Spring 1977
Volume 4, Issue 1, And It Is Divine Magazine

'And It Is Divine' was the name of this colour magazine published by Divine Light Mission in the USA from November 1972 until the late 1970's when it was replaced by 'Elan Vital'. It began as a monthly magazine attempting to carry a wide spectrum of articles relating to the wider alternative culture with highbrow pretensions and ended the same as all other Divine Light Mission magazines printing pictures and speeches of Prem Rawat's or his immediate family or close followers.

And It Is Divine magazine 4

What's The Trouble? - September 22, 1967, Prem Nagar, India

We have to make maximum use of this body. And how are we to do this? "Do meditation yourself, and inspire others to meditate, too." First you meditate, and then when you're strong and firm in it, you will have no trouble getting others to meditate, too. That's it -- it's not necessary to do anything else.

And It Is Divine magazine 6

The Ultimate Logic - November 23, 1976, Swaziland, Africa

It's made so easy in this century. it's been made so easy for man to be able to do this. And I also know how difficult man makes himself, how many barriers, how many walls, how many objections, how many things man really puts in front of him. I know. I was just doing the Lima Conference, and it was just like da da da da da da da. Then next point: da da da da da, what is this? What is this? What is that? How do you do this? How do you do that? How do you do that? It was just so many questions. So many -- things that people had boggled down in their heads that made it so uneasy for them.
And It Is Divine magazine 14

That Little Trick - February 17, 1974, Kansas City, Missouri

It's like, it is said that a beggar thinks the rich man is happy. The rich man thinks that the king is happy. The king thinks gods are happy. And gods think that God is happy. But God thinks they are happy who have dedicated their whole lives to Guru Maharaj Ji, and those people are happy who are doing meditation. He thinks that.

And It Is Divine magazine 23

Now We Can Progress - Excerpts: December 20, 1976, Atlantic City, New Jersey

On my birthday I really got blissed out, because it was so beautiful to just see premies come and was so beautiful to see the togetherness of the premies. But of course, these premies, they never showed up for any other satsang program, it was just because of the birthday party that they showed up there. But this program, it was a fantastic inspiration, so far as inspiration is concerned, because really it isn't like the information that I've been given. When I went out on the tour around this world, there was a lot of information that was given to me and it was really wrong, it was really a wrong information -- that's not the way things are happening. Things are a lot of different ways; premies are really ready to go, premies aren't having confusions, premies don't have any questions, that's some bongo that has those questions.

And It Is Divine magazine 27

Our Treasure Increases - July 29, 1966, Prem Nagar, India

If you do not realize God within, then Guru Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master, will manifest again and again in this world and you will see Him in the form you like. When a Perfect Master comes, he cannot be bound by the rule of government, but we know that if we have to explain this to the world, people will not understand. Even when people of this world see a true saint, they do not recognize him. Every time the Perfect Master comes, some people think that he is true, some think that he is false.

And It Is Divine magazine 34

The Court Of Love - December 18, 1976, Atlantic City, New Jersey

The more people can understand how beautiful really it is in our lives, more people can proceed towards it. it's just like an open gate: it's open to everybody. There's seven doors and there's one main door, and you can enter through any of these seven doors. But there's this one door and premies who really have the right patience and premies who really have the right understanding do make it through this final door. You have to knock; it's not open, you have to knock, but if you knock, it shall be opened - there are no restrictions to anybody, so far you're not a gorilla, you're a human being. I guess the person who opens it is Guru Maharaj Ji, and even if it's a dedicated enough gorilla and has gone to the program, I guess Guru Maharaj Ji will open it to him, too. But the point is, if you're a human being and you knock at the door, then the door shall be opened for us - and it has been opened for a lot of premies. Lot of premies sometimes come in the hall and they want to go out. They don't know why they want to go out, but they just want to go out.

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