Maharaji at Birthday PartyOne Day in September

This video contains some "home movie" footage of Prem Rawat attending a small birthday party at Amaroo for Cath Carroll. She is/was one of his most devoted Australian premies and had often served as a media officer trying to influence reporters and deflect criticism of the "greedy guru" with her charm and Irish brogue. The age invariance of the inner circle of Australian devotees is obvious. Rawat does not appear confident and does not move easily through the small crowd of his devotees but stands off to one side with his arms folded, leaning away from the crowd and looks uncomfortable. You don't need to be an expert in body language to make a diagnosis. His interactions with Ms Carroll and George Laver seem stilted and forced. Rawat is not a poised and debonair person. George Clooney he is not. George Laver, who was Rawat's main man in Australia at the time (General Manager Ivory's Rock Conference Centre 2000-2010), informs the gathering of the possibility of Prem putting in an appearance and that He'd prefer everyone to be a bit pissed before he shows up. The days when these very people meditated for hours before having darshan of the Living Lord and received his Holy Breath are not only long gone but they're apparently forgotten:

"I sent out a flyer yesterday saying don't go down to the pub, come here, we'll open up the bar, the foods gonna be good, the chefs are over there all waiting, they've been cooking food. This is the first, first time, let's have a party here ah then someone says to me 'You know, there's another person here you can invite,' and I sent the invite to that person, the reply was (makes maybe arm motions) so with that I thought I don't want him to come and no-one … people say 'Why didn't I get told?' so that's why it went out. Now another few other things I wanna tell you there's still a possibility this could happen but if someone over there said to me 'What's he coming into like? Everybody sitting around all waiting and he's walking into it.' Maybe if we open up the bar which we're just gonna do now (laughter and applause) and we all have a drink and we all relax and if you feel hungry you went and got something to eat and then maybe, who knows, he might just turn up in the in the next, next hour. Enjoy yourselves ??? till he comes."

Laver's Introduction A Bottle of Clarity
Courting Clarity On Clouds of Glory

Prem Rawat "Going Commando" - No Corset

Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party
Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party

Rawat says very little but short inanities, stands away from the guests and is adored by most of the crowd. When he's not saying anything a tinkling piano soundtrack tells us how deep and beautiful his presence is.

Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party

Maharaji at Birthday Party

He ends his visit with a visit to the newly built Hair Salon. The premies are in their mid 50s to 60s by then and they need to dive into the Ocean of Clairol as well as the Ocean of Clarity.

Maharaji at Birthday Party Maharaji at Birthday Party