Brighton Aspirant Satsang June/July 1993 transcript

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Congratulating HimselfMaharaji was really flying during this speech which was given at full pace and volume, squealing rather than shrieking. He retold two of his long time stories/parables: the king who always wanted to walk on carpet and cutting the branch on which you are sitting though in this case he used village idiots as the protagonists. There were three main themes:

Rawat gave the same explanation for his passionate enjoyment of his major hobby, flying, as he always does, he gave it very unconvincingly, as he always does.

Rawat is devoid of the sense of his own ridiculousness and lack of insight, in this speech he exhorts his listeners not to believe people who make speeches especially those who make big speeches and hang plaques on the wall behind themselves. All his speeches are big but then those United Nations plaques are bogus, so maybe it doesn't count.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying

The speech and answers to questions (which are not heard) goes for around 45 minutes, there are some edits. The obvious answers to questions begin here.


We, we don't wanna get hurt because that feels bad because inside of us something wants to feel good so how do we approach this feeling of wanting this feeling of feeling good. We say to ourselves "I can have this feeling of feeling good if I don't feel bad" and so then we said about the incredible process to not feel bad. Whether this leads to feeling good never dawned on us but I just don't want to feel bad. It's almost like you know it if you want to say to somebody "I want a bag of potato chips" and the way you go about saying is "I'm going to say something to you, I'm going to name all the things that I don't want and I will not say to you what I do want so listen up very carefully. What it is that I really want which I will not say to you." And that's pretty amazing. Then we go about saying "corn chips, ketchup, I mean we name everything in the world except for the bag of potato chips and other time we finished with our statement of course the person is dead because they been waiting and waiting and waiting until you said everything and that is so much what happens. It's like if I don't feel bad been automatically I will feel good and it's a shocking thing to find out that that's not true, that it's not true that if you don't feel bad you automatically feel good. It's not like that. In fact you can be in a situation in which you are feeling terribly bad and still feel good. But it works completely backwards and it when we think the way it works is if I don't feel bad then we try to control everything so that it won't come and bite us. That somehow it won't come and affect us. But alas we go through our little exercises, we go through our pushing the little buttons and nothing happens then somebody comes along and points to you "You know by the way there is something that already is good inside of you. The whole premise is really very simple and tap into that source, tap into that source.

You know there's a book, the children's storybook that somebody wrote. The story goes something like this where there was a person and this person wanted that where ever they went wherever they walked they and I would look up at the clouds and I wanted to be there. I would really spend hours watching clouds change the formation Under their feet. To accomplish that they would do anything. They were rich they were a King it was like "I'll give you half my kingdom if I if it can be arranged" so people came, they tried to lay the carpets on the roads but the king wanted to walk somewhere else. Nothing worked I'm I'm really abbreviating this, this is for a really tiny child now. Nothing worked somebody came along and said "I know how it will work" and they took the carpet, they cut it and make him some shoes out of it. So now they said "Wherever you go you'll be walking on the carpet. Carpets don't have to be laid down for you." It's a bit like that we try to we think that happiness can be created that happiness cannot be created. The real happiness cannot be created. We create situations which we then think as a result of these situations "I will be happy."

You know when I, I had, when I first came, actually when I was a little boy I had this love for flying. I wanted to fly and I would lie down and I would look up at the clouds and I wanted to be there. I really would and I had spend hours watching clouds change their formation and I would wonder if you could walk on the clouds and I would wonder if you could go through them and I mean that's just I wanted to be up there and then finally I came to America and I started to take flying lessons. I was really young so I kept on going I kept on learning and it was like at first it was like "Only for this wonderful, oh isn't this cute, oh isn't this this, oh isn't it that" and it was like all this time that I was thinking I was flying I wasn't because somebody was always next to me my instructor who was the one who was really flying because if anything happened that was good he'd take over and so I got the little bits and pieces you know and it's like everything's great, everything is hunky-dory and let's go flying, it's so much fun, it's so much this, so much of that you know whatever it was, was really within. It was not on the outside, it was not the airplanes, it was not the flying, that was just an excuse, that was just an excuse. It always has been and that which was that one particular day that I was in the sky here I am and it's the same way. I still love it but I know that the joy that I was looking for has always been inside of me and it was like instead of saying "Oh yeah, the good old days are gone is like no they have not gone, they're still here even with all the responsibility, they're still here. No, that instructor doesn't sit in that seat anymore, I am that instructor, I am the person responsible when things don't go right it is me that grabs the yoke and goes "Oops" but that beautiful thing I never had to create and I don't today because it's always been within the and when you can begin to learn that you can trust, you can trust. For me I have been through many many things in my life but that magic I completely trust because that magic has not changed once. That magic has not even batted an eye once in my life. Everything has changed, I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g has changed, everything but not that magic. That magic is as real today for me as it was when I was six years old and that's what I say, what a record. Check it out. The unchangeable, the unchangeable amidst everything that changes and that is why I call it a miracle.

People think a miracle is when a frog starts to run like a bunny. Now why would you want a frog to run like a bunny? They got no place to go. I mean it's not like they had to go shopping. People think that miracle is when monkey can drive a car. How how how why why why would a monkey want to drive a car for? Gave him a banana, that's his destination (laughter). Monkey doesn't need to drive the car. People think the majja miracle is when you can pull a rabbit out of a hat. Believe me that rabbit doesn't think it's a miracle at all. It's cramped and its tight. People think a miracle is when out of nowhere there is water bubbling out of the ground. Uh uh. I'll tell you what a miracle is. Miracle is this life, miracle is this existence. Out of nothing everything is created and out of everything nothing is created and to gain and again and again to create and to re-create and to re-create without a change. This existence that everything will change for me I know that and that my changes are not over yet. I know that, I know that. My changes and there are changes that I can't even imagine right now that are yet to come. Talk about trust, huh? Oh there are many many wonderful things still in store and many bad things in store and they're all headed this way. Full force ahead. Many good things, many bad things, many many many more changes

One day, all all the skin is gonna look completely wrinkled, One day all these hairs if they still up there will turn completely gray. One day I'm sure if I looked in the mirror of say "Hey, hello who's that? What are you doing in my bathroom? Get out of there." I mean I see I see people preserving youth, trying so hard not to change and we are the generation that worships youth. You see what I mean. We were the generation, when we were really young who worshiped youth and we have laid a trail of worshiping youth so hard that the generation that is coming in our footsteps now is totally into worshiping youth and we have set our own selves up because had we been wise really wise we would have laid out the debt slightly different and say "You know it's that look of maybe slightly aged that's better but no we went for the four-year-old look just all of it. We wanted to be preserved at 16 that was it and people made an industry you know of preservation pickling, the pickling industry. Instant help here, instead help their, change the color of the hair, change the eye color, change the appearance. Don't you know there is one very big de-pickling industry called time, it'll get ya. It'll get ya.

You know what happens to these actors, all their lives they have looked young on the screen when they start to look old they simply fade away, they just don't come on the screen anymore, you don't see them anymore. They're shy, they're shy to show that face because they're so caught in that but you see I know all those things are going to happen to me, they are, that's unevitable that's what I that's the boat I am on and those changes will continue. I don't want to latch on to the changeables because if I do it like instead of being on the deck of the boat you have latched itself on to the propeller and when that both starts running you're in deep trouble because you'll go around and around and around. I wanna attach myself, I wanna latch myself to the unchangeable because that will go on much more than when this body is finished. Cause that's one of my natures. To be able to do that takes a tremendous amount of trust.

People people say you know "But what are you involved with? You are not normal." Wanna talk about being normal? Talk about being normal. Have you seen a traffic jam? Have you? Disgusting. Disgusting traffic jam that my friend is the trade off the normal people. It's not the abnormals that created that believe you me. It's the normals who have created that. When there was a time you know Maha Mahabharata time a long long time ago when they used to fight they would have time they would start fighting. The horns would blow they'll get out there they'd fight fight fight. They'd have lunch break then they would fight fight fight and then there would be the evening horns, they would stop fighting and then they would mingle with each other even the enemy "Good day, how are you? I hope I didn't hurt you too bad you know and what gives?" These days they get out there with their ultra I mean my God ultra sophisticated weapons and shoot their own people. Trait of normal people. You wanna talk about normality? Everybody has been victimized by normality from the Queen to the pauper. Everybody. How normal and abnormal get? Believe me by friends there is a time in your life when it isn't the issue of normality it is the issue of what your heart wants and you give it to it. Sometimes you have to be normal, I have no problem with that sometimes you have to be abnormal and I have no problem with that and sometimes (applause) you just have to get your way and I don't have any problem with that either.

Sometimes and you know the thing is you don't have to fight, it's not a question of fight for what you believe but at least believe in what you believe. Trust that which you believe. If you have found your heart I can tell you you listen to your heart and listen to it closely. I cannot make you trust it, you must do that. Trust it and flow. Sometimes that's the way it has to be.

Do you know how many normal people lie with RIP written on their headstone? RIP, rest in peace, that's it. A little engraving of their name, two dates just by year. Beloved. A rock chiseled out of a mountain which the mountain will claim that time will claim the mountain and the time will claim that little stone that was chipped out of the mountain. For that time the stone is nothing, I mean nothing. Time can claim the entire mountain so that's the sea of the normal people, the normal people gone from this world. A few lingering memories and off they go into the saga again.

What can you do? What can you do for the world? First, do what you can for this existence. So all men, all woman are great, speeches will be forgotten, people will be credited and discredited, people will say things they don't know what they're talking about. You as a human being walk on your own feet that's why God gave them to you. Think for yourself. Believe in what you can believe in. Follow that which is followable and nothing is more followable than your heart. Follow that, make your heart the leader. Trust, trust in those things that will not lead you astray. Do not trust, do not trust in speeches and do not trust on plaques that hang behind people. Don't, it's not worth it, it's really not worth it. Don't trust in people's appearances, don't do it. Follow your heart for it will never lead you astray. Never. Opinions will and can change but the path of the heart has been the same for centuries. Follow that.

Don't believe in others, believe in you. Don't seek out other peoples of wisdom, find your own. It is in you that the treasure lies, it is your heart that has made it possible for you to experience what you experienced today. Don't you realize? It is your heart that has accommodated the joy of being an aspirant. Nothing else, nobody else, so follow that and in that there is a certainty, there is an incredible amount of certainty, not by intellect because intellect will change, not by opinions because opinions will change, not by high popularity because high popularity will change. Everything is changeable, everything except the part of the heart. Stick to it. You'll never get lost. It's a sure fire way of no deviation, it's a surefire way of staying young for the rest of your life without lipsticks, without face creams, without facelift. You only have so many lifts after that your whole face will lift off (laughter).

Be the perfect opportunist, take it all, grab it all, every moment don't let it go by. Don't because you have no guarantees it's ever coming back again. Don't be sad. You won't be sad if you know you're missing the moments and you'll be ecstatic if you know you're grabbing all the moments, that's the difference. Fools like to forget. Wise know and don't forget. Fools sit there and cry "Oh my God you only two weeks" while the wise know it's always two weeks, it could be the next moment. The fools become disheartened, the wise say how urgent it is, how important it is to not waste a single moment, to enjoy every moment to its fullest. So Madrid or Lisbon or Barcelona or Paris or Germany or Rome or Milano or Sweden where ever it is you have to go, you must remember ' you see we are all different, that's what the world would have you believe. People look at your color and people look and people look at your language and people look at your culture people go to the big schools and universities and they learn the differences, they even have courses called the differences courses and you learn the differences.

Me, I see the similarity, the uncanny similarity. We came from the same place and we all go to the same place. We live the same way, we breed, we taste, we see, we hear, we laugh, we cry, don't don't you think Japanese ever cry? Of course they do even though they have so many gadgets they cry because when they stop working they cry. No, that Japanese cry, Chinese cry, even Americans cry, Indians cry, Africans cry and they laugh. Africans know how to laugh, Indians know how to laugh, Sri Lankans know how to laugh. Isn't that? I mean you're getting a little bit too similar here. We all eat, we all drink, we need the rain but we hate the rain, we like sunny skies and yet go through a tremendous amount of trouble to protect ourselves from it. You do all these things, we all have desires, we have wants, we have love, we have hate, how similar can you get. I think I have seen more differences in the same model of two cars, the same color and the same color interior, I've seen more differences than in human beings but we all tell ourselves how we are different. Why? I mean what's the glory in the difference when there is such a humanity in the similarity. What is the bloody glory? I mean why! So that somebody can say "I'm white, you're black, you're purple, you're green, you're yellow, you're this, you're that." When we say we speak differently in different dialects, in different words but we say the same thing. "I hate you, I love you, I need you, I don't want you, this is good, this is bad, this is right, this is wrong, it's a beautiful day today." Haven't you hah haven't you ever seen one of these language courses? They've got the English and then the other language and they're Jees they say the thing the same things too "How are you?" You mean Japanese ask people how are you? They don't just know, that are just pull out a little machine it at them and go you are" You are well." No haha no no no no no. They ask the same thing "How are you?" All the kids around the world go "Mama" variations are Mummy, Ma, all around the world. Love every human beings love love, hate hate. How similar can we be? We are incredibly similar and in our similarity there is a strength not a division there is a strength. In our in our similarity we can begin to understand because we are all the same that there is hope, there is hope. Something can be done. The differences have led to what happened in Los Angeles. "You're a Korean, I'm going to kill you." If there was the similarity understood believe me then it would be an American can help a Japanese and Japanese don't need to fight with the Americans because they're the same.

But in all the differences people have been turned against people, ages have been turned against ages. Don't you realize there are people who and for the sake of a better word I would say older people totally disconnected from the younger generation and they have so much to offer to the younger generation accept the younger generation looks at them go "Hey Pops, hurry up." Around the world hurry up, slow down, slow down, learn, learn from this man because he has walked many miles on the same road that you're gonna be walking on. Learn (indecipherable spluttering) the utter respect gone, gone because differences differences differences. Where they need to be, to look at the similarity and if we could I know I know what would happen. I know if, I don't know if people can never stop fighting. Every religion wants to preach its difference when there is such an incredible similarity. I mean all the world's religions were born in a very narrow place. It kinda starts from India and goes to like the Middle East there. That's it, that. All the world religions have come from that area and I wonder if God's giving a message because it's really parched. All the way from India you fly sometimes you don't see one green tree till you come out and pop out into Europe. Whoa. Lots of dust storms dust dust dust dust. A lotta wars from where such peaceful messages have been born. Don't you think that's a little (clears throat) weird? I mean that should be the most peaceful place, the land of Buddha. The land of Rama, the land of Krishna, the land of Christ, the land of Moses, the land of Mohammed I mean there should be just peaceful tranquility. Walk in and you feel just "Well I don't want to leave this" but instead (Rawat makes machine gun noises).

I went to Israel once, you land, taxi up, shut down the engines and I'm watching this tank tank comes over, here's the aeroplane, here comes the tank, point points right at the airplane, it's cannon drops right for the airplane and I'm just saying "Is this in the Torah or this guy just making it up?" Then he pops his hatch and he goes "Shalom" (laughter) I was like "Fella, you can do that better. You know you don't have to scare us half to death you know you say Shalom" ha ha ha that was really funny that guy was in a great mood so at least he won't fire unless it's accidentally but uh just look at it, just where is the wissdom I mean sometimes I wonder "What happened?" Maybe after Chernobyl or something you know it maybe all this radiation really eats at the wissdom cells umm gone people fighting people fighting because this is my religious beliefs and mine is better than yours. Supposed to be only one God and people have created many from one. Similarity, somebody better start preaching it quick, quick like, very very quick like because it's important. People need to see we're on the same boat, when somebody blows something over there it also we are on the same boat.

You know remember the jokes about the idiot, the village idiot who was sitting on the same branch that he was cutting? Remember that? A lot of village idiots. This time the story I mean I guess the worst fears do come true. It was supposed to be a joke but somebody maybe said it too seriously and now everybody is cutting the branch that they're sitting on and I dunno having fun I guess till they fall.

I mean it's it's bizarre that's why I said listen to your heart don't listen to those merits. Don't listen to those people with big speeches, listen to your heart. I have to listen to my heart, listen to your heart. Find your your individuality, find your passion, find your love. … Many things are gonna happen to you but Knowledge, because it points to your heart and the quest for Knowledge points to your heart. Being an aspirant that points to your heart all of these things the quest for Knowledge can be the best companion you can have during all those years of total confusion. It's true. The quest, the quest, not necessarily really the Knowledge itself, not necessarily because that might go right out the window, seen that too many times but the quest for Knowledge, the quest to be fulfilled will be your best companion, can be the best companion, stick with it, okay and then I'll be happy to give you Knowledge.

Yes I agree with you there should only be one direction and it should be the direction of the heart then life would make it a lot easier. Even though everything would be easier you wouldn't know how easier because you would not have a choice. Now you have a choice, you have to, okay, and that choice is important because it is that choice alone that will allow you to appreciate what you have. If the choice is taken away, how do you know what it is that you've got and the choice will always be there.

So even though it sounds like a lonely trip is not so lonely because the heart is magically attractive. It will pull you, ungh it will inspire you, just follow it.

Well there is the beginning, the beginning is the birth, right? There is the ending is the death. Between the two is this finite on that side and on this side and in the middle and on the top and on the bottom and all everywhere is the infinite. You see what you must realize the infinite cannot help but be in you because it's everywhere so it has to be you too. Now luckily of all the things we could've ended up with, of all the body the kind of type of body we ended up with we have ended up with one type of existence that is perfectly suited for feeling, perfectly. I mean it is so good at feeling that merely by thinking you can create the taste of chocolate in your mouth. Now you talk about something that can feel I mean cannot be better. The entire external organ, the skin feel, eyes feel, hearing feel, taste feel, breath feel and even sitting doing nothing feel.

So somebody a long time ago capitalised on the idea, the idea was since you got this incredible machine that can feel and since that which is infinite cannot help but be in you why not feel the infinite and it was a winning idea and amazingly enough in each human being is placed the ultimate judgment machine because how would you know that what you are feeling is good? How would you know that? Since the machine could at least the external part of the machine can be totally programmed to feel anything, tastes can be learned, goo people can create something and say this is good even though you don't like it people can say no no no this is good. Human being being an incredible feeling machine there had to be some kind of a device that could be the ultimate judge without judging and the Creator in all the majesty and wissdom placed such a device and the device was called heart and heart would be the judge if it really felt what it wanted to feel.

But, but if this heart could also make decisions in the outside world tremendous amount of choices would be taken away from human beings so heart was left the ruler of the inner world, mind was left the ruler of the outside world. Time was given, the perfect feeling machine was created. The human beings were given the most beautiful thing, to be able to feel. Now how does this story end? And I know ha ha ha ha ha well after you asked that question then I know too. There could be another chapter but that's how it is. Mind, logic, it tries to take control of everything, everything. Those are the smarter ones who say "No, you take control of the outside but heart be the ruler on the inside."