Divine Light Magazine No 6


7 November 1971

When Lord Rama came home after defeating Raven, the evil king of Ceylon, he found his mother waiting patiently, having desired his return with all her heart. The same thing is happening again now, because Maharaj Ji is conquering the darkness of the West, and I am waiting. And there He is now, my Prince. When Rama's mother and brother were waiting for Him, it seemed like a year, so impatient were they to see Rama's radiant face. It has been like this for me. What Shri Maharaj Ji has done in this world is unique because the seed that He has planted in these other countries will grow into a huge tree of peace and equality. Then we will all be able to shelter under that tree.

This great spiritual land of India had already given birth to many great souls. Great souls love to be born in India. From her the Light goes all over the world. This time will become a part of history. In history it will be written in golden words that a little boy won over the whole world with love and faith. Our Guru Maharaj Ji is only 13 years old and He is conquering the whole world with love. Big generals and officers, spiritual gurus, warriors and politicians give such big lectures but they cannot achieve anything like this little boy can. In the West, where at this time there is so much confusion and delusion, Guru Maharaj Ji did nothing except open the people's own hearts to show them what was lying within. He is not dragging them into the outside world but is showing them what is inside.

When Rama came back after defeating darkness and worldly knowledge, the people prepared light festivals all over the place. Now we are also going to have festivals. But not only does Guru Maharaj Ji cause to be enlightened the outer lights of joy and happiness, He has also enlightened everybody's inner heart as well. So we are all enlightened, inside and out. He has satisfied our ears with His nectar-like words and has satisfied our eyes with His Divine face. What great work you have done in past lives in order to have the chance of being here today with Guru Maharaj Ji!

But if you ask what you can do for Him the answer is nothing. For whatever we do for Him, it can never be enough to repay Him for what He has done for us. The Knowledge, the Name He has given us, is so invaluable that we could cut our own throats and still it would not be enough. This Name is so great that when you die it does not matter when you have this Knowledge. So be volunteers for Guru Maharaj Ji. You must have done lots of good work in your past lives to be near Him, to see Him and to talk with Him. When the sun comes out it floods the world with light and warmth, but for owls it is very unpleasant. They hide their faces in the dark because they cannot face the sun. Same thing is happening to some people in the world; they cannot understand glory and radiance. See how people are becoming so animalistic now, so mean and greedy, like vampires they are trying to drink each other's blood.

Disaster is hovering just above the world, but this Knowledge is so powerful that it makes people want to work in the most adverse conditions to spread it further. Without Knowledge you cannot improve the world. Knowledge overcomes all dis-harmony and trouble, which in the meantime is blazing all around us. Who put the world in this condition? Human beings, nobody else. Not God. He wants us to enjoy this planet as a blessing, to worship, to love and to think of Him.

Great scriptures say that after much waiting and much trying, you get a human body with which you can really get to God. Even gods and angels have to obtain a human body to return to God. This is the human body and you have got it. Don't waste it. Possessing this body is such a great privilege but always be aware that its possession is only temporary. Death is coming. When something goes wrong with your body, neither your family, children or money will go with you, only yourself. So do something about it. Only the Name will go with you, so that is your eternal friend. Try never to forget the Name that Guru Maharaj Ji has given you. As soon as you leave it you are in danger, believe me. The profit of remembering the Name is this – when you remember it He who gave it to you is with you. So you can get to Him by calling his Name. You Western people, look how much you have changed in one year. Look back and remember what you were like one year ago and see what you are like now. You can see how this Knowledge affects you. Look at the difference that has happened since you met Maharaj Ji and received His Knowledge. This change is nothing to do with the body, the body was the same then, it is the same now. It is


Mata Ji the Divine Mother of Prem Rawat

the mind that is playing these tricks. The mind was polluted at that time and now it is becoming clean, you are becoming purer. So the mind is the root of all troubles. The body is pure and perfect all the time. The mind is the root of every evil, but when the mind becomes pure, you become divine. Look at Valmiki, the great saint who wrote the Ramayana. He was a bandit who used to kill people. He used to chop up human beings as you would chop up carrots yet when he met Guru Maharaj Ji and became enlightened he became the great author of the Ramayana. Every one of you has a human body. So don't waste it, do something with it. And do something so permanent that even when you leave it you still have the beneficial result of Holy Name which you obtained when you had your body.

If you look around, you will see how many different spiritual groups there are in the world and they are all fighting with each other like cats and dogs. Why? It does not mean they they do not love God. They do love God. But their love is ignorant because they do not know the reality, the Name, the Light. When they know those, then I know that they will not fight, for they will know the Truth. Everybody is the same. Religions are only made by human beings. God never made any religions. He made human beings who then made religions. God asks you to meditate on the inner Light of your inner soul. This does not mean putting candles on the altar. It might help you in a way, but it is not the real help. I believe in ritualism. Go ahead and do all these things, but when you are suffering and about to die, at that last moment can you do all these things? Can you play the bells and make fine offerings? No. At that moment you can only concentrate on your soul. When the last moment comes, you cannot say this is my religion, I am going to die this way. There is only one thing you have to do at that time, and that is enter the Light within you and leave your body peacefully. This is how Maharaj Ji has brought you together. There is no division, no differences, there is only one thing and that thing we must become. Guru Maharaj J i has instilled duty into everyone's soul, the Divine duty of meditating on this inner Light. Guru Maharaj J i has given us such a great thing that whatever duty might befall us, we will face it smilingly, for we know nothing can really hurt us. We should offer our hearts for His Mission and for the expansion the Light. We must sacrifice our life for Him. Do not fall back at this time, go forward fearlessly, for this is the only thing that will give the world everything.

My family is growing more and more, so I can give advice to mothers, and I ask for all mothers to keep their families on the path of Truth. Many yogas are being taught, but this is the Royal Yoga, so forget your physical discomforts. Learn to live with very little. If a war or any other disaster were to happen in this world you would not have much to eat or to live on, so practise living more simply. Do not keep your mind always on food and clothing. The more you pamper the body the more it demands. So just take a little and be satisfied. Keep your mind controlled also, for the more you pamper it the more it demands. Do not think too much, do not eat too much and do not sleep too much.

The Hans family is the Light of the World and they are going to show the whole world the path of Light. It is a family affair. Keep in touch with the family, get to know the family, learn to love the family and you will really be a part of what is happening. This is the life that is going to flow and maintain peace in the world. The world can give you a lot of troubles and challenges, but you do not have to worry because you have the power of the Name. So powerful is it that when everything else falls down it will still be standing. So don't be afraid. You are so forgetful that you have to be reminded again and again of the power that you are. That is the value of Satsang. Sometimes you may become deluded and think .yourself too old or too weak, but Satsang will remind you who you really are. So be all the time with Satsang. Satsang gives you power, understanding and strength.

Really, my friends, you have a great task before you. You have to show politicians, leaders and everyone that they are not• going the right way and that you know the right path. And you must do this by practical example. So, look after yourself and your children, make your family a holy family, bring your children up in the holy path of righteousness and the Holy Word. Do not encourage them to follow the tempting ways of materialism and sensual pleasures.

Some people complain to me that I don't show them my son. They say I keep Him to myself. But Maharaj Ji belongs to everyone. How can I keep Him to myself, for He is yours also? There is no limit on His Darshan. I make no rules for Him to obey. He goes on giving Satsang and Darshan around the world, and see what is the result. The whole world is becoming one big family with Him at its head. This is the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji. So meditate on that Holy Name and become a living example of His Divine Light so that many will see the Turth in you and follow your steps to His Holy Lotus Feet. This is the duty you have in the world. No matter where you live you can perform this task and play your part in this great mission.


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