Divine Light Magazine No 6

Divine Light Magazine No 6

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Dear sisters and brothers,

A man wanders day and night in search of peace outside, but the real source of peace is inside that man. Whatever pleasure appears to exist in external things, it is only the reflection of internal peace. Our soul is a spark of -the Almighty Soul who is free from all bondages. Due to ignorance this Knowledge of Soul is covered. It is hidden inside our body. We need to discover it.

"We are like sheep and He is our Shepherd." He saves us from becoming lost or entangled in the bushes of various evils. "He is the fisher of men." The world is a vast ocean. We get lost in it and forget who we are. We think the world is our home and forget the highest aim of our life until death spreads its miserable net, we get caught by it, and a great opportunity is lost. But Guru Maharaj Ji takes us little fishes into the net of His Divine Knowledge before being caught by death. The path of the Spiritual Master is the enlightened path. One who follows His path or who offers himself to be the faithful servant of His Lotus Feet will not walk in darkness, because He gives eternal life in His Divine Light. He is the perfect sun of the spiritual sky. As the sun dispels darkness of external world. He removes the pitch dark ignorance of man's heart, and being a Perfect Sun, He is able to remove the darkness of the whole world alone. Although the age of His body is only 14, He Himself is ageless. From the age of 2, He has given sermons to His devotees on the mystical subject of spiritual Knowledge with such powerful words that the knots of many hearts have been untied. As the morning sun begins to give light as soon as it appears on the horizon, so Guru Maharaj Ji's Light of Knowledge began to be spread as soon as He appeared in this world of darkness. He is born perfect. He says this Knowledge is your true nature. We cannot be separated from our nature. As Lord Krishna said, "Oh, Arjuna, those people who are 'deprived of Knowledge are walking with death, being away from that which is life within them."

A parrot in a cage does not feel pleasure there because his nature yearns for the freedom of the forest. A lion is called the king of the jungle, but in a small iron cage he feels miserable for his nature requires to wander freely. Similarly it is unnatural for our soul to be under the bondage of gross nature. So we want peace and freedom day and night, struggle for it, but we are bound by the chains of illusion and, as a bound man cannot unfasten his own chains, we cannot become free by our own efforts. Guru Maharaj Ji is the opener of the chain, the giver of freedom. All Saints praise the infinite grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. Saint Brahmanand said that even if he collected the wealth of the whole universe and laid it before His Lotus Feet it will be nothing. All Scriptures speak of the mercy of Guru Maharaj Ji. Greater than an ocean is His mercy. His Lotus Feet are the destination of every pilgrimage. Men, saints, gods, goddesses, and angels all bow their heads before His Holiest Feet, for He is God Himself. The Holy dust from His Divine Feet is able to wash away all our sins. His grace is all powerful. There is nothing He cannot do. By His Grace we have been shown how to see without eyes, to hear without ears, to speak without mouth and to walk without legs. He has given us wings to fly in the spiritual sky. His every action is a Divine game, or Lila. Only His devotee who has dedicated his life, his mind, body and wealth, and who remains engrossed every moment in His Holy Name is able to understand and enjoy His Lila.

How great is this opportunity that our Almighty Lord has given us. He gave us this first grace of the perfect human body, He gave us the second grace in the form of Holy Scriptures, and He gave us the third grace which is the bestowal of this True Knowledge. The fourth grace is the grace of our own efforts to practise and utilize this Knowledge. If we do not do this we will be hurting ourselves. Lord Krishna said that man's own mind is both his enemy and his friend. If our mind follows this right path obeying His commandments, it will be our best friend, otherwise it will be our greatest enemy. Worldly men always obey their minds. They are slaves to their minds. Whatever mind desires, senses and body follow it, and we have no control.

Guru Maharaj Ji says that the mind must run in so many directions because its nature is to seek satisfaction and tranquillity, and since nothing is sufficiently peaceful in this world, the mind must wander to and fro endlessly. Only the Holy Name of God is the iron rod strong enough to tame and quieten this elephant of mind. As the elephant rider uses a hamulus to make the elephant follow the required direction in spite of the elephant's huge size and immense strength, similarly we can ride and have complete control over this enormous elephant of mind using Holy Name to control it.

A thirsty man will seek no longer when he finds perfect source of water from all sides. So a man who has obtained the shelter of the Perfect Master has obtained everything. He becomes free from illusion and delusion. He is stable and strong on this Divine Path. There is nothing more valuable than devotion and love for Guru Maharaj Ji.

Jai Sat Chit Anand
Mahatma Mohani Bai


As Shri Guru Maharaj Ji moved through the western world last summer, thousands flocked to Him, for He is the Great Attracter. He who is attracted to Guru Maharaj i is the supremely fortunate one, for suffering and pain only lie in being attracted to those things which decay and end. But He is infinite, and though bodies may come and bodies may go, the connection between Guru Maharaj J i and His devotee will live for ever. It is because Guru Maharaj J i is not only able to talk about God, but is able to give practical Knowledge of Him, that so many different kinds of people are becoming His devoted disciples. Because, though words may lead to argument and disagreement, none can deny the actual practical experience.

It is because of the absolute certainty of the Knowledge they receive that the western premies last year chartered a Jumbo jet to take them to India to be with their Lord on His home soil. Never has such a pilgrimage been seen, with more than 350 young saints flying in this largest of all aeroplanes. During the flight satsang was broadcast continuously over the airplane loud-speaker system. No cigarettes or alcohol were sold; only vegetarian food was eaten; never has there been such a Holy flight, such a Divine flight, for this was the Divine Light Flight.

Divine Light Magazine No 6

At Palam Airport, Delhi, more than a million Indian disciples of our Lord met their western brothers and sisters. Every passenger of the Divine Jumbo was festooned with garlands, smiling faces were everywhere as our Indian brothers and sisters chanted with one happy voice, "Western disciples of Balyogeshwar, welcome, welcome."

In this issue of the magazine we are printing some of the satsangs which the Holy Family gave during this time. Some were given directly in English, others were aimed at the Indian premies and have been translated, but the message is always the same, expressed in many different ways, for different people and for different circumstances. And that message is this. Balyogeshwar Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, the born Lord of Yogis, the Supreme Consciousness of the Universe, He who guards the gate between the two worlds, the Master and Creator of all life, is here again in our world, amongst us in human form, giving the Knowledge of eternal Truth to those who come with great love, faith, sincerity and desire to devote their lives to this great and noble cause.



Speech delivered by Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
18th November 1963, Delhi.

From his birth to his death a man tries to attain constant happiness and hence to be immune from troubles and suffering. In most cases he does not succeed. Instead he continues to get himself tied up in doubts and anxieties. His periods of happiness are only short-lived and true happiness, like the mirage, remains an illusion for him, but which nevertheless he continues to chase, wherever he thinks it can be found. Modern society with all its good laws and •civilisation, its scientific inventions and discoveries, its technological innovations and the conquest of nature, all represent attempts by mankind to find happiness. But we can see by looking around us that their actual results are only unrest and unhappiness, anxiety and frustration. Real happiness has not been obtained, peace has not been found, and suffering has not been removed. Instead the situation has arisen when the very existence of the human race is threatened. Man, who before was so confident, is now bewildered by his own failure, and he is now looking around himself not knowing what to do next.

The first step to saving the human race from self destruction is to find out the cause of this failure. If you think about it you will see that the main causes are not in the world around us but inside man's own mind where inadequate discrimination and too often mistaking the pleasures obtained from the senses for true happiness have led to all the troubles that you see in the world, in society, and in the individual. Because of his mis-understanding of these important yet elementary truths, he tries to find happiness and peace in ideas and actions where they can never be found, and the obvious result is frustration and dissatisfaction. The more he tries to get his satisfaction in the wrong directions. the greater his frustration and dissatisfaction, when he finally has to acknowledge his failure. Today people search for peace outside, for happiness in material prosperity, and for love in situations which only lead to fear and jealousy. Looking for happiness in material prosperity only causes lust, greed, envy, argument and conflict, and turns man's attention away from virtuous living and right thinking to the accumulation of material wealth in its many forms, often irrespective of the means adopted.

A man is now judged by what he has rather than by what he is and this has naturally caused corruption as men compete for wealth, position and power, which in turn cause turmoil and tension. There does not seem to be the least appreciation that had peace and happiness been in riches or power, Lord Buddha would not have renounced His kingdom, and Jesus would not have taught as He did, while on the other hand all the wealthy and powerful people in the world would be living in a state of pure joy. But look at the anxiety on their faces and the agitation in their minds; this is proof that they have not even had a glimpse of what real peace and happiness are. The truth is that peace and eternal bliss are a sublime faculty of mind. They are to be found in the mind but they are never to be found in material things. Countless examples have been provided in the pages of history which illustrate this truth, but man ignores them all, and continues as blindly as ever, searching for peace in all the wrong places. The true king is one who has conquered his mind not one who reigns over many material possessions. Such a one even loses the ability to sleep peacefully.

Permanent peace can never be provided by social, administrative or financial measures, nor even in schemes to improve the environment by conquering problems like over-population or pollution. Permanent peace lies within oneself and that is the only place where it can be found. It is really very strange that in the world today man's preoccupation with wealth, power and sensual enjoyments takes him far from good living and right thinking, yet sermons and lectures are delivered day in and day out on improvement in human behaviour, and the cultivation of fearlessness, love and universal brotherhood. Competition for love, power and sensual enjoyments can never harmonize human interests and make men work together with brotherly love, yet the diversity of interests which competition leads to can never end competition and conflict.

Dr. S. Radha Krishnan, the Vice-President of India, has said, "The crisis which is facing us is a human one and what is necessary is an improvement in human behaviour." But nobody is actually suggesting how human behaviour can be improved. Can it be improved by mere lectures? Can it be improved by the laws of the State? Can it be improved by publicity campaigns and advertising? Can it be improved by negotiations around the


table? How can it be improved? There appears to be complete ignorance on this subject. The natural conclusion is that there is no answer in sight to today's human crisis and that tomorrow will bring the annihilation of the human race. To save the human race, therefore, it is absolutely necessary that a method be found out which can bring about instantaneous improvement in human behaviour and the only way is to acquire complete control of our minds by the acquisition of equanimity, tranquillity, stability, and belief in God. But true belief in God can not be cultivated without His practical realization, nor can the mind be controlled without infusing it with the Divine Light and concentrating it on His Real Name. What is this Divine Light, what is the Real Name of God, and how they can be known practically are pertinent questions in this connection.

Divine Light is self-effulgent light which is ever-existent in all beings and which is responsible for life in living beings. It illuminates sun, moon, fire and stars. This very light is responsible for the creation of the Universe.

To describe it, different words have been used in different literatures. In the Vedas, it has been called "Vergo", in the Upanishads and the Gita it is called " yoti-Swaroop", in the Ramayan it is called "Pranam-Prakash", in the Holy Koran it is called "Noor-e-Elahi", in the Bible it is called "Divine Light", in the Guru Granth Saheb it is called "Chandna", all synonymous with self-effulgent light. But this Light is so subtle that it cannot be seen with these material eyes. It is. practically seen with the Divine Eye alone. Every human being possesses this Divine Eye but it remains closed. The Divine Light is seen when the Divine Eye is opened. Lord Krishna opened the Divine Eye of Arjuna and showed him the Divine Light. Sujata, the milk-maid, opened the Divine Eye of Lord Buddha and showed Him the Divine Light within Himself. Similarly Lord Jesus Christ, Hazrat Mohammed, Swami Ramakrishna, and others, all saw the Divine Light with the Divine Eye. When the Divine Light is seen and the mind is infused into it, it attains equanimity and stability. We all know that a newly-born child, who certainly has a guileless mind, takes delight in the Light, and that he cries in darkness. This is because his mind, being untarnished by the ways of the world, loves light. Man's mind naturally loves light and loves to be infused in it, because subconsciously he knows that light is his true nature with which he was once merged and from which he is temporarily separated. When the mind is turned from that Divine Light within, and the Inner Eye becomes closed through lack of usage, mind then turns towards wordly impurities, it is plunged into the world of incon stancy and unsteadiness, and all sorts of troubles naturally and inevitably arise therefrom. The mind itself takes on the impure, flickering qualities of the objects to which it attaches itself, and it is these mental impurities which are simply and quickly burned away by infusion in Divine Light. As an impure gold is purified by melting in fire, in the same way the impure mind obtains purity by infusion in Divine Light.

The Real Name of God is also ever-existent and self-dependent in all living beings. It is the only life generator. The difference between a living body and a dead body is the presence and absence respectively of the Holy Name. The Holy Name cannot be written in any alphabet nor can it be uttered. It is the eternal and secret sound of a vibration which has to be known, and just as fire has the inherent capacity to burn, so the Holy Name has the inherent capacity to purify the mind. Hence it changes a man's nature, mak' .g him pure and shining with bliss. Only Knowledge of and meditation on this Real Name of God can give a man this inner quality of certain Knowledge of the Truth of Life which manifests itself as a radiant and wise personality. All the Scriptures of the world refer to this Holy Name, the secret vibration of life within. In the Upanishads it is called Nam (Only Name), in the Ramayana it is called Mahamantra (Great Word), in the Holy Koran it is called Pak Nam (True Name), in the Guru Granth Saheb (the great Sikh scripture) it is called Sat Nam (True Name) and in the Holy Bible it is called Magicabala (Great Word), or Holy Word of God. It is the Name of God which can be meditated upon constantly without interruption, while we are asleep and while we are awake, while we are conscious and while we are unconscious. No other action can be done at all times and in all circumstances. But meditation on this Holy Name is possible at all times and in all circumstances, if one has had revealed to one the sacred technique.

The question to be asked now is how the Divine Light can be seen and how this Holy Name can be known. The answer is that just as a candle can only be set alight by the touch of a living flame, so that instantaneous vision of this Divine Light can only be achieved by the touch of an Enlightened Soul, and infallibly so. And so with the primordial vibration, the Real Name of God, for, being unable to be written, it cannot be found in books, and, being absolutely unspeakable, it cannot be heard from human lips.

It is a mistake to believe that the actual utterance or mental repetition of any of the descriptive names of God can purify the heart and bring about the vision of Divine Light. If this were so, then the majority of the world would certainly


Divine Light Magazine No 6

be enlightened, and peace, brotherhood and understanding would prevail, for most of the world reveres and pays homage to one or other of the many verbal descriptions for God. For the Name is God Himself within man, and not just a verbal representation of Him. Another commonly held but mistaken belief is that the Divine Light can be seen by the grace of great masters who have left their mortal bodies. No matter how great the reputation of a famous surgeon, if he has left his body he cannot perform even the simplest operation. A living patient must have a living doctor. Likewise only the Living Master can reveal the Divine Light and Holy Word. "As long as I am in the world I am the light of the world", said Lord Jesus, and all great masters who revealed that Light within their disciples said the same thing. If it is true that Enlightenment can be obtained from a Master who no longer exists in physical form, then all those who today follow and revere Lord Kirshna and Lord Christ would have this True Knowledge of Holy Word and Divine Light. But this is not the case. Christ and Krishna both embodied the Light and revealed the Light, but only to those lovers of God who were alive at the same time. Likewise for us today it is necessary to find the Living Perfect Master. When the touch of an Enlightened Soul is absolutely necessary to gain this Knowledge, how can it be possible to acquire it from a Guru who is not occupying a mortal body?

The last question is how the Knowledge can be obtained from the Enlightened Soul. Lord Krishna said, "Attain this Knowledge by all means. If you prostrate yourself at the feet of the Satguru, render Him all forms of service, and ask Him with a guileless heart again and again," then the Satguru will become pleased and infuse this Knowledge into you." This is the only way to acquire this Knowledge. There is absolutely no other way.

Thus we can see that the only method to bring about an improvement in human behaviour leading to world peace and unity is acquisition of this True Knowledge from the Living Satguru. Individual man is the primary unit in society, and only when peace is obtained by each individual for himself will peace prevail in the society. No peace can be ontained by an agitated and unsteady mind, and no society can be peaceful and loving unless the individual members of the society become peaceful and loving. It is often asked whether it is possible to impart this Knowledge to every single individual. The answer is that most people of the world have some academic education which usually takes many years to obtain, but this True Knowledge can be acquired even in the twinkling of an eye. So naturally it will not take much time to disseminate this Knowledge to every individual, provided adequate facilities for reaching the people are made available.

Since Divine Light is seen within and the Holy Name of God is known within, the realization of this Divine Light and the Knowledge of this Holy Name gives a man complete understanding of the source of life itself. The entire universe emanates from this source of life, and so by knowing that all is known, constant and unchanging peace and happiness are found, and the deathless state of self-realization is attained.


Divine Light Magazine No 6


Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Nagar Ashram,
November 1971, aided by blackboard diagram

When we die, what is it that goes to heaven or hell?

What happens is this. Your actions have a certain weight, and they are weighed, they are judged automatically. You fly from the earth but your own fuel will only take you as far as this crossing, here, where you have to stop. Then the judge comes, decides which direction you have to turn, probably to hell or to heaven, gives you the fuel you need, then kicks you in the direction you have to go. Understood or not? Not.

I mean, it's not body because the body stays behind …

Yes. The body stays in the graveyard. I mean the thing inside who is responsible for you. 0.K? Understood?

If you are in the Word when you die is your ego not involved, so you're just free?

Free. Absolutely free. Have you seen a carburettor? In a carburettor there is a top part which is floating. And when the excess fuel comes, it rises and blocks that ejector which is bringing the petrol into the carburettor, right? But when you meditate on this Holy Word, there is no top part, and then the fuel never stops coming into you and so you are elevated right up, up, and up. Like non-stop jet. Understand? Non-stop jet to liberation.

What does one do after one is liberated?

Anything he wishes, that's all. Just see what a drop of water does when it is mixed in a glass of water. I must give you that practical example, right? What happens to a drop of water when it goes into a glass? Same thing when you achieve liberation. Have you understood? But don't think that once you go to heaven you are not going to return back here, right? You are going to return back. If you go to heaven, don't worry about a thing because you certainly are going to come back.

How can it be heaven if you come back?

What is heaven? What do you mean by heaven?

I don't know.

You don't know. First know what is the meaning of heaven. See, what you are thinking of as heaven is a place from where you don't return. Right? But that place is right here.

And what is that other heaven?

That heaven is where you go, you know, like a club. You go in and pay your money and go in the club and enjoy your money's worth. Understand? And this is like a jail. You do an action, the police come, take you up to the jail. Once your sentence is finished, you are free.

What about the man who has both good and bad? He has some things that would send him to hell, and some things that would send him to heaven.

That is all judged by the judge. This system is so far out that everything is correct to any extent you think. You are asked where you want to go first, hell or heaven. Heaven is like that. There was a rich man once, and he went to heaven and knocked on the door. And the guard was sitting there for inspection. And the secretary came and opened the door and said, "What is the matter? What do you want here?"

He said, "I want to enter heaven."


He said, "Well, I want to enter."

So he said, "God, this guy wants to enter heaven."

So God said, "Call him."

And he came. And God asked him, "Have you done anything good?"

So that rich man said, "Well, yes. I have given ten pennies to a widow."

He said, "That's all?"

He said, "Well, I have given five pennies to an orphan child."

"That's all?"

And he said, "Yes, that's all I have done good."

So God asked his secretary what to do. And the secretary said, "God, give him fifteen cents and send him back to hell."

Does liberation have to be in the body?

You know, once you take Knowledge you are reserved for liberation, you are completely


liberated. And you can only take Knowledge when you are here.

But you said when you go up to heaven you are judged whether you are to be liberated or not.

The liberated one has got no powers at all. The liberated one is completely surrendered. Surrendered. Does not occupy his own anything. Completely surrendered.

Not heaven. Here, on this crossing, right here. Here. O.K? This is where you are judged. Not in heaven. Here. At the crossing. At the main crossing.

Is this as soon as somebody takes Knowledge, or is it when they realize Knowledge that they are reserved for liberation?

As soon as a man takes Knowledge, he is liberated. Right there. Because he is no more attached, he has given his body to Guru Maharaj Ji. What else is liberation?

Many of us, when we take Knowledge, we say we give you our body, we give you our mind, but we have been unable to give you body and mind.

Well, you should give your mind only, that will do. And I will tell you the method for doing that practically. It is meditation. When you are not doing meditation, you know what happens, your mind is right here, and you cannot catch it. But when you do meditation you get away from it, like this, and then you just catch it. O.K? That is the method. Then you catch it and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, this is my mind." You understand? So this is the secret. Meditation makes you firm. And the faster the meditation, the faster the progress. The slower the meditation, the slower the progress. That's all. It's perfectly symmetrical, you know. Have you seen those balloons which carry people? When you lower the weight, you are elevated. Right? Same thing. The more you throw your mind away, the more you are elevated, because you are lightened. Try to meditate on it. Yes, what's the matter?

Who's the judge?

Known as Dharam Raj. Dharam Raj. O.K?

What does that mean?


Is the judge a premie?

Judge is your brother, that's why he favours you.

Does the liberated soul have full powers?

The liberated one has got no powers at all. The liberated one is completely surrendered. Surrendered. Does not occupy his own anything. Completely surrendered.

Are we just talking about earth, or can you return to any other planet?

Well, you'll have to contact TWA, Trans World Airlines, about that. They can tell you. You can send a telex to London.

If someone has received the Knowledge, but never practises, what happens at the judgement time, does he go fast or does he stop?

Now, when he has received Knowledge, but is not meditating upon it, a double-top is placed in the carburretor, and the power becomes very restricted. That man has to push himself like this, and jerks out to this place, like an old man climbing up the stairs, a very old man. Have you seen a very, very old man, climbing up the stairs? How he jerks himself? Goes and steps, then stops. Goes and steps, then stops.

Sometimes he falls down the steps. Yes, that's right.

Before you go to hell and get punished in hell, why do you have birth?

Let me explain. In hell, to finish up your spell in hell, you must be sent to earth. I will explain to you later how the soul goes from here to there, and how this hell is repaid.

Is that ticket on the express jet, is that a one-way ticket?

The ticket on the express jet, the non-stop jet to Mukti (liberation), is one way. But you can get a two-way ticket. You can get it, if you want it. But then you will have to take body. I told you somewhere, where? In Los Angeles? Toronto?

Is that what Jesus did in his body?

His body was right beside the soldier. See, I'll tell you. Now we are talking about the jets. When we want a two-way ticket, we are sent here, O.K? And we are given all the privileges that have to be given in Mukti. Hanuman came with Ram, right? And he stayed like a humble disciple fully at the foot of Ram, right? And then Arjuna came. He was always at His Lotus Feet. He who was the


creator of Mukti even. They were at the Lotus Feet of that authority. So automatically they were in heaven. Understand? This is the condition of the two-way. Becoming immortal, immortal. You may see a picture of Krishna driving the chariot, you will see that Hanuman is sitting on the top of that flag on the chariot. And wherever you see that picture of that chariot so you also see Hanuman sitting right there. Like this is Guru Maharaj Ji's Lotus Feet, right? So this is the disciple who requires a two-way ticket, so that this can be done to him, Understood? (Maharaj Ji places piece of chalk in his shoe).

Like this, the disciple will be right against His foot. Understood? Never be separated.

Prem Rawataka Guru Maharaj Ji with his mother

The person who has reached the place, is he aware of having reached the place, or is there awareness left?

Mukti, the liberation place? When he reaches there, you know, when he gets on that plane, his awareness has been taken by Guru.

So then he is not even aware that he is there?

He is no 'he' there. His 'he', and 'you' are taken here only. His petrol was totally filtered. Nothing like 'I'. Completely taken. When there is no 'I', there is no 'we'.

A person that is liberated 'is' no longer.

''I's'? I'll tell you. Can you see the dropper, everybody? Can you see the glass? Now this drop goes, one, two, three, four, five. Did you see them? Can you distinguish them in this glass? Have you figured it out?

They're liberated.

Yes, liberated.

That's all right for the water, Guru Maharaj J what about me?

Don't worry. Same way, O.K? Understood? Whenever we are placed in the jet, that takes place. Completely filtered, completely mixed. O.K?

When the drop falls into the glass, you can't see the difference. But how about the drop, does it know?

No. Why does it even want to know? Man would not like to know himself at that point. Because he has become so tired of remembering himself. Now he would like to be completely part of somebody else and that is of his origin, where he never knew who he was. What is a child's name? What does he pronounce by himself? Who are you? (to baby) And he, Ahhhhhh? (Baby


replies) Who are you? Ahhhhhh. Because he never knows what his name is. In his origin he is placed right back, fully back. O.K? Everybody has understood? Any questions on this, about what I have explained up to now?

My question is this. You know you came from Mukti and you have come to the earth, you've gone for several lifetimes, going to heaven and hell in between and you've gone through all of this process through eons of time and then you go back to Mukti, so what is the point?

The question is not why have you gone back to Mukti. The question is, why have you been separated from Mukti. Why have you been separated? You have been given an aim which has to be fulfilled. Every human man who has been separated from Mukti, from his origin, has been given an aim. An aim. A-I-M. Understand? Everybody has been given an aim. To be completely worked out. And thus he plays an act, he plays a role, so that he may complete it. For that aim has to be completed, by the Divine Will.

If we were complete to begin with, why did you make us separated and having to go through the whole thing again?

Just for that aim. What else? Try to understand.

I think they're trying to ask why there is an aim.

Is that right? Why there is an aim? O.K, open up your ears. Because of the Divine Will. Understood? Because of an opportunity. Do you understand?

How does one discern one's aim, what it is in one's life?

One must go to a spiritual master to find it out. One has to do meditation. One has to be again on that path.

Was part of that aim to enjoy the universe? To enjoy the creation?

A little bit. A little bit. But not to eat, drink and be merry. Have you understood? Really? Really? O.K. I'll stay five minutes more.

What is the aim of the Divine Will?

The aim of the Divine Will is Divine Will. At the moment I can see everybody. If I raise my eyes I come to this line here, and if I raise my eyes again I come to that pink thing, and then if I raise my eyes again I see the roof, and that's all I can see. And what is the purpose of it? That is not for you. That is for Divinity. For the Divine Grace of the Divine Personality.

I understand this, the words are easy to understand. But will I know before I leave here that it's true, just because you said it? If I meditate and do my job, will I know what you say is true because you .say it?

No. Thing is this. This is what I've been telling you, and I'll repeat it, I'll repeat it three times. The most truthful thing I say is the Divine Word which you pronounce at every second of your life. And that Word is spoken by the Divine Mouth. So what is real truth? If you want to understand me, you must meditate. Not even by my words will you understand. You can only understand me by meditation.

Maharaj Ji, why did you choose us?

So, whom should I choose? Donkeys? If I choose you it is your opportunity. What is the harm? Is there any harm in it? So be glad about it. Why be bothered about it?

O.K. Recess. After five minutes assemble here. Yes, I'll be back, I have to explain you the works of hell and heaven.

Now, we have changed the diagram a little bit. Previously we were talking about hell and heaven, but now we are going to identify, to verify the states of heaven and hell. Now, hell is the place where man goes to receive his punishment, and if it is possible to give him the punishment in hell only, he'll be given the punishment there. Right? Understood? And if the punishment cannot be given in hell, he will be sent back to the earth. Understood? But, when he once comes to earth, he'll be given chance to enjoy both; punishment and heaven also! Understood?

When he comes to earth he'll be given both things to do which he had to do, good and bad, reward and punishment. And he'll do them on the earth. Understood? Clearly? So that's why people come here; they are rich for a little time, you know, and they enjoy themselves, but then the riches become less and then they start enjoying the hell. Their punishment now starts coming to them. Understand? So this is very clear. And now I'll tell you of devotion. Devotion is a two-way ticket. But with this two-way ticket, you don't go here to Mukti. You go to that place. You don't go to liberation, but you stay here and this is devotion.


Divine Light Magazine No 6

Every benefit that you were supposed to have in liberation, you will get. Right? That means being away from Karma, away from actions and always in the bliss and the radiance of the Lord. That place will be given to you while you are on the earth with the Lord, with the human form, wit the physical presence of the Lord. That is called devotion. As long as the devotee is there, the Lord can project devotion out of him. Understood? You know, if there is no devotee, how can there be devotion? Can there be devotion without devotee? How can there be? There can't. So, if


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji pretending to be Krishna

there is devotion, there has to be devotee. Have you understood now? And if there has to be devotee, he has to be in a physical form. A devotee has to devote something. Have you understood that? So he has to be in physical form. And where is it possible for him to be in physical form? On the earth. And with whom can he be in the physical form? With the Lord, who is in His physical form. He has to be with the physical Lord who has come into this physical world with a physical body. Understood? It's crystal clear on the blackboard.

Where should we go?

Where should you go? You know, it is recommended for you to apply for devotion. Why? Because you live in the physical form, so enjoy nature with the physical Lord. What else do you want? To be with the Lord and enjoy nature too! Beautiful. Far out.

Isn't the Lord within all physical forms?

But the Lord himself has got a physical form. The Lord is within everybody. He's omnipresent. But He himself, for this world, has got a particular physical form. And He came by Himself into this world to spread this Holy Word.

There can be more than one perfect devotee, right?

There can be more than one perfect devotee, but there can not be more than one Perfect Master. O.K? Anything else?

What's the difference between liberation and devotion?

In liberation, you no longer have a body. And there is no reaction of karmas, no reaction of actions. Understood? But in devotion there are the same rules and regulations. We have got a body, but we are not affected by Karma.

But to become liberated, we must be devoted, right?

Yes, I would recommend it.

Should we all follow your physical form?

You know, it is up to you, what you choose. If you want devotion, well and good. I'm ready to give it to you. If you want liberation, it's also good. Easy question, less understanding. Easier question needs lesser understanding. You must understand it more than you are doing now. Less laughing, more understanding. Understood? Devotion and liberation. O.K?

Suppose the choice was given to you, liberation or devotion, and you choose liberation, O.K? You leave this place, earth, you are expired, and you go, and can be caught no more. This is what we call liberation. This is liberation. Mukti. This is liberation. Our place of birth, which has been known as, you know, the permanent residence of the Lord. Understood or not?

Now, devotion is done at the Lotus Feet. And when you are here, you cannot be detached from liberation. Real liberation is at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev. This is the devotee. And you are completely attached to the Lotus Feet.

In other words, liberation is going to the formless. Devotion stays with the form while being merged with the formless at the same time.

Yes. And when you receive Knowledge and start meditating firmly on it, you will attain that which you desire.

Could we devote ourselves entirely to liberation through meditation? No service, nothing else? Could we just withdraw?

If you do that, your meditation won't become firm. You won't be able to keep up your meditation. This is a practical thing. This has been written in the Ramayana also – a devotee cannot keep meditation in his grip unless he has got service and satsang as well. O.K?

If you choose devotion are you always living in this world?

Yes, because the Master is in the world. But it means living without suffering, no suffering at all. Without suffering. Like a lotus. Just bring it out, come and see the way it is, bring it out.

What happens when the physical body of the Lord dies? Does devotion die?

No. You know, when you are attached to the Lotus Feet, to the radiance, to the bliss of the physical form, it is forever.

If a devotee comes to this earth with the Lord, and he is completely devoted, 'he' is no more 'he'. He has merged completely into the Lord. 'He' is no more 'he'. It is like this. This is Lord, right, and this is 'he' and he goes and fixes himself here.


(Maharaj Ji puts chalk between His toes.) Understood now? And that's why we take privilege of Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.

When a person becomes merged in the Word, is it purely on his own effort?

word 'I' with it. 'I' is the individuality, the mind.

Can we reach the stage of merging with the Word before we leave this body?

You can achieve this stage before leaving the body.

How many of us have chosen already?

I have chosen devotion. Devotion is beautiful. Yes?

Does that mean that a devotee is always with Satguru, life after life?


Have we all been with you before?


How can we please Satguru?

Meditation. Meditation, devotion, liberation.

What happens when there is no universe, do we all go back into liberation?

The universe will be rechecked and if you are there you will see. All the trees that have been sowed will have to be reborn somewhere else.

Does Perfect Master have to become pure, realize his soul before he becomes Perfect Master?

Not only realize his soul, he has to be perfectly realized, he has to be without sin, then he becomes Perfect Master.

It says in the Bhagavad Gita that there is no individual personal soul, that the individual self is an illusion that has to be overcome.

That is 'I', that is ego, and that has to be overcome. Ego come, delusion come, black light come. Opposite projection. Mind always brings duality, and what is the other word we use for duality? Individual? This is my individual property, that means this is mine, that is yours. Mind brings duality, soul brings reality. That's why there is delusion. Really there is no individuality. When everybody is one, there should be no individuality. Everything should be one. But ego carries the

You need grace. That's it.

Do we need to stay in your physical presence to receive grace?

Not really. You can talk into the walkie-talkie and ask for grace and it will be sent by Express Delivery.

Do only people or human forms have souls, or does every created thing have a soul?

There are many created things which don't have souls. This building has been created, but I don't think it has a soul.

What about grass and stones and mountains.

They have been made for you, to be utilized by you. When you read, you know, in the beginning God created fruits and all that, that's what it means.

Animals also?

Not to eat.

No, no, not to eat, but for burdens. They don't have souls.

They do.

They do have souls?

They're suffering hell.

All the animals are suffering hell? Some of them appear to be very, very happy.

Yes, but even then they are suffering. They cannot express themselves to the man whom they are under.

But you can see the expressions in their eyes, like a dog?

Even then, they can't express what they're feeling. A little bit, but not all. Well, we have gone on to dogs and cats.

Were we devoted without receiving Knowledge?


Had we devoted ourselves to receiving this Knowledge?

Well, that's partly right.

We never received this Knowledge before though?

If you had been a devotee, then you must have received this Knowledge before.

Did we receive it and not practise?

Listen, in that case you wouldn't be in this form. You would have been a cat or dog.

We came here because of something? Some good actions?

Yes, you came here through something. Maybe grace. Maybe actions. You came here, that's all. That's enough.

Is this message of grace, is it stronger when you're in the physical presence of the Lord, or is the walkie-talkie method just as good?

Walkie-talkie method is just as good.

Could it be a person's objective to stay in the Lord's presence as much as possible, or does that hurt him.

No, that is something else. That is a personal preference. If one prefers to be in the physical presence, then one is more in physical presence. If one prefers to be in the walkie-talkie presence, then one is more in the walkie-talkie presence.

Is it possible in this lifetime to have total self satisfaction?

Maybe in 5 seconds, maybe in 5 months, maybe in 5 years, maybe in 5 centuries, maybe in 5 births. Or maybe in 1/5th of a second. Up to you, how much you meditate. How much you get elevated.

When we do become really realized in this lifetime then we may still come back again to live as a devotee again?

But again then you will have to realize this Knowledge. You'll become a devotee. You'll become like Hanuman. Once you have chosen devotion, the Lord himself will come to search you out, instead of you searching for the Lord.

So it will happen again and again, we'll all be your devotees life after life, again realizing every time?

Yes, but you won't be separated from the Lord for a long rime.

At the beginning, God had the urge to know himself …

God has the urge to know himself?

Yes, in his pure form. Before the creation there was no duality, there was only one thing.

No. You are trying to mix two theories at a time. How can God try to realize Himself? It sounded very strange. God trying to know Himself. Sounds very strange, that God should try to know Himself. God is perfect. He has got nothing to know. He has only to output. He has got nothing for input. He has only got a lead for devotion, to hold it. He has got nothing else, just the grace to give away to people. No, you are the first person whom I heard say God tried to know Himself.

I meant had an urge to know himself.

Now, what is a soul?

Soul is awareness.

And don't you think that soul is a part of God?

Of course.

Of course, right! Now if a soul is with the awareness of itself, then God is aware of Himself. So how can He not be aware?

Yes, He is aware of Himself, but when He gets into a manifestation …

Even then.

Why does God like devotion so much?

Because he likes it. It is his hobby to collect devotion.

Events from previous lifetimes, are these illusions when we think we can recall?

I don't believe that. It is wasting your time to think of what is past. And even if you knew the


prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

future you wouldn't be able to change it anyway. What's the use of knowing? Even if I knew what will be done tomorrow, how can I change it? I can't change it. So, you know, trying to know the past and the future is only wasting time.

Well, I am really here to give you a little Satsang, instead of questions and answers.

You know that there has been a galaxy of saints, a galaxy of avatars, a galaxy of incarnations, and like Lord Buddha said, the Truth is one, not two or three or four or five. And on the subject of Truth, nobody gave a long discussion, understand? Truth is one, and the clever people, because of it, don't argue and discuss. Understand? And because Truth is the reality which dwells amongst you and everybody, it is a common thing. But being common, we cannot realize it until and unless we have got a medium, until we have got a method. But if you don't apply the medium, you won't be able to reach your destination.

Today, mankind has been so much in the whirl of the water. Have you seen a whirlpool? It goes like this in the water. Man can only go around like the whirlpool. He cannot check himself for a second. Always having arguments, always talking about other planets, other worlds. He cannot control himself. He cannot stop thinking about planets and just think about that planet in which he is staying. It is simple. When people start thinking about other planets they are simply wasting their time. They all imagine things about other planets. "Oh, that planet must be beautiful. That planet must be wonderful. Fantastic. Far out." So many things. And they're just wasting their time, slowly and slowly.

How to make the proper utilisation of time then? By Satsang. By meditation. Because, wanting to reach that place, I couldn't. But when I applied the medium of my legs I was able to reach the destination. Same way, we want to reach perfection. Perfection is our destination. And if we want to reach it, we must utilise our legs and they are our meditation. We climb up the stairs, and that is meditation.

Probably you may be surprised that I emphasise meditation so much. And really, how many of you do meditation? The majority of you don't. And how many really try? How many really try to do meditation? How many of you even try and do meditation.

So, the more you do meditation, the more your unity grows. The more you are united. If you get bigger legs, the quicker the distance is settled, and the .quicker the distance is settled, the quicker the peace comes and the more the radiance glows. And the quicker you do everything, the quicker you go. Understand? So, I mean to say something and I mean to say meditation. Do that. Give me your mind. I am here to take it away. That's why I'm here, so that you may give me your mind. Let me take it. I want mind. What can I say? I am hungry for mind. I want mind. You give me your mind. If you want to offer me something like a devotee, then offer me your mind. I am hungry for mind. I will eat it.

So, how to separate mind? Mind has become a very strange friend of yours. You don't want mind at all, yet it has become a very close friend of yours. The question is how to remove it? By this meditation. Meditation is the real thing and when you meditate that real power grows more and more. It increases, and all the evil is taken away until you can't even see it. And how? By meditation. This is why I have been talking here on this board about devotion and Mukti and the liberation circle. But if you are thinking, you're not really interested in it, but just want to listen, for convenience, because you want it explained, because it's puzzling to you, then this is all wasting time. So be devoted. I want you to benefit. I'm not getting any commission, any benefit. So be devoted. And I want you to progress. So I think for today that is enough. Too many questions are not good for us. What we really need is answers.

You know, this has been beautiful. But tomorrow, when we are really settled down, without any questions, it will be most far out because everything will be crystal clear, absolutely nothing to be asking about. It is going to be crystal clear, shining from all sides. So, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, under that guidance and the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, let us now do this thing, O.K? Good. Now you can go and have your dinner or whatever.

Tell us a story before you leave.

O.K. There was a king and there was a queen and they lived in a palace. One day the king got sick. And he died. And the queen got sick. She died. And the kingdom went away. Story finished.

The whole world is a beautiful story to look at. Something is coming and going out of the world you see. One drop coming into the world, one man coming into the world. One drop going out, one man going out. You see, throughout his life-time, see how he crosses this lifetime. Sometimes he fights, sometimes he loves, sometimes he hates, it's all a story. But later on, when we will get the time, we can have some stories, O.K?

Now Satsang is important, more than stories, O.K? Understood? O.K.



7 November 1971

When Lord Rama came home after defeating Raven, the evil king of Ceylon, he found his mother waiting patiently, having desired his return with all her heart. The same thing is happening again now, because Maharaj Ji is conquering the darkness of the West, and I am waiting. And there He is now, my Prince. When Rama's mother and brother were waiting for Him, it seemed like a year, so impatient were they to see Rama's radiant face. It has been like this for me. What Shri Maharaj Ji has done in this world is unique because the seed that He has planted in these other countries will grow into a huge tree of peace and equality. Then we will all be able to shelter under that tree.

This great spiritual land of India had already given birth to many great souls. Great souls love to be born in India. From her the Light goes all over the world. This time will become a part of history. In history it will be written in golden words that a little boy won over the whole world with love and faith. Our Guru Maharaj Ji is only 13 years old and He is conquering the whole world with love. Big generals and officers, spiritual gurus, warriors and politicians give such big lectures but they cannot achieve anything like this little boy can. In the West, where at this time there is so much confusion and delusion, Guru Maharaj Ji did nothing except open the people's own hearts to show them what was lying within. He is not dragging them into the outside world but is showing them what is inside.

When Rama came back after defeating darkness and worldly knowledge, the people prepared light festivals all over the place. Now we are also going to have festivals. But not only does Guru Maharaj Ji cause to be enlightened the outer lights of joy and happiness, He has also enlightened everybody's inner heart as well. So we are all enlightened, inside and out. He has satisfied our ears with His nectar-like words and has satisfied our eyes with His Divine face. What great work you have done in past lives in order to have the chance of being here today with Guru Maharaj Ji!

But if you ask what you can do for Him the answer is nothing. For whatever we do for Him, it can never be enough to repay Him for what He has done for us. The Knowledge, the Name He has given us, is so invaluable that we could cut our own throats and still it would not be enough. This Name is so great that when you die it does not matter when you have this Knowledge. So be volunteers for Guru Maharaj Ji. You must have done lots of good work in your past lives to be near Him, to see Him and to talk with Him. When the sun comes out it floods the world with light and warmth, but for owls it is very unpleasant. They hide their faces in the dark because they cannot face the sun. Same thing is happening to some people in the world; they cannot understand glory and radiance. See how people are becoming so animalistic now, so mean and greedy, like vampires they are trying to drink each other's blood.

Disaster is hovering just above the world, but this Knowledge is so powerful that it makes people want to work in the most adverse conditions to spread it further. Without Knowledge you cannot improve the world. Knowledge overcomes all dis-harmony and trouble, which in the meantime is blazing all around us. Who put the world in this condition? Human beings, nobody else. Not God. He wants us to enjoy this planet as a blessing, to worship, to love and to think of Him.

Great scriptures say that after much waiting and much trying, you get a human body with which you can really get to God. Even gods and angels have to obtain a human body to return to God. This is the human body and you have got it. Don't waste it. Possessing this body is such a great privilege but always be aware that its possession is only temporary. Death is coming. When something goes wrong with your body, neither your family, children or money will go with you, only yourself. So do something about it. Only the Name will go with you, so that is your eternal friend. Try never to forget the Name that Guru Maharaj Ji has given you. As soon as you leave it you are in danger, believe me. The profit of remembering the Name is this – when you remember it He who gave it to you is with you. So you can get to Him by calling his Name. You Western people, look how much you have changed in one year. Look back and remember what you were like one year ago and see what you are like now. You can see how this Knowledge affects you. Look at the difference that has happened since you met Maharaj Ji and received His Knowledge. This change is nothing to do with the body, the body was the same then, it is the same now. It is


Mata Ji the Divine Mother of Prem Rawat

the mind that is playing these tricks. The mind was polluted at that time and now it is becoming clean, you are becoming purer. So the mind is the root of all troubles. The body is pure and perfect all the time. The mind is the root of every evil, but when the mind becomes pure, you become divine. Look at Valmiki, the great saint who wrote the Ramayana. He was a bandit who used to kill people. He used to chop up human beings as you would chop up carrots yet when he met Guru Maharaj Ji and became enlightened he became the great author of the Ramayana. Every one of you has a human body. So don't waste it, do something with it. And do something so permanent that even when you leave it you still have the beneficial result of Holy Name which you obtained when you had your body.

If you look around, you will see how many different spiritual groups there are in the world and they are all fighting with each other like cats and dogs. Why? It does not mean they they do not love God. They do love God. But their love is ignorant because they do not know the reality, the Name, the Light. When they know those, then I know that they will not fight, for they will know the Truth. Everybody is the same. Religions are only made by human beings. God never made any religions. He made human beings who then made religions. God asks you to meditate on the inner Light of your inner soul. This does not mean putting candles on the altar. It might help you in a way, but it is not the real help. I believe in ritualism. Go ahead and do all these things, but when you are suffering and about to die, at that last moment can you do all these things? Can you play the bells and make fine offerings? No. At that moment you can only concentrate on your soul. When the last moment comes, you cannot say this is my religion, I am going to die this way. There is only one thing you have to do at that time, and that is enter the Light within you and leave your body peacefully. This is how Maharaj Ji has brought you together. There is no division, no differences, there is only one thing and that thing we must become. Guru Maharaj J i has instilled duty into everyone's soul, the Divine duty of meditating on this inner Light. Guru Maharaj J i has given us such a great thing that whatever duty might befall us, we will face it smilingly, for we know nothing can really hurt us. We should offer our hearts for His Mission and for the expansion the Light. We must sacrifice our life for Him. Do not fall back at this time, go forward fearlessly, for this is the only thing that will give the world everything.

My family is growing more and more, so I can give advice to mothers, and I ask for all mothers to keep their families on the path of Truth. Many yogas are being taught, but this is the Royal Yoga, so forget your physical discomforts. Learn to live with very little. If a war or any other disaster were to happen in this world you would not have much to eat or to live on, so practise living more simply. Do not keep your mind always on food and clothing. The more you pamper the body the more it demands. So just take a little and be satisfied. Keep your mind controlled also, for the more you pamper it the more it demands. Do not think too much, do not eat too much and do not sleep too much.

The Hans family is the Light of the World and they are going to show the whole world the path of Light. It is a family affair. Keep in touch with the family, get to know the family, learn to love the family and you will really be a part of what is happening. This is the life that is going to flow and maintain peace in the world. The world can give you a lot of troubles and challenges, but you do not have to worry because you have the power of the Name. So powerful is it that when everything else falls down it will still be standing. So don't be afraid. You are so forgetful that you have to be reminded again and again of the power that you are. That is the value of Satsang. Sometimes you may become deluded and think .yourself too old or too weak, but Satsang will remind you who you really are. So be all the time with Satsang. Satsang gives you power, understanding and strength.

Really, my friends, you have a great task before you. You have to show politicians, leaders and everyone that they are not• going the right way and that you know the right path. And you must do this by practical example. So, look after yourself and your children, make your family a holy family, bring your children up in the holy path of righteousness and the Holy Word. Do not encourage them to follow the tempting ways of materialism and sensual pleasures.

Some people complain to me that I don't show them my son. They say I keep Him to myself. But Maharaj Ji belongs to everyone. How can I keep Him to myself, for He is yours also? There is no limit on His Darshan. I make no rules for Him to obey. He goes on giving Satsang and Darshan around the world, and see what is the result. The whole world is becoming one big family with Him at its head. This is the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji. So meditate on that Holy Name and become a living example of His Divine Light so that many will see the Turth in you and follow your steps to His Holy Lotus Feet. This is the duty you have in the world. No matter where you live you can perform this task and play your part in this great mission.



Shri Sant Ji Maharaj speaking in Boulder, 17 September 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in India

Today people are trying to find peace in books and peace in nature. But nature itself is a part of peace, and so is your soul. Your soul is also natural, it is not artificial. Your body is also natural, it is not artificial. Ha! Maybe your way of living is artificial, but your body is not artificial. It is real, it is natural, like a tree. And you have to realize what is the mystery of that nature that is working within your body. Because God made that nature, He made so much nature, so much.

So realize that constant thing. Today we buy a certain thing – we love it. Tomorrow it is destroyed – where has our love gone? Where does our love go? We know that our love should be always constant. But it isn't. That's why there are so many opposites, that's why so many people are confused. They go into their churches and marry, and tomorrow they divorce each other. Because that love that we do externally is not constant. External things are not constant. But always when the True Master has come, He has guided the people and shown them the True Light and told them to follow this True Light. Then only can you reach the true destination that you ought to reach.

I went to Aspen and I saw huge mountains. I was seeing the snow falling the whole day. From where does this snow come? Is there any refrigerator in God's heaven that is putting out snow? What is


that thing that is making it snow? What is that nature? What is that thing that is making you alive? Is there any cell in your pocket, or is there any generator in your pocket, that is putting current into you and you are moving? This is the mystery of nature, that there is hidden Light in everything, and you have to realize what is that hidden Light, what is that hidden thing, what is that hidden current in you that is constant and can never die. These are the teachings of all the saints on record. That thing that is making things alive is the most constant thing in the world because it is the power of God, and this is making everything alive.

This is the body, this is a frame. One day something will go out of it and the whole body will become like a plank of wood. You can lift the body now by just holding the legs, but what is that thing that went into this form, and made it alive, and then went out of this form? That secret you should know.

People ask why did God create evil. If God did create evil, He also created the way to get rid of it. He created a pistol for it with four bullets and we have to shoot, and shoot, and shoot and shoot, and when we have shot all four bullets, we really have killed our ego, we really have killed it. Our pistol is meditation, and the bullets are the four noble Truths which kill the devil in us. Buddha said that knowing the four noble Truths, you will know something eternal. So what is that eternal thing? Know that. This is your aim in coming into the world. We haven't come into this world to eat drink and be merry. Remember, the plant that you are loving today, to which you have given so much water, will finish one day. Why? Because the plant is not constant. Nature is also not constant. In nature you see so many things coming up and so many things dying, like man. Nature is not constant. So what is the constant basis of all life, knowing which we are made constant?

Some people think that God is a human being, but He is not. God hasn't got ears like us, nose like us, eyes like us, mouth like us, teeth, tongue, lungs, chest, bones. He isn't like that. These eyes only see in a limited way, but God's eyes can see everything. His eyes are different from these.

Same way, His Word is a different word, and we need a different eye to see that different Word, a third eye. This is the mystery. Jesus Christ said, "People will be able to look into the Kingdom of Heaven with one eye." He never meant, "Take a stick and put out one eye and become a blind person or become half blind with only one eye." He never said that. So how to make one eye out of two eyes? The only way is to take a stick and put out one eye? Is that the way? Jesus said get one eye but He did not take a stick and put out eyes. There is some other way that is an internal way, it is the source of all nature and it is all the bliss that you can expereince, all the bliss that you can experience. This is the cause of snow falling on this earth, this the cause of everything you can see, feel, touch and think about. People try to think about God with their limited minds. I've told you so many times, you cannot think about God with your limited mind. God is unlimited and your mind is limited. It can only think about limited things. But when we enter nature, when we enter the heaven of God, then we realize what is the heaven of God.

I'll tell you a story. Once there was a queen. She went to take a bath, took off her necklace and hung it on a hook. A crow came and flew off with it. When he saw that it was not edible, that it was only a necklace, he let it drop down. The necklace fell from the sky and dropped onto a tree. Under that tree the river was flowing in which all the dirt of the city was flowing. Very dirty. When the queen came out of her bath she saw the necklace was missing. She cried, "A thief, a thief has taken my necklace." Was that crow a real thief? She never knew, but still she said, "A thief has taken my necklace, and until I get it back' I won't take food." So nobody could find the necklace and the king ordered that whosoever could find that necklace and bring it to him, he would give half his kingdom. Some travellers were going by, and they stopped under that tree to take some shelter and looked into that dirty river. "Oh there is the necklace," they cried, "Now we are the owners of half this kingdom. Let us jump in the water and take out the necklace."

So they all jumped in the river, and swam deep but they could get nothing. They came out and again saw the necklace was there.. So they again jumped in but again they got nothing. Again they came out and again they jumped in. When they came out they still saw it. When they jumped in, the necklace disappeared and when they came out the necklace was there. And so they thought, "That thief is very clever. Whenever we come out he shows us the necklace but when we jump in he takes it and hides it. He is very clever." After some time a huge crowd gathered, and later the king was passing and said, "What is the matter, why are so many people there by that river?" The people said, "There is the necklace, king." The king said, "Yes, that is the necklace, I should go and jump in and take it." But his Prime Minister said, "O.K, king. I am going to jump in and get this necklace for you." Then the king thought, "If the Prime Minister gets the necklace for me, then


half the kingdom will be his, so why should I lose my kingdom? These clothes are very fine, but they are not as expensive as half the kingdom." See, the king was very cunning. "I will jump in the water," he said. So he jumped into the river with all his clothes on, into that dirty river. He searched all around but he couldn't get that necklace. He came out and said, "Well, the necklace is there and as soon as I jump in it disappears. Why should this be?"

Just then, a Guru, a man who knew this Knowledge, was passing by, and he said, "This is neither a fasting day nor a Holy day. What is the matter? Why are so many people gathered around here?" And they said, "Sir, this is the matter. The necklace is there and we want to take it out." He said, "Can't you find it in the water?" They said, "No." He said, "O.K. Wait." Then he climbed the tree, took the necklace down and gave it to the king. Because in that river, there was not the real necklace, there was only the reflection of that necklace. The necklace was up there all the time but. they could only see the reflection.

Some butterflies always fly round bulbs and lamps and think, "This is the light," so they fly in there and what happens? There is fire inside, they burn and die. They fly in and they die. They thought something was there but nothing is there. So many people are come into this world and so many people have died, but what have they gained? Life then death. They think there is a mystery of life that they must search for, but where to search? They think the mystery of life is in materialism, but it is not there. Materialism is the reflection. You can see the sun, the moon, so many beautiful things – they are the reflection of this mystery – and they think, "Oh yes, here it is." And they jump into that mystery, but they find nothing. There are some people, even in India, who don't want houses or possessions or anything materialistic. They just want to live with nothing. They just stay in caves and say, "We don't want to be near materialistic things." But can they find real Truth there? Can they find real peace there? No, because they are only touching nature, they are not touching the mystery of nature.

What is materialism? To have a beautiful car, to have so many things around you, this is materialism. Sometimes the car breaks down then you pay money for it to be repaired. It is a fine. Sometimes television breaks down and you pay money for it to he repaired. It is also a fine. Really, it is a fine. You are being fined. So why do you have things for which you will be fined? We must put ourselves on the middle path in this world, not too low, not too high. Should the temperature of your body be 0 degrees centigrade or should it be 140 degrees centigrade? No, it should be 99, it should be normal. There are three types of levels. One is the most materliaistic and one is the most natural, but neither materialistic living nor natural living can help you. The level that will help you is the middle one. And when you know this Knowledge you know the secret of being in the middle.

Today, people remember the name of Rama and say, "Ram, Ram, Ram." But what was His name before He was born? Was it baby? So why don't we say, "Baby, Baby, Baby"? What was the name Rama's father meditated upon? What was that secret? What was the Mystery of the Light? We have to know that Mystery, because that is the main source, that is the spark plug. The white part of the spark plug is not beautiful. There are two things only which are useful in the spark plug. That little pin there and that little pin there. The spark goes between them, so they are the most useful, not the plug. The car is so expensive, but without this spark it is useless. Same way, this body is so big, but the thing making it go is so small, so very small. You cannot look at it through microscopes, not even through atomic microscopes. A microscope will not help you to know that Mystery. For that you need a third eye, you need to make both eyes into one eye. When you have that one eye you will see what is the Mystery of the mysteries. And you will say, "Yes, it is really far out." But you cannot see so you do not know.

There were two toads. I think you understand the meaning of toad, they go, "Trrr, trrr, trrr," in the night, you know? And these two toads met. One toad belonged to the sea and one toad belonged to the well. And the sea toad said, "I am very far away from my ocean, so you had better give me shelter." He said, "O.K, come into my well," and he took him into his well. When they were there they both started talking. The toad who lived in the well said, "How big is the ocean?" And the other one said, "Huge big, big, big, huge." So the toad who lived in the well made a circle and said, "This big?" And the other said, "No, huge, much bigger." So he drew a bigger circle. He said, "Bigger than this?" The other said, "Yes, much bigger." He carried on making circles saying, "Bigger than this?" "Yes, bigger than this." Ultimately, he reached the boundary of the well. He said, "Bigger than this?" The sea toad said, "Yes, bigger than this." He said, "It is impossible. Nothing can be bigger than my well. This is the biggest thing." The other said, "Brother, be patient, wait a little."

In the morning they both rose and the sea toad took the other one to the sea and all he could see was water, water, water and not an end to it.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Dressed as Krishna

Maybe you think these are just bare words which you listen to with your ears. But there is something beyond them, there is something beyond that which you think is limited, it's like the toad.

There were two ants, and one ant loved salt and the other loved sugar. When they met, the salt ant said, "My salt is the sweetest thing, the most beautiful thing." And the other said, "No, my sugar is sweeter." They said, "O.K, we are both tired today, we will rest and in the morning we will meet." And the salt ant said, "I will come and taste your sugar in the morning."

Morning came, they both rose up, and the salt ant said, "Probably there won't be any salt near that sweet thing, so I had better take some along." So she took some salt in her mouth and went to where the other ant lived. "Yes I have come," she said, "Where is the sugar?" "Here it is, taste as much as you like." The salt ant tasted some and then said, "Well, this is just like my salt, your sugar is just like my salt." She took another bite, "Yes, it's just like my salt." Because she had a piece of salt in her mouth, she could not taste the sugar.

The same thing is with us. In our minds there are egos, confusions, and so many things, so when we go to something we say, "Oh, this is just like our confusions." Because we are really confused, we get more confused. But once our confusion is removed we really will face the sweetness. And then the ant said, "Open your mouth," and the salt ant opened her mouth and, yes, there was a piece of salt there. The sugar ant said, "Take this out. Wash out your mouth and then come." So she did, and then she came and tasted the sugar and then said, "Oh, yes, this is beautiful. This is sweet."

Same thing with humans. People come to me, saying, "Oh, this is confusing." But when I say, "O.K, what are your questions, what are your doubts?" they tell me those questions. I give them the answers, and what happens? The salt, the confusion, comes out of their mouths. "O.K," I say, "Now go and wash out your mouth, go and listen to satsang and wash out your confusions." Then they go and listen to satsang and then I say, "O.K, now come and take the Knowledge," and I give the Knowledge to them and they are really satisfied.

You won't be able to understand my Knowledge by these bare words, because the Knowledge is a matter of practical experience and I think God will bless you to know this Knowledge. If you can't get this Knowledge outside, come to me and I will give it to you. I have got this Knowledge. I have given it to many people and they are all satisfied. So if you want it, come to me and I'll give you this Knowledge, because this Knowledge is a bank account which won't finish, even if I give it three thousand times to the people of this universe. It is a huge bank account I have got. It is not money that is in my bank account, it is the most precious jewel, it is a diamond which I am giving to everyone.

There was a farmer in the desert and he saw this piece of glass shining so he picked it up. He said, "Oh this is not precious," and he threw it away and went on his way. And after some time a jeweller came and he took it, and he said, "Oh it is a diamond, how lucky I am." So he put it in his pocket. So they both came, they both picked up that diamond, but one was clever enough to know its value and the other was ignorant and left it. This is confusion. This Knowledge is supreme, just supreme and you cannot take it with your mind, which is what you are wanting to do. I am very sorry, but you cannot have it like that. You cannot think this Knowledge in your mind. You cannot imagine this Knowledge. So if you have any doubts and confusions, ask me and I will remove them and I'll ask you to go and wash your mouth and that means listen to satsang. When you are ready I'll come and turn your battery on. When a car is ready, still one more thing is needed, and that single thing is the ignition. I can switch on your ignition. At this time you haven't even got an engine, you have only got a body, a chassis. But ultimately, satsang, by removing doubts, does many things and it will place an engine there, a big, huge, powerful engine. Everything will be fixed. You will become eager, but you have no battery and no ignition switch. You cannot turn yourself on. But when you are given this Knowledge you become ignited and then to go forward you do your service and your meditation and then you will go onto that highway that is the fastest highway in the world. It never goes crooked, it goes straight to God, straight to God, and it is a very short highway. Your car has got no steering wheel because there is just one direction, straight. It has got no tyres because it flies, it flies straight to one point and that is God. Only then do you become a real part of God, only then are you a real human being. Then you will be being. Up till now you are only human, not yet beings, but then you become beings, human beings. And then you become perfect, you become part of God and part of the Son of God.

So now I am here again, speaking to you, giving you my satsang. Some of you will be like a strainer, and all the precious water will drain out, and only the tea leaves will remain. But other people will be like combine harvesters. They will take out the hay and keep the grains inside them.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in India

So let's see who is like which. If you are like a tea strainer, the water will leak out and you will not be able to use the leaves again. But if you are sincere you will be like a combine harvester and you will really be part of God. So let's see which you are. So come tomorrow and receive the Knowledge. People who go to work can come after they finish. You are always welcome to come. We never stop.

So now you know why you have come to this world. Look at your watches and you will see how fast the second needle is running, so fast, extremely fast, and your precious moments are being wasted. You know the proverb, time and tides wait for no-one. Time and tides wait for no-one. And time won't wait for you. It's passing by like anything and there is no certainty in your life. Suppose you are going out and your car slips on some ice and it crashes into a bridge or something and you die. So there is no certainty about your life and there is a heart-attack disease that is very popular. You are .sitting there and you don't know when you will die and suddenly you die.

So know why you have come into this world. Take this full opportunity that you have got, that God has given you, take full opportunity of it, otherwise…

Dogs bark but the elephant carries on going. When an elephant passes in India all the dogs come round and bark, bark, bark. Elephant never even sees them. Elephant isn't aware of what is happening around him. If you don't realize why you have come into this world, if you don't use every single moment, then you are like an elephant, having nothing to do with nature, having nothing to do with Knowledge and having nothing to do with time. Everything is saying, "Know, know, know, know me," but you aren't interested. Realize why you have come into this world, why God placed you in this human frame, why God made you so handsome, why God graced you with that most intelligent brain. Why did He do that? Know. Only know.

And when you know it, meditate upon it, start walking on that way, start climbing up that ladder, and if you do not know the way, if you do not have that ladder, come to me and I will give you the Knowledge. You are always welcome. My Knowledge does not have any religion, it does


not have any way of life. If you want to cut your hair, cut your hair, my Knowledge won't affect that. If you are growing your hair, grow your hair, my Knowledge won't affect that. My Knowledge is like a river. Let a lame man come, it is the same water, let a rich man come, it is the same water, let a poor man come, it is the same water, let a beggar come, it is the same water, let a king come, it is the same water, let an enemy come, it is the same water, let a friend come, it is the same water. The same water is flowing for everybody. This Knowledge is the same for everybody. External things do not affect this Knowledge because it is internal. So know why you are following the crooked paths of this world and turn away from them to the straight path of this Knowledge. In the mountains in India there is a leaf and if you touch it it will give you an electric shock. Your fingers will feel tingling as if thousands of spiders are there, but nearby you will find a plant, a small plant, and if you take the leaf of that plant, you can rub it on your fingers and you will be cured. So where God has created evil He has created good also. But people who look at evil cannot look at good, they don't know where goodness is. The toads who live in the well don't know what the sea is and the toads who live in the sea don't need to know what a well is. So live in that ocean, live in that ocean of mercy, know where that ocean is and make your life a golden life, a precious life, a good life, a marvellous life. And I've got a way, I've got a technique …

People who have received Knowledge, my blessings are always with them and they should carry on and build an ashram here where many people can come and receive Knowledge. You are not building the ashram for my benefit, you are building the ashram for your benefit. You will reap what you have sown, everybody knows that. If you sow mangoes, you won't reap berries. You will reap mangoes. If you build an ashram, many people will come and take Knowledge and they will bless your soul. It will be a wonderful thing. I will come where there is love and unity for I love love and I love unity. I want this whole Universe to unite in the Name of God so that very soon the Kingdom of Heaven may come on this earth, so that very many people can take advantage of it. I am working for that, I am working very fast and I need your constant co-operation. What I want is to bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven quickly because by the grace of God nothing is impossible, except a few things. And I can bring it forth by this grace.

Remember, Jesus prophesied that there will be famine and thunders before the Kingdom of Heaven comes but remember at the same time that God is very merciful. He is complete mercy. And probably, if He has mercy on you, the world won't explode, and I am working for that. I am increasing this Knowledge like anything to stop the bombs destroying the whole world and I need your co-operation. If you don't co-operate with me, 0.K, then let the bombs explode. They won't wait for me, but if you want real peace, co-operate with me and really, I will bring it along, very fast, because God is merciful, all merciful. He is complete bliss and if you pray to Him, maybe He will protect us from the thunder, the famine and the bombs and change those bombs into bombs of flowers.

You don't think this can happen, but this can happen. Meena was a Princess who devoted everything she had to spreading this Knowledge, and her husband and father both thought this is evil. So they took a basket and put a snake in it and gave Meena this basket. They said, "Meena, these are flowers, this is a garland for your Lord." So Meena took the basket to her Lord and placed her hand inside and what came out was a garland.

With this Knowledge, thieves and robbers are converted into peaceful men, so no-one would think that once they were thieves and robbers. So I need your co-operation. God is co-operating with me from that side but you must co-operate with me from this side. You'll have to spread this Knowledge like lightning and you know what is the speed of lightning. Even faster than that. That's why you are devotees, that's why you were made disciples. Why are your names written as disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji? To do something, and that is to spread this Knowledge. You don't kill the egos, you bring them to me and I will kill them. So co-operate with me, give people satsang and do what else you can. I have devoted my whole life. If I have done it you can also do it very easily, very easily. There are no problems. If I have devoted my whole life to this purpose, and I have, then so can you. Sow it now and then reap what you have sown. Sow apples and you will reap apples, sow thorns and you will reap thorns. That's all.

So this is a Holy place and we are doing the work of God and we have to make it, make it, make it and make it. So do that, go on the line and start moving, move faster than anything in this world, make the bombs flowers. It is really possible. So I think you are all like combine harvesters now. I am staying in Denver, so come there for the Knowledge. If I have come all the way from India to Denver, then you can come from Boulder to Denver. It isn't very hard. So thank you very much.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji with His Divine Brothers in 1971

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You cannot see this Divine Light with these eyes. You can only see the Divine Light with the Third Eye. And you cannot speak the Holy Word. So you should try to find the Knowledge of Third Eye and Holy Word. Only through the Satguru will you be able to realize this Knowledge. He is the possessor of the Knowledge. So how to find the real Satguru. It is like this, when the sun arises, what proof have you got that the sun has risen? Do you take big search lights or candles to find out where the sun is? Do you? No. In the same way when you approach a real Satguru and gain this Knowledge, you have no need of extra things to find out, or to test it. It is complete and perfect.

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