Volume 3, Issue 1, And It Is Divine Magazine

'And It Is Divine' was the name of this colour magazine published by Divine Light Mission in the USA from November 1972 until the late 1970's when it was replaced by 'Elan Vital'. It began as a monthly magazine attempting to carry a wide spectrum of articles relating to the wider alternative culture with highbrow pretensions and ended the same as all other Divine Light Mission magazines printing pictures and speeches of Prem Rawat's or his immediate family or close followers.

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Lao Tzu

when the best wood is carved into tools
Perfect Master will use them.

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Plato's Secret Doctrine

Drawing on the notes of two living Tao masters, Matthew Rich has produced perhaps the most authentic translation of the Tao Te Ching to date. We publish here excerpts from the text soon to be published in New York.

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Calm Your Mind Raja Ji speaks at a public program in Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A. 2 October 1975

There is one devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji on the West Coast, and he has a tennis class called "The Inner Game of Tennis." With the help of this meditation, he teaches people how to play tennis by concentrating their energy. And he is very successful. A lot of people go to him just to improve their tennis. They don't realize that he does this meditation, they go to him just to learn tennis. But slowly they get into the Knowledge. They are turned on, they receive Knowledge, they are devotees, and they are experiencing peace, they are satisfied, and everything is really far out. Even their tennis has improved.

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That Lord, That Power Public Program, Hans Jayanti Festival, Orlando, Florida, November 9th, 1975.

I have said this before
and I am going to say it again.
Through the Lord's Grace,
you give me love,
and I will give you peace.

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Never-Ending And Ever-Giving Durga Ji's Satsang in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. 9 November 1975

But this love that Guru Maharaj Ji shows us, that is within us, this is something that is always there. And it gets more beautiful, and more beautiful, and more beautiful all the time. It's like he opened the door to our hearts, and it just comes pouring out. It keeps going and going. It's never-ending and ever-giving. It's really just too much to try to talk about.

Many thanks to those who made these texts available for publication on the internet.