Prem Rawat: And It Is Divine magazinewhile soul is in the body
can you realize the subtle vibration
with no duality?
can you follow your breath
like a sleeping baby?
can you watch the inner Light
with spotless and clear vision?

the Name has been remembered
by the endless flow of beings.
the Name called all things to creation.
how can i know this?
because the Name is within me.

when you receive the enlightening Knowledge
can you remain detached and free of concepts?

those of true understanding
remember the golden Name with every breath.

the highest goodness flows like water
giving life to everything
with no effort.
such water settles in the lowest place
where men hate to go.
it naturally flows in the path of Energy.


where you live, stay close to the earth.
where you meditate, stay in the deepest self.
where you have fellowship, stay centered, be gentle.

give life to those who love you
but never claim or possess them.
accept no credit for your deeds.
do selfless service while remembering the vibration.
this is the great virtue.

what man can improve the universe?
it would be no service to try.

be a wave in the river of consciousness.
flowing in such a river is constancy.

perform your duty
with no pride.
perform your duty
without proclamation.
perform your duty in humility.
perform your duty
free of anger.
perform your duty
with each breath.

know glory.
realize humility.
be the lowest valley of the earth,
deep, empty,
always prepared to receive.
return to the state of unbroken trees.

when the best wood is carved into tools
Perfect Master will use them.

the space between earth and heaven
cannot be understood.
it appears empty but cannot be exhausted.
the more movement, the more surrender.
words create endless concepts.
go silent, turn the eye inward.