The Freedom Bird, A Poem by Prem Rawat - AviatorThe Freedom Bird by Maharaji

This is a video of Prem Rawat who humbly calls himself Maharaji (the Ultimate Ruler) reciting a poem, a poem so terrible he must have written it himself. He recites it over a finger-picking guitar instrumental which comes from the One Foundation song, "Words of Love" featured in the 1974 Divine Light Mission film "Power of Love."

The poem is trite, it's banal, it doesn't scan, it's doggerel, it's typical Prem Rawat.

The Freedom Bird ascends to peerless heights
Above the mountains, across the fountains
Hovering above the unknown paths
Above the worldly rafts
Into space uncharted
The Freedom Bird, A Poem by Prem Rawat - Aviator Where clouds reign unthwarted
With static motion
Above the ocean
In an easy glide behind time
It feels it's freedom sublime
And knows of it's delight
A feeling so right
Unhurried but graceful
In a height, so space full
With desired distinction
Graced perfection
A pure eart (Rawat still has trouble with "th" after all these years)
The freedom search
Urges the bird to fly
Not a thought but feeling true
Not for a moment, for eternity
The Freedom Bird, A Poem by Prem Rawat - Aviator To feel this feeling
An expression of love and heart-filled delight and thankfulness
The tears roll down not born of sorrow
But keen delight
No care for destination the beating heart with a message
"Only for you" the wind whispers
Confirming the feeling
Sun shines high above as it cheers on
Soar freedom bird, soar
Feel it, the sky is yours
Stretch little bird, stretch
Stretch those lovely wings
Even the father of time
has paused his hand
as it looks upon you
with an infinite smile
The Freedom Bird, A Poem by Prem Rawat - Aviator Gone is the rage
Gone are confines
No matter what you heard again and again
Someone trying to ease your pain
You knew so did your heart
All you ever felt was the freedom thought
Consoled by many to accept the cage
From which you could be admired
But for you the feeling held true
For true freedom your heart desired
Nothing could contain your feeling
In freedom was your healing
You could not be held
For you knew too well
The desire that your heart desired
No golden cages, long story pages
The Freedom Bird, A Poem by Prem Rawat - Aviator Nothing, nothing at all
Outweighed cold hard cages
For once felt so deep
The feeling rages so steep
To feel again the time stop
The wonderful freedom about
Nothing can convince the heart
As it beats within
And pounds ever louder
To be free