December 1972
Vol2, No 3
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Containing the discourses of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and His Holy Family

At this time of great material progress in the world, spiritual understanding has declined, and many people are now looking for such a peace that doesn't depend on the ups and downs of everyday life. For this reason, Shri Guru Maharaj Ji has come into the world. Like Jesus, Buddha, and other Perfect Masters before Him, He is able to show practically to the true seeker the Divine Light and Holy Word of God which together constitute the life force in all living creatures. To know and merge with this brings eternal peace and understanding of what God really is. "Search all the corners of the world," He says, "and if you cannot find the answer, come to me. All I ask is your love, and I shall give you such a peace as will never die." Divine Light Mission is helping to tell people about Guru Maharaj I i, and the Holy Knowledge He is able to reveal to you.

With a speed that is unprecedented and an ease which to some is surprising, Guru Maharaj Ji is gathering His disciples from every part of the world about Him. He is irresistible. Once you have felt His love, this love which He has instilled into the hearts of men and women everywhere, there is an automatic attraction.

The human soul can never completely forget its original source, some memory, as it were, lingers on, although perhaps it is vague and indistinct. Years of separation from Truth and love have dulled this memory, but not completely. The soul hibernates waiting for the right moment to emerge, waiting until it is certain that spring has really come and that there will be no more damaging frosts. Before the arrival of spring the soul remains latent, giving life to all men and women, but it is unnoticed and neglected. The spring that soul awaits is not part of the cycle of life and death, following winter, when everything is regenerated. In reality, it has little to do with the cycle of life and death itself, neither does it arise in such a regular and frequently recurring pattern, although there is a pattern. Spring for the soul is when the Perfect Master comes on the planet, for only then can the soul burst forth into its full glory of realisation and union with God. When God incarnates and walks on the planet, first He wakes our souls out of their slumber, just as the sun arouses all the hibernating animals from their long sleep, then He draws love out of us and we find great peace in that love that He reveals inside us and we bathe in the glorious light of God. Never again are we dependent on the cycle of the seasons for our happiness. As each person visualises the first few rays of Divine Light from their souls, it is the dawning of the New Age, the spring of the soul has begun for them and will never end.

Spring always comes at a time when everything is at its bleakest and there are the least signs of life, and then suddenly there is a bursting forth of life as the whole world is born again. The Perfect Master also comes at a time of darkness when the world is at a point of despair, He comes to lead men out of the gloom that has grown up and shrouded their souls. Guru Maharaj Ji has come now with unsurpassed splendour and magnificence; He has come to bring new life to the entire world. His power to bring about change in the world is unparalleled, nothing limits it except man's failure to recognise who He is. He has come to offer every last one of us the choice between life and death. And once the soul has been awoken by Guru Maharaj Ji's touch, after the initial period of adjusting, wiping the sleep from our eyes, there is eternal and unending spring.

The first signs of spring are very subtle and close scrutiny is required to find them, only those people who are really looking will see them in the early stages. The same is true with the Perfect Master: it is only those who are sincerely looking for Truth that find Him first of all.

Only when the signs are clearly visible do the majority of people realise, "Yes, it is spring." Soon it will be abundantly clear that Guru Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master, has come to restore peace on the face of the earth and to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on the planet. Until then, it is just His devotees who can enjoy eternal spring.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji