Divine Light - Volume 2, Number 3

Divine Light magazine  3
Higher than all the scriptures Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. 15 June 1972

This Knowledge, this media, is not a new media. It's not a new Knowledge, but it is the most ancient Knowledge that existed before the world was created. It has even been described in the Bible, when John says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Now, what was the Word that was in the beginning, that was existing when there was no knowledge, that was existing when there was nothing? … All natural things also have a specific purpose. In the same way, man is here, the crown of all nature. But what is the use of man existing? Why does a human body exist? What is the use? There is some specific purpose, there is a specific use that this body should exist. Many people don't realise this use, many people don't realise the real aim and get themselves lost in materialism, in ignorance. Once they are lost, they are unaware of the original way, and then someone must come and tell them the way which will lead them to the right path. That's why, time after time, saints, realised souls, sages, Perfect Masters, have been coming to this earth, have been visiting earth and speading this Knowledge, spreading this message that there is peace, love and Truth.

Bal Bhagwan Ji 11
Concentration of Mind is a Must Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, Swiss Alps Festival, Saanenmoser, 23 August 1972

Now dear premies, to go to that source, to that essence. What we must do is we must surrender ourselves. For instance, if a log of wood falls into a river, that log without any effort is carried away by the river to the sea, to the source. Similarly, devotees who surrender themselves and actually let themselves float and make themselves a part of the whole thing, they flow in the living stream of love, light and Knowledge, the living stream which is Guru Maharaj Ji. They are carried away from a remote point to the source.

Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji Who Later Disowned Him 15
Justice Is Always Done Satsang of Shri Mata Ji, Satyalok Ashram, 14 April 1970

People do not value great souls during their lifetimes, but sing their praises after they are gone. Those people who joke about great spiritual personalities are really the unhappy ones. If you say that your father is not your father, it does not alter the fact. Your father is your father. In the same way, if we deny God, God does not cease to be our father.

So no matter what fate you meet in the world, remember that all is watched by Holy Word. And justice is always done in the end.

Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat 18
There is one main river Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Imperial College, 9 Sept 1972

When we give satsang we have to divide our satsang into three types: one is ordinary satsang which of course ordinary people understand, because it is ordinarily given; and then there is intellectual satsang, which of course many people don't understand, because it is intellectual; and the third satsang is about service, which is only given to those people who are servants. Now about intellectual satsang, only people who are intellectual understand it.

Now when we go into intellectual feelings we will understand one thing: that to define this Knowledge intellectually is a difficult thing. The most difficult thing you can ever do in your lifetime. I have tried it. I was writing a book when I was in Fernbank. You might have known about it. I was talking about this book to you people, but I was never able to complete this book. Why? Just because I wanted to define this Knowledge intellectually, according to what people know. I wanted to compare it with science, to compare it with other things, and to define it in the most appropriate way.