Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev page01 (47K)

Dear Reader,

There was a gentleman always speaking highly of new scientific discoveries. He was so much lost in praising the modern inventions that instead of thanking God he was always thanking scientists for wonderful means of luxurious life. Once he was travelling from London to Manchester. He was in first class. It was night. The above mentioned gentleman was on the upper berth. In Birmingham he came down from the train to see some of the scientific developments at the Railway Station, in case something happened since his last visit. In fact it was nothing, just a replacement of a little old clock which was shining brilliant with new paint. This clock was on the other side of the platform at which his train was standing. When he went to see the clock he saw the clock not only giving the time but also the date and timetable. Now the train coming from Manchester to London was also standing on the platform where he went to see the clock. The colour of the train was exactly the same and the first class compartment was just near the clock. When he looked at the other side of the platform, where his train was standing, he became confused, thinking he was never foolish enough to travel such distance to see this clock which was just above his head. Unfortunately he decided that the train going to London was his train to Manchester. He got in the train because the train was steaming off. He saw exactly the same upper berth vacant for him. Some new people were there, obviously he thought, from Birmingham. When he heard somebody saying that the train was going to reach London thirty minutes late because of some mechanical defect he thought for a while, "Why was this train going to London?" Then he suddenly became extremely happy and started praying to scientists and expressed his enthusiasm to the passengers who were sitting on the lower berth. He told them what a grand age is this, where scientists have invented such a train of which the upper berth was going to Manchester and the lower berth was going to London. All the passengers started laughing on him and he was thinking they were happy with the new discoveries of science.

In this way we are becoming crazy with the world, every day we are going to depend upon doctors and others. But we never try to learn something about ourselves first. We never think to thank Him who has given us the scientific body. Our body is the most wonderful vehicle which runs on earth, air and water. Doctors, they try to know but never understand. Instead of doing something definite with patients they do experiments with them. Our Master removes the foolishness from life and reveals the Knowledge which gives real wisdom. He reveals the mystery of life which makes a person free from worldly suffering. My Master is the Master of the whole creation. This is my personal experience. This magazine publishes the words of my Master and the Holy Family into which He has descended. This is why I proclaim that this magazine is the Holiest magazine in the world.

The name of our Master is BALYOGESHWAR PARAM HANS SATGURUDEV SRI SANT JI MAHARAJ. Usually He is known as Sri Guru Maharaj Ji.

We love you because we love SRI GURU MAHARAJ JI

Jai Satchitanand