PMT026 PMT #026: Durga Ji's Satsang, Hans Jayanti Festival, Toronto Canada, 9th November 1974

An edited version of this speech was printed in the And It Is Divine magazine Volume 2, Issue 7, December 1974 which contains speeches and photos of this festival. The Perfect Master Tape #026 contains music and a speech by Rawat's wife on Side A and a really awful speech on Side B by the 18 year old Perfect Master and Lord of the Universe.

Dear Premies, can you hear me? You know, just being here, I realize that I have something to tell you that's, that's so beautiful, that's so wonderful, that it's, it's almost impossible to tell you and, and I realize that this service that, that Guru Maharaj Ji has given me is, is so very precious but yet at the same time very difficult because it's so hard to tell you and to tell the world, what we're feeling and what is really happening and yet we try and we try in so many ways and so, once again, I'll try to make it clear perhaps to some people who don't really understand what we're feeling and one way of telling you this is, is perhaps to, to explain a, a similar situation that the world is in only this will be like a little, a little story and it could start out where there's a village of people and these people in the village know that they're really for some reason, they feel deep inside that there is some reason why they're there, that the life that they're living is a very precious thing and they've also been promised by the Creator of their life that there is a very special day for them and that this special day is going to come soon and so everyone is filled with excitement because all their life they've been waiting for this day.

This day is the most precious thing to them and so the news starts coming and they're, they're to make a trip and they have to go to this special city and so everyone in the village is so excited because this is the day they've been waiting for. This is the day of the parade. It's the great parade that everyone in the village has been waiting for and it's the parade to heaven and they all know this deep inside and they all know that they're going to get to go and so everyone is so excited. So they go on this little journey and when they get there, they have to stay in this hotel because they're tired but there's something about this hotel in that it has a very distinctive quality of trying to lure them to sleep and it not only lures them to sleep but it puts them in a dream state and so all the people in the village go in the hotel and they all stay there and they check in and they know and they still remember that there's a very special day happening the next day but they start to get sleepy and they start to fall asleep and they start to dream and they all fell asleep and they all started dreaming and they were dreaming of so many crazy things.

They were dreaming of having so much pain and so much suffering and other, other people were dreaming that something very exciting is going to happen but they couldn't remember what it was! They had completely forgotten about the parade. They couldn't remember that it is the parade to heaven and that's why they even came to this hotel and so they went on and they slept the night and they slept the night and they kept sleeping and dreaming and they were very anxious even in their sleep, even in their dreams and then the parade started and slowly, the Master of the parade sent out people who were already in this parade and told them to go wake up the people in the hotel and tell them that the parade was starting, that the parade to heaven was now going on and so these few people ran up and they said, "Wake up! Wake up! The day has come; it's morning! It's time now! Everything you've been waiting for is here. This is the day!"

But the people said, "Go, go away, leave us alone. We're, we're tired. We don't, what are you talking about?" They didn't even remember that this was the most special day of their whole life and so slowly, one by one, the people started waking up and as soon as they got out of the hotel and into the parade, they realized fully why they were there. They were completely awake then and they started playing instruments that they'd never played before and they played them perfectly and they played them harmoniously. They played every instrument they picked up so beautiful and each one had a part and each one's part was perfect and as they marched in the parade, they became so full of love and so full of joy because it really was the parade to heaven.

They knew that they were on their way to heaven and they were so full of love and all they wanted to do was go out and say "Wait a minute, there's still people sleeping in the hotel from the village and I know what it's like when you're sleeping because I almost didn't wake up, I was so sleepy and so dreamy and the hotel seemed to pull me into it and so the Parade Master said "Okay, go out and wake up more people. Wake them up" but as they, as they tried to wake up the people some of them just didn't even want to be bothered. They said "Oh you don't know what you're talking about. Leave me alone. You're dreaming" and they said "No, no, you're dreaming. Don't you remember why we came to the hotel? Don't you remember what day this is?" and some people said "Oh just leave us alone" and they got up in their dream-like walk and they started walking around and turning on the television and they pulled the curtains shut and they just started fighting with each other and they were still sleep-dreaming. They weren't even really awake yet and so these people who were sent in from the parade said "Really wake up!" They couldn't force these people to wake up. All they could do was urge them "Don't miss this day. This is the day. This is everything. This is what you've been waiting for all your life. Don't sleep it away.

Come and join us because once you're out there and in the parade, you'll know but you can't know by sitting here in the hotel" and they'd say "Oh leave us alone" or maybe someone would say "Okay" and as soon as they went outside and they saw the fresh, beautiful flowers and the, the sun shining and, and the band playing and the parade leader at the head, marching, their hearts were just burst open and they knew this really was the parade to heaven and so this is the situation of the world. We've been sleeping because we're really here for a reason. We're not just here to exist and to not know why. We really have a purpose but you must know that purpose and we have to know that purpose and Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "I can show you that reason" and when he does and when he wakes us up, we're so full of love and happiness because we really are in that parade to heaven because heaven is not when someone dies. Heaven is now. The kingdom of heaven is within us and Guru Maharaj Ji shows us that and that's the most precious gift that any one of us can receive and once we receive that, we know it. There's no, no doubt about it and it's so beautiful that it becomes too hard to even explain the way it really is so we try in all these ways to try and tell people this is really it, this is the day.

He's really come and it's like many people may criticize us and many people may criticize our Guru Maharaj Ji but it's like if a tree gives fruit, it can be bitter fruit, it can be very bitter, bitter, bitter fruit that nobody wants to eat and we might call that tree, it's a bitter tree or if it's a mango tree, it's a mango tree or whatever kind of fruit that it gives, that's what we call it. A lemon tree, an apple tree and so some trees give really poisonous fruit but there is this tree and Guru Maharaj Ji is this tree and maybe he hasn't made himself the most beautiful tree to look at visually because that isn't the test. The test is in the fruit and the seed that is within the fruit and that fruit is love and that seed is peace and love and contentment and fulfillment and truth and bliss. That seed is heaven and Guru Maharaj Ji has given us this fruit wrong and we are now the seeds and we now go out and plant ourselves into the world so when people judge they must judge the fruits because the tree could be a very different looking tree but you can't really judge that tree, you must judge the fruit because it is the tree's fruit that will show you what kind of tree it is and so now it is the most precious time that we are here and I don't want to hold you back any longer from having the satsang of our Guru Maharaj Ji. Thank you very much.

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!