Master - Student

The small minority of premies who have remained devoted to Rawat long enough to age from "premies" (20's)to "students" (50's) do have one thing in common, a surprisingly strong and apparently unwarranted devotion to Prem Rawat and a belief in his super competence and power to which they attribute everything good in their lives. We can see from the testimony of Linda Pascotto and Sandy Collier that this devotion was not based on the experience of years of meditation and practise of this "Knowledge" but on beliefs in his divinity and a 'conversion experience' akin to falling in love with Elvis Presley or the Beatles.

Around the world people from different cultures and backgrounds were discovering that with Maharaji they had become involved in a very different kind of relationship.

"It's vital I think the relationship between the Master and the student is so (pause) vital, er that connection, that mutual feeling and um I felt that from really the very first.

Sandy Collier

Prem Rawat's Students Kiss His Arse (Ass)

"Like my cousin, she's my cousin, she received Knowledge and for 2 or 3 months she's you know "Hi sweety ??? I'm so happy", six months down the road, she's like "I can't stand it when someone interrupts my meditation", you know, she's getting so into it. Eight months, nine months down the road I call her up and what is it, it's not about Knowledge anymore, it's not about the meditation, "Oh George, my God, George I love that man SOOO MUUUCH! How could I love him so much?" I said "Aha, it's just one of those things!"

George Blodwell

"I tell you one thing, the interaction with Maharaji was the magic ingredient and it was so plentiful, it was just, just so available."

Joan Apter