Bal Bhagwan Ji Bal Bhagwan Ji


This Discourse was given by Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, Eldest Brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, at the Guru Worship Festival near Montrose, Colorado, on July 25, 1972.

Dear premies and all the citizens of Montrose,

Today in this materialism some people are worshipping money, some people are worshipping drugs and some people are worshipping different cults. But the devotee who knows that the essence of all is Light and Knowledge, he worships only the Guru, because he knows that the Guru has brought Light into His life.

The work of the Guru is to bestow spiritual Knowledge and to remove ignorance. Satgurus have incarnated since time immemorial on this earth and have given this spiritual Knowledge to mankind. They have come, they will come, and Satguru has come to save this entire humanity. One thing I'll tell you, that many people think that the spiritual Master will come or the Christ will come but the question is, if Christ comes, how will we be able to realize Him? What test do we have, or what test will we make to realize Him?

If He comes with a white cloak, that white cloak cannot be the test because anybody can wear a white cloak. If He comes with wounds in His hands, that is not the test because at the time of Christ crucifixion was the punishment for people who murdered, for people who robbed. So any vagabond, or any person who was crucified can come and declare, "I am Christ." Anybody can have the same features as He had, and you, because you haven't seen Christ, you haven't seen the living Master of the Piscean Age face to face like St. John did, like Peter did, like Matthew or Luke did, you were not with them, so you cannot have experience of the same form. And even by seeing the form you cannot realize if He is a true Master or not.

The only test of a true Master is the Knowledge He gives. There was a statement made in Denver that the western religions have lost their meaning. Now many people will fear, and they are fearing, that Guru Maharaj Ji has come to replace western religion with eastern religion. But when the meaning is lost, only one thing remains – to find the meaning. And Guru Maharaj Ji has come here now to restore the meaning, the real essence of all the western religions.

Religion is not a thing that you can change, you see. It is not like a record changer. Religion is something permanent. See, after Christ there was Christianity, after Buddha there was Buddhism, after Lord Rama and Lord Krishna there was Hinduism, after Mahavir Jain there was Jainism, after Tao there was Taoism, and after Confucius there was Confucianism. But what was the religion before Christ, what was the religion before Nanak, what was the religion before Mohammed, what was the religion before Lord Rama and Lord Krishna?

That religion cannot be changed. Nobody can change that religion. That is something permanent and immortal. If you fear that we are changing your religion, then my dear friends, that religion is not true religion, that is a faith religion because anybody


can remove it, anybody can wash it, it can be changed. It's not permanent.

So Guru Maharaj Ji is now in the West to restore the true meaning to religion. And what is the true meaning? The true meaning of religion means realization. Now, today Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is head of the cabinet in India, and she would not like it if anybody took her post. President Nixon would not like anybody to take his post. But the Satguru likes everybody to be like Him . That's a unique quality that He has. He wants everybody to be Himself, and that is why He's giving enlightenment, He's giving Knowledge of love, Light and Truth to everyone.

So this spiritual Knowledge is a bond, is the only bond that can unify this whole universe. Everybody is talking of peace, but where is peace? You cannot buy peace as you buy popcorn or chips or something else. Peace is something which you cannot buy. Peace is something which you have to find in your own self by an introvert process. Peace is something that you have.

You can see that in this world everything is changing. The cars are changing, everything. This change is due to the dissatisfaction of the mind, the waivering of the mind, the vacillations of the mind. If our minds get stable we get total satisfaction out of everything, but without our minds being stable we can't get complete satisfaction.

You must have seen many circuses. Now, in the circuses many people come around and look at the posters, the dates and the photographs, but there's too much rush and they get pushed around too much. But if you buy a ticket, you can go into the circus and get a fine seat there. Similarly, if you are simply coming to this festival as an observer, you'll still have too much confusion, and too much trouble also. But if you take the ticket of Knowledge and enter the kingdom of heaven, you'll get a fine seat there and by taking the seat you can see everything, the whole circus before you. You can see the whole circus of this creation, of spiritual reality. You can watch the whole panorama of creation.

So that is why it is no good to listen to lectures. You see, it is said that an ounce of practice is better than a thousand pounds of talk. If we practice what we speak about only a little bit, that will have more benefit than a thousand pounds of talk or lectures. So you must realize the significance of this Holy Name and this Guru. See, a Guru plays an important part in our lives. For example, a running car without a driver will crash. So without the Satguru, the life, the living life, the conscious life will also crash. We require a Satguru.

Every age has a Satguru. Jesus the Christ was the Satguru for the Piscean Age. And now there is a modern Christ for the Aquarian Age. The age has changed, because every 2,150 years the age changes, and this is the beginning of that new era. This is a universal idea. The Dalai Lama, the priest of the Tibetan religion, also says that a modern Buddha will come and solve all problems. All the scriptures are predicting that a Satguru will come.

Today I was told by somebody that some people believe that Jesus Christ is present in spirit, but if you read Revelations it is said that the people who do not believe that Christ is come in flesh are anti-Christ. People who believe that Christ came in the flesh are of the Father, but people who do not believe that Christ came or is come in the flesh are anti-Christ.

But we know, we have realized that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, because that Word came into flesh. Now where is that flesh? Where is that Word turned into flesh? See, flesh is a thing which we can see. You go to a market and you buy flesh, you buy meat. It has form, it has dimension, and anything that has dimension can be seen. So that Word which turned into flesh can be seen, because it has already turned.

So if you believe that Jesus Christ is in flesh, then where is He? See, the test, again, is Knowledge. Without the Knowledge of Christ you cannot test Him.

One thing I'll tell you, I am seeing many candles. Now, without these candles it would be very difficult for all these people to go back to their camps. In the same way, returning to our original home, our Mother source, our Father, is very, very difficult without Light. Nobody can go there. And that Light is called Divine Light. To go back to our home, to follow the way, we require Light, and light is a phenomenon which can be perceived by eyes. To see external things we have material eyes, these two eyes, and to see the spiritual thing we have the third eye, the inner eye.

So I am very happy to be here, and I am also happy that the moon is here. And some people might get afraid of the werewolf coming, but when we see Guru Maharaj Ji, there is no fear. Fear is always in a person who has no security, who has no aim. There is always illusion there.

But it is said that just as lightning flashes from the East to the West, so shall the Son of Man come from the East to the West. Just like the sun rises, the Son of Man will come to the West. So the West should look toward the East, you see. Like, there is a sun, but people do not say, "This is our sun." The eastern people do not say, "This is an eastern sun," and the western people do not say, "This is a western sun." The sun is the sun. So similarly the Son of Man will be



Bal Bhagwan Ji the Son of Man to both the East and the West. See, water is not water only for the West. Water is water for everyone. You see, the empirical is the same.

Guru Maharaj Ji, who has come to the West, is Guru for the West as well as for the East. Now, for example, nature has surrounded you here with a beautiful place, with a river flowing. Now this river will ultimately go to the sea. Similarly, our efforts will also go to our Father. See, what is a Satguru? If you take a mirror, you see your face in the mirror; actually you don't see the mirror, but you see your own face. The Satguru is acting like a mirror.

If you want to see your own face, you can never, never do it without a mirror. Similarly, if you want to realize your own self, you can never, never do it without a true Satguru. Guru Maharaj Ji is acting like a mirror before you. He is reflecting your own image, your own pure self, your own pure spirit. And we must worship God in love, in Truth and in spirit. But how can we do that ? That's a question that has to be answered. By the Knowledge of soul, by the Knowledge of spirit, we can worship in spirit. But without the Knowledge we cannot.

A devotee should always try to use all his efforts to make his Guru Maharaj Ji pleased, and for that he must do anything that is required. Now, when people take photographs, if the camera shakes in their hands the photograph will be blurred. The whole image will be spoiled. Similarly, if our mind waivers in meditation, if it shakes, if it trembles, then the spiritual experience is disturbed, resulting in no spiritual experience. So a man who is sitting in meditation should have a very stable, concentrated, fixed mind.

Now I'll give you one example. There was once a great Guru named Dronacharya who had five disciples called the Pandavas. One day he wanted to test his disciples, so he brought them before a tree and told them each to take a bow and arrow and try to aim at the tree. All the five disciples stood before the tree and aimed with their bows and arrows. And then Dronacharya asked them, "What are you looking at?" Four of them said, "Oh, Guru Maharaj, we are looking at the tree and also at you; we are looking at everything." But then he asked Arjuna, who was one of the disciples, "What are you looking at?" And Arjuna said, "I'm looking only at the tree. I'm not looking at you. I can't see you. I am only seeing the tree."

Then Dronacharya said, "Aim at the branch," and Arjuna aimed at the branch. And again the Guru said, "Well, what do you see now?" He said, "Now I can see only the branch, and I can no longer see either you or the tree." And Dronacharya said, "There is a little bird sitting on that branch. Now aim at that bird." So Arjuna aimed his bow and arrow at the bird, and when he was asked, "What do you see now?" he said, "I don't see the branch, I don't see the tree, I don't see you, but I only see the bird."

So you can see how concentration is converged. The rays of the sun are being diffused, are being diverged, and those rays don't even have sufficient energy to burn paper. But if you take a magnifying glass and converge those sun rays, if you focus them, the converged rays of light contain the power to burn the paper; they contain heat.

So similarly, a concentrated mind has power to do anything, even to unify with God, but without a concentrated mind, you cannot unify with God. We have to have a concentrated mind, and that is done by a magnifying glass, the magnifying glass of Knowledge. By Knowledge and by practice you concentrate your mind until you only see God and nothing else. And in reality, nothing else exists. The rest is only relativity, only illusion. So all the devotees who sit in meditation must have concentration. They must not be like the camera that is waivering, with no spiritual experience.

This is the time, you see. This is the opportunity that you are getting, so take full benefit of this opportunity and everything is okay. And my blessings to you and all the premies.