PMT005 PMT 005: Los Angeles International Airport, 17th June 1973
(the night after Guru Maharaj Ji returned to the United States)

A series of short quotes apparently made by premies at the Los Angeles Airport awaiting the arrival of the Perfect Master, Lord of the Universe and Ultimate Ruler interspersed with parts of the song, "Oh Lord We've Been Waiting So Long" which sounds like a sort of an upbeat dirge done by a garage band.

Guru Maharaj Ji is landing in this airport in about an hour and a half and for us, the devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji this is the most important event that is taking place in a very long time. We've all been waiting so long, so very long to see Guru Maharaj Ji. The last time that most of us saw her Guru Maharaj Ji was about a year ago or when we spent some time with him in India and he told us to come back and prepare for him and so for many many months we've been preparing for Guru Maharaj Ji to come here to the United States and it's like we've been going out and trying to tell the people who is Guru Maharaj Ji because there's so many people who don't know Guru Maharaj Ji is.

Seeing Guru Maharaj Ji, receiving the presence of Guru Maharaj Ji is the most high experience that a devotee can have, it's the ultimate experience a devotee can have because we spend our days in meditating on the knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji has given us and we spend our days and serving Guru Maharaj Ji and we serve our days in speaking about Guru Maharaj Ji but all these experiences we have we do for one reason and that's that in hope some day we'll be able to see our Lord and for myself I haven't seen Guru Maharaj Ji for almost a year and every day I beg him in my heart to come. I begged him to come because I need him, without him there's no reason to exist. This Knowledge shows me what it is that keeps me alive and I know now that Guru Maharaj Ji is what keeps me alive and, and every moment is spent wanting Guru Maharaj Ji.

Song: Oh Lord we've been waiting so long
Oh Lord we've would have been waiting so long
we thought you would never come

Oh Lord we've would have been waiting so long
Oh Lord we've would have been waiting so long
Oh Lord we've would have been waiting so long
we thought you would never come
you have

In the middle of the summer of 71
who of us knew that the Lord had really come
but the truth can't remain a secret for too long
cause he's gonna turn the whole world on
very quickly he's gy he's gonna turn the whole world on


I sort of talked with people, people at the DUO yesterday and they sort of told me he was coming in and I was very interested in uh checking out Maharaji in person, sort of like the culmination of my investigation to experience him Maharaji directly. I've been sort of investigating him for uh four months ever since Rennie Davis returned from America and I talked with him um sensibly for a whole day and uh things sort of like two things remained to complete my investigation, encountering Maharaji and having another conversation with Rennie about Knowledge. I have to see for myself and develop a direct relationship and so it's very important for me to uh experience Maharaji directly.

And only the ??? of the Realised One
And he's gonna turn the whole world on with his love
And he's gonna turn the whole world on, we've gotta help him


Material things must always pass away
In the same way that night always follows the day
We always have such a price to pay
If you put your trust in these things
But don't you put your trust in these things


This is the most incredible thing I've ever imagined I could have, yeah ha ha, everybody's so high um people are coming from all over the Western United States to greet the Lord you know and this airport's probably never seen anything like this, you know the officials, the people just waiting for planes, ahh, you know are watching this, everybody is just really being caught up in this cause and energy that's so fascinating, so attracting and so overwhelming. I just fall into a state of complete tranquillity and ecstatic, for lack of a better word, love, you know when I see Guru Maharaj Ji. All I can say is if you haven't seen Guru Maharaj Ji then you should make it your business to do so as soon as you possibly can.

It's really incredible and you know I think that everybody, everybody here should really check and find out what it is Guru Maharaj Ji is doing. He is answering every person's dreams, really every person's hopes of living in the human world. He can show us, the common thing that we all have and that's what we really require, more than anything else, is to know what it is we have in common.

The, the energy for the love that emanates from our hearts when, when Guru Maharaj Ji comes, is, is just tremendous (BSSKJ continue regularly in background) like it you know as far as a family goes and everything it just brings, like me and my wife Lee, incredibly you know close to each other and it's like when, when Maharaji comes it's like turning up the volume you know just a couple of notches and it makes it uh just very, very beautiful.

It's like, with um with children you know really know when Maharaji's coming. You know they can really feel it. They've been really so happy, especially being at the airport.

Boy it seems very ahh very heightened and, the energy is very heightened and uh personally I have two feelings I'm very uh there's a part of me is very frightened by what's, by the excitement in a sense of being overwhelmed by it but the other part of me feels uh things seem very right, everything seems to be very right.

Well, it's just blissed out, so many premies are here, premies are all the way from the car, all the way up here and Guru Maharaj Ji is coming and he's the Lord and the people have come to see him, everybody's wanting to see him.

Just the kingdom of heaven is really manifesting on earth, really, it's really beautiful that our Lord is just really come to bring his children all home to that heaven which is inside, so far out.

(In the background premies sing "We are one in the spirit, we are one in the Lord)

(Englishman with more than usual ability to speechify) At such a time, a being whose name is Guru Maharaj Ji, a being who is Divine has come with that power, with that discretion and wisdom that enables him to lead mankind properly and truly I know that he will lead us, he will lead us to a better world, a world where everything will be governed by love and by Divine wisdom, where the reasons for action, the most perfect discriminate reasons. Now, Guru Maharaj Ji will show us a more efficient world, a more efficient life by basing us first on the love which is generated by knowing our own self, by knowing the soul, by knowing God, by knowing truth. This is his gift to mankind that we may know truth, that we may know the reason we are alive, we may know life itself and thus we can understand everyone and the whole world will benefit.

Guru Maharaj Ji is calling all of mankind into one garland, it's like this garland of flowers all human beings are part of a garland and that thread is the Holy Name and with that thread Guru Maharaj Ji is going to put this world together.

(and they'll know we are brothers by our love)

He's come to open our hearts so that we can be really human beings and learn to live in light.

(Indian with particularly gentle voice) This is really so fantastic, it's such a tremendous day that all these premies stand here waiting for Guru Maharaj Ji with such tremendous love that I do not know how to describe it. Guru Maharaj Ji comes to show us how to love and he's, he's giving us love.

(and together we'll )

He's giving us all one big family just to make us all just one, one big family by showing us the truth in ourselves so we can stay in one place without fears and to control our minds without being afraid.

(and they'll know we are brothers by our love)

It's the beginning of the whole world holding hands, everybody just coming together and seeing it manifest.

Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? I couldn't possibly put that into words.

Can you describe what's going on here? Well Rennie Davis is the most incredible experience in the history of the planet.

We are gathered here, a thousand devotees waiting to see the Lord come, to land in the United States, the one who dispels darkness and reveals light, the one who bestows perfect happiness and peace to mankind and these are people who are working and dedicating their life towards world peace and this is why they're standing here singing, this is why they're standing here just waiting for that pure manifestation of perfection to come.

I haven't seen Guru Maharaj Ji for almost one year and the more I'm away from Guru Maharaj Ji the more I realise who Guru Maharaj Ji is because what he is showing me is an experience that opens every day to me more and more and more.

It's just really fantastic that Guru Maharaj Ji is coming here today. It's like, it seems like I've been waiting for about 6 months or so, ever since everybody got back from India ah you know we've been saying that Guru Maharaj Ji is coming and like it takes a while to sink in that he's finally, you know, that he's finally here but when it does it's really fantastic.

I'm speechless, really, I haven't seen him since last July and to come here and really bless us with his presence like this it's more than we could ever ask for. To me, he's, he's the one that showed me what living is all about.

With all of these millions and millions of devotees Guru Maharaj Ji has, I feel, I have a completely personal relationship with him and he with me and you know I love him

I feel I'm in control of, of me right now, this energy, Guru Maharaj Ji is pure energy, pure love.

He's here to bring peace to the world. He's gonna do it by just showing that one thing that's common to everybody.

I feel just the love that Guru Maharaj Ji manifests. Guru Maharaj Ji is the, the, the entire love in the world you know. He's come to show us that we are what we truly are by giving us an experience of that place that is within ourselves, that is, is, is complete peace and complete harmony.


Crowd Sings
The Lord of the Universe has come to us this day
And he's come to show us the light
And he's come to show us the love
And he's come to show us the way
Back to our fathers

(Brave but misguided attempt by young lady to shakily sing "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?" with only acoustic guitar)
Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?
Who is the artist of creation?
That's the question you must ask
Ask till you know the answer

What is the purpose of your living?
What is the meaning of your breath
And death? Is it to serve?
Why do we deserve this precious human body?

Since history began,
We have killed our fellow man,
Has there ever been a time of peace?
Can He make this sickness cease?

Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?
What is a Master of perfection?
That's the question you must ask
Ask til you know the answer(s)

What keeps the universe in motion
Can problems be solved by devotion
Is there truly a master plan?
Can this planet be saved by man

Watch who'll be feeding all the people
Watch who will wash away the tears
Watch the fruit(s) of his knowledge
Cast away your fears

Who is Guru Maharaj Ji
Who is the lover of your soul?
That's the question you must ask
The answer you must know

(Extraordinary number of Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jais led by Indian Mahatma followed by banging on the microphone)

Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Embassy Hall, Los Angeles, 17th June 1973