PMT 036: Bill Patterson, Hans Jayanti Public Program, 9th November 1975

This is it, it's like it's simple that a Master, a guru can come into our lives and he can just reveals it. He can reveal it, he's not just saying lots of words and philosophies and kinda rehashing all of the old ideas and concepts he is just coming in and saying "Look this is it, this is, you can have this experience." It's like maybe we have a TV here and this TV's really beautiful, we're looking at it and it's got nice panelling and got a big screen, it's really nice like put out by a company that makes really nice TV sets. We're looking at it and it's nice and we're looking at it and "Wow this is really a beautiful TV set but it's like at that point and you can plug it in to the wall and you have electricity and then you can get it on and you can see that ", there was a purpose for this TV and all this time I was looking at it from outside thinking it was beautiful but so what? Maybe I can just put flowers on top of it and use it kinda like a little nightstand or something, next to my bed and it's nice.

It's a nice TV but when we can plug it in we see that "Wow, there's a whole other thing, there's a whole other purpose for this and like when we can come, when we can come and we can receive this meditation from a Master, a Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji, like he just makes that connection. It's so simple maybe we thinkin' it doesn't, it's not possible maybe we're thinking "Oh how can it be that there could be an experience like this?" And I just have to say that I don't know, I don't know how it's possible. When I received this Knowledge it was like, when I received this meditation it was beautiful, it was completely profoundly beautiful cause it was such a pure experience, so simple, so natural and I realized that wow this was inside of me all the time I don't know what that connection was but before I never had experienced. I knew lots of techniques of meditation and everything.

I even knew all of the techniques Maharaji was revealing but I'd just been studying from lots of other gurus and swamis and everything that I never experienced anything and then like when I received this from Maharaji it was there. It was there, it was real and like I just wanna say that like with time, with practice, if we want to continue practicing this is called meditation. There's a point. Maharaji says meditation means perfect concentration on a perfect point and like a perfect point is this point inside, is this energy which we can experience. Its pure essence and we can see it because it's light and we can hear it, it's tangible, it's music. We can feel it because it's real, it's, it's that Word, it's that vibration. We can taste it because it exists inside of us and its Nectar and Maharaji can show us this point. He can just reveal it to us and we can have this experience and then, then the next stage is called perfect concentration which is kind of difficult lots of times because it's really hard to control this mind, just wandering from one point to another all the time.

It's a really pretty difficult to stop it but like with practice, it's like when maybe we could come in and look at somebody who's playing the piano and they're playing it really beautiful and maybe we think that "Oh that's impossible, that's completely impossible. I can never, never, never do that." but if somebody's gonna come in here and with consistency, they're gonna sit down and practice, they're gonna meditate and really practice and repeat and maybe in the beginning it's simple, you have to start with like really simple tunes and you have to play with just one hand and you have to do the scales like da da da da da da da da da and just over and over and over. You just have to repeat really simple tunes, really simple scales and then little bit by little bit we can add like chords with just one hand, just our other hand we practice with and then little bit by little bit with really simple, simple songs like Old MacDonald Had a Farm or something we can do with two hands and then with practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice is not really so horrible because it's kind of fun, you kinda get into it and you play and maybe it's just Old MacDonald Had a Farm and you finally get to that point where you've mastered Old MacDonald Had a Farm with one hand and it's like really something.

It's not like really horrible like oh I have to practice, it's beautiful and little, little bit by little bit by little bit with this practice ability grows and then freedom grows because freedom on a piano means when I could come and sit down at that piano and play whatever I want. If that's a Beethoven concerto or that's jazz or rock or blues or just whatever I want. Honkytonk, it can be anything and that's called freedom and like we're lucky, people I know a lot of people are lookin' for that freedom, they lookin' for a peace that's permanent. They're lookin' for something that's real, a satisfaction, a happiness, a love that doesn't pass and all I can say is just from my experience there's an experience we can have inside which is real, which is peaceful because when we're meditating its peaceful. There's no doubt about it.


As a little girl
This whole world
Had been too much for me
So I turned about
And shut it out
And travelled to the land of the free

And I go inside and work my journey out
I take it inside, see what it's all about

Well I lived my life
I became a young wife
With a beautiful family
But when you love a lot
You've got to get a light
God's pure energy?

And I go inside and work my journey out
I take it inside and see what it's all about

Now some of you here
May not hear
The words I'm tryin' to say
I want your spirit to rise and feel about
And listen to the music play

And take it inside, and work your journey out
Just go inside see what it's all about Repeat

Satsang Given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Public Program during the Hans Jayanti Festival in Orlando, Florida, on the afternoon of November 9th, 1975.