Public Program, Manchester, 28th September 1981

  • He explained that Judas lost his faith when Jesus "smashed everything up in that street" when he had been preaching about peace and love. Presumably he is referring to Jesus attacking the traders and money-changers in the Temple courtyard at Passover.
  • Prem Rawat sees a lot of suffering and he sees people love their sufferings, they create their sufferings, they think they need to suffer even though the Creator didn't didn't want them to suffer. What wisdom, what compassion, what insight! Why should anyone care about the genocide in Sudan, the famine in Somalia, the suffering caused by earthquakes, tsunamis, whatever. Let them enjoy their sufferings they created them, don't try to take it away from them. Prem Rawat has spoken.
  • He then gives a master class on the current political situation with special insights into the current protests about missile defense systems being installed in Europe and regular German attempts for world domination that has caused Germany to be demilitarised. (Whoops, minor mistake, Prem)
  • He gave Einstein some faint praise, "He wasn't out by too much." No matter whom he talks about, Rawat always puts them down even if he only damns them with faint praise.
  • He explains that the last thing the world needs is more explanations. The libraries are full of them. Rawat doesn't seem to see the irony in his explaining life for an hour or two on many evenings over 50 years while damning concepts, ideas, theories and explanations.
  • He rebuts atheists with a simple argument. According to Prem atheists don't believe in the Creator because at one time in all their lives they tried to make a deal with God and nothing happened. There was one person who made a deal with God and for him the Perfect Master of the time did teleport into his room. That man was Hans Rawat. I guess you've got to be going to become God to make deals with the current incarnation of God.
  • He repeats his gravestone story to show the meaninglessness of the lives of people who don't accept him as their Master. He says birth and death are the only two most important things that happen in the life of a person who doesn't worship him because only he makes life life and without him your little life is just a little dash on your gravestone between your birthdate and deathdate.
  • He says we can become one with that Creator, one with that reality, we can see our God, we can touch our God, we can feel our God
  • He speaks about the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God that is the energy that "exists completely within inside of you" that you "can see for yourself" using Rawat's Knowledge. These omni's (which Rawat couldn't pronounce properly) were one of Rawat's most common stock phrases in referring to and describing God
  • Rawat mentions the famous story of Swami Vivekananda finding Paramhans Ramakrishna. While he doesn't mention Ramakrishna's name he says he is a Perfect Master and repeats his statements about seeing feeling and touching God though not as poetically as it is told by Vivekananda and yet Ramakrishna does not fit into the parampara or lineage of Rawat's acknowledged predecessors. One of Rawat's bedrock doctrines is that there is only ever one Perfect Master on the planet at one time. Yet Ramakrishna was born in 1836 and died in 1886. This was a time when Param Hans Dayal Sri Adwetanand Ji (1840-1919) was the Perfect Master according to the lineage of Shri Swarupanand, Hans Rawat's Perfect Master and predecessor
  • The true Master is not a Perfect Master that "he never got a cold" (Rawat is prone to colds) but who could truly teach that perfectness. Rawat is not an impressive person, he is short, obese, unducated, has poor language skills and lives in ostentatious luxury on his followers' donations and so he must stress his bona fides as a "Perfect Master" in other ways.
  • Rawat discusses the word guru and is definitely rejecting the term as so many people are saying "guru guru guru." He recommends teacher, guide, helper or Master or the modest phrase "the ultimate helper" or "the ultimate guide" because he can lead us to that ultimate reality. Within 2 years he never used the name Guru Maharaj Ji again.
  • He finishes by reiterating "You can have it in this lifetime if you really want it. No ands, ifs and buts." Thirty years later he is still making the same claims though none of his students, past or current have achieved this union with God.

(Applause, some cheering) So, (clears throat) here we are and, really, the reason why we have all come together here is to try to get that understanding, that simple understanding that's so important for all of us. Because in this world, you know, it's really easy to get lost, it seems like every, every road, every sign, every, every thing was made to dis-attract us from what could keep our focus possibly into that unknown, into that thing which is so, so far away from our home, from where we come from, so far away from what we are really a part of and then somehow even to have that littlest bit of desire, even to have that littlest bit of want in our hearts to come back, to come back to that place where we can find our security. Security from that danger that we know does exist. Security from that what we have so easily labelled evil and what is that evil? We don't, we know that we don't ever want to encounter it, that's true, and we know that it is something bad for us. We know that it can consume us, we know it can hurt us, we know it can harm us and yet it's almost like everybody saying, "Don't get lost, don't get lost, don't get lost" and there is nobody even standing there pointing to the right direction and said, "Don't get lost, go this way." Because this is the way which will take you away from that, just from that path, from that place you're in in which you are lost to a place where you can be found again.

You know there is a lot of things, a lot of things about Jesus that are said in this world. I went to a Catholic school and um there was this big statue of Mary, gigantic statue and before that I went to another Catholic school, a convent called St. Mary's convent and there was this cave, in that was the statue that really ???? I always liked the statue, I always liked that the setting they had, they had the cave, they had the statue, they had a little fountain running there with a little pond. It was all very nice and always when I was little I used to go and stand in front of it and just look at it for a few minutes till the bell rang and then everybody go back to classroom. And we all have so much desire in our hearts to be saved. Obviously if we never wanted to be saved, we wouldn't even mention Jesus' name but we have that desire to be saved and you know, to me, what was the most incredible thing when Jesus came in this world?

What can I really relate to? What can I really say that wow that was really outrageous, that was really something because coming in this world to save, well uh, well that's fine, that's alright, but am I going to be one of those that's going to be saved or not? To have that belief, to have that vision within me, to know, because that statue and that thing because I never understood it just until a few days ago really of what that statue and what that pond was all about of this one saint, it wasn't the statue of the saint but thatold whole setting was this saint's concept, to everybody else it was like she's imagining, she's having these ideas. Bernadette was her name but she's seeing things, she would go into the garbage dump and she would sit there, she would look up and there would be this power, this energy that would come. Yet she knew, she knew what she was saying, she had no doubts, she had no questions. Everybody wanted her to test, to test to have that faith and you know the incredible thing is you can never test a faith. Faith is to have and to enjoy. You can't ever test it because the day you start testing that faith you're not even worthy to have that faith. To even be that communication, to be even that channel, to be even that bowl in which that faith can sit because as soon as those reasons come into us, why can't it be this way and this way and this way, wouldn't that be wonderful for me?

But that's exactly what Judas thought. Why can't it be just a very simple? ABCD I set up these things, Jesus goes there, does his little miracles and then everything will be fine because he couldn't understand when he saw Jesus going around in that street and smashing everything up. "This is so far removed from that peace and love and things that you have talked about." And I see what happened to that simple soul that comes in this world, ordinary, just like you and me, no different, really nothing different, no special things and if there she accepts because in her mind, in her frame, in her place where she was coming from she did not want, she did not want that test of faith. She knew, cause she could see and so to me it's a really incredible to just even imagine those people and their faces and their expresses because obviously when Jesus would stand and talk about something divine, most of the people couldn't even comprehend just like today, most of the people can't even comprehend what divinity is. Divinity is something that's 7 foot 2 and you're 5 foot 2 and your longest reach is a 6 foot eight and the divinity is just those 4 inches away and you are not the one that is ever going to get it. Why not?

I see in this world, I see suffering. I see a lot, a lot, a lot of suffering and I see people love their suffering, clench on to their suffering because suffer, for some reason they think that they have to suffer. For some reason they think they need to suffer. That creator who has created you and me had no intentions for us to suffer. He didn't make it for that way. He didn't make it that way that I am sending you to suffer because if he's sent us here to suffer then literally it would mean simply that he is sending us to hell. Cause what happens in the hell? We suffer, it's not a nice place. And I know that when that sun shines it has this incredible, incredible power. Nobody can ever simulate it, we try, then we really try hard to even simulate that power, that light of that sun. We know we don't have it, million, a million watts or volts are never going to do it and yet we try and look I have to know that even, that even in that afternoon sun when that sun is completely bright and its peak I can go like this and look in and sure enough my two little hands that couldn't even survive the heat of the sun at a close range for even one millionth of a second they would just fry just like that have been able to take that power, that magnificence, and momentarily hide it. Finished.

Whether it was there, it wasn't there, it's gone now in that little place that I have created, in that little place that I can look in and say, "It's dark." But I can't just put one eye in it either and say, "Now it's night time" because I know that's not true, it's not true that if it is this is what I have to do to create my little darkness then there is something, something happening so incredibly bright that I have to put my two hands together to create the darkness cause I know if it was night time I don't have to do this, I don't have to do anything. and more and more suffering I see in this world it is very much just like this, we create our little hands, we create our little sufferings and we look into this little thing and we say, "Oh God, this is terrible" (laughter) this is ridiculous, everywhere, it's not one place.

Big big thing going on in whole of Europe about nuclear weapons, about these missiles, should they be placed there, should they not be placed there. Presently there doing more harm, more harm to the people I think they were maybe possibly even intended to do, the short ones anyway causing riots, causing disturbance, causing, I mean people are getting killed and then not even doing anything, they're just just just just sitting there. They're not exploded, they're, nothing has happened to them and people are suffering. People don't understand why does it have to be that way, why does it have to be that way. And then you see this very intellectual person come on and say, "We have to defend ourselves. This is why we need disarmament because we had to defend ourselves." Defend ourselves from what? From whom? I can understand if Adam said to Eve, "The reason why I'm bringing these long range nuclear missiles is because of that stupid little snake that got us into trouble the first place. (Laughter) This time when I see that snake I'm gonna blow him to smithereens. This is why I need these." But for human being? For human beings? It becomes that area of distrust, it becomes that area of we need to preserve the peace by having all this. Now you see the thing is we do need to preserve the peace, there's no doubt about that, the peace needs to exist, sure. But peace by war is never feasible, is never possible. Because in the World War One, Germany organized themselves, they decided they were going to invade the whole world. The World War II they were did the same exact thing. Finally countries got together and said, "This is it, no more armies for you guys, cause every time you seem to get a little bit of thing together under your belt you seem to go around attacking the whole world. (Laughter )

Well it's the same thing because it was there and because it was there it could happen, the same probability still exists that you and me, we're human beings, we try to live in this world, we try to do our own little acts in this world, we try to live in this, you know, in this age in this you know that's all we're doing, we're all trying to live and trying to make a living. But in this whole, in this whole loop, in this whole picture, something is really amiss, something isn't right. It isn't really right because all of the sudden man has turned against man and whenever man turns against man, something isn't right, period. And it is that suffering that brings us that barrier, that shield through which we cannot see, through which our sight however limited that is.

Fine, look at Einstein, incredible what he dis, what he came up with was simply outrageous and they, in fact, ran his calculations now that they have the modern computers and and and they were able to go into outer space, actually ran his calculations and he wasn't off by too much. He was off but he wasn't off by too much. Incredible insight but yet such a short short relative area of this entire human race who have come up with an other discovery and another discovery and another discovery and another discovery and yet only touching the smallest real realm of this world and I am sure that the ages can continue on and on and on into millions and millions of centuries and they will not even at that time have discovered anything, the whole lot. It's vast, it's endless and here I am, you don't, I can choose that little corner for myself in which I can pledge this is it, this is the little, miserable life that I want to live and I can just keep looking up constantly and saying, "Help me, help me my oranges aren't growing, help me. My tyre is flat, help me do this help me do that." Sometimes the help comes, sometimes the boss up there says, "No, you're on your own."

And yet, what kind of help can I even ask, what kind of help can I even begin to ask, what kind of thing cannot even begin, in my life, to search for, to look for. I mean you look the confusion of a human being has always been added to in this century, not deleted by anything. Everybody is willing to give you a theory, everybody is willing to give you an explanation. The last thing you need on this planet Earth is an explanation. There's so many explanations, have you ever been to a library? In some sense all the other they are explanations of something that is you could never read the whole library in your lifetime even if you tried, tried hard. Till there's definitely a point you know in which you're too young to read, to even comprehend, to even understand and then we get too old to read, to comprehend, to understand, there's that middle slot you have. And yet what can a human being do in this little, middle slot he ends up? What are his little options, what is, what is feasible for him?

You know, there are people in this world who deny the existence of the Creator, he doesn't exist. You ask them "Why doesn't he exist, why do you say that?" That that people come to me, you know, that's their big thing, how, what what is the proof, what is the thing the creator exists? I say, "What kind of proof are you looking for?" They go on to tell this story they were in desperation and and and in a place where that was it, that was the limit and if he was going to help them at that point they would have gone on believing and have had the staunch staunch faith towards him and they made the deal, they made the deal, they said, "If if you help me now, this is it, I mean my life is yours."

And it's like going to a car dealer and there's this car sitting there and you take the hubcap off, all four of them then you go around the block and you come again and you've got these four hubcaps under your arm, come to the dealer and say, "If you will sell me that car, just give me that car, not sell it to me, in return I'll give you these four hubcaps." The dealer takes one look at the hubcaps, takes one look at the car and he says, "Give me those hubcaps and get out on here. Those are my hubcaps to begin with, they're not yours."

And that's the same exact deal we make, "Do this for me and you can have my life." The Creator says, "That's mine anyway what do you think? You own it? You have, you have a little card of issuance that says" I mean it's really outrageous sometimes when I even think about it because it's happened so many times sometimes that one time I was uh just recently I was in India and I forgot my passport on the plane and I was in this bus driving to the terminal. Halfway down, down the terminal I remembered I'd forgotten my passport and even just to imagine to think I could have gone on there in front of the regulation and said, "Here I am, this is me, here is my picture 8 by 20 in colour, three dimensional, here I am, let me in (laughter) "Forget it, you don't exist if you don't have that little piece of paper saying that this is what you really are." And then, then if you, if you sometimes look at what they do, they open the pages and they look at the picture and they look at you, "Is that really you?" "Who's telling who that who's who? You are looking at my face to verify the picture and you are looking at the picture to verify me." And very soon you find that the world's awfully confused. And nobody's going to take my, me, in person, in person come there and they don't know who I am or what I do nothing. In person I come there, this is me, Mr. so and so and that's that's that's that's that's that's completely not acceptable.

And so when, you know, for that Creator there isn't no passport, to him you can't say look this life really belongs to me because this piece of paper says so and I am willing to give you this passport, surrender it to you, give it to you if you, if you get me buy this car. and the Creator is going to simply say, "Look I made the wood which made the paper. I made all the ??? that this passport is made of and I made you and I made the guy who issued you the passport, I I own the whole deal man. Get out. No deal." And that's just, that's just the way it is and sometimes it you find that everything that you have believed in, that everything that you have trusted in for such a long long long long time all of the sudden doesn't make any difference, doesn't have any meaning, doesn't have anything.

So how can I even continue in this life even remotely somehow try to gain an experience which is true and real? Cause that's what I want. How, where do I begin? I want something which is reality and I want to know reality just as simple as I I am the one who wants to drink the water I don't want anyone to come up to me and say, "Are you thirsty?" And then he says, "Water water water water water water water water and then two minutes later after chanting for water 50 times he says, "Are you satisfied now?" "No, I'm not satisfied, I have a slight headache by you chanting the water but I'm not satisfied. I want the water for myself, to drink myself so that I can benefit cause it's me that has to benefit, not the third-party and a fourth party and the fifth party and the sixth party." So it becomes a very simple that yes I want to somehow have that experience of reality because what is reality. Something real, something that is not fake, original. What is original in this world? What is real in this world?

For us, we make a little law, we make a little rule of thumb and that is, if we can see it, we can touch it, we can feel it then it's real. That's, that's our little rule of thumb, if we can do that, it's real and yet it's no more than a magician's trick. The magician comes one time when I was in America there was this show going on and I you know after the show I went up to him and he the magician and I said, "What do you do, it looks pretty real, what do you do?" And he explained to me the whole lot and the trick was you know that famous trick where is that little box and the lady goes inside the box and the magician takes these metal um sheets and slides them in the box and it looks like she's all cut up in half and and she's waving her hand in this corner and her leg is waving in the other corner, it looks really realistic and he stands there banging on that board on that little sheet of metal again and again with his knuckle saying, "Look, nothing fake about this, this is real and there's nothing fake about this box it's real too" knocks on it, opens it up, he turns it around and shows it to you and you sit there and go, "Yes, this is real." Tell me, how can somebody make one illusion out of two realities? It's impossible and yet he does it.

He creates a complete fake thing which seems so real and yet he comes around there and says, "This is so real, this is real and this lady is real" and yet here it is bam bam bam and I saw the trick, he had this little chamber that the board that that little sheet never gets to and the lady just slides in there and sticks her hand in an awkward position and she couldn't stay like that for too long but today she is all of her in that little place with her leg wiggling and with her arm wiggling and to us this is real, this is the reality, this is, this is fine and yet it's only an illusion but the ones we call enlightened souls have come in this world, have dared to suggest that that board, that little sheet of metal, that little sheet of metal is not reality. They have dared to suggest, at least this is what we say, have dared to suggest that that little box isn't reality and even dare to suggest that lady isn't real, that lady is just like you and me. She's real, she walks, she talks, she eats, she smokes, she everything because in this world, we come, we have our little holes, we have our little, we have our little you know excrusions and this is what we need to do and this is what we need to do and we get completely trapped and this is it, this is my life.

This is my little whole scenario and in if ever that time comes in which we can clearly see it's all going to end in the next few seconds that whole life runs by bam bam bam bam bam this this this this this this this this this and yet there isn't one single thing in our lives we can cling on to and say, "Ahh, it's alright, I'm happy, I'm fine." But when that life goes by real fast in front of us it's more disappointing than ever, then "My God, here I've been for 20, 30, 40 years and I haven't accomplished anything." Coming over here was passing by a graveyard, all sorts of stones, little ones and big ones and I can look at the stones and I know that that stone signifies that somebody is buried there, that's true but who it is, I don't know. Another life, another human being, was born, do you realise how (End of Side 1 of Tape) your life is going to be presented on that little tombstone? By a little dash, just a little dash, born 1942 - 15 or or you know whatever year you lived to 1988 87 or whatever. That's it, that's your little life, that little dash that took that carver to put in just a few seconds signifies your entire life if something happens from the day you were born to the day you die and yet what was that most significant thing?

In that life have I, have I really become one with that Creator, have I really become one with that reality, have I seen my God? Have I touched my God? Have I felt my God or has it simply been that somebody kept telling me again and again and again, "He exists, he exists, he exists" and I kept saying "Yes, yes, yes." I want to see him, I mean you see this is, this is where the basic point comes in. Everybody says (clears throat) you know that's that's that's a little too much, hang on there, cool off, everything you're saying is fine except, you know, that's when people start fiddling with their ties (laughter) scratching their throats, scratching their heads, "Ah well, what time is it? Well I should, I should be on my way." This one never sits with anybody. Some people even must say "That's easy for you to say but what about us here you know? What about us in this little world? How are we gonna touch it, feel it, see our God?" Cause there's one God for everybody, whether we like it or not. We wish He was all different, that way we could have our own monopoly on Him, our own little style, our own little method, could be really together then that God could approve our little method of doing it that way. Be really neat, sealed, siled, approved and that's the way it is but it isn't that way unfortunately or fortunately for this world.

He's one, He's everywhere, everywhere, He's omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He's in this microphone, He's in this carpet, every little molecule of this hall, and it's hard to believe that, isn't it? Very, very hard to believe, "How can He be there? How can He be in this microphone? Goodness, you know, this microphone was just a piece of metal lying in some metal shop till the, till the guy took it, placed it out to these little specifications I mean how can God be in this little sponge here? (laughter) You can squeeze it, (laughter) but believe you me He's in there ha." (laughter) He's in that little sponge too. He's in me, He's in you. And and this is, this is I guess where the whole table turns because what I say to people, I say to you is "But don't take my word for it. See for yourself, see for yourselves that He is in you too. See for yourself that He exists completely within inside of you and He is the one that is that is that energy, that is that perfection, that reality and that reality was never, was never, is, never is going to be away from you and yet you're gonna miss out on the complete heaven that you've been looking for outside which was all all the time inside of you." Completely miss out on it. Saying every morning you know "Our father which art in heaven" and in my heart and in my soul and in every little molecule of me too and your kingdom is wherever you are wherever you are wherever you are just giving that magnificence, grace and glory to every single creature and how every single creature is taking that magnificence and turning their eyes away from it. Looking away and saying no.

Hey, who do you think gave us the metal to make the nuclear missiles with? That Creator did it (giggles) but did He put it, this is very important, did He make it like a nuclear missiles and buried it in mines and then all we have to do is dig the mine and there is this whole incredible nuclear missile sitting there with an inertial navigation system in it and and everything? No. He made it really hard to make it in fact but an apple, but an apple he made that completely automatic, you don't even have to dig, it's right there, you don't have to have an industry to make an apple, do you? It grows on a tree and where does the tree grow? On the earth and where is the Earth? He made it, He put it in this orbit, in this place, given us, given us that life, a meaning to sustain, to continue, to go on. Yeah, because He intended it that way, He intended it that way.

You look at any town, you see the hustle and the bustle and it's really noisy, huh, it's really unpeaceful and as soon man gets away from it and goes to sleep everything become real quiet, real peaceful, the pollution drops, noise level drops and in this ??? timeless state there are a lot of people who are now happy. Before, honk, honk, honk, "I missed my bus." "Goodness why is this wrong?" People having their heart attacks because their whole dream that they had bet on the stock market just fell. Who makes the stock market fall? Not Him. Who makes the apple fall? Him. (laughter) And that the way it is. That's the way it's always been, isn't it? We can make any achievement we we like, any achievement that we want, that's not gonna save us, it didn't save the Romans. They made aqueducts, they made uh these incredible places where they entertainment and enjoyment and houses, this and that and really outrageous, incredible things. Did they get saved? Where are they? What is there to account for them? Who were they? Do we know? No. Don't these people a long time ago. A little bit of Macbeth and a little bit of Julius Caesar ??? brings our fantasy a little alive and "Wow, this is incredible. You know." And yet what was it? A big game and it's a big game today.

So we don't have chariots, we've got cars, and we're flying all over the place and doing this and we can look at ourselves and say "Wow, this is incredible! This is an incredible achievement!" and what does this incredible achievement lead us into? Where is it going to take us one day? Look, I'm not, I'm not condemning airplanes, I'm not condemning any achievement. I love to fly airplanes and I tell you, more sophisticated they are the easier they're to fly, the more incredible they are, the more switches they have, the bigger their flight director is and the more sophisticated their autopilot is and more I mean all all the little things, that's incredible, wow, and I admire it myself that I'm not gonna look at an airplane and kneel down in front of it and say "You are my Saviour." (laughter) "Look, you have, you've brought me over the ocean without dumping me in it. You have brought me in one piece from point A to Point B. You are my Saviour," No, that airplane is a piece of metal and no big deal.

It's somebody up there is just keeping it hung on then I can turn to Him and say "You are my Saviour because You have saved me, You've saved me again and again and keep on saving me. You've saved me till now but you need to save me many million times more than this and every little second that goes by it needs to be saved and man I'm gonna run out of contacts, I'm gonna run out of people, I'm gonna run out of contacts, I'm gonna run out of prayers to say to Him, so many I have to say. Somehow I have to get in with that Creator myself. I have to know Him personally if I do I can say "Hey save me okay?" Ha ha. "You know I need to be saved, look, this is the situation, you know it, I know it, so please. Here I am in front of you, begging." Not in front of a microphone, not squeezing and say "Hey God are you in there? Let's see if You're in there. Why doncha come out? You wanna have a talk with me."

But I know You. I've seen You, I've felt You and this is exactly what Vivekanand went through. In his, in his quest for that Creator, in his quest for that, for that love that he was looking for in his life. A place to place he went asking to guru after guru, "Hey, can you show me?" He went to one person, he said "Listen man, you know, this is not the way it goes. You just have the faith in your whole life time that God exists and when you die, maybe you'll see." A very standard story but he didn't buy it. He wanted that experience in this lifetime, he says "Look, if I can have that experience in this lifetime I know God exists and I have something to look for in the future life, if it exists too. But if I'm having a hard time believing Him now I won't even get any any chances in the next lifetime. How I even gonna get to that place , how am I even gonna get to that point?"

And yet when he went to that to that true Master, to that Perfect Master who could truly teach him that perfectness, not a Perfect Master that he never got a cold. No, but he was perfect cause he could teach that perfectness.

Today in the West, there is all this connotation we have a a guru, you don't have to call him a guru, you don't because he is what he is, he's there to help, he's not a guru. You can call him a teacher, you can call him a guide, you can call him a Master, there's so many people who go round putting 'guru' on their lips "Guru guru guru guru." They don't even know what the meaning of 'guru' is. And yet it doesn't make any difference what the meaning of 'guru' is. It's what he can do makes the difference, all the difference in the world and if you want to know what 'guru' means 'g' 'u' means darkness, 'r' 'u' means light, the one who can take us from darkness and put us into light. Very logical name, very, very logical, very straightforward and it has it it it means what it really happens and that what needs to happen for every human being. We don't have to look at him as a guru, we don't have to look at him as in our concepts, in our ideas, "Hey, this is it, this is it, this is it." He's just there to help us period. And that's all, all he wants to do is help. For you, who are ready, who have that desire, who aspire in their lives to make that connection with that reality, who want to see that reality, he's in this world to show and that's it. No more, no less, to help. Really what his name should be is the helper, the ultimate helper, the ultimate guide because he can lead us to that ultimate reality.

Not in our ideas, not in our fancies. He's not gonna sit there and tell us a fairy tale like everybody else in this world can tell us. He can show us. He can take us to that place where fairy tales are only made of but in that reality and that's where we need to be. I can go on all night long but there's no point to do that. I gotta go get back and I'm sure you gotta get back but I'll leave you with just a simple straight message. If you want that Creator, if you want that touch because exactly I mean like I was saying with Vivekanand what happened with was Vivekanand? Finally when he went to this one Master, this one helper he said, "Look, don't give me any theories, just tell me this. Have you seen God and can you show me God? And this helper was really, this is it you know, he doesn't have to come out and say "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." He just says "Yes." That's it, that's the way he starts his little statement, "Yes" not "We-e-e-ll, maybe like the whole world has to say to us but to him, "Yes I have seen God and I can show you God. I have seen God more clearly than I have seen you. More closer than I am seeing you, I have felt Him in my life. I am feeling Him and I can show it to you." That was it, you know, time out, finished. The whole little sequence, the whole little game, finished. "Okay, now show it to me" and he did and and Vivekanand's life completely turned around, it changed and changed for the better, mind you.

In this world, that's what need to happen to us too. Sure we need to live in this world, we need to have jobs, that's not my problem. We need to support this life somehow, don't we? But then this life itself has to have a meaning. We have a job, it has a meaning because we need to support the life but what is the meaning of life itself? It's like pumping fuel into a car which will go anywhere you want to take it but the driver doesn't know where he has to go. So you're driving around in circles and circles and circles and circles and circles and that's what everybody is doing. And so we need to have that experience because once we have that experience our doubts are taken away.

We can live that life, we can being to live the real life, peace and tranquillity and in this life is it's uh odd and peculiar as may sound. Here I am sitting in Manchester, in this little hall, saying this, "You can have it in this lifetime if you really want it." No ands, ifs and buts. You can have it. Everybody needs to have it, everybody needs to have that connection, everybody needs to see, it doesn't matter who you are, full millionaires, so what? And if you're a beggar, so what? If you are a Christian, you can understand what Christianity is all about. If you are a Hindu, you can finally even begin to open up to one page and say "Hey, this is what it really means." If you are a Muslim, no problem. It doesn't make any difference who you are yet you have that connection you can understand. You can understand, you need to understand, I mean that's the point, do you know? It's very difficult to imagine but when you can see face to face, clearly as can ever be, there's no doubts, there's no questions. This is, this is what I do, go from place to place to place to place telling this to people and making people happy and when I see people happy it makes me happy and that's it.

So, it's possible in this world, it's not possible, it's I mean I don't even know the right word not it's not, it's beyond feasible, it's beyond possible, it can happen, it's not even can, 'can' is the wrong word so if we can be in that place it will happen, in this life, for us and I can help. So with that, thank you very much and good night. (applause)