Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Can You Imagine video, 1991

This video stars two men. One is tall and handsome, a fine musician, a good singer and songwriter. The other is not.

By 1991 Prem Rawat had been inhabiting his 1980s public persona for quite a few years but his talents as a comedic and inspirational raconteur a la Garrison Keillor, Billy Connolly or Robin Williamson and a polymath showing off his enormous and erudite vocabulary as does Stephen Fry had not greatly improved. His polymathism was not up to explaining the process of evolution. IF this video is any indication then his imagination is as stunted as his height.

This video was released in 1991. It is typical of his early 1990s speeches and very different to those he gave in the 1970s and early 1980s. It begins with Rawat's ludicrous take on the creation of planet Earth and the Prem Rawat Theory of Evolution. It is full of his repetitious shtick using his new vocabulary: 'appreciation', 'compassion', 'dignity', 'heart', 'feeling', 'fulfil', 'fulfilment', 'fulfilled', 'gift', 'gratitude', 'joy', 'longing', 'magic', 'thirst', ' ultimate', 'virtue'. Then there are bad words: 'definition', 'dogma', 'logic', 'philosophy', 'pride', etc.

He uses these to create a word salad devoid of meaning. Furthermore in Prem Rawat's doctrine these words have his own meanings which are related to but not necessarily identical to their standard definitions.

He seems to think that he is daring and shocking by reiterating that death is the final solution for all lives and there is no proof of reincarnation. Boo-hoo.

Can You Imagine 1991Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
Can You Imagine video, 1991

Can you imagine? Can you just imagine? Long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago something happened, something incredible happened and there was this planet and at first there was nothing on this planet. Then slowly life began. It rained and slowly all the ingredients that were necessary, all happened to be in the right place, at the right time. And all of a sudden you had one of the most incredible miracle of all miracles. You had life and then it continued and the miracle continued and then there was the human being. Simple, alone, vulnerable, hairy brother and there was a time according to the Crea according to the Darwin Darwin's theory there was even a time when it wasn't so sure that the human beings would actually make it. It was a questionable but they kept going, they kept going. They only had one urge to make it, to be alive, to be fulfilled. Every day, every day they did something. Every day they were in awe. I am sure that whatever whatever of the very few first words were of the human beings, a few of them must have been "Ahh!" Just to be in this incredible awe, to look at the sun and they must have touched the water and they must've drank I mean just imagine well imagine looking at the water, finding water. Imagine looking at the sun, imagine, imagine if you can looking at the full moon coming out one night. It must have been incredible and at that time many unanswered questions, many unanswered questions and possibly a lot of space for doubts but then also a space for that feeling of appreciation. A feeling of that gratitude, no more and no less. To look at it and say "Here I am" and to track through thick and thin and good and bad for this feeling for this fervour , wanting something. Someday to have this incredible fulfilment because the heart existed then too. Compassion was there, it was not like it was no compassion. Compassion was there, love was there and then a human being kept progressing and progressing and progressing. (Musical interlude)

Can You Imagine
Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine And yet in all the progress did the human really let did did the human really leave behind some of the virtues that made us so human? Some of the virtues that really allows us to be who we are today? Did we leave behind somewhere the virtue of the ultimate compassion, ultimate compassion, not a dogma, not an ideal, not a philosophy but the ultimate compassion in which one looks at their own heart and with compassion, with compassion says "I need to be fulfilled." That's compassion. In the process of progress did the human being leave behind the virtue of dignity, dignity. What is dignity? We don't know what dignity is, we think we have gotten pride confused with dignity. Pride is not dignity, dignity is dignity and pride is pride. What is dignity? Have you ever looked at a river and the river is massive. Some of these rivers are massive and where were they born out of, what how did they get created? It's amazing. From a drop at a time, the ice melting one drip, one drop, one drop, one drop, one drop, one drop. And from just that one drop, one drop, one drop, one drop there comes this mighty river that has so much power and then does the mighty river climb up? Never. The mighty river knows with dignity that its destination is that ocean from where it came from. That's where it's going to go and to do it it will have to flow downwards, can't flow upwards, downwards and so it will with great joy, great joy tumbling and bumbling and (waves arms) and just go on and its amazing when the river meets the ocean kapow. The whole process just slows down. All of a sudden there comes a point where you cannot even see the difference between the river and the ocean. The process is complete. Dignity, dignified with great, great dignity the river flows but knowing very well the principle of how it will get to the ocean. The river doesn't say "Oh the ocean is just behind the mountain, let me go the other way. No, if it must go the longest, possible way, it will gladly go the longest possible way so far that way takes it to where it needs to be. (Musical interlude)

Can You Imagine
Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine What is the purpose of life? This is what people think. I don't know why. To me in the words "What is the purpose of the life?" I hear the sheep's baa. Because one person asked it, "What is the purpose of life?" so everybody's asking "What is the purpose?" I don't ask the reason why. I ask another question. See because the ability to think is God's gift to us but what we think about is our gift to ourselves. So what do I ask? I don't ask what is the purpose of life. I ask why do I wanna ask what is the purpose of life and when I listen to why I want to know what is the purpose of the life I do get an answer, a simple answer: I wanna be fulfilled and if I can be fulfilled by finding out what is the purpose of the life then let me find out what is the purpose of the life but if I really can think then I would realise that the purpose behind the question is that I want to be fulfilled. So if I am smart and no a baa, a sheep just following a sheep, the blind leading the blind then I will say "So, let me ask the right question. You see this is what happens. So many things I learnt and so many things that are understood. Learnt, is that thing what is the purpose of life but it's never understood and you come and you sit down in the company of someone who has been down that road and you will understand something. Learning put aside, you will understand something and what is there to be understood? That the real purpose is to be fulfilled and that's the reason why you were asking the question and why not ask the question "How can I be fulfilled?" and the answer to that question is so simple. So simple and no one but many, many, many people have left behind the clues how to answer that simple question. (Musical interlude)

So, not with pride but with great dignity look inside, look within your heart and there is a message. The first message is the longing. All your lives you have always gone out and tried to fulfil a longing. You feel a longing, you wanna snuff it. Don't! Feel a longing you see this whole world is made instant this is instant you want this, fine, just push a button, you'll get it. Push a button, you'll get it. What is a longing? What is a longing? Longing is that fire. Longing is that thirst. Feel the thirst. Feel that thirst in your life and then the second feeling. A very simple feeling. A feeling that has no right or wrong, good or bad, for any definition but just a simple fulfilment to be had. What difference does it make if one goes through the root of the heart or goes through the root of the logic. Logic is learnt, logic is borrowed, you see that's how logic is. Logic is not original, logic is borrowed. Heart is original, it's not borrowed. The true heart inside always has been original. Listen and feel the thirst in your life. There is magic, true magic, the inner magic. (Musical interlude)

Where is the great fervour? Where is that great search? And then you start to say "Maybe. Maybe we don't know." Maybe we don't know what it is like to search? Maybe we don't even know what it is like to long. Maybe we don't even know what it is like to feel fulfilled. Maybe we do not even know what it is like to feel filled up inside without a reason. To me it was so beautiful when I sat down and I wrote this song, "Have you the urge to?" because that's what the song says "Have you the urge to, to fly, to feel that freedom, to dance with the divine, with the symphony, with the symphony of life for an endless time, have you that urge too. Do you feel that, do you feel, to feel fulfilled in your life, do you that urge too, or not (Musical interlude)

Can You Imagine
Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine For inside of you, there is a guest, he sees and one time I had this riddle. A guest in a guest, come to two different houses at the same time, you can scratch your head for that one, you don't have to. One guest this body coming into this world, the other guest is inside of us. There is a guest inside and it also has come. What is ultimately going to happen? There is no mystery. Everybody knows what's gonna happen. You don't have to be a genius to figure this one out. One day we're all going to die. I don't want to make this sound particularly magical but since we were born, the clock is ticking. One day, we are gonna go away. Time is limited, what do you wanna do? You maybe thought you didn't have options, I am saying you do. In this life either you can be fulfilled and the die or not be fulfilled and then die. People you know human beings have such a love affair with immortality. They wanna be immortal but do do but just think of it, the most immortal thing is within us. I'm mean in this life you are as close as you are going to come to immortality because it's right here (points at his tie). Not up there and not down there but right here. Something immortal. Feel it. (Musical interlude)

Why all of this? What is the point, what is the purpose? I tell you what, it feels so good. That's why. That's why I want you to do it cause it feels so good. It feels so fulfilling, that is the reason. I don't know if there needs to be any other reason ever. I think that reason is enough and if you listen to your heart you will also learn how to know something without any reason, without any definition, without any attached significance. So that is the whole process of learning and looking and feeling inside. To feel that gratitude, to not lose those virtues, to live this life with great dignity, great dignity, to enjoy this life with great dignity. To listen to this heart with great compassion and then to fulfil that feeling within. (Musical interlude).

Can You Imagine

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"Have You The Urge Too" voice and music by Geoff Bridgford

Geoff BridgfordHave you the urge too, to be free
As the seed that wants to, turn into a tree
Have you, have you

Have you the urge too, to fly
Feelthe freedom, without a question why
Haveyou, have you

Have you the urge too, to feel a feeling
Not a thought but a gentle feeling

Have you the urge to, see the light
Power within, a shadow with no doubt

Geoff BridgfordHave you the urge too, to be one again
Like a river that flows from drops of rain
Have you, have you

Have you the urge to, to smile again
Feel the real, no doubt or shame
Have you, have you

Have you the urge to, to be caressed
Touch so gentle, feeling so blessed
Have you the urge to, to dance with the divine
With the symphony of one
For an endless time

Have you the urge too, have you the urge too
Have you the urge too, have you the urge too, have you

Can You Imagine? He Thinks This Shiite Is Deep and Meaningful.