Divine Times - August 1977 Volume 6, Number 7

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We Can Call It Devotion Excerpt from Durga Ji's Satsang in Rome, March 28, 1977

Last night's program was beautiful, but I felt that when Maharaj Ji first came it was still kind of a feeling of last year. It just seemed like a little, just a little, little remnant of last year - like very stuffy - and we clapped and "Oh yeah, and there's Guru Maharaj Ji, and hello." You know what I mean?
Sometimes I look at Maharaj Ji and my mind - it's really heavy, very strong. And the first thing that that mind tries to do is try to make me doubt my own experience of Knowledge, my own experience of Guru Maharaj Ji. And Maharaj Ji has done everything for me. He's given me everything beyond what I ever could imagine, and yet that mind can turn around and say, "He doesn't love you. He doesn't care for you. He doesn't love you."

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Aladdin's Lamp Guru Maharaj Ji in London, England, April 19, 1977

God must have miscalculated how many dinosaurs to bury, or how many dinosaurs to make. Somehow in the process of evolution or whatever you have, there should be sufficient gas in this century for the people to use. And obviously He must have miscalculated, because we are running out of gas. And it seems to become a bigger and a bigger problem in our lives.

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To Russia In Love

Until now, Jan Camp Garrett was best known to many Colorado premies as the spirited female vocalist in a lively and versatile Aspen band called Liberty. But anybody who has stumbled across her on the streets of Aspen or Denver also knows her sparkling eyes reflect the truth of one of her own lyrics - a song which declares: "There is a light, oh yes, much brighter than the sun. It shines from within you, a-all the time …" Those shining eyes have spread the light of Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge in many places. But it wasn't until this spring that they flashed their way into such far- flung corners as Moscow, Leningrad and several other cities in the Soviet Union.

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A New Vine

Premies throughout the United States and Canada once again had the opportunity to help with the birth of a child in Guru Maharaj Ji's family when on Sunday, June 5, they meditated throughout the afternoon. At 9:13 p.m., about three hours after premies on the west coast ended their meditation, a girl to be named Navlata (new vine) was delivered at the Malibu residence to Raja Ji and Claudia.

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Short stop in the Deep South

From "Hum Dinger," community newsletter in San Francisco - Midge Newell
Guru Followers' Bus Breaks Down, Premies Enjoy Town Guru Followers' Bus Breaks Down, Premies Enjoy Town, read the headlines of the article in the March 29th Jennings Daily News.

Due to the calendar produced by Guru Maharaj Ji, we have cancelled the calendar in Divine Times for the remainder of the year.