Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

It Is You!

Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979.

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

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Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

Us. Our problems … maybe they manifest in different ways. Maybe in America your coffee machine breaks down, but in England your tea machine breaks down. Maybe that's where the difference in the problem really is. But those are the very simple little problems here and there, here and there. But the main thing to me is only that one day there will be true satisfaction in people's hearts, when people will have found what they're looking for.

I mean, obviously grown mature adults know that kicking the tire of the car does not mend it. But how many of us in desperation have done that? A lot. Or when you can't get something fixed, you take the last resort: smash it. And I mean that's like a child does when he can't open something. He forces it in a very different way which really doesn't help him to open it. Now these are very small problems, little frustrations gete bigger frustrations to bigger frustrations to bigger frustrations.

You know. This one guy wakes up in the morning. He goes to start up his car and the car doesn't start up. So he opens up the hood,you know, does whatever he thinks he has to do. And this is really making him late, it's just really getting him upset. It's really getting him frustrated. When this guy finally gets his automobile started, motorcycle started, or whatever he has got … or suppose he wants to catch a bus.

Prem Rawat has probably seen this scene on TV in a kids' cartoon. That's where he got his education in Western Society 101.

I've seen that. He runs and runs to the bus and the bus leaves. He's got a newspaper in one hand, a snack in the other hand and he's running, trying to put his clothes on at the same time as he runs towards the bus. He gets there and the bus just takes off - a very frustrated feeling.

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

Well, the guy gets to his office, anyway. Now this is a little frustration. Till now, there is really nobody else frustrated in this office. This happens to be happening only to this one individual. And then he gets inside the office. He happens to be the entire boss of the operation of this office, you see? He walks into his office and the secretary says, "Good morning, sir."

"What do you mean, 'Good morning, sir?!"

Now she gets all nervous because she doesn't know how come he's so perked up. So her assistant calls her up; says, "I've got a phone call for you."

And she goes, "Wait a minute! I don't want to take any phone calls! The boss is all perked up."

And so she hangs up the phone. Now the little secretary's all upset. She doesn't know why the big secretary's so upset. The big secretary doesn't know why the boss is so upset.

And then a guy comes to the boss to rent floor space. And he walks in and the boss tries to be nice and, "Yes, hello, how are you today?" And this guy is just completely mad because he didn't make his bus or his car wouldn't start or his hands got dirty or something happened, something very simple that we, as "mature adults", would think nothing about.

If this story were to be accurate, already three people's days would have been ruined. And this is just the beginning of the office hours. It's going to get worse every hour. Because here comes this guy and he wants to lease some floor space. And this guy gives him a very, very high price, because he really doesn't want to conduct any business.

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

And so you can see that by a little frustration, so much can happen. And this is only talking about one city, in one place, in one particular office building. But if you were to magnify this to the scope of this whole world, to the scope of this whole world, what would happen? I mean, really, what would happen?

Well, what would happen is what's happening now! People are frustrated. Because they are far from knowing what they are here for. To them it's a very Simple-Simon story. "Look, my father didn't ask that question, his father didn't ask that question, and his father didn't ask that question. And I am just not about to ask that question, either. My whole family didn't ask it, so forget about me. I'm going to do what I want to do in this world, what I think is right."

Okay, that's no problem. What you think is right, somehow has to be right for you.

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

You know, to get from here to Oklahoma City, the fastest way to get there is to take an airplane. There's nothing wrong in taking an airplane. But there is certainly something wrong in taking an airplane that is westbound instead of eastbound. There is a problem there. The problem doesn't exist in the airplane. It exists in the direction of the airplane. The westbound airplane is just not going to take you to Oklahoma City, New York, or Europe, or Miami, for that matter. But that's the problem.

We take our idea: "Look, I have to live in this world, don't I?" Yes, you have to live in this world. "And don't you have to wear clothes in this world?" Well, of course you have to wear clothes in this world. "And don't you have to work in this world?" Well, of course you have to work in this world. I mean, it's a very very long way to come in to the beautiful green painted concept of no fences where everything belongs to everybody. That's still a painting, still a dream, still an ideology.

But the thing is, why do you want to work? So that you can make money. Why do you want to make money? So you can buy clothes. Why do you want to buy clothes? So you can stay warm, you can cover your body. Why do you want to work? So you can have a house? Well, why do you want a house? So you can live in the house. So you can live. You can be alive.

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

And this is where all the questions seem to terminate - dead end. Why do you want to be alive? So that you can work? I mean, I know that there are people who say that they appreciate or love their job. But not that much. Can you imagine them getting stuck working on weekends? No vacation. Nothing? I mean, it gets out there, really.

So why do you want to live? And to me it's very apparent why do we want to live. Because there is a purpose to live. Those things in this world can help us live, so that we can fulfill purpose. And that's what's important. That's what's needed. Not work to live, and to live to wear clothes and to do this and to do that: a complete loop. A loop won't get us anywhere. A complete loop won't get us anywhere. And this is why we need to open ourselves up beyond the philosophies. We need to open ourselves and look for ourselves.

I know that before I had received Knowledge, it was just like a little ice tray. And the ice tray had this grill on it. It didn't matter where you poured the water from, it went all over the place, squiggled through one space into the other one, and it didn't matter how you poured the water, when you poured the water, or what the colour of the water was. Four hours in the freezer, and lo and behold … it comes out as ice cubes.

That's what happens to us. Doesn't matter what it is. In India, for instance, the whole concept is that you cannot go to the moon. The moon is not the moon that you think it is; it's god! Not capital G-o-d, little g-o-d. And so when astronauts finally landed on the moon, it became very obvious and very apparent. These people who were saying, "Look, you cannot land on the moon" were out to tell people, with all sincerity, that this is just a big hoax. "There is nothing to it. They didn't go anywhere. Can you imagine people going to moon? They didn't go to the moon. They just took these pictures. They made people believe that they went to the moon."

And it's just like trying to put orange juice in that ice-cube tray with the grid. It won't fit. It wasn't going to fit. It's a round ball made out of metal going into an ice tray; it just wasn't going to roll into one of the squares. It wasn't going to work. It wasn't going to fit. It was a question mark. it's obviously, "Look! These guys are not telling the truth."

But what I am trying to say, is that the experience of this Knowledge is

completely practical. The experience of this Knowledge is like a river. And what is so different about a river and an ice cube maker?

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

Well, the difference is that that ice-cube maker is going to take that water but make it frozen and make it into a particular shape, while the water in the river will flow up and down, will flow wherever it wants to flow, with the natural flow of where it really wants to go.

That is the experience of this Knowledge. And you have to open up to the experience of this Knowledge for this to happen, for this to manifest. You cannot be, again, like that little ice-cube maker which takes the water and freezes it. Why does it freeze it? So that it'll hold its shape, then dump it. You pour the water and it goes in, fills up to the top, you put the grid in, and make little cubes.

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

And that is why the experience of Knowledge is beautiful. That is why the experience of Knowledge is true. Because it flows from within you. It is you!

Knowledge is not something that somebody says, "Okay, here it is," and just plucks it from an apple tree and tosses it to you: "Catch. This is your experience of Knowledge." The experience of Knowledge is you - your effort, your realization, your understanding, your clarity.

But the only thing is that that experience, that incredible Power which is within inside of us, which sustains us right now, which sustains me right now, which sustains you right now, is sustaining everybody in this world right now.

Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979

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Denver, Colorado on Saturday, 24th February, 1979