Raja Ji, Brother Of Prem Rawat (Maharaji), With Wife And New Baby Navi Rawat 1977

A New Vine

Premies throughout the United States and Canada once again had the opportunity to help with the birth of a child in Guru Maharaj Ji's family when on Sunday, June 5, they meditated throughout the afternoon. At 9:13 p.m., about three hours after premies on the west coast ended their meditation, a girl to be named Navlata (new vine) was delivered at the Malibu residence to Raja Ji and Claudia.

She weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces, and since she's arrived in the world, she's been "very good, hardly ever cries, and is very aware," according to Judy Osborne, an initiator who has been doing childcare service in Maharaj Ji's family.

"She smiled within the first few minutes," Judy said of Navlata, emphasizing that the entire birth and all the events leading up to it were possible only through everyone's surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji.

For Claudia, it was no easy pregnancy in one sense. Raja Ji and she had no fixed place to live and were constantly on the road during the pregnancy, completing two tours through Europe as well as undertaking trips to the U.S. and Canada for the Miami and Montreal programs. But throughout, Judy said, Claudia was able to surrender and flow with it.

"The labor was a completely natural thing," Judy said. "It was very, very in the flow. Guru Maharaj Ji was always the uppermost thing for everyone. Claudia had his picture at her bedside throughout." Maharaj Ji coached Claudia in the last stages of the birth, and after the birth, held her hand.

As for the younger members of Guru Maharaj Ji's immediate family, they were both extremely excited about the event.

"Hans knew what was happening," Judy insisted enthusiastically. "He was so excited. Every time he came into the room he would get so excited and kick and wave and make noises."

Premlata, a little older and more in command of her self- expression, was on hand for the birth. "You couldn't keep her out of the room."

6    Divine Times, August 1977

Claudia Rawat With New Baby Navi Rawat 1977 Doctor Ed Hanzelik from Denver had been called out to Malibu to he present in the event of complications, hut he was hardly needed. The day after the birth, Ed conducted a physical examination of Navlata, while the child was being held in Maharaj Ji's arms.

Guru Maharaj Ji was concerned that the baby not be disturbed by the exam, and when she began to squirm at the touch of the stethoscope, Maharaj Ji took over most of the examination himself, even to the point of counting the number of toes on each foot. (Sure enough, there were five on each.)

Ed commented that it was wonderful to have the "supreme doctor" overseeing him. "I need that all the time," he said.

Since the birth, Premlata has been gently and consistently affectionate towards her new cousin. "Oh, she just adores her," Judy said in expressing Premlata's feelings for Navlata. Premlata has been constantly showering Navlata with light caresses and kisses.

As for 'Mommy,' Judy said she is "amazed at how Claudia is falling so perfectly into the role of mother." Judy sees this as just one more example of Claudia's surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, a surrender which is the answer to being comfortable in any situation and adjusting to any change. How are things going overall?

"They're going just beautifully," Judy said, when Navlata was still less than a month old. "Really beautifully."

Claudia Rawat With New Baby Navi Rawat 1977

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