AIID:Volume 1, Number 6, April 1973

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Religion Means Revitalization

Every age has a Satguru. Jesus the Christ was the Satguru for the Piscean Age. And now there is a modern Christ for the Aquarian Age. The age has changed, because every 2,150 years the age changes, and this is the beginning of that new era. This is a universal idea. The Dalai Lama, the priest of the Tibetan religion, also says that a modern Buddha will come and solve all problems. All the scriptures are predicting that a Satguru will come.

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Know Him While You Can Mata Ji

The people who have their own houses like them because they are their own, so they try to make them better. But the people who have rented houses don't take care of them. They say, "Oh, well, I'll have to change anyway, so I don't care. I'll go somewhere else." But with this body you cannot just change like that. It is yours. God has given it to you and God can take it away from you anytime He likes. So it is very important that you do something with this human body

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This Precious Diamond Guru Maharaj Ji at the Guru Worship Festival, July 25, 1972

And do you think that God can just watch while the human race is destroyed? Is He a Father? If He is going to watch the world being destroyed, He is not a Father. Maybe something else, but not a Father. So God has already manifested Himself, because if He manifests Himself a year from now it will be too late. According to many prophecies, maybe seven or eight prophecies, God manifested Himself a long time ago. One prophecy says that in the last months of this year, Truth or peace will reign over evil. Now if this is going to happen, how will it be done? It's not going to be like magic, where a magician puts his hat on the table, says something, and a rabbit comes out of it. It has to be practical. And this Knowledge is practical.

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