Words Of Peace Global News Reports, 2012

TPRF Funds Freshwater Supply, Modern Sanitation for Rural Indian Village

A project to provide clean water and improve sanitation at a girls school in the remote Indian village of Veedur will raise the standard of living for all of the area's 6,500 inhabitants. Clean water is among the most desperate needs in the Villupuram section of the state of Tamil Nadu, where Veedur is located. For the villagers, whose traditional occupation is agriculture, lack of water means no way of making a living. They are trapped in a downward cycle of low literacy and poor health.

TPRF is partnering with The Society for Women Education and Economic Thrust (SWEET), a local nonprofit, to tackle that challenge at a level where it will benefit the most vulnerable members of the community: its schoolchildren.

President of Italian Senate Honors Prem Rawat

On December 3, 2012 Renato Schifani, President of the Italian Senate, hosted a conference that honored both Lifetime Senator Emilio Colombo, one of the founders of the European Union and previous president of the European Parliament, and TPRF founder Prem Rawat, who has been widely recognized as an international advocate for peace. The event was held in the Sala Zuccari, a ceremonial suite within the Palazzo Giustiniani, home of the Italian Senate in the heart of ancient Rome.

The conference, attended by ministers, counselors, and ambassadors from Europe, North America, and Asia, was broadcast live by the Senate TV across Europe and North Africa and was streamed live on the Internet. A special link was also made with the Italian Consulate in São Paulo, Brazil, home to the largest Italian community outside of Italy.

Report: Event in Accra, Ghana - November 22, 2012

On the Gold Coast, in the capital of Accra, Prem Rawat spoke of our place in the universe: how we are an integral part of the world around us, shaped and supported by the same forces that shape and support the rest of creation.

Report: Event in Johannesburg, South Africa - November 17, 2012

At the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, Prem Rawat spoke of the need for consciousness in our everyday lives, saying that we have little time for distraction.

New Filtration and Storage Facilities Bring Clean Water to Thai Schoolchildren

More than a thousand schoolchildren in rural Thailand will have access to clean drinking water, thanks to a partnership between TPRF and a Thai charitable foundation.

About 84% of Thais have access to clean drinking water, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Those who lack such access are concentrated in remote rural areas where there are no public utilities. Many are too poor to afford bottled water and must make do with water from ground wells and streams.

Schools in these areas rely on rainwater to provide drinking water for their students. But most have insufficient or antiquated storage facilities, and, particularly during periods of drought, the children are at risk of waterborne diseases.

Report: Event in Antananarivo, Madagascar - November 14, 2012

For many living in Madagascar, hearing Prem Rawat speak in person seemed impossible – while he often went to other countries, the price of a roundtrip airplane ticket to and from the event would be far too exorbitant for the average resident. That all changed when, on November 14, 2012, Prem Rawat came to Madagascar for the very first time. Hundreds who had never had the opportunity to come to an event made their way to the capital of Antananarivo, excited to finally have that chance.

Report: Event in Port Louis, Mauritius - November 11, 2012

For the first time since 2008, Prem Rawat spoke at an event in Mauritius. It was held at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre in Port Louis – Mauritius' capital city and main commercial port. Given that the crowd spoke Hindi as well as English, he alternated between the two languages throughout his talk, using a variety of stories, jokes and analogies to bring home his point.

Report: India Tour - Fall 2012

From October 30th to November 8th, Prem Rawat spoke at a series of events in India. Whether it was Delhi or Pune or Hyderabad, audiences came from miles around to hear what he had to say.

"Peanut Butter Medicine" Provides Nutrition in Haiti

TPRF is helping to fund a program that restores malnourished Haitian children to health in just a few weeks.

Meds and Food for Kids (MFK) is a nonprofit based in St. Louis, MO, which is saving the lives of Haiti's malnourished children and adults by providing Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). RUTF is a mixture of peanuts, sugar, oil, powdered milk and micronutrients, which Haitians are calling Medika Mamba–"Peanut Butter Medicine."

Report: Event in Hualien, Taiwan - October 10, 2012

On October 10th, Prem Rawat spoke about the true nature of success at the Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau. While there, he emphasized the importance of feeling success rather than conceptualizing it, noting that true success doesn't spring from the intellect or its perception of external circumstances.

Report: Event in Kaohsiung, Taiwan - October 6, 2012

Kaohsiung is home to approximately 2.9 million people, making it the second largest city in Taiwan. On October 6th, Prem Rawat came to Kaohsiung's International Convention Center to speak about finding peace beyond definition.

Report: Event in Penang, Malaysia - October 3, 2012

In a city sometimes termed "The Pearl of the Orient," Prem Rawat arrived at the Straits Quay Convention Centre on October 3, 2012 to speak about the need to maintain perspective. He stressed that, if you can't recognize the good in your life, you will only recognize the bad – but the good will always greatly outweigh it.

Freshwater Wells Improve Health, Help Build Infrastructure in South Sudan

Formed in 2011 after a two-decade civil war, the Republic of South Sudan is the world's newest nation. As its citizens flock back to government-sponsored repatriation areas in their homeland, they face a number of challenges. Among the most urgent is access to clean, safe drinking water.

During the two-decade civil war that preceded the formation of South Sudan, thousands of orphaned young boys fled on foot to refugee camps, where they became known as "The Lost Boys of Sudan." Among them was Salva Dut, who, as a teenager, led 1,500 boys hundreds of miles through the Southern Sudan desert to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. He was relocated to the United States in 1996, but did not forget the plight of his people. He now heads Water for South Sudan, Inc. (WFSS), a nonprofit he founded in 2004.

Report: Event in Putrajaya, Malaysia - September 30, 2012

In Putrajaya – the administrative capital of Malaysia a few miles outside of Kuala Lumpur – Prem Rawat spoke of the need to prioritize what matters most in life. He said that, if you can understand your priorities, the rest of the elements in your life will fall into place… and your top priority should be knowing who you are.

Report: Event in Sydney, Australia - September 22, 2012

On September 22nd, at Sydney's Town Hall, Prem Rawat reminded those who had come to hear him speak about the relationship they had with their own existence. He said that every good relationship involved both "taking and giving," and that – if you wanted your relationship with existence to stay intact – you should consider giving it "the gift of peace."

Prem Rawat Sends Video Message to Nordic Peace Conference

On August 18, 2012 more than 200 students and faculty members of the United World Red Cross College (UWC) gathered for the Nordic Peace Conference in Oslo, Norway.

This conference was held as a result of an historic event that took place at the European Parliament in November 2011, where a Peace Declaration was signed by over 30 European institutions, including UWC. The Pledge to Peace declaration was the first of its kind ever signed at the European Union.

Under the patronage of the 1st Vice President of the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, the Peace Declaration was inspired by the message of Prem Rawat, who was its first signatory. The signing institutions committed to carry out peace activities that would be declared on International Peace Day 2012 and on every Peace Day thereafter.

The Nordic Peace Conference was one of those initiatives. Students from 83 countries had arrived in Oslo for the start of their new academic year. Peace was the subject, and the format of the event was interesting and varied.

Report: Event in Melbourne, Australia - September 19, 2012

On September 19th, at the historic Regent Theatre in the heart of Melbourne, Prem Rawat spoke about the need for everyone to open their eyes rather than spend their lives daydreaming. Reality, he said, was to be celebrated, particularly when we have so little time to enjoy it.

Report: Event in Amaroo - September 10-14, 2012

Prem Rawat came to Ivory's Rock Conference Center – a scenic facility tucked into the Australian countryside – to spend five days with guests who had flown in from regions around the world. Staying off-site or on-site, these guests had many opportunities to speak with him informally, whether they were expressing their thanks or asking him questions. Whatever the occasion, the emphasis was enjoyment. As he said on the first day, "Let's have a blast."

There were many talks, chances for interaction, live musical performances, video presentations and more. Guests were invited to fully delve into the Amaroo experience from sunrise to sunset.

Prem Rawat Receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Malaysia

On September 28, 2012, at a forum called "7 Billion Reasons for Peace," Prem Rawat was awarded the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation BrandLaureate International Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award – their highest and most prestigious award. Reserved for statesmen and illustrious individuals whose actions and work have positively impacted the lives of people and the world at large, there have been only four other recipients: Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (Prime Minister of Malaysia 1981-2003), and Heinz Fischer (President of Austria).

The award was presented by His Royal Highness Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah, Regent of Perak, and Dr. KKJohan, President of the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation, inducting Mr. Rawat into the BrandLaureate Hall of Fame. Introducing the award, Dr. Johan said, "Prem Rawat is a man worthy of our admiration for teaching us that peace is possible. His is an optimistic and empowering message that touches the heart of the people. We offer you our support and say 'Yes' to peace."

Report: Event in Cancún, Mexico - August 19, 2012

In Cancún, Prem Rawat began his talk by referring to a song – a song that has been playing since we were born. and will only stop playing once we pass away. "Have you heard it?" he asked.

Pure Water for Fiji Flood Victims

In a small ceremony earlier this month on Fiji's Denarau Island, Prem Rawat formally presented officials representing the nonprofit Empower Pacific (EP) with a donation to help ease some of the worst effects of major flooding in this small nation.

"One thing that we as human beings can do," he said "is try to alleviate the suffering that is caused fellow human beings by natural occurrences. I really hope this is going to help those people who are in need and that TPRF will continue to function in this unique little spot."

Report: Event in Auckland, New Zealand - September 4, 2012

Prem Rawat stopped by Auckland, New Zealand to speak about the art of appreciation, emphasizing that, to truly appreciate something, you must know its value. He went on to add that you should "take firm understanding of your life."

In Hebron, a Nurse Becomes the Patient

As Nursing Director at the eye hospital run by St. John Eye Hospital Group (SJJEH) in Jerusalem, Jackie Jaidy helped set up satellite pediatric eye clinics in Gaza, Anabta, and Hebron in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). When she retired in 2009, she never expected that she would soon be returning to Hebron – this time as a patient.

Jaidy was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can lead to blindness if left untreated. Although she is a British subject, as a resident of Bethlehem in the West Bank, she is not allowed to travel the six miles to Jerusalem without special permission from the Israeli government – and that would have taken more time than she had. Instead, she and her husband drove 13 miles to the satellite clinic in Hebron. There, she was examined by Dr. Ghassan Modieh, who immediately started her on a course of treatment.

Report: Event in Long Beach, California (USA) - July 29, 2012

Prem Rawat came to the Long Beach Convention Center on July 29, 2012 to speak about the nature of dedication, among other things. In his characteristic style, he used a variety of anecdotes, jokes and facts to illustrate his points… and to remind his audience about the everyday possibility of fulfillment.

Report: Event in Denver, Colorado (USA) - July 22, 2012

Prem Rawat stopped by the Denver Convention Center on July 22, 2012 to speak about a fundamental subject: peace. Throughout his talk he returned to the analogy of a tree, saying that, while a tree needs basic elements in place to survive, it needs no help producing fruit once those elements are taken care of. Like that tree, we each need to understand and fulfill our basic needs so that we, too, can flourish.

Sony Goes Back to School

Sony Tamang really liked school. But at the age of 9, when she was in the fourth grade, she had to drop out. "We could not pay for her exam fee, admission fees, and school supplies," says her father, Jaman Singh Tamang, who had five other children to support. Instead, Sony was sent to the jungle with other women and girls of her village to collect firewood and cut grass to feed the cattle.

"She cried a lot over not having the chance to go to school," Jaman Singh says, "but she understood the poor financial situation of the family, so she did not complain."

The Tamangs live in Pokharichaur, a small village about 100 miles east of Kathmandu in the mountains of central Nepal. The people are very poor, and until recently, efforts at increasing literacy were not very successful. The demands of subsistence took precedence over the schoolroom.

Report: Event in Chicago, Illinois (USA) - July 19, 2012

At the Harris Theatre in Chicago's Millennium Park, Prem Rawat addressed a crowd of 1,248 people. He spoke of the need to live consciously and to shift the scales we use to measure our lives. Both, he implied, can be achieved by "coming a little closer" to ourselves.

Report: Event in Washington, D.C. (USA) - July 15, 2012

With a long and colorful history, the Warner Theatre has hosted everything from vaudeville acts to Frank Sinatra. On July 15th, this famous theatre in the heart of America's capital ushered in nearly 1,900 people who had been waiting to hear another distinguished guest, Prem Rawat.

Report: Event in Montreal, Canada - July 11, 2012

On July 11th, Prem Rawat stopped by the Palais des Congres de Montreal to remind nearly 1,900 people that peace lies within. Although the audience came from a variety of backgrounds, that reminder applied equally to each.

Report: Event in Toronto, Canada - July 8, 2012

At the Roy Thomson Hall on Simcoe St., Prem Rawat kicked off the first event of his 2012 North American tour. Throughout his talk he revisited the issue of perspective, saying that, if peace seemed far away, you should come a little closer to yourself.

A Summer Like No Other

This summer, drought once again afflicts India's Andhra Pradesh State. But for the residents of the remote village of Y. Kothapalli, there's one very significant change. Now they have a bore-well within the village bringing up fresh, clean water.

"Our village is safe this summer from the water scarcity problem," said Mrs. Cinnakka, who lives in Y. Kothapalli. "If this bore-well had not been installed, we would have been in much trouble, like previous years."

Y. Kothapalli is inhabited by Dalits, India's lowest caste, often called Untouchables. Where the caste system is still observed, they are not allowed to collect water in neighborhoods where higher-caste families live.

Report: Event in Copenhagen, Denmark - June 24, 2012

At The Falconer Centre in Denmark, close to 2,000 people gathered on June 24, 2012 to hear Prem Rawat speak about a simple yet profound subject. Although the audience had come from a variety of locations and spoke a variety of tongues, what he had to say was universal: that every day we are faced with a choice, and every day we have to make that choice count.

Gardens Improve Nutrition, Lifestyle for Impoverished Families in Niger

In the village of Mari in Niger's Tillaberi region, all but one of the 99 women are named Bella, signifying that they were once slaves of the Tuareg. These desperately poor women live in one of the most food-insecure regions of Niger – an area that has been further threatened by below-average rainfall during recent rainy seasons.

Rain for the Sahel and Sahara (RAIN), a nonprofit whose goals include empowering the nomadic and rural peoples of Niger with food security, stepped in several months ago with a plan to set up a garden cooperative for these women, all of whom are involved in ongoing courses in nutrition, health and organic gardening techniques.

Report: Event in Birmingham, UK - June 18, 2012

Prem Rawat recently visited Birmingham, the most populous city in the UK outside of London, to speak to over 4,000 people about peace. While his address jumped from topic to topic, he continually returned to the analogy of a pot – how the integrity of a pot must be whole for that pot to keep what it's meant to hold.

Greening Paragachi

High in the Andes Mountains in northern Ecuador, where rain is scarce and social services are virtually nonexistent, the small agricultural community of Paragachi is being revitalized by a new irrigation system that brings fresh water to the parched land. Training in organic gardening techniques is helping families grow their own vegetables, and even have produce left over to sell. Soon, mothers forced to leave children home alone while they hire themselves out as agricultural workers, will be able to stay at home to raise their families.

This transformation began with an ambitious plan by the local nonprofit Fundación de Ayuda Social Montañas de Esperanza (Mountains of Hope or MoH) to restore a deteriorated pipe system that could carry clean irrigation water to Paragachi from a large aqueduct about 1.2 miles away, part of an extensive system of aqueducts fed by mountain lakes. "If replaced with new pipe and augmented with a new community distribution network," said Paul Murtha, MoH's president, "this system could bring enough water to 135 Paragachi families (about 470 people), to enable each to have a productive garden."

Report: Event in Porto, Portugal - June 13, 2012

On June 13th, Prem Rawat came to the Coliseu do Porto – one of the landmark venues in Porto for musical and cultural events – to speak about the special delivery that is occurring, every moment, for each and every person.

Prem Rawat Speaks at Synergy University in Moscow

On June 29, 2012, Prem Rawat was the keynote speaker at an event called "Notes on Peace," held at Moscow's nationally renowned Library of Foreign Literature. The event was co-sponsored by Synergy, Moscow University of Business and Finance (MUIF); and the Ismail Akhmetov Foundation. The Library of Foreign Literature, as well as housing five million books in one hundred and forty-five languages, acts as a center for cultural and international relations.

On his first visit to Russia, Prem Rawat was greeted by some of Moscow's leading academics and university students interested in exploring the subject of peace. Opening the event was a virtuoso pianist who played a beautiful Tchaikovsky sonata, giving a uniquely Russian ambience at the library theatre.

Report: Event in Madrid, Spain - June 10, 2012

Fact or fiction? That's the question Prem Rawat posed to his audience of nearly 1,700 people in Madrid. What is fact, and what is fiction? What do we know, and what do we believe? Do we recognize truth in our everyday lives? And do we know that, when we know ourselves, we will realize a truth that satisfies our thirst to be content?

Report: Event in Milan, Italy - June 7, 2012

During his second event at the Teatro Manzoni, Prem Rawat compared the human potential for peace with a seed: it requires the right environment and the right care to let it grow. The key, he said, lies in practice.

Report: Event in Milan, Italy - June 6, 2012

On June 6th, Prem Rawat came to Milan's Teatro Manzoni for the first of two events in that city. Over the hour that he spoke, he talked extensively about awareness and the choice we each have to live our lives manually or automatically.

Onako Gets a Healthy Intervention

Five-year-old Onako is getting a good start in life. Thanks to a partnership between TPRF and Afrika Tikkun (AT), a nonprofit that has been helping needy South African families secure their long-term nutritional needs since 1994, he's guaranteed two healthy meals and two snacks every day. Soon, when he enters the local school system, he'll benefit from AT's after-school interventions that will include homework supervision, life skills programs, and supervised sporting and recreational activities.

Until last January, Onako's future didn't look so bright. Abandoned by his mother when he was just four months old, he lives in a small shack with his father, two aunts, two younger cousins, and his grandmother, Nomvuyo Mgudlwa, in Cape Town's Mfuleni Township, a resettlement area characterized by poor infrastructure, high unemployment, high incidence of disease and extreme poverty. None of the adults had jobs.

Report: Event in Munich, Germany - May 31, 2012

On the evening of May 31st, Prem Rawat spoke to nearly 1,800 people in Munich's Olympic Park. At the outset of his address, he made it clear that – while many were expecting to hear about peace – his main purpose was to speak to each person about their own life.

Report: Event in Barcelona, Spain - May 27, 2012

On May 27th, Prem Rawat returned to the CCIB in Barcelona, Spain to speak about life – what it means, and how to recognize that meaning. His talk lasted a little over an hour.

Ecuador Radio Waves of Peace

In the spring of 2012, when Prem Rawat wrapped up a tour of South America that covered Argentina, Brazil, Chili and Peru, his last stop was a first.

As Mr. Rawat spoke to an audience of 1,050 on April 22nd in Guayaquil, Ecuador, three radio stations with the potential to reach 80,000 additional listeners broadcasted his talk live. People in other countries tuned in on dedicated websites.

The live radio broadcast, a first for Mr. Rawat in South America, was accomplished in four weeks by a half dozen people on a shoestring budget.

Otinibi Celebrates Food for People Opening

May 15, 2012 was a red-letter day in the tiny village of Otinibi, near Accra, Ghana. After months of construction, preparation, and dress-rehearsal meals, TPRF's Food for People (FFP) program officially opened its third feeding facility, and its first on the African continent.

Local and regional dignitaries, teachers, students, and Otinibi citizens gathered for the official ceremony, which began with prayer and introductory remarks by Head Teacher of Otinibi D/A Basic School, Mrs. Grace Ninsaw. "We in Otinibi, count ourselves lucky because out of a number of deprived schools in the area, Otinibi School was considered for this program," she said. "Let me mention the great relief this laudable project has brought to the teachers of this school, who had to feed pupils who were found sleeping in the classroom as a result of hunger and no money to buy food."

Report: Event in Guayaquil, Ecuador - April 22, 2012

Prem Rawat touched on many opposites during his talk in Guayaquil – weakness and strength, success and failure, good times and bad. He also reexamined the difference between our political concept of peace and our feeling of peace, implying that, when we are at war on the inside, the war on the outside is almost inevitable.

Report: Event in Lima, Perú - April 20, 2012

On April 20th, Prem Rawat followed up the previous night's talk with another poignant address focusing on the need to be present in the moment called now. After his address, Rafael Santos, Mayor of Pueblo Libre, took the stage to present him with an Honorary Mention as Ambassador of Peace.

In Ebagueye, Water Brings Life to the Desert

The traditional people of the Azawak of Niger, a grassy plain the size of Florida that runs along the edge of the Sahara Desert, have for generations been nomadic herders, following their livestock across the plains in seasonal patterns.

In recent years, though, severe drought is changing the ecology of the Horn of Africa. The rainy season – called "the happy season" by local tribes people – has shrunk from five months to one, and the once lush plains where livestock grazed are desiccated.

Exclusive Willax TV Interview to International Ambassador of Peace, Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat, internationally known as an Ambassador of Peace, recently arrived in Lima to give two important conferences on the 19th and 20th of April in the Independence Hall of the Sheraton Hotel. A known humanitarian and international speaker on the subject of personal peace, Mr. Rawat has been traveling through a number of countries in South America as part of his 2012 world tour; besides Peru he visited Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador.

During his visit to Lima he gave an exclusive interview to the well-known journalist and interviewer Cecilia Valenzuela from the Peruvian TV channel Willax TV. Ms. Valenzuela is a Peruvian lawyer, newspaper columnist and journalist who currently hosts the 'Look Who's Talking' program on Willax TV in Peru.

Report: Event in Lima, Perú - April 19, 2012

On April 19, 2012, Maharaji spoke in Lima, the capital of Perú, during the first of two events. While his talk was held in Perú's largest city, the hall itself was relatively small, holding a maximum 500 guests. Perhaps this made the opportunity more precious in the minds of those who had the chance to attend. But this notion of preciousness – one that relies on scarcity to imbue something with value – is exactly the concept he called into question within the first few minutes of his address.

Water Day Campaign Surpasses Goal!

With many people contributing on the TPRF website or its Food for People Cause on Facebook, the Foundation's initial World Water Day campaign goal of $25,000 was exceeded by almost three thousand, resulting in a grant of $28,000 to ensure clean water to hundreds of thousands of people in India.

TPRF's World Water Day campaign offered matching funds to The Adventure Project's (TAP) innovative program that will train mechanics to repair and maintain water wells in West Bengal and the District of Sheohar in the state of Bihar. This two-week campaign will train and equip 50 water-well mechanics, a significant contribution to TAPs goal of 186.

Report: Event in Santiago, Chile - April 16, 2012

On the evening of April 16th, Maharaji arrived at the CasaPiedra in Santiago to speak to approximately 1,800 people. Overall he spoke of the need for clarity in life, reminding his audience that clarity is what will give them strength. Towards the end of his talk, he added, "Through the eyes of clarity, embrace this time, this moment, this joy. And understand how blessed you are."

Report: Event in La Plata, Argentina - April 7, 2012

On April 7, Maharaji came back to the Teatro Argentino for the second event of his South American tour. Among other topics, he spoke about the true nature of pain – how we fall into it, and how we can be free of it.

Prem Rawat Lights the Flame of Peace

Prem Rawat recently spoke at two events in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. While in Brazil, he was invited to light the flame that marks the beginning of the "Third Festival of Peace" at the International Festival of Peace to be celebrated in September. In a previous event at UNIPAZ (University of International Peace), Rector Pierre Weil awarded Prem Rawat the title of "Ambassador of Peace."

Many of the people attending the event on April 11 came as a result of having watched the Words of Peace television programs featuring Prem Rawat's international addresses. Some of them had traveled from distant cities for the opportunity to hear him speak. A number of attendees explained that they had been watching Prem Rawat on television for many years. In fact, since 2003 Words of Peace has been broadcast in Brazil continually.

For Zeinab, a Chance to Recover from Devastating Drought

The persistent drought that has devastated the Horn of Africa for the past several years made it difficult for Zeinab Ahmed to feed her six children. Without rain, the crops failed. When the large shallow lakes where some communities watered their animals dried up, livestock, on which the herdsmen of the area depend for their livelihood, began dying off. Most of the men in the region had left in search of work or grazing lands elsewhere. If Zeinab could not find a way to water her goats, she would have no income.

Borehole pumps that once brought water up from deep reserves were broken or inoperable because villagers could no longer afford the fuel to run them. Soon, the cost of drinking water became prohibitive.

Report: Event in La Plata, Argentina - April 6, 2012

At the Teatro Argentino in La Plata, Maharaji gave an hour-long address to a fully-packed house. He began that address by saying he would speak about something "truly timeless," adding, "It is about feeling. It is about being fulfilled. And it is about that happiness and that joy that exists in the heart of every single human being."

Holistic Care Brings Transformation to Zoliswa and Family

Zoliswa Nkcitha's world fell apart when her mother died. At 29, she became head of a family of five, none of them employed. She had no job skills, no identification papers. How was she to take care of them?

The Nkcithas – Zoliswa, her sisters Lulama, Nokuzola and Noxolo, and their brother Zanethemba – live in Cape Town's Mfuleni Township, a slum where Blacks were forcibly relocated during South Africa's apartheid government. Its 7,000 residents live in miserable, low-cost housing and makeshift shacks, sharing communal taps and toilets. There is no electricity. Life is a struggle for everyone. For Zoliswa and her siblings, all of whom are mentally challenged, that struggle was overwhelming.
Five years later, the family had grown to include five children between the ages of 8 months and four years. With no source of income, they lived in squalor, subsisting by begging for food on the streets. Some days there was nothing to eat. All of the children suffered from malnutrition and neglect.

Report: Event in Las Palmas, Spain - March 18, 2012

Maharaji was warmly welcomed to Las Palmas on Sunday, March 18th by a crowd that – for the most part – had only had the opportunity to see him on TV before that moment. Throughout his talk, he spoke with a great deal of humor about the difference between how we think about reality and reality itself.

Clean Water for Cambodia's Rural Poor

In Rokhakiri, a small district in Cambodia's Battambang province, access to water is not a problem. The 25,000 residents share three communal ponds, a small lake and a well at the village school. This may sound ideal, but the water quality is actually very poor. Samples from all these sources failed purification tests commissioned by All Ears Cambodia (AEC), a nonprofit working in the area. TPRF's recent gift of US$6,800 will pay for three solar-powered water-purification systems that should have far-reaching effects on village life.

Tucked in the southeast corner of the province, Rokhakiri endured several decades of occupation by Khmer Rouge troops and has only recently been officially reintegrated into Cambodia. Most of the residents of this rural area were displaced from refugee camps on the Thai-Cambodian border. They are very poor, with no access to healthcare and little understanding of basic hygiene.

Report: Event in Barcelona, Spain - March 11, 2012

Maharaji followed his talk on Saturday with another on Sunday – it was a full house, with almost 2,900 people in attendance. Throughout his address, he referred to the analogy of a box – just an ordinary-looking box – that contained a 40-carat diamond. If you knew what the contents were, that ordinary-looking box would suddenly become very, very precious. He added that we were each, in turn, like that box.

Report: Event in Barcelona, Spain - March 10, 2012

Due to popular demand, Prem Rawat kindly arrived in Barcelona a day early to speak at an additional event in Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB)'s Forum Auditorium – he would be addressing 2,900 people there the following day. Despite the late notice, the hall wound up fully packed, with well over 1,000 people in attendance who hadn't been able to make it into that Sunday's event.

TPRF Partnership Brings Clean Water into Niger Village

Residents of Ebagueye in the parched Azawak region of Niger danced in celebration last month as the first water gushed from a borehole that will provide them with a reliable source of clean water year-round. TPRF has contributed $40,000 to the nonprofit Amman Imman Water is Life to help fund the drilling and upkeep of the borehole, which brings pure, fresh water from a natural aquifer more than 600 feet underground.

The project is a collaboration with Vibrant Village Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides direct assistance to help people in vulnerable communities around the world. Ken DeLaski, VVF's founder and director, also sits on TPRF's board of directors.

Report: Event in Surat, India - February 14, 2012

Three days after the event in Bangalore, Maharaji arrived in Surat, India. He began his address by saying that people had come to listen as well as to understand something. He closed by asking if they had understood what they had heard, saying that – when they do – they will feel fulfilled.

Report: Event in Bangalore, India - February 11, 2012

On February 11th, Maharaji traveled to Bangalore: a major city sometimes termed the "Silicon Valley of India" for its technology industry. A field had been set up with stage, screen and seats, ready to accommodate hundreds of eager listeners. As the day faded, Maharaji spoke to his audience about the nature of true thirst – and how, while that thirst is innate, we can easily forget it's there.

Report: Event in Kuala Lumpur - February 8, 2012

On February 8th, Maharaji returned to the city of Kuala Lumpur; it had been nearly a year since he'd traveled to Malaysia. By 7:30 p.m., the hall had over 3,000 guests waiting to listen to what he had to say. He lightheartedly began his talk with a weighty subject – the struggle with doubt.