Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying PMT 216: Follow-Up Program, Washington DC, 26th November 1981

(Applause, some cheering) Well (clears throat, cheers and applause) you'll have it to forgive me I'm not King Solomon if I was King Solomon, I'd be called King Solomon but on the contrary I have a completely different name and it really the purpose of coming together here again is for me to tell you something. Now I know that some of you here have these gigantic questions him (giggles) and the questions perhaps range anywhere from when is the world gonna end? I'm sure somebody has that one. The problem with that one is it's gonna end too soon for sure and for some, not soon enough. So, take your pick, you care about enjoying life then it doesn't make any difference and you can go on have that experience that's really beautiful, had that experience that's really nice and I'm sure many of you have many other questions, you know, why doesn't my orange tree work in Washington? How come it doesn't grow oranges? Well, from what I know, in California they grow them and uh it's only in south, south part of California. Washington is north and uh way, way too north, the poor oranges just don't have a chance.

What I'm trying to say is that I have something to offer, I have an experience, on the mere strength of that experience I can offer to answer your questions that pertain to that experience. Nothing else. I'm not a wise old man, only 23, and I'm not some kind of graduate out of a college, I only wents to ninth grade and found out by phone that I'd passed with good grades. Never even went to pick up my report card so don't ask me what uh y squared means, I think it means twice the y but that's about it. And really I have something which we call Knowledge which is knowledge which is an inner experience, an experience that is real, and experience which is manifesting inside of you right now, an experience which is making you alive, and energy which is keeping you alive right now and the lack of that energy merely you'd be flat like a board, 6 foot under the ground, cremated or whatever your religion calls for. And somehow, it's like, everything around us, even when we go to simply decorate our house we don't take the whole house and paint it chartreuse, we take our living room and we say, "Here I'm going to, this is my area where I'm going to be sitting. I'm gonna spend time, perhaps I'll read, perhaps have a cup of coffee in the evening or something, this is going to be a get-together area. So now let me think what am I going to do and maybe you have some color preferences, some color choices and maybe you would go out, paint it or wallpaper it, put furniture in a certain order because that definitely you don't have a bed in your living room and sofas in your bedroom otherwise it was like that it would be all changed around then your bedroom really would be the living room and the living room really would be the bedroom and vice-versa. So everything around you has to be a certain way, everything around you has to be able to interact with what you feel, everything around you has to be able to somehow conform to your experiences, your likings, your choices.

And perhaps, maybe even in that way looking at it you have something fascinating inside of you, so fascinating that I mean obviously no medical school, college or university ever has been able to grasp it, to put down their finger on it and say that's what keeps a human being alive because there are many, many vital organs inside of us and a lack of any one of those would render us useless, would render us dead. But, what does it mean, simply what does it mean that there is something keeping us alive? What effect does it have on us to even think for a moment that there is a power, that there is an energy which lives within inside of us, day in and day out without us having to do anything with it and yet it exists and its existence is not dominated by us. We did not choose when we were going to be born, we didn't choose that. You know that there are babies born every day and supposevly there is the nine month period, isn't it, unless you go to a hospital and they do a Ceasarian on you. Hardly any children are born in nine months. Maybe a little sooner, maybe a day later, two hours later, two hours sooner, it's very difficult to be born precisely on nine months because that's a ball park figure and there's no way we control even the destiny for this life because it seems so irrelevant whatever we go around doing in this world the existence of this energy still seems to be there.

Whether we are a doctor, whether we are a lawyer, whether we are taxicab driver, whether we fly big 747's or space shuttle Enterprise or anything there is something that is common to every human being. We don't look alike, we don't think alike, we don't wear alike, we don't eat alike, our houses look different, everything I different about us except one thing and does not make any difference how diverse a human being gets in his way of life that one thing still is going to be common to every human being and what it is? From merely where the point is is can say a human being always is, what is it? And I know from just saying even that many questions occur and yet as Joan was saying there's absolutely no way I can answer all of your questions. I mean, maybe she said I can answer all of them, I know I can't answer all of them.

Because let me just, to put it in a very nutshell story, maybe even you've heard this one before. Once an ambassador from one kingdom came and he brought some presents for the king and amongst one of the presents was a mango and the king went through all his presents and he was very happy until he came to the fruit and he said, "What is this?" Because the king had never seen a mango in his whole life, didn't know what that thing was. So he started asking, "Well what is it? What is a mango? And uh everybody got up and tried to explain what a mango was, every single courtier, every single, everybody in the court started to explain what a mango was. "I I don't understand what you are talking about." Some said, "Well it's this fruit, you have it in your hand, this, this fruit is really incredible, it's sweet inside, it's yellow, it has a lot of juice, a very beautiful aroma, this is what a mango is, grows on a tree, drew pictures of it" and the king said, "I still don't understand." And I'm sure that, I mean this is the story but we can even do that go through every single explanation possible and explain to you what a mango is.

As a matter of fact, everybody knows a certain thing yet they don't know this one name for this particular thing, say if I called it 'jehadge.' Well people, what's a 'jehadge? Well some people I'm sure understand that. All of a sudden you're "What, what did he say? 'Jehadge? What's a 'jehadge? What does he mean?" You all know it, you know what it means, I mean you know the thing that it's referring to, you've seen it, all of you have seen it, maybe even been on it once. A vessel, ship, an aeroplane, anything but merely by saying something that was a name that didn't ring a bell all of a sudden maybe it never even dawned on you what I was talking about. Or I can say the same thing, I mean, it's a Hindi word, I can say 'tsasvir.' "What does 'tsasvir 'mean? Don't know!" But I'm sure everyone of you has seen it and uh uh maybe even taken a part in it. It means a picture and sometimes it's just like that in this world too you know that we try to explain to ourselves what this creation means, what Creator means, what infinite energy means or any amount of names we give to it I mean that's obviously irrelevant isn't it? Well there is a longing and a thirst for something real in this heart and no matter what we do, how much we try, how much we, you know it's just like that name I said and there you go "What could it mean? What" and you could just guess your guess would be as good as anybody else's. "What could it mean?" and yet I know it, I know what it means and I know two words for it, the ship or 'jehadge' or 'tsasvir' or picture and to me it's very clear. 'Tsasvir' means a picture, said it probably a million times in my life and thus it really boils down to having to have the experience firsthand cause this is exactly where that story goes, that when the king was finally fed up and nobody could convince him what 'mango' really was, one courtier stood up, took the mango, peeled it, sliced it for him offered it to him on a plate and gave it to him, "Here" and hardly any words were exchanged and the king said "I now understand what a mango understand. I now understand whether we give it a name or not.

Maybe you come across a fruit that you've never seen before, you don't know the name for it yet you eat it and you like it. You know what it is now, you don't know it by name but you know what it is. You see another fruit like that and you say, "Nice fruit, what is it called? Does anybody know what it's called?" Maybe nobody knows what it's called, maybe it's you own little invention but you know what it is so merely by referring to these nouns or verbs or adjectives of different sorts ares not necessarily going to bring an experience not is it going to place us any closer to it. This is something we have to understand. If I was thirsty, I mean it's simple as that, if I was thirsty and somebody came and gave me half an hour lecture on being thirsty it will not bring me any closer to quenching my thirst bur merely one simple action of saying "Okay, yes, where's the glass of water?" I go find the glass of water, I drink it and that has out me infinite miles close to it in the fact my thirst is gone, my thirst is quenched, I'm happy. It is done.

So we have come together here and I'm going to entertain a few questions and the thing is, only what I know about can I offer you the answer to because to merely I mean it's like for instance I'm a CFI, a Certified Flight Instructor, I am but the point is, I didn't merely get the rating to go around teaching people in case I lost this job (laughter and applause) that wasn't the idea. I like flying, it's wonderful and so I figured I may as well get this one. I am shooting for all the possible ratings there are so I got this one too. You came to me and asked me a few questions and of course we're not going to talk about that here about a few basic aerodynamics or a few basic principles of how an airplane flies, sure I can answer you that but how a submarine works, how a nuclear engine works, I don't know.

I simply don't know and yet to me this is what has come a point in my life where I recognise this and I've had many experience in this world that there is no experience as valuable as the experience of knowing within me and experiencing the energy that is keeping me alive. That, to me, is the most valuable experience, that, to me, is the most incredible experience, and I don't ever claim, you know, to solve anybody's problems. You have to solve your own problems but I claim you know I'm I I I don't claim that I'm gonna make you any wiser, you have to wise up yourself.

All I'm claiming is that I have this experience that I have had myself imparted to me by my Master, I didn't just come across on it on a jungle walk or anything like that. "Wow, this is incredible." (laughter) Somebody imparted me this experience, my Master, also my father, that's just a coincidence, nothing else but a coincidence. He imparted me this Knowledge. Why do we call it Knowledge? Well it's very simple why we call it Knowledge cause it's to know something and from having it you will then know something, know what's keeping you alive, know an experience of this life itself. And of course as you practice that, as you understand that and as you go on to understand that more and more, closer and closer you start getting to that experience. So more and more, closer you start coming to that understanding and that realisation.

Again it's it's like uh food in front of you. You can have it but if you don't eat it it's not going to do you any good because really no variable is being changed in this physical format. You know you're not going to have any longer ears or shorter nose or leaner, trimmer haircut or a trim figure or anything like that, that's not, that's not what's gonna happen, you'll just know something, something that's wonderful, something that's real, something that's true, something that's within you, with you within you constantly. Will it, will it help you to make better decisions? Well look, if you can't make better decisions now and if you don't have the capability of making better decisions there's nothing in this world that's gonna change you except a brain transplant. (laughter) Decision, thought process, that's all a mechanical process, you realise that, it's a motor process, it's little electrical impulses in here, bang, bang, bang. What should I do? And I you know most of the time it is given off the all the choices. We'll always, chances are, make the wrong decision hehe but we go on with that too. Some people say, "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, at the end of the tunnel." According to Murphy, the light at the end of the tunnel, chances are it's an oncoming train. (laughter) and uh that's all but we go on, we go on in this life, taking our chances with every little thing, you know, taking our chances with whatever happens in this world and yet for sure I can say for myself and this is again it's my experience, I'm not wise or anything like that, you come to me maybe you have a few questions you want to ask about this Knowledge I'll be more than happy to give 'em to you, more than happy to answered and yet I know till until until you for yourself experience it there's no I mean we can sit here for a thousand years and go through it again and again and again and it won't make a difference, you'll still have the very blank look on your face (laughter)

"Well sure it's a very intriguing subject here what?" "What is this all about?" For me it's very simple, you see I have it ha! I know what it is. I don't get doubts, I don't get questions. What is it? I don't do that. I have it. I know what it is and for the others they're sweating it out. (whispers) "My God what is it? What is it? This is terrible stuff, is he gonna convert me? I'll be converted. That'll be it." You know some people have questions "Hey, will it change my religion?" How can it? How can it? It's in you right now, it's not changing your religion. It's like saying, uh, "If I buy a brown pair of shoes, will I be converted?" And you have a brown pair of shoes on. Well, you have them on are you converted? And it, it is as simple as that, it is within you right now. Try to understand that and I mean there has to be some basic fundamentals understandings even before we can begin on anything. And the simple understandings really have to be look, for most of you I would recommend, sit back and enjoy, I mean there'll be plenty of little guys here who gonna have the questions (laughter) You're excused but for most of us you sit back and listen, "What is he saying?" cause I'm sure some of you here part of you ??? the questions terribly cause uh life is already like a entanglement of questions and every single step you take there's a question waiting for you it hits you right on the head and you open yourself up to the questions it's like there is no limit and so basically again what I'm saying is that there is a way, there is a process in which once you understand it, once you get in synch with it or whatever those questions can disappear for you. Something can become much more real, something can become much more clear for you and why your orange tree doesn't grow. Oranges, I really don't know, your guess is as good as mine

But will will will this world be saved? World is saved, it's got the Creator, what about you? Will you be saved? Forget about the world, it goes on and on and on. Maybe even some people have questions about what does being saved mean? Do you get a little button or stripe on your jacket? One stripe for half saved, two stripes for full saved, three stripes for complete salvation now. No, no and I know that many of you just sit there and think about it all and get these outrageous questions like big mushrooms and yet it's already very simple, it's too simple for you to even start to imagine or come close to it. First of all, you'll have to become very very simple because it is simple, you have to come to its level, not sophisticated, it is not bound by questions, it's an experience in itself and so I guess that's about all I have to say. We don't really have much time. I'm sure you'll all want to go back home and having your Thanksgiving celebration with your family. Give thanks. Well maybe if you have Knowledge you'll know who to give thanks to. (cheering and applause) Well most of the people. Really I'm not out here to convert anybody. I like Catholics, I like Jews, I like Muslims, they're all fine people cause their people, they're fine. And yet I also know, that based on the religions, there's so much war going on. A religion cannot teach a basic basic principle of the human value of life. That's the first thing it should teach, nothing else, first thing. Nobody to kill nobody, nobody to hurt nobody then it can perhaps be a better world. World has to begin with us you know not by the leaders we put in the Capitol Hill, they can't do anything. They've got callers to worry about, the House of Senate, that's like the final reps you know weto veto is the laser power, maybe if Congress passes, the Senate passes still get stuck with it, they can't do anything, you know it, you've seen it. You see it year after year every five years you see it. We can't do anything, it has to begin with us, we are our own leaders, we can lead ourselves, we can convince ourselves.

Look at all the war that's going on in Ireland. People have paranoid, people are paranoid. Why? Why should people be paranoid? Look at the, the wars was that are happening in the Middle East. People are paranoid. They walk around with machine guns. They just you know, I mean, I I travel a lot and I see it and I happened to go to Ireland this time and everybody is like, "You are it, I mean, you're the." They're convinced you're the culprit. Then they say, "No. Let me see your passport, Aah, you're not it." But otherwise they're convinced everybody is a culprit. "That guy's got suspicious eyes, what's he doing? Why's he walkin' that way? What's he hiding under his coat?"

And here we are, a world created by the Creator, specifically for us, not for the Martians, for us, air in it suitable for us, water suitable for us, the sun suitable for us, the night, the day, everything suitable for us, custom tailored, could it be any different? Custom tailored for us. We can't, if we can't convince ourselves of that and through some realization of course, cannot convince and cannot understand those basic fundamentals, nobody can teach us those fundamentals and I see that every day human being take one further step off that centerline I don't, I mean, completely amazes me and in this world everybody has to have better communication with their own Creator through themselves, not via somebody.

I don't claim to be the angel sent here on earth. I am not your telephone operator, I'm not an exchange. You call me and I'll call him. You can do a much better job than me. I can do a much better job for myself. You can do a much better job for your self, you can talk to your Creator, be with your Creator, experience your Creator the way you want. I merely just have this experience is that I can impart to you. So, I mean, I don't know what all there is to say and I guess we'll start going through questions. I don't know how we're going to do it, I'm sure these guys right here worked out some fancy procedure probably is full of flaws, we'll find out in the next half hour.

Questions and Answers

Yes back there:

???? And I'm sure it's your own personal philosophy of life you're talking about ???

Well the Knowledge, the inner for, inner force, the energy, in fact you see you have to understand that this thing existed way before any vocabularies were invented. When we say our inner force, and inner energy, I tell you we're wrong but it's the closest way we can describe it and because we have experienced it, I have experienced it that way and all I mean all I can say where we use the word 'knowledge', you go to school to have some knowledge when you receive this Knowledge then you can tell what two and two make. Similar, by having the Knowledge you can understand what this life is or one of the words used is life-force as well. None of these words are truly representative of the experience because you can never bog it down in ABCD or any other language and yet there it is, that's the closest experience, I mean the closest vocabulary we can get. I wish there were some better words but if you can experience it yourself you can figure out exactly what it is for your self and then you don't have to take our words for it.

(Is it different for different people?)

No, it's the same thing for everybody, it's the same thing for everybody because it is that same thing and perhaps different people come up and you've already, you must have heard Dennis Marciniak and Joan Apter or maybe you have read some magazines, maybe you'll hear 40 different people come up and talk 40 different times and they put it 40 different ways and yet they're still talking about the same exact thing and really in in a nutshell to put again to your question if you can experience it somehow for yourself you've got nothing to lose it if you can somehow experience it for your self then you can realize what it is. Is it the same or is it different or is it true or is it wrong or is it right or what ever.

(I'm having a difficult time knowing what what you mean by experience. You're using that word all the time and I still can't focus in on it.)

Well, you know, I'll tell you what experience means. There is a little child, you always tells this little child, "Don't go near a fire, don't go near a fire, fire hurts, fire owee." The little child hears you, hears you just fine but it doesn't know, it doesn't, it hasn't experienced it. One day that child sticks its fingers in a fire, then the child goes, "Owee, hot." Now it has experienced it for himself, now it knows it's a much more cautious about the fire the next time. That is an experience. There is something within you and (snot blocks Rawat's throat, swallows) it's almost putting it this way you're constantly looking, you know your eyes are made to look outwards never to your own face and you're constantly looking outwards and upwards and outwards and yet you never even know what you look like then merely somebody places a mirror in front of you and that reflection of your, of your sight bounces off the mirror and your reflection is in the mirror and then all of a sudden you can see. It's the same eyes, it's the same you, the experience is happening within you and yet merely somebody needs to bring the, bring the something closer to you, opposite to you so you can experience what it is inside you and maybe that's just the way we mean experience.

Well there are, there are numbers of experiences. I'm not talking about an experience, I'm talking about the experience.

That's what I'm talking about too, the experience. (laughter and applause) That's what we are talking about, not a whole bunch of experiences but the experience. Alte mundo. Inside of you (End Side A)


(Guru Maharaj Ji I've uh been following and observing and somewhat experiencing the experience of other people who have been a part of what you're talking about and I tend to lose focus on one issue. I'd like you to answer for me if you would what is the purpose of worship and in what should be the focus of worship?)

The focus of worship?

(Of the act of worshiping.)

Well you lost me somewhere out there hehe. What should be the focus of worship? Well who do you want to worship?

(That's what I want to know from you, you know, I have my own beliefs, training, indoctrination, all of that but the experience you're talking about I don't have.)


(But what I do see folks tend to focus on objects, on things, concepts in an attempt to put themselves in line with the will of God and I wanted to ask you what should, what is the purpose for which we should worship and then where should we focus that?)

Right. It's like this there you are and um all of a sudden this incredible power and here you are you don't even know what worship means, don't know what's what and there you are you don't have any ideas about it that's all right. All of a sudden you hear this knock on the door, you open up the door and you're sober and as soon as you open up the door this incredible, incredibly bright, bright light, there it is, I mean you can't hardly even look at it. Well, many things are gonna happen, many things are gonna happen and maybe one of them is gonna be, "Oh my God what is this?" And then you realize that maybe this light I mean you you just feel the perfection, feel that incredible thing and all of a sudden you just well that's what I'd do I'd just kneel down and I'd open myself up to what, what that light has to give me. What ever it is, even the momentary presence it's giving me in this light. And maybe I would understand that for that one moment, even if it was minute I worshiped it, that even for that one moment I liked it, even for that one moment I knew what I was trying to do, what I was trying to worship. Many people worship their concepts, many people worship their idols, many people just worship their own little number because they think, this is the problem, they think that by merely doing the worship they can attain some kind of a nice experience and maybe they do but it's almost like not even knowing.

If I tell you concentrate on something in this room, maybe you'd look at the chandelier start concentrating on it then you will go, "Why not that one?" Maybe you'll start concentrating on that one then a few minutes later you go, "Why not that one or why not that one or why not those little lights or maybe something closer to me or why not the chair in front of me?" and all of a sudden you've got all these little variable points bouncing around that you could possibly focus on. You see, nobody can ever tell you to do worship, well they can but if you don't understand it, you won't do it. Maybe you will simulate the external things that it takes to do the worship but then there is this internal part of you that will never be convinced about it. "What am I doing, well what is this for?" And if you can merely have that true experience in within yourself then you sort it out for your self. You sort out what to focus on because now you have something to focus on because even if if it it a merely if I just told you, "Look just focus on one light" and if I pointed the light to you so I said, "There's the light just focus on that" it'll be a lot easier for you to do that instead of wandering in this whole room trying to figure, figure out which light is the best to focus on.

When we can have an inner experience, when we have the experience that is within inside of us, again I'm using the words that the gentleman before was wondering why we use that anyway, because that is the way I figure, that is the best way that I figure that I can describe it to you. When we do then all of a sudden it becomes so real, it is real and it becomes obvious, "Hey this is, this is what I need to focus on, this is what I need to be in touch with, this is, this is what I need to, to link up with" and it becomes clear because really any answers I give you or any philosophies I give you or anything I give you isn't gonna convince you, not as much as when you experience it for yourself. You then do your worship and you get an experience out of the worship and you have then for the first time done a worship that you did on your own accord, for your own self and gotten your very own experience out of it not because somebody just came out and said, "This is what you should do." Then it becomes different you know, then it becomes real, then it becomes the way, perhaps, it's supposed to be rather than trying to digest somebody's concept because I see that so much in this world people just go around telling people what they should do and never offering anything to anchor on and say, "This is why you should do it." That's a big problem and this is why I am saying, "Look, there's something inside of you. Have an experience of it, you sort out what you're gonna do with it cause it's in you" and that's a much better way of going around, rather than, listening to somebody and saying, "Well."

I mean it's like your mother you know what your grandmother or your great great grandmother telling you, "God exists" and you wonder some day, "Does he?" I mean it's uh so outrageous, you know, some day you call upon God and say, "Okay God, if you really exist, really exist, to do this for me?" Maybe you're in just a tight jam and it never happened and then you go, "Mama, what you said, is that really true God exists?" It happened to me many times, you know, I remember one time that this is all I could say, "God if you really exist perform a miracle" and somehow we all anticipate miracles out of God you know if he can perform a miracle he's God. That was the whole story with Bernadette, same thing happened, a priest told her, "If your, if your vision is really real the God the that that power that that comes to you is really real let it perform some miracle. What you tell me, why should God the Creator be obliged to do any kind of a thing for anybody? And when we start looking towards miracle we have obviously looked over something, a very basic, fundamental thing we have overlooked and that is everything that around is a miracle to begin with. you know we can look at that miracle that exists here, there is no other miracle, there is no greater miracle to keep me alive, me alive, that is the biggest miracle there is man. Nobody else can do it and that Creator is doing it giving me every day that power to be, to remain and that is the biggest miracle so we get fat fed a lot of things that have no foundation to it what so ever and then, all of a sudden, that realization comes and they can understand, they can have that experience and something happens.

I mean this is the way that every single Scripture was written. They couldn't do it before, then something happens in their life, they sit down, they write it. We read it and we go, "Wow, that's fantastic, that's incredible and we just believe in what they're saying maybe in their perspective or their experience and basically I'm trying to say the same thing and we yet we sometimes get completely in the very verbs or the adjectives of that statement. Was the person who wrote it caught up in that? Did he believe that statement he wrote down because he read it somewhere? No, he experienced it, then he wrote it. We need to experience it in our lives as well otherwise it has no significance for us when it really comes down to it. When it comes down to just that nothing else is gonna count, it's just you and your Creator, it's down to the bare, bare fight and you throw your little beliefs at that the darkness and it just eats 'em up, just eats 'em up. It comes out with little things, "Do you really, have you really ever believed in this?" You know when the big showdown really happens there is that massive darkness of doubt and we say, "But I believe in this." Maybe to pursue that darkness away and darkness it just goes, "Mmm that was delicious but did you ever believe in that?" "No, gees, I didn't believe in that" and yet when you have seen something, experienced something for yourself, you can write a scripture your self because it's possible. Yes

(Your followers seek to worship you, why do you seek that?)

Why do my followers worship me?

(Why do you seek their worship?)

Well, I don't seek their worship.

(It's an accident?)


(You're saying it's an accident?)

No it's not an accident. (Laughter and applause) Let me tell you one thing? Have you ever gone sunbathing on the beach? Rarely but you have a once, right? One of those nice occasions, you put on your bathing suit and uh went out on the beach. Tell me, does the sun really seek you to sunbathe underneath it? Yet you do need vitamin D, if you were shut off in a cell, I mean, you'd, maybe you don't even sunbathe it a little bit of a vitamin D just pours in through your pores when you just walk outside like like it's like now it's a beautiful day outside and it comes in and trickles in. You see, we call it worship or you don't call it you see see that's irrelevant it's not a matter of they worship me or I seek their worship, I just seek their love, that's all I want. I want them to love me and I want to love them (applause) and if not, it's not an accident because it's love you see maybe you see it it in terms of worship and if they're doing it because they think they have to worship me then obviously I don't have any necessity for that but what ever they do and they do it out of the pure and sincere love them I love them and they love me and that's where it is because there's a lot of people who you might say, "Hey, that guy doesn't worship you" and yet that guy loves me. Maybe he doesn't do all the little rituals you are used to seeing to qualify that thing to be a worship.

There is presently a person who has the Knowledge and he is in prison. He received to this experience, this Knowledge in the prison. He really had contacts with very very few premies and he got one a day off, one day off in the prison to come and attend one of the programs and that was the very first time he ever saw me. How can he even begin to worship and yet I knew he loved me even sitting in his prison cell and he loved me the day he came and he loved me the day he went back to his little prison cell and I love him. Merely to call it to be worship or respect, you see, sometimes I pick up the phone and there's somebody on the other line and they say, "Yes sir." When they say yes sir they've just bought themselves a 15 minute conversation cause I sit there and tell 'em, "Don't call me sir. Anything, but don't call me sir" and uh and you of course have to get into the little justification, "What, what?" I don't want to be called 'sir'.

I know for myself there were and I'll frankly put it there were some teachers in my school that I really didn't care for. I'm sure they didn't care for me but I didn't care for them and yet and I'll tell you cause I'll put another statement in front of it that I think will put it into context that and yet you have to call them sir. To me sir became an abusive thing when you just wanted to say I mean it's almost like your heart wasn't there and your soul isn't there but your mouth has to blab it. You say it and get there was teachers that I really, really liked and never ever even in our ???? in my life, a very short life there in school did I ever have any hesitation whatsoever to call them sir. they didn't want to be called Sir, they didn't, they didn't care if I, if it didn't call them sir, they didn't mind and of course the other ones did, "You'd better talk to us right, don't you know the word 'sir' spelled S. I. R., write it 50 times. Show it to me in the morning" and all of a sudden you know it because it, because it is coming out of a different place.

Why do I need people's love? Why do I need the love of the people who have this experience because, because when they have this experience they get this pure and sincere love and I want it. It tastes good (applause) and I know in my life, I need to love them, I need to love them. It's almost like, almost like a bear that cherishes the beehive, you know, cause the honey is in it and then one day when it's nice and full and drooping you'll go and have some. I know they're a source of love for me and they know that perhaps I am a source of love for them and it's, it's strictly for the love and however it might come out, however people might see it, that's the problem, you know it's like uh everybody sees one thing 10 different ways sometimes so obviously the way you're looking at the microphone, I'm looking at it completely different, uh so they're looking at it completely different they're looking at it completely different and different ideas come in and different theories start to come in. Why is it like this? But I'm telling you one thing that love has to be the most purest and sincerest thing of trade in this world.

If Jesus never loved anybody on this earth he would have never come and if his followers didn't love him, they would never have followed him around and this goes for Ram, this goes for Krishna and this goes from Mahomed and this goes for every single being coming into this work and for a matter of fact any human being present on the face of this earth whether they like it or not are in search of the true love. Maybe they think they can get it out of this and maybe they think they can get it out of this and what they get is a lot of disappointment and they think that the love is a heartache. You know the typical sign of love with an arrow right through it, little drops (possible tape problem)

(Cannot hear question from the audience)

Desire. Incredibly enough I drew that on the plane at the window, it was all frosted over. I just took my finger and did that and yet, I really, that's not my concept of love, that's not my experience of love. To me love is much more simple, much more pure. Love is, I mean after all, what do I expect? what do I expect? What what can I expect? What what can I expect of anybody giving, I mean, they're they're people in Australia and I just visited them and I mean u they're people I've never talked to. I mean I've talked to them as an audience but I've never picked up a phone call and talked to them personally and said, "Send me a raisin bread, willya?" I mean nobody yet I love them it's not the point I don't love them I love them very much so. My whole life is, is just being with people, people who can give me that love and and and and if it seems worship then it's not really that at all.

(Satsang seems to be like worship, like a ritual, why is that so?)

Well I can clear, I can clear that up very quickly for you. Satsang is a Hindi word okay, now if you like it you can use it if you don't like it you sure don't have to use it but 'sat' means truth, 'sang' means company, company of truth, it's when people come and they talk about an experience which is real period. When are people can come up and talk about a lotta experience. The thing is ah when, it's just a, it's just a word but what happens is not really a worship in many cases. Do I come and sing my own praises when I am in that environment? Certainly not And if so it isn't always like that and many people are having an experience and perhaps they contribute it to me. I contribute it to them themselves and I mean I'm sure what I have just said will be printed and has been printed before and yet it's completely up to you and so it isn't a worship. It's coming and talking about because I worship something and everybody worships something. I worship my that truth that is within me I worship that truth, that truth that's omnipresent, that truth that's omniscient, that truth is what I want to worship. If there is any such thing as worshiping at all yet I don't kneel down in front of it and I don't light a candle in front of it and I don't go around putting flowers on it because I can't. My worship to it is "Thank you very very much." That's my worship.

Here I am and that is enough for me because I like that experience and what I gain from that experience, you know the thing is I have come to, I have come to many programs and people get up and talk about Knowledge and they'll talk about that love and they talk about that truth and I'll be in the back stage area just listening to that and I like it. I've seen Johnny Carson, never seem to get a kick out of it, never. I mean the guy is fine and he's a good interviewer and most of the time he isn't there but I never seem to get the same kick out of it and yet when people come, come together and talk about something so real because I've experienced it yeah yes I know when somebody gets up and they talk about just say Knowledge and then I go yes I know what you mean. Knowledge. I know. When they talk about the pure love, I can say yes I know what you mean I mean it's like we're talking the same lingo here and more than a lingo, we're talking the same experience and having that same experience and really may be perhaps comes out as being a worship or maybe you look at it through that field of vision where it appears to be a worship, believe me, it's not a worship, it's just coming together and sharing an experience. Yes

(Guru Maharaj Ji do you give Knowledge sessions?)

Do I give Knowledge sessions? What do you mean by that? I sure, I go around giving Knowledge, yes.

(May I receive Knowledge from you?)

From personally from me?

(Yes.) (Laughter and applause)

Well, tell me what do you want, Knowledge or me? Whatever you say, don't say both. Well, you know, I wish there were only 100 people in this whole world then it would be wonderful wouldn't it just go around giving Knowledge today after day after day after day. Ahh, ??? Thing is, maybe some day it will be possible, maybe it won't but I sure wish you won't wait around for that day. Go get it now while you can ha ha that's the same exact Knowledge. I personally guarantee the quality control. (laughter and applause) No fudge job whatsoever.

(Question cannot be heard.)

Well it's like this you know. Those uh there was a, there was a time obviously when there war no vocabulary, the sun still existed but we didn't call it sun, we just "Laagh" then we realized its powers, we realized what was, what its significance was in our lives. We are talking about a thing called a prayer of word I'm sure exists in all the dictionaries but not the feeling. To me, okay and this is all I can answer, to me, a prayer is like a telephone call is to you. A telephone call isn't merely picking up the phone, dialing the number and getting a busy signal, is it? What it isn't, you merely pick up the phone, dial a number and it just rings and rings and rings. A phone call is, you pick up the phone, dial the number, the other guy picks it up and you talk. That is a prayer to me, I pray, I pray constantly actually ha ha ha I need to. I pray before we take off and I pray before we land and I before him and I pray before I come this is what I'd do here, I'm not bowing my head to your applause when I come out. I am putting a little prayer in. Help, and somehow when that help goes out I also feel a strength "Go on, it's okay, right on, keep on moving." And this is, I mean this is really, this is really what happens because if, if I walked off the stage and you asked me what I had said here it would be very hard for me to put it all to you because here I am and I'm in that experience, you ask me a question and I fumble through my experience and pull it out for you.

So my prayer has to be for me. Too many disappointed little souls have said too many disappointed little prayers and gotten very disappointed cause they never got there. They don't even know where it goes. Sit down, cross your hands and kneel, beg "I pray to you my God my Lord I pray and I know that God is so merciful that Creator, that Lord is so merciful when you give him a call he's got this incredible ???? system. You see the Bell telephone system will bust, if him I don't know what the amount of people is I think if all of California picks up the telephone at the same time it will bust the phone system but it's not designed to handle that. That Creator's phone line system is outrageous, (shouts) him in the him in the everybody can call at the same time yet no recordings, goes through in the first ring and I feel good, I feel good about it, (shouts) that's my prayer. I don't you know I don't pray, "Make this a nice flight."

I could do that, I just pray for acceptance that I may keep on accepting you my Creator. It's easy for me to get lost, for you, you don't get lost. If I can be in your track I won't get lost. Let me just walk in your footprints, just behind you. I won't get in front of you in your way just I pray leave those footprints deep enough so I can find them. Don't make 'em too shallow cause I'll just take off in my own little direction, that will be terrible, I'll be lost. Don't let me get lost. You know my little philosophy is people put it is, you get a flat tire on the wrong road you're really in trouble. You get a flat tire on the right road at least you can hitch-hike to your destination or more but if you're lost and then get a flat tire well you don't even know which way to walk which way to go, so the problems come. If a know I am walking in those footsteps, if I'm walking with my God and I mean this is the other thing again and and what on the other hand I know that he doesn't have to answer my prayer, well why, why me you know what have I done that's so fantastic, he's done everything for me I've done nothing for him. I can never do anything for him and yet why answer my prayer? But I know that if I keep on loving him he'll keep on loving me. I'll slip him a little prayer and he'll slip me ??? ??? It'll be all right, it'll be cool.

So at this point I'm sure that many of you have a lot lot, lot more questions. You have two guys here, this is why they came out and spoke for 15 minutes each, Dennis Marciniak in case you didn't know it he's also the president of the, the organization and uh Miss Joan Apter always her opening statement's "Huhhhh." (laughter) She is here, she's gonna be in Washington and uh they'll be more than happy to answer any of the questions you have. I sincerely hope I get a chance again to come to Washington (that clapping) and uh we all get a chance again to go through some of your questions. So thank you very much, thank you for coming. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for something. Find it ha ha.