When The Teacher Comes Back
The Reincarnation of the Master

See, reincarnation means that a realized soul, which is one at a time, comes and reveals that Truth to people. Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Kabir, Nanak, Guru Govind Singh … and also Christ - and there are many. They are all called incarnations. They come to give this Knowledge to people so that they may be done with all the sufferings of this world. Like Krishna says, "When there will be a decline in the true religion, I will come to save it and form one religion." Which he did. And "religion" means realization. "Religion" has started from a word "realization." - Prem Rawat, 1971

"Knowledge stays the same, the holy curiosity and curiosity is holy, stays the same, the desire to want to know stays the same and when that fulfillment happens in one's life the joy of that fulfillment stays the same but we change, our attitudes change, the way we look at things changes and what that Master does, amazingly enough that it takes that thing, that experience, that Knowledge and makes it real, tangible, comprehendible to the people of his time so that they may experience that as if the same thing was being experienced by any other generation and therefore Knowledge is kept alive and not thrown in the doctrine, not thrown in the dogma but is kept totally awakened, alive and separated by that teacher. When that teacher is not there it immediately firms and becomes a dogma and a doctrine. When the teacher comes back he takes it back out of dogma and doctrine and makes it a living experience for the living people and that's what it's all about." (Heartfelt, awed applause from the "students" of Prem Rawat)

Excerpted from the video "Contact", a Visions International (a division of Elan Vital Inc) production, released in 1988. It is based upon the "Rejoice events" that occurred the year earlier when Prem Rawat began to reinvigorate his moribund organisation after his years "underground".

Prem Rawat has always taught that he is a unique being, God incarnate in a human body, one and the same as the many who came before him, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Kabir, Nanak, Guru Govind Singh and also Jesus Christ. ie He is God who reincarnated as the greatest religious and spiritual Leaders since before recorded hitsory, even before human beings had evolved. Only the language in which he utters these outrageous claims and the audience in front of which he will make them has changed.