting rid of that mucus. So, here! Take this. And this will dissolve that mucus. Here. Take this medicine and you can get rid of your cough."

And the way Guru Maharaj Ji explains it, you have this mind. And in this world you have never in your whole life taken care of this life. And the reason why you experience this unsatisfaction, the reason why you experience this "cough," is because your true self wants to get rid of this mind. And mind is like the mucus.

So Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Here. This is the medicine of the Holy Word. This is the medicine of the Holy Name. This is the medicine of the Holy Knowledge. You can, in fact, get rid of that mucus, get rid of that mind."

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "To help it along, to help that medicine along, to keep it really nice for you so that you will be able to get rid of your symptoms sooner, get rid of your problem sooner, refrain from total indulgence in this world. Don't eat everything that you see. Only eat satsang. Don't do whatever you feel like doing -- 'you should rest.' Only do service. And this will cure you."

And we say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, thank you. Okay. Great, man. I have the medicine."

And I know that when the new premies were coming through in the darshan line, it was such a strong experience. It was such a beautiful experience, because they had really been waiting and waiting for such a long time, listening to satsang, doing service, and still never being able to come through the darshan line because the real experience: no connection yet. Not yet a devotee because they hadn't got the Knowledge. And finally, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace …

And what an incredible place to receive Knowledge, really. What an incredible time to receive Knowledge. Satsang before and satsang after. And nothing else happening. Don't have to rush to your job. You don't have to cry tears of joy sitting in your office chair. But you can let go and experience. And having the Knowledge and having darshan the same day: what a wonderful experience to have.

And these premies came through and it was so much love. It was just all gleaming. It had really come true; really happened, really manifested. The experience was real! It was not an experience of, "Okay, I'm glad you have come into this room to receive Knowledge. Here is your mantra. Here is your rosary. This is what you chant all the rest of your life. And when you die, you will eventually get to heaven."

All I can say to the people who say that is, "Well, the way I want it is when I die, you die with me, so in case I don't get to heaven, at least I get to punch you! Because there would have been my whole life: destroyed! And if I go to heaven, what have you got to worry about? All's great!"

But of course, it would never be that way in that situation. "No, no, no. You do this for the rest of your life. You'll get there. We promise. This is your ticket to heaven. It says so right there: 'hell' -- I mean, 'heaven.' " And we just get so caught up into that whole concept. "Here it is. This is your life, kid. Live it!"

But Guru Maharaj Ji's experience of this Knowledge, the experience of the Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji reveals, is not like that. It's instantaneous.

It's right then and right there. It happens just like that. Because it isn't one door after another. It's one door. And when that door is opened, when the key is given to us, and when the Grace, Guru Maharaj Ji, opens it up, turns the key, unlocks that


door, we see that incredible experience manifest.

That experience of Knowledge for me was, "Heaven, eat your heart out. I've got it right here. Maybe people have to die to get there. I'm alive and I'm there. And it's better."

So premies, that's what we have to do is to really listen to Guru Maharaj Ji. What is he trying to say? What has he said to us? How many times has satsang been given? There was a satsang on Saturday. Before that there was a phone feed. Since Sunday, there have been two satsangs every day. And here we are. And we still need more!

And so, premies, we have to open up our doors. We have to really listen to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Maybe if we could continue this program for 30 more days, maybe on the 31st day, which would then be a total of 38 days, something will click. But maybe not. Maybe nothing will happen! (Someone shouts, "Give it try.") I don't believe in "Try this and try that." As far as Knowledge is concerned, you don't have to try it. It works.

Satsang, service and meditation isn't, "Give it a shot, kid. See if it works." Satsang, service, and meditation, Guru Maharaj Ji and Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, Knowledge, isn't like, "Oh yeah, there's only one way to find out." It works. It's sure. Because it is it!

And so what I am trying to say is that we could give it a try for our whole lifetime. And that's what Guru Maharaj Ji is saying. When we can't even give our whole lifetime to it, what's going to happen in 38 days? Absolutely zilch. I know what will happen in 38 days. I know. Our sewage system is going to overflow. We won't have enough food. It's going to get colder and probably rain. And it's going to become like a mad house!

But what Guru Maharaj Ji is trying to say is that, "Look. If you keep parallel to your mind, then it might take a whole lifetime."

Guru Maharaj Ji's saying, "Do it now." So that when we come to festivals, when we go through darshan line, it isn't this little thing in our head fidgeting around with us, but there's just us and Guru Maharaj Ji. Nothing else. No mind to bother about. Nothing to bother about. It'd make it even a hundred times more beautiful of an experience. And it can be done. It can happen!

I know that, for me, it would be so incredible if we had a city. And we were talking about it the other day. It was really funny. Here we have a place. We buy this huge piece of land. And I mean, right now we are staying in a property that's 172 acres. And it's not big enough. We want more!

And we were saying that when we have all this land, it'll be a county! Give it a name. Make it a nice city. Raja Ji said that he's going to be the sheriff. He'll have his sports car with great big lights on it. He'll drive as fast as he wants. Who's going to stop him? He's the sheriff.

And we were talking about this whole thing. We were only joking around. And I said, "Yeah, and all throughout the county, instead of having regular speed signs, we would have digital speed signs. The stop lights and everything would be controlled from the Treasury Department. As soon as they see that they're running out of money, they spot the cars on the TV monitors going 75, which is the speed limit, and immediately drop it to 25 and everybody gets a ticket." Everybody was laughing. Stomachs were hurting. It was really funny. You know, make a light appear green. The guy starts to go through it. Make it go red. "You just ran a stop light!"

But anyway, that would be a very dishonest thing to do, really. We wouldn't do that. (Just do it with the speed signs -- no.) But the thing is that we could have a mandatory law in this county that whoever is spotted not in satsang will be arrested and kicked out of the county! And every night there can be a satsang! And instead of having all these radios yapping away, "This is happening. And that guy just did this," Raja Ji would be driving around all over the place making sure there's nobody spacing out. Satsang would be pouring through the car! Instead of having all these sirens go, "Wa Wa Wa," you'd have "Jai Satchitanand! Jai Satchitanand!" really loud.

You know, they have church bells for time? Well, have these speakers that say, "Bhole Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!" And they say it once for every hour, so you know the time. We'll have this incredible place.

And I mean, you don't have an option in this county. If you don't go to satsang, that's it! You get arrested! How wonderful!

But I seriously doubt that that's going to do us any good! Because what is it? Is it imposing something?

You see, this is what I'm saying. It's like talking about a mule. And there is an example, there is a thing, there is a saying. It's not about mules; it's about horses. But with a dumb horse -- that's what a mule is -- "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it." No way. Because that effort, that process of drinking, the horse will have to do it all by himself.

We come here. It's incredible. Miracles after


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti with child 1978
Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji, the 21 Year Old Perfect Master with Daughter 1978
miracles after miracles happen. One premie told me, so I don't know if it's really true or not, that one of these days there was a couple and they used to always come around here to pick pine cones. And one day they showed up. They wanted to come and pick pine cones. And there was this whole thing going on. They came to the gate and wanted to know what's up, what was going on. And someone started giving them satsang.

And they both realized that they had had a dream not too long ago that they were going to join a peace movement! And they got completely blissed out! And they heard more satsang and more satsang. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's feasible that something like that could happen. (Happened before.) And premies, what an incredible thing. I mean, that's literally telling somebody the ultimate way you could possibly say, "Go there and receive Knowledge."

And Guru Maharaj Ji is giving us that experience. So many miracles are happening. It's incredible. So many "magics" are happening; so many miracles are happening. This magician is doing his magic.

What more proof could you possibly need to convince this dumb mind, "Man, go take a vacation. I want to be here. I want to be here to do satsang, service, and meditation. I want to be here just to be into it. I want to be here to experience what I am experiencing."

And yet how much of that effort is in fact made? How much of that effort is in fact put into that process, like I was talking about: actually drinking the water? None. Sometimes none.

It's easy to experience this Knowledge. It's easy to experience satsang, service, and meditation. Because you don't have to do anything. It just comes. It just happens.

To a lot of people, when you're traveling in an airplane or something like that, they feel something is happening when you're reading a satsang. I know that a lot of people maybe sometimes stop by the satsang place and it's like, "Man, it's real! It's real! It's reality!" But then as soon as the time comes to really go out of that front gate and completely use that Grace, completely still stay plugged in satsang, service and meditation …

Here, what option do you have? You can go for a certain area away from this place and you can't help but hear satsang. Because these P.A.'s are pretty powerful and they just carry the sound off.

I mean, here you are for that very reason and that's exactly what's happening! And Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that Grace -- really does -- so we can do it, so we can make that little thing happen in our lives, make that experience stay with us all the time.

Here it's so incredible. All you have to do is just let go. That's all you have to do. And it is pouring and pouring. But, premies, that experience has to be with us all the time; always experiencing the Love and Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, always experiencing the Love of satsang, service, and meditation; the Grace of satsang, service, and meditation; the beauty of satsang, service, and meditation.

Satsang. Such a powerful, incredible thing. Service. What a joy! What a joy! And meditation. What a reality. What an experience. What a thing! To just take us inside, way deep inside, where there is nothing but total bliss, total oneness, total calmness, where there is that place where, Brahmanand says, "I've seen a great wonder. I've seen a palace that is completely so brilliant. And there are all these lights everywhere, and they're completely saturating. And a blind man is seeing this and describing it. What a wonder!"

Then he says, "Without anybody playing anything, there is this music that is constantly playing. And it's incredible. And a deaf person hears it and is completely blissed out, completely lost, completely saturated in this incredible music."

And then, "In the middle of the sky, there is this well. And a lame person climbs up and drinks the nectar dripping from that well. Oh, what a wonder it is!"

And Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us that wonder.


"Satsang. Such a powerful, incredible thing. Service. What a joy! What a joy!
And meditation. What a reality. What an experience. What a thing!
To just take us inside, way deep inside, where there is nothing but total
bliss, total oneness, total calmness …"
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti 1978
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji the Very Flabby, Fat And Jowly 22 Year Old Guru Maharaj Ji and Perfect Master

Guru Maharaj Ji has the power to show us the wonder. Us. But when we come to Guru Maharaj Ji, like Krishna says, "Go to the Perfect Master of your time, and go like a child."

What does he mean by, "Go like a child"? And I know that sometimes the children want something like a popsicle before mealtime and they come over and they butter us up. "Oh --" they'll come and kiss you, and do this whole number. They do this whole number. And they are really trying to be not obvious. And I mean, they're really trying too hard! And it's obvious what they're trying to do.

And once they have sweet-talked you into it, as soon as they find out, yes, you're starting to give, they go, "Mommy! Mommy! Do you think I could … do you think that I could have a … popsicle?" You know, this really sweet way. As soon as you say, "Yeah," that's it. You just left your center of gravity. You're falling for it everywhere. You know, "You think I could have it?" And then -- how can you --? You know, it's so sweet. It's beautiful!

So does he mean it like that? You know, here an intention is already there and you go up to Guru Maharaj Ji. "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, you know --" sweet-talk him into it and say, "Oh, could you just please slip me a little bit of Knowledge -- Oh, Perfect Master -- to try it out, to find out?"

But rather the opposite way, absolutely the opposite way.

When you go up to little children and you go, "You know what?" or, "Do you know about something?" -- they say, "No."


No. When we say, "No," we are always thinking: "brrrrrrrrr." Our computer is just going 3000 baud; just "brrrrrrrrrt," flying, literally. We go, "No. What is it?"

But when they say no, their computers are not going 3000 baud, 5000 or 50,000 baud. It's just, "No. I don't know. Tell me! Tell me! I want to know!"

And when you tell them, their hearts are so open.

And that's how he means you should go to your Perfect Master, go to the Perfect Master of your time and ask him. What he says, accept it in your heart. Don't doubt it. "Why this and why …" I know that there are a lot of people who have read a lot of spiritual books. And they have a lot of questions. The more books they have read, the more questions they have. The fewer books they have read, fewer questions they have. If they have not read any books they have no questions. Incredible!

And these questions are really intense questions: "How does this whole array of liberation work?" "What is this whole chakra of this kundalini, this chakra that sits here to this place to that place, and by doing this you can open this chakra so that you can open up the realization through the chakras, and open up the top one …" Like some kind of a hydraulic valve job.

And I don't know what happens with chakras. I never studied all that -- never cared to -- whether this chakra has to open before that will open. It's like this whole immaculate electronics. To me, there's only one valve, and that's mind. Get rid of that valve and it'll all flow. Because Guru Maharaj Ji is all-giving. And all we need is to accept.

Guru Maharaj Ji has infinite gallons of that Love to bestow upon us. And we have a tank which can hold infinite gallons of that Love.

And so, premies, we can get involved in that mind. We can get involved in those questions: "What is this? What is that? What does this realization have to do with this? If I have my realization, will it make my --"

I used to get questions like this: "If I have a spiritual realization, will it make my physical appearance better?" "When the light always shines inside of me, and I experience it, when I finally realize it, will it start to shine outside of me?"

Look, it doesn't matter if it does or if it doesn't, as long as you can experience it.

I know that some of you were there in Prem Nagar, obviously. And those questions were something else! They'd really get into it. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look, come to me with an open heart so that what I tell you, you will accept."

And maybe to people it's like, "Listen, man, that'd be completely crazy. Because he could just sweet-talk you into anything."

Doubt after doubt after doubt. So far as spirituality is concerned, as far as Knowledge is concerned, as far as the Perfect Master is concerned, it's doubt after doubt after doubt.

And as far as school is concerned? If you go to the teacher and say, "I don't believe anything you're saying. I doubt it all," immediately they'll send a note to your parents: "This guy doesn't want to learn." Obviously in school it's the same thing. They want you to completely open up, have no doubt, just accept whatever they are saying!

But that's for the worldly knowledge. That's for the knowledge that varies from place to place.

What is a triangle called in Hindi? In Hindi it's got a different name. In English it's got a different name. In German it's got a different name. In Spanish it's got a different name. All these knowledges are completely dependent on where we are, what we are going to do, what we're not going to do, and so on and so forth. And, to grasp that knowledge … You know, if you are of a nice, technical, mechanical background, when you go to the college to study mechanics it'll be super- simple for you. If you're into electronics, trying to study mechanics, it might not be so easy.

But Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge is the same. Everybody grasps it, be it a little kid, be it a big kid, be it a fat person, be it a skinny person. Everybody.

I know that one time there was an article from England that this guy wanted to really become a bobby, a policeman with the English police. But he was too tiny. He was too short. So they told him no. So he hung himself and tied weights to his feet and tried to stretch so he could qualify.

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't tell you, "Go stretch a little bit. You're too short to receive Knowledge." "You're too tall to receive Knowledge. Go put yourself in a hydraulic press." Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't come up to you and say, "No, you're too overweight." Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't come up to you and say, "You're too skinny."

But Guru Maharaj Ji has no discrimination. You could be any nationality. You could be any color. You could be anybody. What creed you follow could be any. What you have been following could be anything. Just come to Guru Maharaj Ji with an open heart. That's the only requirement he says he


has. And the Knowledge shall be given. Knowledge shall be opened in their hearts.

So we really have to open up to that real reality. We have to open up to that really real Truth. Because if we don't, how many centuries have we been lost and still for how many centuries are we going to stay lost? It's hard to say. It's hard to tell.

Just have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. That's all. That's all.

What a wonderful thing. And all Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "Just let me hold your hand just once and I'll take you."

"At least come to me," Guru Maharaj Ji says, "And I'll take you in my lap. I'll give you that affection that nobody in this world can. I'll give you the satisfaction that nobody in this world can. And it's for you."

And look how simple that would be for us. Incredibly simple. I mean, incredibly simple. And yet that strong mind won't let go, just won't let go. And that's all that has to happen.

Let go at Guru Maharaj Ji's feet. Just let go at Guru Maharaj Ji's World and what do you have to bother about? Get on Guru Maharaj Ji's boat and keep your focus on Guru Maharaj Ji and what can make you sick? There's nothing! Because you are with Guru Maharaj Ji. Mind can come and really slap you right on your face, and you won't feel it.

And it is true. It is true the way it is. It's really real the way it is. And there is only one way. There are no two ways around it! You have to surrender. You have to let go for the manifestation of that Knowledge to be real for you. And you don't have to surrender to mind, you don't have to surrender to maya, you don't have to surrender to illusion. You have to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, period!

And that effort has to be made by you. You have to do that actual process yourself, as an individual. You can't say, "Oh yeah, four of us can come together and we can have better satsang." Doesn't work that way. How it works is when the experience really manifests, then you tell about it. Then you let go of that experience. And for people -- when their experience really manifests -- then they open up and look at that, let that experience in. But five or six or ten or twenty people can get together: that's not going to make satsang any better.

I know last Saturday when I was giving satsang, it was such an incredible joy. It was such an incredible bliss. It was such an incredible thing happening! And it didn't get any better when all the premies finally got here! Because I was experiencing at that time … It wasn't, "Because all the premies aren't here your experience is going to be a little bit too shy." But it wasn't. It was incredible. Experience is experience.

And as I have said before, we are all individuals in this world. Every one of us. And that is why we have to try as hard as we can. There is no link system. It's just us and Guru Maharaj Ji.

To me, that's not a negative way to look at it. There is no negative way to look at it. It's even more beautiful that in this world there are no two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten people. It's just you and your Guru Maharaj Ji. I mean, what can be more incredible than that? Just you and your Guru Maharaj Ji; that's it in this whole world.

It's been such an experience. It's been such an incredible experience. And premies, I sincerely hope that you make that effort; drink, swallow, get that Adam's apple going. Kick out that mind. Just really make that little effort. Because Guru Maharaj Ji wants you to make that effort.

And premies, I don't know when we will meet again. I sure hope we do. And soon! All of us, if possible.

And I know that certain premies have to leave tonight. There's this flight going and that flight going, a bus going here and a bus going there. Well, my blessings to all those premies who have to leave. And, make your effort. You're individuals. Make your effort. And I hope I'll see you really soon.

And for people who are going to be staying here tomorrow, make your effort. It doesn't mean because you're going to be here on Sunday that you can get away with it! I'd say, try harder. Everybody. Try harder.

And what fantastic Grace. What fantastic opportunity. Here we are: one reason. One purpose. Satsang, service, meditation. Darshan, Grace, Love. And I mean, it's just so beautiful.

You know, even to have that little procession … it was the first time that a procession like that ever really has happened in the West. And it was so beautiful. It felt so good seeing all the premies. And maybe we will hold a program someday and more brothers and sisters will be there, more premies will be there. We can have a longer one. (Then we take it through a major town.) Maybe it will be possible -- someday.

But forget about those "somedays." Now. Satsang, service, meditation.

So premies, thank you very much.


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji the Very Flabby, Fat And Jowly 22 Year Old Guru Maharaj Ji and Perfect Master
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) at Hans Jayanti 1978
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji the Very Flabby, Fat And Jowly 22 Year Old Guru Maharaj Ji and Perfect Master