4 Days In November - Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Speeches' Excerpts Transcript

This page contains a transcript of the excerpts of Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) speeches shown in the video 4 Days In November, 2000.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium "Umm, just a few minutes in English because uh I know how strange the translation is and I know I'm the one to blame for it cause I speak too fast, you know, it's not like a steady lecture, it's kinda hard to when the feeling comes, it just comes so gotta get it out and that's very difficult on those who are trying to translate.

They do their best but anyways what I spoke about today is the opportunity that we have in front of us. So easy to get lost in everything else. Everything else becomes important, everything takes on that importance of: "But this is what I have to do, this is what I have to do, these are my obligations" and all the while forgetting that obligation that you have to your own heart. And one of the things I was talking about is in nature. Only those things exist that have the means to exist, that are suited. Once dinosaurs walked about and they couldn't support, the nature couldn't support them. However it happened cause nobody is gonna go make a video of that. Kinda hard to go back in time so there are many, many videos that are speculation. But they no longer exist. Nature was not able to support them. Wherever you go, wherever you go you see the life and whatever the life exists it exists because there is support for that. In some unique way life and nature supporting that life. Nothing is made impossible. It could be way too cruel to have something there and it has nothing to eat, it needs water but it has no water to drink. That would be cruel but Nature isn't like that, what flourished there flourishes there cause the nature can support it and that point understanding that if there is a desire in a human being to be content, to be in that joy, to be in that peace that it is because it is supported, not unsupported, it is supported, it is possible to achieve.

It is possible to be in that peace, it is possible to be in that joy, it is not a frivolous desire, an unsupported desire, an unsupported thirst, an unsupported want. The Creator gave us the ability and the need to breathe but air is provided as well. The Creator gave us the, the wants to have water and the thirst and water is being provided to satisfy the thirst. Too many times, of course it gets very complicated. The human beings they, they don't want to see that simple relationship, they wanna see the "Why is it that God is so cruel? Why is it that God is unjust?" What? There is no reason to believe that God is unjust or God is cruel. Cruelty would be, like I was saying in Hindi, you need to breathe and the air that exists is on top of a huge mountain and every time you need to breath you need to climb that mountain. That would be unjust. Only if the assumption is that that which you require is furthest away from you, that which you need is the furthest away from you on some Holy Land, on some Holy Place, some Holy Mountain then yes, you've got a problem.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium And when you can recognize that that which you need is within you, is within your own heart you have to start understanding a very viable thing, being happy, being content in this life is a viable thing is not an impossible dream. Something that you really need to worry about in your retirement years. No, you can live for now and you can live in that now and you can live in that joy and you can live in that truth and you can live in that peace and you can live in that beauty, now. This is not a theory, this is not a theory. Well a lot of people think well if you are in such a place you will never feel any pain or suffering. That's not the point of that place. If I pinch myself I will still feel the pain. If I pinch myself I will still feel the pain, if I stub my toes I will still feel the pain, of course I will. And of course when I am plugged in that place then the joy that it brings I will feel that.

What is my source? What is my source? From what do I derive my joy? If I try to derive my joy from those things that are always changing then that joy that I will experience will also keep changing. If my joy comes from that heart, if my joy comes from that source that doesn't change then there is no reason for me to expect that that will change because it won't. There is that one thing within me that is unchangeable. Let me connect to that source. Let me be a part of that world that is inside me, let me experience what my heart has to offer. One of the things that I was saying was that the Creator has placed within us some mind and a heart. Both. We have figured out the need and what we can do with the mind but have we figured out what we can accomplish with our heart? If both have been given, there's a need for it. If mind could do everything there would have been no reason to have a heart. If heart could do everything there would have been no reason for a mind. If there is a mind and a heart there must be a good reason why there is tow. Human beings have two arms, it's not like one is spare. We have two hands, it's not like one is spare. When you see a wing on an aeroplane, it's not like one wing is spare. Engines maybe, but not the wing, you need both. It's one wing, aeroplane doesn't have two wings, it has one wing.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium There is a reason and it is obvious. Through mind, we can perceive, we can figure out everything and through heart, and this is the reason why heart has been given because it can figure out, it can feel, it can experience something that the mind is exactly incapable of experiencing. You realize eyes and the ear. Ear is listening to a certain frequency, we call it listening. It is perceiving a certain frequency and eye is also perceiving a frequency. Frequencies are different however and what the eye can perceive, the frequency range that eye can perceive, the ears can't. What the ears can, the eyes can't. And so what the mind is incapable of perceiving but the heart is quite capable of perceiving is the real joy. The real, real, real, real joy. Mind is quite capable of perceiving the pseudo joy but the heart is capable of perceiving the real joy.

Trust in your heart. Trust in your macanzin(?). Trust in what you have been given, the fact that two are there is not an accident. And to me if you can, if you can recognize that, that it's not an accident you're halfway there, you're halfway there. So, I'd better not go on too much longer, its getting cold, other activities are gonna happen and I hope you continue to enjoy the next two events and there's Hans Jayanti and Falls(?). But you all have a great time. Thank you."

It is interesting to know that his Hindi speeches are as chaotic as his English speeches. This is a transcript of the translation of the Hindi speech in the video as translated by Rawat's translater.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium "Truly if there is a pride then that pride needs to be on that life. If God has been generous and blessed you then the greatest blessing has been that He has given you this life, He has given you this time. If we understand this that this life, this time is so beautiful, is so precious, then truly we would make the effort to take full advantage of it but because we haven't understood the very basis that it is so precious so days go by, hours go by, seconds go by, minutes go by and you don't think about anything and one day your entire life passes by and after that, what happens?

What's going to happen after that? What's passed is past. If we understand that each and every second is more valuable than gold then we will be very careful where that next breath will go, where that ?? next will go. What thing will I think about, what will I do today, at least that a human being will think about first thing in the morning and truly the people who have this Knowledge are so fortunate because when they wake up in the morning they can go within themselves, experience that thing which is within themselves. By putting all the other things aside and focus on the one way, you don't need to run anywhere else, the human being starts to run in that one direction where his Creator truly resides, where his Creator truly resides, where his true bliss is there. He doesn't know what's in front of him, what's behind him, what's above him, what's below him, that person goes to that place, he's in that place where everything is still, everything is beautiful and there's nothing else besides that bliss, besides that peace and the Master (Hindi: Guru Maharaj Ji) has opened that door, opened that path for the person to go to that place. What beautiful thing, what is the difference? Truly, for that person who has this Knowledge (Hindi: premie) when he realises that every step is so precious and he makes the effort to try and understand this, the world doesn't even try to understand this but people who have this knowledge can try to make this effort, even a little bit of effort every single day that they want to fulfil their lives. Therefore the Saints and Masters have said "Blessed are those, blessed are those whose focus is in that direction of where there is that truth, consciousness and bliss where there is that Supreme Bliss, where is that, where there is that peace but also walk in the remembrance of that.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium Because some on the other hand are there saying waking up and saying "Tea" and there are some who wake up and first think "I'm going to sit down and practice this Knowledge." (applause) That's the difference, so much difference. For the one he wants that tea and for the other he wants to sit down and "I want to go within me and be in the presence of that which is within me." Because if the world says "If you close your eyes it'll be all dark" but for those who have this Knowledge they know that even after you close your eyes it is not dark. (applause) Those people who think that we're if I'm in that place where I can't hear anything it must be very quiet but for those people who have received Knowledge they know when all the other noises are cut off then even in that place it's not silent. Because this thing that is moving within the human being and connecting to that thing, by being in the presence of that thing, the human being experiences bliss in his heart. This is the truth (Hindi: satsang), this is the truth of the human being. It's not, this is not the kind of truth which you can capture with your head. The truth which you can capture with your head, with your mind is not the truth. Because it's been said as far as these eyes can see, as far as these ears can hear it is all an illusion. Those things which you can only capture with your heart, not with your intellect, with the intellect a lot can happen but what the heart needs, the tool that the heart is, you need to capture that with the heart and truly you are so fortunate for those people who have this Knowledge are so fortunate."

This brief film clip shows Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) mother sitting behind his father listening intently. Little did she suspect that one day she would have to disown, disinherit and depose her youngest son from his position as Satguru because of drunkenness, drug taking, meat-eating and a fast-car playboy lifestyle … or did she?

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj the father and Guru Maharaj Ji of Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj the father and Guru Maharaj Ji of Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj the father and Guru Maharaj Ji of Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj the father and Guru Maharaj Ji of Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium "However, in this life when certain time comes then we know that we need to move forward. We need to move beyond us and from within me there comes such a loud, loud scream, a yell, a longing that this is not enough. Something so much more is possible and this is Maharaji's grace, Maharaji's Master, my Master's grace that I can see, even see this. People don't get to see this, they get stuck in what they're seeing, in their thoughts and they get stuck there but by my Master's grace I've had this opportunity to feel and go forward and move ahead. And I have made this effort to make this opportunity practical in my life. Because I have nothing to do with anything else. I have nothing to do with anything else, my work, my work, that is my number one responsibility and that is that this Knowledge that my Master has given me, this heart that has been shown to be, I want to fill this heart, I want to complete this heart, I want to fulfill this life.

The main, that is the main thing and if I can show people in their lives, that path, so that their lives too can be filled with bliss then that becomes my second duty, my second responsibility. Because I can, I can show them this path. I have no problems with this, I have no doubt about this, I can show people, I can bring bliss, joy in peoples' lives. There is this Knowledge and this is the true Knowledge, the true Knowledge. This Knowledge doesn't need any proof. It's not like you need to read all these books, thousands of books to prove this Knowledge. This is one thing that even for those who hasn't, have not read anything will be able to understand this. Sometimes I become upset, so many people come who cannot see but they have seen, those who have, can't hear but they have heard and in their lives too there is this river of bliss flowing. This river of bliss doesn't come from another river on the outside. This bliss, this bliss is from the ocean of Knowledge and the ocean of Knowledge is the most incredible ocean, the most important and precious ocean. We need to move forward, not backward, forward.

And propagation (Hindi=prachar) should happen a lot this, for this millenium, this is the last event here for India before the new millennium and what will happen ahead? Some people say with sadness, "Oh I don't you know what will happen in the future," but for those people who have this Knowledge, for those people who have Maharaji in their lives, they don't need to be any ss, (applause) to be sad, they know whatever will happen will be great. (cheers)

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium Nobody needs to worry about what's to happen, they need to bring forth their commitment they need to be prepared to do service. Why? Cause you can work at your job any time, you can do your job anywhere, any time. If you don't find one job you can find another job, if you can't work for someone else you'll work for someone else. If you can't work for one person, you can work for another. But to do something in this life, to do something which is connected, which is connected to singing the praises of that power, that strength, for those who have put everything else aside and talk only about the truth for in this world there aren't too many people who speak the truth, who say the right thing, the real thing. Who say the real thing. Putting aside everything else, putting aside what society will say, those people who say the real thing their praises are sung and the books are written about their words. (scattered applause)

And it's in their name that the religions are established, right? That person said this, the Master said that which everybody didn't like, it's like I said yesterday if I say a lie, I'm not pleased, if I say the truth the world isn't pleased. I'll tell you the truth, there are so many people in this world who will be OK about being upset or sad for themselves but being displeased with themselves but they don't want to displease the world. They will feel OK but if I'm sad, if I'm mis-pleased, displeased I will drink my anger but I shouldn't displease the world. You know, the world doesn't even know that you exist. Even tiny little ants have more values sometimes than the human beings. In this world, which will chew you up, like the betel nut leaf and then throw you out, that's who you want to be committed to? It will spit you up and chew you up and spit you out. And you won't even look where you fall. When you chew something and spit, you don't really look at where you spit. And it's not like if you're going to spit and then turn around and look and see where that spit is and this is what the world will do with each and every person. Cause I have travelled the world and I continue to travel the world, I've gone to so many different places and I've never found such a place where I could point to and say this is the world.

I have travelled America, I have travelled South America, I've travelled Australia. Not travelled but I've gone there for propagation, I've gone to speak there at events, so many places, 5 times, 10 times all around the world. Think about it, at least 25 times around the world, sometimes here or there, there and there. But still I haven't found such a thing where I could point to with my finger and say "This thing , this thing is called the world." I've definitely seen people and I can touch the human being and say this is a human being but there's no such thing I found called "the world." This is the biggest illusion, this is the biggest ghost. If you need to be fearful of a ghost then this is the real ghost. It has no form but it has its power. Nobody has seen it till now but the whole world talks to it, talks about it. That's the real ghost and if you need to be fearful of a ghost then this is the ghost you need to be fearful of that. You have this life, live for you. You don't need to live for anyone else, live for yourself and people say "That's a very selfish thing to do" then why did God give you this human body? He could have given that body to someone else and if you don't like selfishness then remove all your breath and give it to someone else. No, no, no. No, I don't want to do that. Then what do you want to do? Sometimes your mind is running here, sometimes it's running there but the dog that you're feeding doesn't really belong to you, the dog just comes to you and begs his meal because no-one else is going to give it any food. You come and give it food, that's why it lives in your house, it's not really your dog.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker End of the Millenium So understand what this opportunity is and come together and stay in the direction of the Master and be synchronized and it's not like you should say "I want this, this is what I want. In service, this should happen and that should happen and everyone starts to bring in their own dreams in service. In service there is no need for dreams. Dreams will not be fulfilled through service. If service was there to fulfill your dreams then what kind of service is that? So think about it, you have this opportunity, fulfill your life, fulfill your life, fulfill your life. This should be your goal for your life. You have only one life, it doesn't come again and again. You won't have this life again, this human life will not come again and again. And when I say this to people they become fearful, "Oh my God, really? Really? You see when you sit down to eat food, you don't know where you next meal is going to come from. You don't know, you don't know if you'll, be able to eat or not. But when you sit down to eat your food, how long do you eat? Till you're satisfied and when you're satisfied you don't think again about eating right then. Even if someone speaks about food you think "I'm full, I don't even want to think about food right now."

Think about it, understand that when your heart is satisfied then you don't worry about another life. (laughter, applause) But as long as your heart is empty then you will be thinking about the next life. When a person is hungry that person is thinking "What am I going to eat for breakfast? What am I going to eat for lunch? What am I going to eat for dinner?" and while he's thinking about food his mouth is watering and his stomach is growling and he's thinking about food because he's very, very hungry. In your heart there is a hunger as well. Fulfill and satisfy that hunger, fulfill your life." (applause)