Divine Light - Volume 1, Number 8, May, 1972

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev - Editorial, Mahatma Ashokanand
The Nature And Advantages Of Real Meditation

"The disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji are asked to contribute in every way to the Divine Light Mission, which is spreading the Divine Knowledge of Holy Name, the ender of suffering and bringer of peace for all humanity, over the earth at this time. The speed with which it does this depends upon the practical resources and financial assistance afforded to it by its own members, those who have received the Divine Knowledge. The Knowledge is freely given. Any contribution you make is voluntary and will be put to the best possible use. You can send your donations to the Treasurer, who lives at 3 Woodside Avenue, Highgate, London, N.6, and a receipt will be sent to you. Without a receipt you cannot be sure that your contribution is being spent in the right way. Cheques, postal orders, and bankers orders should be made payable to Divine Light Mission and will be much appreciated."

Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat 4
Address to British Premies Guru Maharaj Ji at St. Pancras Town Hall, London, 7 April 1972

"So when you all have received this Knowledge, what is your duty? Mahatma Guru Charnanand Ji explained the same thing, the same point, that now you have to go and tell people that they need Knowledge. Someone came to you and told you that you required Knowledge. Now you have to go and tell someone that he requires Knowledge. And that is how we are going to give this Knowledge to the whole world. If we do not then the times will become crazy. Even now they say that the whole world is insane. But I am not. I'm O.K. This world has to receive Knowledge. If not, then it will crash. People who have received Knowledge cannot crash, they can't collapse. So why don't we go together, straight ahead, and tell people they should realize this Knowledge, and know their way?"

Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji Who Later Disowned Him 10
The Lesson Of Ravana Satsang of Mata Ji to London premies, 22 April 1972

"So this is your duty. To give satsang, to make your friends interested and bring them to Guru Maharaj Ji for Knowledge, so that they also may receive Knowledge and meditate on the Holy Word of God."

Bal Bhagwan Ji14
Letter From Bal Bhagwan Ji

"It fills my heart with joy when I come to know that you all are preaching the Holy Name and the True Knowledge. Every day I receive countless letters from the devotees abroad and learn that new ashrams are being set up all over the world."

Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat15
Ask For This Knowledge Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Fernbank, London, 14th March 1972

"Do you know what God is? I know it.
How do you know? By the Knowledge.
Who gave you the Knowledge? My Guru.
And who gave Him the Knowledge? His Guru."

Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat27
Little Drops Of Mercy Guru Maharaj Ji speaking by the Pacific Ocean, 5th August 1971

"The nature of sea is very calm. Very calm. But when the sea shore comes in front of the sea, it is hidden away back."

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"So that is why there is a great, great, great need for Satguru in the world, spreading the Holy Word of God. It is written, Satguru is the bestower of Divine Light and practical Knowledge of Holy Name. He bestows it. He gives it open heartedly. Here you may see His kindness, here you may realize His kindness. How kind He is to human beings. Man has been performing sins throughout his life. Since he was created he has been performing sins. He himself is guilty for this and for every sin he did was separated from God by another mile. So how kind is Satguru that in just a matter of hours He removes all sin away and brings us to God. He reveals to us what is God."

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