That Little Trick

Maharaji February 17, 1974, Kansas City, Missouri

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1974
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1974

Dear premies, this is the last day of satsang in Kansas. And you see, the point is not that how many times we have satsang in Kansas or anywhere, but the point is that; do you understand what we want to tell you or not?

Now, there are two differences. I can say to Mahatma Ji, "Slap yourself." And he understands that I mean to slap -- you know, or I mean that he should slap himself. He understands that. And the second thing, he doesn't. See, there are two things. One is that since we are talking English and your birth language is English, you understand what I want to say to you. But this is not the point.

The point is, do you understand really what I mean, and do you want to do it? Because see, you can have the best meal in the whole world right before you and can never get satisfied by it until you eat it. And "eating" is that meditation.

Because see, people come to me and ask me all these questions, and they expect an answer from me. You know, the point is, something I want to really tell you, is that you come to me and you want to ask question; you expect a perfect answer. The thing is, I can give you that perfect answer because I have perfected myself in that Knowledge, in that meditation.

Now if you also want that perfect answer, you can also give it to yourself by yourself -- don't have to come to me and ask it -- by doing meditation and trying to perfect yourself into that point, into that stage, where you will be able to answer your own questions.

Because see, what questions are is something you do not understand, something you do not know about, an eagerness to know. That is a question. The way you present that eagerness to know something is a question.

But that thing which is unknown to you, you want to know and find out. So why don't you do meditation and find it out? And if you will be able to find it out, then there will be no question, because you have found out and your eagerness to know it will be gone. And this is the only solution. It's very simple. That is very possible by doing meditation.

Because you see, somebody comes up to me and sees this bulky pocket. You know, suppose I have a real bulky pocket. And he says, "What is that?"

Or like, there are these watches that you can't see the time on them, and they have like a flat glass on 'em, and then you press a button and the time pops out. It's a digital watch, and all these bulbs light up and they show up the time.

So now, if somebody comes to me and asks, "How do you see time in this watch?" that is eagerness to know. But for me, that question will never arise. Because I am the owner of the watch, the wearer of the watch, and I see time, maybe every half an hour or so. So I am never gonna ask myself this question, "How do you see time in this watch?" Am I? I'm not. Because I know how to see the time in that watch.

Suppose a man goes in a cockpit and there are all these meters in the airplane -- I mean, this and that, and this computer there, and this computer there. All this stuff. He goes in, and his eagerness is to know what is that for, what is that for, what is that for, what is that for, what is that for, what is that for?

But can you just imagine a captain walking into a cockpit and sitting down and saying, "Gee, I don't know what all this is. What is it?" Means, it will be like -- everybody will just try to get out of that plane because they know the captain doesn't even know anything.

And that is that point that why they are -- maybe they are coming to you in different ways, maybe there are different kinds of questions. That is like just saying, "Come here." And, "Will you come here?" And, "Stop over here." Like all these different ways of saying that. But the thing is, if you know one thing once, all the questions are ceased.

Because the thing that is creating that curiosity will be completely demolished from you. Because now that perfect thing that you ever wanted to know, you know it. And once you know it, it's like, you really, really know it. You know? You really, really know it -- you are into it.

And it's like, electrician comes to your house and he asks you, "What's the trouble? Why did you call me?" And you say, "Will you fix that bulb up there?" And he said, "Well, I don't know how to fix that bulb." You say, "What kind of electrician are you?" He learned about electricity, but he also learned how to fix bulbs, how to fix this, how to fix that, how to fix that, how to fix that.

And it's like, same way, once you know that Knowledge, with that Knowledge you can learn a lot of things that you do not even know about. They are not even describable in Shastras, in Bible, in all those things.

And if you know it, there it is, you know. It's like you are completely satisfied. Because satisfaction is the absence of dissatisfaction, and dissatisfaction is the absence of satisfaction. if they are absent -- if that satisfaction is absent in you, it's not in you, then you are gonna be dissatisfied. If you are dissatisfied, that means satisfaction is not in you. And if there is satisfaction in you, that means dissatisfaction is not in you. It's like the darkness and light; they cannot both stay together.

So this is what we have to understand in our lives, that why, you know, are all these questions coming to us? And what is the solution to them? Because a person -- it's easier for a person to go on thinking about things than to try to find solutions to them. Because to find a solution to them takes a little bit of labor. And to think doesn't take any labor. All you got to do is just sit down, and there you go! It's the fastest computer. Mind is one of the fastest computers.

It's like, when you walk into your car, you have not even started your car yet, you are not in your car yet, but your mind is in the car, you have started the car, it is going on its road, and it already has reached the house, and is in the house. And you have not even entered the car yet. And your mind is already there.

It's like, you know when -- I don't know. Maybe, or maybe not -- when premies were coming from India to New York, they were still in the airport, but their minds were going: Oh, we'll board the airplane, and this will happen, and then we'll get an immigration card, and then we will be landing for New York, and the captain will be giving us all this information, and then we will land in New York, and then we will get out in that city which will be just completely dirty, and this and that, and it will be cold, and this and that, and …

Because see, there is a difference. A child, a little child, -- really little, maybe two, three years old -- also thinks approximately at the same rate as you think, or even more. He just is constantly thinking, "Oh, I'll go to my mama and get some candies, and I'll do this, and I'll do that, and I'll do that." Because there is one relative of mine; he's only two and a half, and he's really cute, he's small. And it's like, he has no companions to play with, but he is just singing by himself. He is just thinking about it, you know, he just sits down, and does this, and does that.

It's like, but that thinking of his, of that little child, it's perfectly normal. It's gonna mean him no harm. Because see, when he thinks, "I am gonna go to my mama and get some


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1974
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1974
candy," so he is gonna stop his playing, and go to mama, and get some candy. You know, he's gonna do it. If he thinks, "I am gonna play in the dirt," so he is gonna play in the dirt. If he thinks, "I am gonna go to the play park," he's gonna go to his mommy and start saying, "I have to just go to the play park, and I have to just go, and start doing all those things," and eventually go to the play park.

But with a human being, the problem is he always tries to think of something that is completely impossible. This is the problem. For a kid, he's always gonna think that thing which is quite possible for him. To get toy probably, to get some candies probably, to go to a play park probably, to go to bed probably, to, you know, just, to have a holiday probably. And things like that can keep him pretty busy, but those things are perfectly okay.

But as a man grows, his mind grows, his ego grows. As a matter of fact, if you have ever noticed, a little kid has actually more ego than anybody else. Because you know, forget it, if, like, you touch their clothes sometimes or you do this and you do that, sometimes they really get furious. They really get furious. And they come to you, and it's like, you better treat them equal, otherwise they will just hate you, and they don't like to get slapped, and everything like that. It's like they also have egos.

But that kind of ego is perfectly okay. Because it's guiding them to no distortion. It's like the childish ego which he knows -- because, it's like, he is constantly changing, he is changing in such a stage which is completely normal.

It's like, if the car is in neutral gear, and you keep on pressing the gas pedal, it's perfectly okay. You can press all the way down on the gas pedal, and the car won't go anywhere. But if the car is in gear, and you press that gas pedal all the way down, you probably will get a ticket.

Because as soon as you do that you will be going more than forty-five miles an hour or fifty-five miles an hour, forget it. And the cop is behind you, and he's gonna really give you a ticket.

So there is that difference. There is no difference in the gas pedal, and there is no difference in the mechanism. Because whatever happens, when your car is in gear, the same thing is happening when your car is not in gear. Because when you press the gas the carburetor pin is going in, letting the fuel in, and the fuel is going to the engine.

The same mechanism, same thing happens when your car is in gear. But -- but the whole thing is that there is a little link, there is a little plate, and it's about that much away from the driving of the car, and that's called the clutch plate. And as soon as that clutch plate is engaged, the whole thing makes a difference -- the whole thing makes a difference.

It's like, when a man's ego is completely matured, completely strengthened, and that is like the whole thing -- that whole thing just makes complete, complete difference. Because then it's like, "Oh, that's mine," "Oh, that's mine," and it's like, he means it. He means it.


A kid probably will go biting around or kicking around, but he won't mean to kill somebody. Oh, maybe he would get that frustrated that he wants to kill 'em, but he won't. You see? He won't.

It's like, my relative was fighting with this other boy, Stevie, in Los Angeles, and they were fighting over this bike, this tricycle. And he bit him! And so like, I said, well I really got angry with him, and he didn't even weep, because he knew it was his fault. And the next thing you know, they are both talking in English and they are both playing, you know, and then Stevie is pushing the tricycle and Mickey is sitting on it, and Mickey is Pushing the tricycle and Stevie is sitting on it. They are both cool.

But that does not happen with a human being. Because once that thing is formed in him it stays in him. Because his ego has been strengthened.

If you take a cassette -- have you ever taken a cassette? -- and there are two things at the back of the cassette. Okay? Like two little things. If they are there, you can record anything -- anything on that cassette whatsoever, and erase it. But if you take out those two things, you can never record on that tape -- until you do really tricky things to do that. You have to stuff that hole up with some kind of paper or something so that the recording button will be pushed, and then you can do it.

But see, this is the difference. When that ego is completely strong, it's like, completely strengthened, and whatever comes to it, it adopts it. It goes right in the middle of it and starts like doing everything -- every kind of thing. You know? Just every, every, every kind of thing.

It's like, it is said that a beggar thinks the rich man is happy. The rich man thinks that the king is happy. The king thinks gods are happy. And gods think that God is happy. But God thinks they are happy who have dedicated their whole lives to Guru Maharaj Ji, and those people are happy who are doing meditation. He thinks that.

Why? Because beggar thinks of getting money. And rich man thinks of protecting the money. So he thinks king is happy because he has so many guards. But king also is even more worried than that rich man of his money. And because of that, he thinks the gods are better because they have to just wish and they get everything. And the gods are worried so that they may not lose their power; they are worried about losing their power. So they think God is happy. But God says -- because God doesn't have to be happy; He is always happy -- He really thinks so far in this human life happiness is concerned, those people are happy who have dedicated their whole lives.

Because then it's a difference. If a mother is holding the child by a hand and walking parallel to that child, and the child falls down, it can be so-called child's fault. It probably is, because he was not looking where he was going, and stumbled over.

But if the child is in mother's lap and falls down, it is not the child's fault; it's the mother's fault. Now, she does not -- it does not have to be purposely, or intentionally she dropped the child, but still it'll be called the mother's fault.

The same way, if a man is living by himself in this world with his ego and everything, then whatever action he does, he is responsible for that. But if he has dedicated his life -- if he has dedicated his life … See, the difference is, when you are sitting in a car -- if you are walking out by yourself, wherever you want to go you can go. But if you are sitting in the car, then wherever the car goes, you have to go. You have got no choice. Even if you keep turning.

It's like, if you are walking in a bus, if you are riding in a bus, right in the front seat, and the bus is going towards this direction, and you go all the way in the front, and this bus stops at one street -- but this bus stop is like about three or four steps or five or six steps away from where you have to go. So you get up from your seat -- okay? -- and the bus is still going, and you start walking towards the door. That is not gonna take you anywhere, because the bus is still moving. You understand?

It's like, many times people think that since they are sitting in first class, they enter the airport first. You know, it's like they were the first ones who came in. Well, maybe they did, but it's like, the whole thing is like, you keep on walking in 747 -- as a matter of fact, upstairs in the lounge there are seats that can


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1974
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1974
turn 360 degrees. And the plane is flying this way, and you can face this way; that does not mean that you will start flying backwards. Or you can face the other way. That does not mean anything.

Wherever you face, wherever you walk, wherever you go in that 747, and no matter which direction you are going, you are still proceeding to one direction, though your direction may be different. Because you are bound to that 747. The same way, if you are alone, by yourself, then its like everything, you are responsible for it. But if our lives have beep dedicated to the Almighty, then wherever Almighty takes us, we are bound to go there. And that is that little trick that, this is that little trick that Krishna explained to Arjuna. That look; this is how you get along, going to liberation. This is how you can do selfless action.

Because otherwise, it's really hard to do a selfless action. Even if I say, Well this is a poor man. I want to help him," "I want to": that is a wish, that is a desire. And it's like, as soon as I say, "I just want to help him out of kindness," or anything, but I said I want to. And it's like that. Because I want to do, it's a desire. And I want to do it because I want to. And that desire completely changes that selflessness into selfish action.

And there is that little point that even if a man is trying to do, and so-calls it that way, still he is not really doing that action which he calls selfless action. Until he has completely dedicated his life.

You know, it's like that difference. If a man is walking by himself and he turns around 360 degrees and starts walking to the north, that means he is going to the north. if he starts walking to the south, that means he is going to the south. If he starts walking towards the east, he is going to the east. If he starts walking towards the west, that means he is going to the west. But if he is sitting in a 747 or in any airplane or in a car, he can start walking towards the east, west, south, or north, but still his direction is one -- towards which the airplane is flying.

And the same way, if we have dedicated our lives, really, you know, then it's like we are completely bounded by the grace to take us there no matter what we do. And all the actions we do then are selfless actions. Because we are not responsible for them. You see, we are just not responsible for them. And this is like a little trick. it's like, it's like a little trick that, it's completely like, it's so subtle, but so simple that people are expecting this trick to be really hard. But look. It's really simple.

And this is like what we have to do now is dedicate. And it's like, by doing meditation is the only way, one and only way to dedicate it. You understand? Because you are not actually dedicating your whole life to an individual, but to Almighty. That's where intention should be.

So dear premies, you should do meditation and try to understand what I am saying. Maybe you may not like the whole idea that I talk about. Maybe it's too stupid. But the thing is, that if you really get into it, then it's not stupid.

I'll tell you something. Premies in Italy bought for me this Espada. This is like a really expensive car. It's like a 25,000 dollar car. And they bought this Espada, and it's like, really there is no car that expensive, 25,000 dollars. And if there is one car, Mercedes 600, then it has everything automatic in it. But you will not believe: this car has twelve cylinders and six carburetors, and it has all that. But to drive it, its so clumsy because you have five on the floor. You just keep changing them all the time.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1974
 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1974
So its like, look. So you have gone so much higher in the cost price, and the standard of the car, but still there are some things that are like lacking. But, like really, what is luxury? Automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, well it has automatic windows, power locks, telescopic steering wheel, automatic seats, and all those things are luxury. But that 25,000 dollar car doesn't have all those luxuries in it.

But once you get into driving that car, forget it. Means, anybody who really gets into that car loves it so much, so much. Like, we used to drive around down in Rome, and this is the only car in Rome. And people used to just jam up and see what's going on. Because its so sleek looking. it's like only that high from the ground, really, really low.

But the thing is, you have to really get into it. And if you don't want to get into it, and if you just think about the luxury of it, I think it's one of the most unluxurious cars. Because it doesn't have automatic transmission. (As a matter of fact, Lamborghinis don't even build it). Doesn't have an automatic transmission, doesn't have a telescopic steering wheel, and so on and so on. Doesn't have any automatic seats in it. So what is the luxury?

But that thing -- just the driving experience in that car, the road handling, shifting the gears at each time, and getting the steering under your control, and speeding and getting just a lotta power under your foot, that is the luxury in that car. And that's the way it's supposed to be. And that's the luxury in that car.

While in any other car, the luxury is just of sitting and pushing a button, going up and down, and all those things. So there is a great difference in the Espada's luxury and in any other car's luxury. It's really a great deal of difference. So really if you want to get into such a luxury, you will have to get into it. And then you will enjoy that luxury.

And same way with meditation. Meditation is like an Espada. Okay? And it's like, you have to really get into it. And that doing meditation itself, doing it, is like the luxury, is like that beautiful bliss itself. It's that beautiful bliss. And this is where you have to enjoy it, and this is where you have to go into it.

So premies, it's up to you to understand. And believe it or not, Espada is a beautiful car. And so is the meditation. Because though it might take a little bit of labor, you might have to sit down -- but you can, really, if you just really start doing meditation, you can do it while you are walking, sitting, doing anything.

So it might seem like a little bit of labor, but there is the bliss, and you go into it. It's like, gee, on Sundays everybody wants to sleep, and here you are sitting here. You know? It's like, maybe it is a little bit hard, downshift all the time, or upshift all the time, but that's the bliss, that's the luxury in it. And once you go into it, forget it -- it's beautiful! So this is where you want to go, and this is where you want to reach at this point. You know? Because this is what every man is looking for. Every man. Every human being is looking for something like this.

But because he does not know, it has not been identified yet, what object he wants. Because bliss is bliss. You know, and it's like, that's all it, but it's like, there is no identification to it. And so man has not actually been able to identify that pleasure he is looking for, so he just calls it bliss. And that's all he can go to it. And that's, there he is completely limited.

But every human being is actually looking for


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1978
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Perfect Master 1978
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1978
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji the Perfect Master 1978

this most beautiful bliss. And you do not know how beautiful this can get. You know, it's just fantastic. I have given this example already about three times. I'm gonna give it to you, too.

They used to have these Mercedes -- a long, long time ago, when they just started building it. They were crazy Mercedes -- I mean, really crazy ones. You probably had to take one of these things and stick 'em in the carburetor, take a match and light 'em up, and start up.

And now, they have been developing it, developing it, developing. And for about thirty or forty years, development of about maybe more than -- maybe fifty, sixty years, they have been able to come to this point. And they have built this 450 Mercedes with an electronic ignition, fuel injection system, you know, it's like even the tires are suspended in such a way that you are going, and the faster you go the wheels will start tilting like that, so you get better traction on the road. And hardly you will go into any skid or anything like that. It has one of the best, best steering wheel systems. It has one of the best suspensions.

It's like, they built all that in about fifty years. And beautiful looking car. And it's like, this is what all the road test magazines have been saying about it, it's one of the world's best sedans, four door sedans. It's the world's best four door sedan. It's like positive, completely positive car.

So in fifty years you developed so much. It's like, almost one hundred percent -- you have developed one hundred percent. Can you imagine; God built this world so beautiful to start with, centuries ago -- centuries ago. And He is pretty smart. He really is. He is smarter than human beings.

And God built this beauty. To start with, He built it so beautiful. Those cars were really honky looking when they started building them. Really they were. And from that honky looking car you have developed to this point.

Or see the airplanes. If you have seen the airplanes, you just don't even want to see those airplanes, because they are so horrible. You don't even know how they'll fly. It's like, they are just really horrible planes. Or like the horrible cars.

They start from these honky cars, and here they are, you know, up to this fuel injected, electronic ignition. Even that Mercedes has this little thing, which almost no car has, and it's a little computer. And it takes your ground speed, it takes your vibrations from the road, and it takes the air, how high you are going. Maybe you are going in-the mountains or something like that. And it'll tune up your car. That computer will tune up your car to the mixture, as the car requires. So you don't have to go like up in the mountains and get your car all tuned up, and then come in the ground, and get your whole car tuned up. It's like even that is automatic.

It gives the engine the perfect amount of mixture. The very perfect amount of mixture. So you have developed this much.

But God made this world so beautiful to start with, you do not know how much beautiful world He has made now. But, all that beauty comes from one point, and that is that perfect energy. So you do not even know, you cannot even imagine how beautiful it will be at the source from where it comes.

You see a river. And it's pure water; beautiful pure water. You cannot even imagine how beautiful that source will be from where that river is coming. You do not even, you can't even imagine. You know, it's like, must be really, really -- not perfect, but -- just really beautifully pure.

And the same thing is that, that God has built all this beauty. The sunset, the moon, stars, everything, marble, look! Means like, all this beauty that you see in this hall is just due to what God has made. Look at these stones. Means, they are beautiful! They are completely, completely beautiful. Marble -- they are just beautiful, you know.

And it's like, He has done it all, He has made it all. But if you go into that beauty from where the source of all beauty is, you can't even imagine how beautiful it will be. And this Knowledge within inside of you is the source of that beauty. And if you get into it, I can't tell you how blissful it will be, how beautiful it will be. You know, it's completely unimaginable.

So thank you very much, and you should all do meditation. God bless you.