Guru Puja 1977

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang: An Immaculate Creation

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Guru Puja Festival, Miami Beach, July 31, 1977

Guru Puja 1977

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… What do we really want to pursue in your life? You know, I mean it's just like man is faced with so many decisions. "What am I gonna do? What should I do?" And that seems to be almost a problem of everybody in this world. "Maybe I should get into this. Maybe I should get into this trip." And I know there's a lot of people who get into trips. You know, there's a lot of restaurants in the United States that close down every year. These guys say, "Wow, this is really fantastic. Let's make a restaurant." They get into this restaurant business. Two days later nobody shows up; they end up with all the liabilities. They can't get rid of them, so the restaurant closes down. And it's just like, because we are not clear.

It's like a boat with two engines but no rudder. Okay, it will go. It's like a car which is started, which is on, and you have pressed the gas, but it has no steering wheel. What is the destiny, what is the fate of that automobile? What is the fate of that boat? Or in that sense, what is the fate of that person who has not found himself yet, who has not found his own identity yet? And this is why we come to Knowledge. This is why we come to that point. So we can find that identity.

There's so many problems in this world, you know. And it's just like, a lot of times we get dragged into things. We get sort of woofed into these things by our mind, and we really don't know. After that we're just like sort of lost; we really don't know where that actual thing that we have to start pursuing in our lives really lies. What are we pursuing in our lives?

Guru Puja 1977

To a lot of people, it's money. Money is like a big water. You let it flow; it's okay. This is the way, you know, I think. It is - it's like water. And if you stop it, it's going to start becoming dirtier and dirtier and dirtier and dirtier and dirtier. But if you let it flow, it's going to stay fresh and clean, you know. And it's just, what are we trying to pursue in our lives?

Some people pursue careers. "Okay, I'm going to become this," or "I'm going to become this," you know. "My ultimate dream is to fly one of the space shuttle things." Or, "One of my ultimate dreams is to drive the fastest automobile in this world," or "drive the fastest boat in this world," or "fly the fastest airplane in this world," or "to go under water …" I mean, just different things that man does, you know. And I was just reading this one article. These guys took this one boat from Spain, put these big huge engines on them, and drove this little boat all the way across from Spain to the coast of America, to Newport. And to me it was like, okay, they broke the record. They did it in seventy hours. And it's like, when they were coming down, they had to fuel in the Azores, then fuel in the middle of the ocean, and they were twenty miles offshore when their boat went out of gas. So they had to probably bring another ship, refuel, and go into that thing. They did this. Fantastic! You know, a great venture. Or the same thing, like going to Mars or going to moon.

All these things are fantastic. All these things are incredible. Because as I understand, a lot of inventions, a lot of things that have come forth, have come from those space programs. And that's all great. But what about you as an individual? What are you going to pursue in your life? Where do you lie? Where do you lie in between from Earth to moon, or from Spain to Newport? Where are you in the middle of this whole thing? Or from Earth to Mars? And how do you fit into that whole mechanism somewhere? And nobody really knows. "How? Where? Where am I? What is the motive? Why am I in this world?" People are afraid to ask that question today, because they don't understand why they are in this world. And to find out why they are in this world scares them, scares them very bad.

Guru Puja 1977

"Guru Maharaj Ji + Grace + satsang + service + meditation = whatever you call it. You know, if you call it liberation, then that's what it equals."

And so premies, this is why we have to see. There are so many things, you know. This Creator, so beautiful, made beautiful ocean, and then made that ocean have waves, have move, put so many lives into that ocean, so many beautiful lives into that ocean, you know? Made a whole creation and creation and creation. This Creator made Earth, made man, made this whole world, made the whole universe, you know. And it's just like, that's a lot. That's a lot to do. I mean, man just went to moon and goes, "Yay!" After every kind of trouble they can possibly imagine. And this Creator just made it, you know, manufactured this whole thing. There is some purpose. There is some reason.

We come into this world, you know, and it's just like sometimes I almost feel like giving one example, and it's like ants. You know, when you see ants and they're moving constantly in a row, following a certain pattern, you look in amazement and you say, "Wow! Look at these ants. They're really smart, you know. Look at them, one after another, one after another, one after another, one after another. And they're so busy into it." And to them, it's like walking miles and miles and miles and miles to get this one piece of food that they bring back, and they pass it over. If one person - if one ant gets killed, they report it, and there is a whole danger, and a whole warning signal goes on and everything. And you see these ants in just one row following their aim implicitly, just completely.

So imagine this human race, this whole human race, as ants. Nobody thinks, you know, that two legs, one head, two arms, nose, eyes - and there is this thing, you know, that's a billion

Guru Puja 1977

times bigger than us. And to this thing were just itty-bitty little ants just going pr-r-r-r-r-r-r, you know, everywhere. And he sees down. And then, if you look at ants and they are all over the place and they're really not doing anything, at least when I see those, I say, "Wow, what spaced out ants these are!" So you can see this big huge thing, you know, a million trillion times bigger than us, looks down on the surface and sees these ittybitty little ants all over the place just running wild, all spaced out, going up and down the street and up and down the highway and up and down the sky, and doing these things, and just no motive, no purpose. And I bet if there was something like that, then it would say, "Boy, what spaced out people they are!"

To come into this Earth, to have everything that has been presented to us, you know - it's like there's almost, there's such a perfection of that Creator. It wasn't just perfect enough to have an ocean. It also had to have waves. It wasn't just perfect enough to have just ocean and waves. They had to crash on beach, on beautiful rocks, and make beautiful formations. It wasn't just beautiful enough to make sun, but to put every color in it, every color in it when it set, when it just slowly went down. And it's just so beautiful. It wasn't just enough to make the sun and make water, but to put a rainbow on it. It wasn't just enough - such immaculate perfection.

To us, it's a slop job, you know. "Alright, there is a big rock, and this is really ugly, and this is really weird. It's just a slop job." But to that Creator, it's incredible perfection, that we can't even imagine. Look out, you know, and you just see these beautiful - it wasn't like, just to make a tree. It wasn't that, but it had to bear fruits and bear flowers. That's perfection. And not to just make flowers, but to put smell in them, to make them smell nice.

And of course, you know, it was - just look at us. It wasn't just enough to make human beings. It wasn't just that much, enough, but to put life inside of us, to give us a shape, to give us that opportunity to be able to come in this world. And that wasn't just enough. To be able to live at the time when Guru Maharaj Ji is here. To be able to experience that Knowledge. And that's beyond every speck of perfection that we can possibly perceive. To give us that opportunity.

I mean, who knows? That Creator could have made the smell in that rose stink like crazy, like a stink bomb. But, no. The sweetest, the most gracious, the most beautiful smell had to come out of it. It wasn't just enough to put a white flower, but to make gardenia so beautiful and to put such an immaculate smell in it, you know? For whom? For whom? For His children, for His creation.

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